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Flower Boy Episode 6

Flower Boy Episode 6

By Oyebamiji Samue

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Nancy’s POV

After I had sang, I stood up anxiously and walked out of the hut.

I was anxious for what the result is gonna be.

“For me, I’d say I prefer Anthony’s voice compared to you” Brian said

I arched my brow in shock, I loosed one out of three, I hope that the other two are gonna say what is in favour of me

“For me, I’d say Anthony did better than Nancy” Scot said

“What!” I exclaimed .

I’d lost already and now my friend is gonna be expelled from school.

“She lost already, but for me, I’d say she did better than Anthony” Bob said

I didn’t smile at his response, I lost already so why should I be glad

I took some steps away from them to start going outside and accept fate

“Nancy!” Someone called from behind and I turned. It is Bob

“Come closer” He said and I obliged sluggishly

“You have a nice voice, I’ve being longing for a voice that has can strike the right cord like that of Dolly Parton for years. You sang it in the exact way Dolly Parton sang hers

In fact, it was as if I was watching her, you are really talented” Bob said

“Thanks” I replied gently

“Sir, I think you should reconsider your decision on her friend” Bob said to Anthony

“Why should I, she failed the test” Anthony said

“You can give her another test” Bob said

“I do not have the time” Anthony said

“It’s alright Bob” I said and turned and start to walk away.

I got to the entrance and walked back to where Anthony sat

“Are you really cruel?” I asked

“What!” He exclaimed

What has gone wrong with me , did I really say this. I was shocked at his exclamation

“Is she referring to me” Anthony said not wanting to believe what I just said

“Expel her” Scot said and I arched my brow

This flower boys are really the same

He walked closer to me furiously

“Who the hell are you? You have the got to talk to me like that.” He said staring intently at my face

I intentionally didn’t bow my head , I know the last thing he can do is to expel me and I don’t really care right now, cus if he can expel my friend so easily , mine is just a matter of time , he is definitely gonna expel me too

I kept looking straight into his eyes.

His angered face turned to that of calmness.

He raised his right hand and touched my nose.

I arched my brow wondering why he is touching my nose.

He blinked and shifted back, he rubbed his face and stared at me intently

What is going on with Anthony

He walked closer to me again and touched that same part of my nose again.

He went back to sit and brought out his phone, he dialed a number

 Reverse the expulsion over Joe Patricia” I heard him say

I didn’t know what the other person said , I guess that person is the principal

 Just do as I say” Anthony said and hung up

I’m confused, I didn’t understand what is happening

Why did he check my nose, why did he reverse the expulsion

“Nancy, you can go now” Bob said.

I walked out happily and went straight to Patricia’s class

I stood at the entrance and signalled happily for her to come and meet me

She obliged and we both stood at the school corridor

“Guess what?” I questioned

“What?” She asked

“Your expulsion has being reversed” I said smiling

“Tell me you are joking” she said

“I’m serious, he called the principal right in front of me and told him to reverse your expulsion” I said

She hugged me abruptly feeling very happy

She disengaged, I could see happiness expressed on her face

” Thanks Nancy, how did you do it?” She asked

“I gave it a try and it worked” I replied

“Hey, what are you girls talking about?” Someone whispered behind us

I turned left and saw Karen approaching us

“How is that your business” Patricia asked

“Like seriously ? ” Karen said and giggled

“It seems you do not know me, I’m just gonna put a call through and you are expelled from this school” Karen threatened

This girl is proud

I held the wrist of Patricia and we walked away from her

Karen’s POV

I was invited by Dr. Nicholas, Anthony’s father to his office.

On my way going I saw Nancy and a girl discussing , I do not have an idea of what they are talking about but I guess they were gossiping about me

I questioned them and I can’t believe they walked away from me. Maybe I need to teach one of them a lesson especially Nancy

I walked to Dr. Nichols office and greeted him

“Karen, you welcome, have your sit” he said and gestured for me to sit

“Are you with your phone?” He asked.

“Yes” I said and brought it out

He stretched his hand and I handed over the phone to him wondering what he wanted to do with my phone

“It’s not locked, is it?” He asked

“No” I said

He did something on his laptop , then he plugged a USB cord that connected my phone with his laptop

He did some things in the laptop, after which he disconnected the USB cord, he handed over the phone to me

I collected it and searched to check what he sent

“I sent some pictures” He said

“Pictures!” I exclaimed and clicked on the folder that contains pictures.

I clicked it and started scrolling , I began to see pictures of a young beautiful lady , slim and gorgeous

“She is Donna” Dr. Nicholas said

“Donna!” I said and raised my head

“Yes Donna, she is the first and only Love of Anthony, I sent you her picture’s so you can see how she dresses, how she stands, how she smiles and other things you can start copying from her , for you to have the heart of Anthony , then you need to learn to act in the same way Donna act” Dr. Nicholas said

“Where is this Donna?” I asked

“She is dead” He replied

I felt sad , I felt pathetic for Anthony.

I sighed heavily and set my gaze at the phone, I kept swiping the pictures of Donna.

“I will try ” I said as I raise my head

“Good, there is not a single lady that she likes currently, you might be the lucky lady that will change his heart. Good luck” He said and I stood up.

“Thanks ” I said and walked out of his office to my class

🌒 Flash back 🌓

“This will be very disastrous sir, are we gonna be killing everyone in the plane just because of the crazy family” Noel said

“We have no choice, that’s the only thing we can do that won’t raise any suspicion, you are a pilot there too, all you have to do is place the timed bomb under the plane, just pretend as if you are examining the plane, after the plane had crashed, no one would know that it’s a bomb or something, cus the whole plane would have scattered into pieces” Romeo said

“Alright Sir, I’m travelling to Germany right away then, I promise to do the job perfectly, but I think I should find a way of telling them what they did before they all die” Noel said

“It’s alright, just be smart” Romeo said

Noel left Romeo and took the next available flight to Germany.

He is a well known pilot, he had taken note of the plane piloting the family back to America, he went there and planted a bomb in it, he checked to see if no one was suspecting

Everything is cool. He went back to where everyone’s luggage is. He skillfully identified the luggage of the family they are about to murder

He walked there and greeted those searching luggage, they greeted him with respect.

He made a suggestion to help them and they agreed, the first bag he took was that of the family, he unzipped it and placed a letter there . he zipped it and dropped it where the search luggage are

He searched few more bags so as not to raise any suspicion. After which he left

Everything got set, everyone stepped inside the plane with their luggage including the family

The family sat in a sit close to one another, the father ,a lady and her sister

The father took one of the luggage from where it was kept in search of a pen and a book. He had just received an inspiration and he quickly wanted to jot down the lyrics forming in his heart.

The whole family are singers , the father is the Owner of the second largest label in America, it is a fast growing record label and it’s taking many clients from Universe Record label owned by Romeo

Romeo is the Owner of Universe record label, he has warned Steeve several times to close down his record label, but Steeve had refused.

Steeve is the Father of the family that Noel was sent to murder.

Steeve saw a letter while he was trying to bring out his pen

This time, the plane had already started moving.

Steeve took out the letter sluggishly and opened it

It reads;

Hi Steeve, everything In life has a reason, I’m sorry that you will leave this earth today with your family . you had being warned several times to close down your record label but you refused. Every songs released by your first daughter is always shaking the whole of America , your daughter and other artistes in the record label will sure overpower our record label with their songs that hit anytime it drops. We dislike competition and we warned you, but you think we are joking.

Anyways, this very plane you are will crash in few seconds
Sent by Romeo
Job accomplished by Noel.

Steve read the letter and he hoped that the words in the letter is a joke. He looked at his two daughters and his wife who were chatting and laughing. Tears dropped from his eyes

He stared around the plane looking at every innocent soul hoping to see their family when they get to America , they are all gonna die because of him

He bowed his head and sobbed.

He tore a piece of fabric from his luggage, he folded the letter and rapped it with the fabric.

He placed it inside his mouth

“When I die, no matter how burnt I am, My teeth can’t be affected , this letter will be safe in my mouth, whoever sees my burnt corpse will hopefully noticed that I swallowed something and might help me , my family and other innocent soul avenge our death

He held the hand of his first daughter who was having a conversation with his boyfriend on WhatsApp

His daughter looked at him and saw a sad and gloomy face on his dad

” Dad, what is it?” she asked and moved closer to her dad

“Stay strong, fire kills but can you try to stay alive” Her father said

“Dad, what are you talking about?” She asked

“Stay strong, don’t die, please, Don’t die, I know it’s impossible for u to live but I wish and hope that you will not die” He said and held tight the wrist of his daughter

“Dad, what…” Before she could complete her statement , the plane started cracking and loosing balance

The plane exploded in seconds and scattered in the air

🌓 flashback Ends🌒

Anthony’s POV

I was already thinking of what to do with the baby sitter that had just insulted me.

What I saw in her nose stunned me, It’s the exact same brown dot at the nose of Donna. The brown dot broke me and the willingness to know more about the brown dot made me reconsider my decision about her friend.

How in the word will she has the same brown dot that Donna has, their face is quiet different,she is not Donna, I’m quiet sure of that, the way she speaks and acts does not in any way looked like that of Donna

So who is she? Where did she get that dot? is she connected with Donna in some way or something

No! I need to see her , I need to ask her, but how am I gonna do that. She is scared of me , she knows I dislike her, she might not want to answer me, what if I threaten her too, will she answer me that way? Or I should beg her .

I’m confused right now. I stayed in the studio and did a lot of singing rehearsals with Brian and Scot

I sent Bob to bring Nancy to me as soon as I heard the loud bell of closing hour.

After few minutes , Nancy entered with Bob

I stood up

“Follow me” I ordered her

She obliged cus I can hear her steps behind me as I led her to a private room

“Sit” I said and gestured for her to sit

She sat gently

“I’m sorry for what I said the other time, please don’t sack or expel me” She pleaded

“If I want to do that, I would have done that since, anyways, that’s not what we are here for, who are you” I asked

She stunningly looked at me

“Sorry, I meant what happened to your nose” I said

She touched her nose and examined it.

She shook her head like a kid

“Alright” I exhaled and calmed

“There is a brown dot on your nose, did you know how it get there?” I asked

She shook her head

“What’s that?” I asked wondering why she will be shaking her head to reply me instead of talking audibly

“I mean I do not know, I always see it there but I did not know how it get there” she said

“You did not know how the brown dot get there, huh? Did you have a sister?” I asked

“Yeah, a younger sister, but she is dead” she said

“No, Donna was nineteen years when I heard of her death, and that was two years ago, Donna can never be the the younger sister of Nancy” I thought

“How old are you ? When did you celebrate you birthday?” I asked

“I’m 21 years , I celebrate my birthday on the 5th of December” She replied

“What!” I exclaimed

Who is Noel?

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