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Flower Boy Episode 50

Flower Boy Episode 50

By Oyebamiji Samue

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(Secrete unveiled )

Nancy’s POV

Anthony held my hand romantically and led me out of the stage.

“That’s just a public show, don’t take it personal, I’ve never liked you neither will I … Forget it . Whatever I’ve done is nothing serious ” Anthony said and I bowed my head gently

He let my hand loose and we both walked out of the stage with our awards. We were driven to Brandon’s home in his car

We entered feeling very tired and we both went to our room to sleep.

Following Morning

I woke up feeling agile, my mind drifted to all that happened at the show yesterday night.

But Anthony said this is the third time he will be kissing me, how is that possible? That I know of , the last time we kissed was when Brandon made us stay alone in the musical room, and this night was the second time but he said it’s the third time

I thought about it for hours and I dropped the thought afterwards.

Today is a free day and we ain’t going to school today. I should just rest and have fun, but being around Anthony will have being the best

I really loved him so much and I wish he does someday too, after all, I’m the Donna he had waited on for all this while. He had being faithful to my love all this while

I understand why he is being careful to trust anyone , even his own brothers had betrayed him so I should know he wouldn’t believe me easily

But I’m blessed to have a man like Anthony , even when it was glaring that I may have died. He still love me so much. Many guys will have fall in love with another lady . Men like Anthony are scarce

He grew hatred towards ladies just because of me and feel guilty being around any lady just because of me

Loving him is an understatement right now , I wish to I can find a better word to describe my deep feelings for him

I walked out of the house and I went to the living room and sat before the TV, like I thought some minutes ago , I just wanna have fun today

I stood and switched on the TV and tuned it to my favorite station

I sat down ready to watch when I heard the sound of the doorknob behind me , I turned and I saw Brandon and Williams entered

I stood up happily and went to meet William and hugged him

“You did it?” I asked and Brandon nodded

He walked upstairs and left my foster father and I in the room

“Dad, I miss you, I thought you were dead ” I said

“Oh no! Not so soon. I’d being in this game for long and I won’t die until I see you revenge your parent’s death” William said and went to sit

I came to sit opposite him

“Dad, could you believe I’d recovered all my memories ? Now I know that Romeo is the one responsible for my parents death but I can’t fathom whom the Noel is, could the Noel be Anthony’s father ?” I asked

“The only Noel working for Romeo is Anthony’s father . The truth is Anthony’s father was the one that executed the plane crash that caused the death of your parents and other innocent citizens ” William said and I reasoned with him

But somehow , I do not want to believe that the father of the man I loved is the one responsible for the death of my parent. Cus I must take down whoever kills my parents , I’ll take down their generations too

I’ll teach them that wickedness is bad

“Dad, until I find out whom Noel truly is , teach me how to take proper revenge for my parent’s death” I asked sternly

“I’m loving the Nancy I’m seeing now. I want you to be strong and fight all those that are responsible for the death of your parents , more so, we can confirm just now if Anthony’s father is Noel or not” William said

“How?” I asked

William brought his phone out and put a call through to someone I assume to be Brandon

Brandon stepped down after few minutes with Romeo. Romeo was staggering and dangling like a weak somebody , it’s obvious that he had being tortured severely by Brandon

Brandon made Romeo kneel before us

“This is the wicked man that insinuates your father’s death.” Brandon said

“You sent one Noel to cause the plane crash, who is that Noel? ” Brandon asked and Romeo raised his head and smirked

Brandon slapped him hard that Romeo fell and fainted . Romeo woke and Brandon pulled him up to his knees again

“I repeat, who is that Noel?” Brandon asked

“I have no idea what you talking about ” Romeo said and we all heard footsteps of someone stepping down the stairs

It’s Anthony

His face looks puzzled as he stared at Romeo and all of us

“Good, Is his father the Noel you sent to cause the plane crash of Steeve Scot and his family?” William asked

“I can barely see , I have no idea what you talking about” Romeo said weakly and obstinately

“I might kill you Romeo, why are you proving obstinate ? Just tell us if his father is the Noel that killed Nancy’s parent cus Nancy is also Donna” Brandon said

“What’s going on here?” Anthony asked

“You father bears Noel Nicholas right? This man called Romeo here sent one Noel to kill Donna and her family by causing plane crash two years ago, we wanna know if the Noel sent to execute that evil task is your father or not” William said and handed over the letter that was found in Steeve Scot’s mouth to Anthony

I watched as Anthony read it. His face looks confusing and he sat nervously

“I do not think my dad can accomplish that evil task, he is blessed for all I know , why should he cause a plane crash, it might be another Noel, pressure him very well please before you start assuming that it’s my father ” Anthony said

“Nancy, what should we do to this man, I want you to deal with this man yourself ” Brandon said

“If I’m free from here, ya’all will regret this ” Romeo said and I stood and went closer to Romeo

I slaped him with my fragile hand but he just stood still like he isn’t affected. My hand is obviously not strong enough to harm him

“Brandon, I’ll need you to deal with this man for me ” I said and William stood

He ran inside and came back with a pink sharp pliers

He placed it on Romeo’s finger and looked into his eye

“I will cut your fingers one after the other right now , do you wanna dare me ? Who is the Noel you sent?” William asked but Romeo hesitated

William cut his last small fingers of his left hand and he arched his brow and cried out loud painfully

I do not feel any pity for him, he killed my parents and many innocent folks, I pray he suffers more

“Will you answer me now cus I’m cutting the second finger , who is the Noel you sent?” William said and almost pressed the pliers to cut Romeo’s second finger again when he quickly yelled what the answer is

“Anthony’s father , please don’t cut my fingers again. Anthony’s father is the one I sent to cause the plane crash, he is the Noel that was being referred to in the letter” Romeo finally confessed

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