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Flower Boy Episode 52

Flower Boy Episode 52

By Oyebamiji Samue

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(Conflict of my heart and Mind )

Anthony’s POV

I jerked back all of a sudden cus the breath of Donna irritates me , It smells like that of a fish

“What’s wrong? ” Donna asked

“Nothing really” I replied while trying to put myself under control , I feel like puking cus of how strongly irritating the fishy smell is

But when in the world did Donna start smelling like a fish, could it be because of the surgical operation she must have gone through

Does that leave a fishy odour on her body

Though she smelt nice but I see no reason why her breath will smell like that of a fish

The two times I’d kiss Nancy, her breath is cool and her lips are sexy and soft

I like it , I must confess. I have no reason to believe she is Donna , Inside of me , I really wish that Nancy is Donna cus the truth about me is that I’d Loved that girl from the beginning even before Brian loved her

But I do not wanna believe that it’s Love , I thought it’s a feeling that came to tempt me of my love for Donna.

Something seems to connect between Nancy and I but I’d always fight it by treating her bad. I thought that If I’d treated her so bad, she will start to hate me and the hatred may get to me and the feelings I’m having for her will drop .

But the more I treat her cruelly , the more she shows me love. She has never showed me hate despite all that I’d done for her

I’m scared to ask her many questions that will confirm easily if she is Donna or not cus Donna and I had gone through a lot of personal stuffs that only Donna and I knows and understand

We even have songs at which we use to communicates a times and we have many personal secretes that we have unveiled to ourselves as lovers

I can easily ask Nancy all this question but I’m scared. As much as I want her to be Donna, I also do not want her to be Donna

I Love her but I do not like to see her

I Like her kiss, but I dislike to see her lips

I Lover her curly darkish brown hair but I do not like to touch them

I like her gentility but I want her to hate me

I wish she can be Donna but I want her to be the ordinary Nancy

I’m the guy anyone can call a confused fellow

My feelings are really hard to describe a times , My thoughts are hard to examine a times .

Can someone tell Nancy that I truly like her and that I wish she was Donna

But the person should also tell Nancy that I do not want her neither do I wanna see her , I’ll be cruel to her and I will not treat her right

But I love Nancy, No, I dislike her . yes, I love her, I’m sure. My heart longs for her warm embrace but I do no wanna hug her

My heart wants Nancy but my mind despise Nancy
My heart loves Nancy , it wants to care, kiss, hug and stay around Nancy but my mind do not want a poor baby sitter as Donna. She is poor but beautiful, clumsy and too gentle for my liking , she has less actions

That’s exactly who Donna is , but…

I have hated poor people since I’m young

I believe they are breeds of people that shouldn’t be in this world with we the rich

My mind despise the poor and always want to bully them like I bully Scot many years ago

I derive joy in seeing poor people suffer, over my dead body will I ever see a poor person and help

My mind hates Nancy cus she is poor, it despises her and hates to stay around her

It battles against my heart

But my heart chose for me before I can even see who it is , It Loves Nancy so much that it makes me feel like staying around Nancy forever, like kissing her and making her Donna , either she Likes it or not

This is my current state of heart. There is a battle going inside of me , it’s a battle of my heart and my mind

Whichever wins will determine the fate of Nancy.

But why is Donna smelling like a fish?

“Anthony, am I smelling? Am I irritating? That must have being because you have chosen this girl over me , you can’t even kiss me again” She said and her last tone of voice sounds Like that of Karen but I ignored

She bowed her head and started crying , the way she started crying is exactly like the way Karen cries but it changes later to that of Donna

My happy face dropped cus I’m becoming confused

Nevertheless, I can’t stand and watch my lost but found girlfriend crying

I sat closer to her and rapped my hands around her shoulder

“Donna, you ain’t smelling nor irritating, I like you for who you are and I have no…I mean I have no… Yeah, like seriously, I have no feelings …” i said and paused

“…For that girl called Nancy” I said silently and my heart feels betrayed but my mind leaped for joy

How can a part of me likes Nancy and other part dislikes her ?

“I love you…Donna” I said

“Lie…you stopped loving me …I gotta start going” She said and stood

I stood and crossed her from going

“Don’t be angry please, I really Love you ” I said

“Lie… And you can’t kiss me” She said

“I can …just that…” i said trying to find an excuse to give her. I may choke to death as a result of the fishy smell she has on her breath

It saddens my mind that Donna has a bad breath cus I really wish to kiss her deeply

“I get it, I’ll brush my stinking mouth next time” She said and walked towards where Nancy stood and suddenly stood before her

“Why did you keep deceiving Anthony that you are Donna?” Donna asked Nancy

Nancy sniffed and shifted back

“What’s smelling fishy ? Too bad ” She said and shifted back the more

Omg! Even Nancy perceived the fishy smell. Gosh! But Donna why?

Where did she get the fishy smell

“Oh! You think you can embarrass me ?” Donna said with a teary eyes and looked at me

“Anthony, you betrayed me , you can’t even wait for two years ” She said

Gosh! The last tone sounds like that of Karen

What the h*ll is going on here

Where is Karen by the ways ? Cus I know Karen smells like a fish too

“She is Karen” Nancy said and giggled mockingly

“Excuse me?” She asked Nancy

“What do you mean Nancy?” I asked

“I found out she is Karen, she probably covered her eyes but the doctor isn’t smart enough to cover her ear. Karen has three black dots on her hair and we all know that, check her hair sir” Nancy said and I moved closer to Donna

“What the hell is this b*tch talking about? ” Donna asked

I noticed the three dots Karen has on her ear on Donna’s ear too

I became more confused and Brian entered

“Great, Brian, you said she is Donna, how come she is having the attributes of Karen?” I asked

“Who the h*ll is Karen? Anthony, you stopped believing me for real and you have to start to listen to this girl” Donna said and start crying and my mind feel pathetic for her again

“You think I’m a joker or what? You really think the Donna I brought is Karen?” Brian said and giggled

He peeped out of the room and whistled with his mouth

Few seconds later , someone entered

It’s Karen

This is Nancy, that is Donna that has the attributes of Karen and this is a Karen now


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