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Flower Boy Episode 48

Flower Boy Episode 48

By Oyebamiji Samue

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(Kiss her. Oh no! Don’t kiss her )

Anthony’s POV

I was amazed and awed at the beauty of Nancy. I never knew she is this beautiful

We walked out of the studio after I’d settled their managers. I called my driver to bring in one of my best car from home.

He came after few minutes and we hopped inside the car. He drove Nancy and I to the show

We got down from the car and all eyes were on us.

Then we started hearing countless rumours from crowds around

👦Omg! Flower boy

👯 Jeez! Finally I see him

👦 Please sign my autograph sir

👦 Jeez! He’s too handsome

👦That girl is probably his girlfriend

👯 See his blue eyes, gosh! It’s driving me crazy

👯Flower boy ….cries and faints

Many rumours and dramas stared happening from the crowds as we marched in

The crowds were too much on us but the security men present guided them from touching us , I feel pathetic for the girl that saw me and fainted

We were escorted in by the security men present , we were led to sit at a glorious and adorable place at the back of the stage

There was a plasma television placed before us where we can watch the performance of other singers on stage

I was given the time that we will sing so we can prepare

“We singing by 3:0 clock am” I said to Nancy

“That’s too far, why? Why not this evening ?” Nancy asked freely

I turned my head at her and wondered what gave her so much freedom to speak to me that way.

Or could it be because I said she is prettier than Donna. Does that mean she must take it for granted

I ignored her but I feel somehow, I do not want to ruin this night for us. I want her to sing well so I better keep the conversation going

But she shouldn’t take it for granted though

“The flower boys is one of the most rated record label, many of the audiences will be waiting for us to perform . If we perform earlier , many people might be force to leave since one of the artiste they wish to perform life has performed ” I said

“Thanks for taking your time to explain to me sir” She said respectfully and keep watching the stage through the plasma

Better, she is now beginning to respect me in her words. I hope she doesn’t ask anything again so I can enjoy his show . I really hate ladies not to talk of conversing with them except my Donna

“Sir, but many people do not know me, they may be rumoring something negative ” She said

“Something negative like what?” I asked

“Erm…that I’m probably your girlfriend” She replied

“What’s negative about that? Let them say that, it will make any lady crushing on me to stop the crush” I said and she blushed

Why did she have to blush. She is kinda happy that people will be carrying stupid rumours after the show that she is my girlfriend

I can’t imagine. A poor babysitter for that matter

We keep watching many artiste performing

I turned at her and I saw her dosing when it was around 12am , just three hours to our performance

“Hey young lady, why are you dosing?” I asked

She ignored and unconsciously place her head and her puffy eyes on my shoulder

I watched her head and wanted to push her head away but I notice her hair. It smell nice and it’s very beautiful

I Kissed her hair in my mind but I snapped myself back to life. How can I ever think of kissing her hair

I ignored her hair and was forced to look at her head again.
Did I love her? I think I do. Yes.
No! She is a babysitter. Anthony , come to your senses, she is just a baby sitter

Yes, a poor one at that. I can’t imagine

Poor people irritates me so much but I feel comfortable around this poor girl. For me to have allowed her place her head on my shoulder

Around 1: 0 clock am . I was busy enjoying the show when she suddenly raised her head

I turned at her and watch her eyes , her face is really beautiful but she is poor, I shouldn’t have seen that

I turned my head to the television back and she placed her right palm on my shoulder

I turned to my shoulder and turned at her

I wanted to ask her what the meaning of all she is doing is

“Take your poor hands from your shoulder” I commanded sternly in my mind but I can’t say it out

I don’t know why, a part of me was actually enjoying her palm on my shoulder

But her face was still puffy and red

She keep dosing and moved closer to me. And brought her head closer to mine as she keep dosing

What the hell is wrong with this babysitter? Can’t she just postpone the sleep till we get home

I wanna yell at her but I can’t. I find it hard to even scold her

She was trying to open her puffy eyes as she keep looking at me like I’m a ghost

My eyes suddenly met with her pink lips , very soft from the look and sexy , I saw myself in my mind giving her another kiss, that will be the second kiss. Oh no!

Common!this girl is tempting me . Why? I may get angry and kiss her now

No, I better not get angry so I won’t kiss her. I took my head away and brought it back again

I watched her lips , Gosh! I may kiss this thing I’m watching. I’ll get angry and kiss her now. Somebody should tell Nancy to better wake up cus I may get angry and kiss her

“No, Anthony, don’t kiss her , I trust you, now face front” I said to myself

I try to watch the ongoing show In the plasma TV but my concentrations are just being directed to the imaginations of I kissing her sexy lips , I want to stop imagine right now but I can’t even help it

I turned my head and I saw her still dosing and trying to control it. She is seriously battling with her puffy and red eyes

Suddenly , her head fell like it will fall towards my lap , I sense that that may hurt her and I quickly helped her by placing my two palms on her check to help her head from falling

I was now holding her head in my two palms. And her face is even closer to mine

Her eyes is closed now, seems she is sleeping. If I kiss her , no one will know right? Not even her

I brought my lips closer to hers and she suddenly opened her eye and our eyes met , I feel like fainting and disappearing cus I sense that she may know what I wanted to do

But before I know what was happening, she had closed her eye again

“Anthony, kiss her ”

“Anthony, don’t kiss her ”

“Anthony kiss her , you will enjoy it, I promise”

“Anthony, what if she opens her eye again”

“And what if she does, Anthony kiss her ”

“What is she discovers what you are about to do and slap you”

“She dare not, she is just a babysitter, she will surely enjoy it ”

“And what if she does not enjoy it”

“She will, try it, try it Anthony, try it Anthony”

Different part of me keep debating seriously in my mind as I stared at her sexy lips

“Kiss her Anthony” My mind said again and my heart beats faster than regular

“Anthony, For the last time, don’t say I did not warn you, she will slap you I promise”

“No she can’t. kiss her ”

The debate continues in my mind and my heart becomes heavier

I placed my lips on Nancy lips and kissed her, she opened her eye and saw me kissing her , she disengaged roughly and I can see anger in her face , she gave me a hot slap

My eyes rolled and I feel like I’ll faint

Can somebody tell me what is happening here? 🙄

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