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Flower Boy Episode 7

Flower Boy Episode 7

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( She said she’s Donna 😥)

Anthony’s POV

December 5 is the exact same birthday of Donna, and Donna is suppose to be 21years now

Exact same age, month and year.

I’m confused

I looked intently at her and wonder who in the world Nancy is

“Nancy, tell me , who are you?” I asked

She looked at me quiet confused

“Anyways, I think you can leave now” I said and watched her leave

Who is she? I stood and went back to meet Brian and Scot

“Guys, something crazy is happening right here” I said

“What?” Brian asked

I sat and exhaled heavily

“You all know that Donna has a dot on her nose, This baby sitter has the same dot, not only that, she has the same birthday and month with Donna” I said and looked into their eyes for help

They both looked at me intently to see that I’m sure of what I’m saying

“We all know Donna is dead, so? She even died of plane crash, according to reports , no one survived it and we all know Donna is not a twin either ” Brian said

I looked at Scot for what he has to say

He kept mute instead

“Guys, what am I to do now, I’m thinking that she probably survived the pane crash and lost her memory” I said

“Far from it, If she lost her memory , how did she remember her age and her birthday?” Scot questioned

“True” I said and sat again

“The truth is , no one survives a plane crash, the plane bombed for all I know” Brian said

My heart becomes heavy

“Did you think she has any attribute of Donna, may be the way she speaks, the way she dress, the way she walks and the likes?” Scot asked

“Oh no! Everything about her is quiet different, so she is not Donna right?” I asked

“Of course, Donna is gone for good, brace yourself up , she can’t come back again” Scot said

I sighed and rested on the chair and closed my eye

“Of course, she can’t be Donna, even if she survived the plane crush and somebody did a facial surgical operation on her face, it’s not possible for her to have the same dot. The dot is the puzzle” I thought feeling frustrated.

Karen’s POV

I entered Anthony’s house and went to my room . I dropped my school bag and sunk on the bed, I was quiet tired, the practical class today was quiet hectic

I sat upright and brought out my phone . I opened it and clicked on the folder.

I begin to study the pictures of Donna that Dr. Nicholas sent me

Some things caught my attention

First was her standing style . I stood up and started practicing the way she stands by looking at my wall mirror to see if I get it right.

“Yeah!” I said after trying for minutes and I finally got it

I checked her hairstyles, I screenshots it . I determined that from that day hence forth , I will start plaiting same hairstyles

Something struck my attention, It’s a dot on her nose and the way she smiled.

I practiced the way she smiled for minutes and thought of how I can get the dot in my nose too.

I can just tell him that I’m the Donna that survived the plane crash and that I did facial surgery.

Yeah! I got it. He won’t suspect

Oh no! What of her birthday and month

I scrolled back to a particular picture that I had read before , how she died and her profile was summarized there

I saw December 5, I calculated what year she should be now, she should be 21 Years now.

Good! I’m just gonna claim that same month and year.

I studied everything about Donna for the rest of the day till I slept off

Nancy’s POV

I returned home after Anthony had released me, I do not know the reason for all those strange questions

But seriously, what is it about this dot on my nose, I’ve always wondered, I guess I will have to ask my dad when I get home.

I’m really anxious, I feel like going home straight to question dad but I have to do my baby sitting Job first

I went to Anthony’s place and I couldn’t find Helen in the house. I wondered where she went.

I sat down after searching the whole house tiredly. My phone bleeped and I picked it

 Hello” I said on phone

 sorry for any inconvenience , I had taken Helen out, you gonna see her tomorrow” Helen’s Mum said

 Oh! Alright” I said and she hung up the phone

I stood up and stretched my body, I should have just gone home straight If I knew that Helen won’t be around

I walked out and went home.

I was happy to see Dad as usual

He welcome me with a smile.
“Dad, how have you being?” I asked

“Cool, I thought you are suppose to be at your babysitting Job today ?” He asked

“Yes dad, Helen, the child I’m baby sitting went out with her mum” I said as I find a sit for myself and sat comfortably

“Great, you should go inside your room and shower now” He said

“Yeah, Dad, I got some questions” I said

“Oh!” He said with a serious look and sat closer to me

“Ask please?” He said

“Dad, what is it about this dot on my nose?” I asked

His face dropped and became dull

He sat back and crossed his leg. He remained silent

“Dad!” I called

He stood up and went inside his room without replying

What is happening? Is he angry? Thought I only asked a question

Should I apologize , but I didn’t offend him, can’t I ask a question that is disturbing my heart

I heard footsteps behind me and I turned

He walked closer to me with a rough folded fabric

“Have it” He said

“What is that Dad?” I asked as I looked up to his face

“This is your answer, for you to ask that question , then I think you should know about who you are” He said

“Who I am?” I questioned

“Yeah. Have it” He said and stretched it closer to me

I collected the rough folded fabric sluggishly and stared at it wondering how an ordinary fabric will explain who I am

I noticed that it is folded, I untied it with all my strength and found a rough but well folded paper there

I removed the paper and dropped the fabric on the floor , I noticed that words were written there.

It reads;

Hi Steeve, everything In life has a reason, I’m sorry that you will leave this earth today with your family . you had being warned several times to close down your record label but you refused. Every songs released by your first daughter is always shaking the whole of America , your daughter and other artistes in the record label will sure overpower our record label with their songs that hit anytime it drops. We dislike competition and we warned you, but you think we are joking.

Anyways, this very plane you are will crash in few seconds
Sent by Romeo
Job accomplished by Noel.”

I read the writings in the paper and I couldn’t understand a thing of it

“Dad, what is this?” I asked

He walked closer to me and sat

“Nancy, I can’t tell you everything about you now cus you can’t handle it. I want you to note the two names of people at the end of the letter” I said

“You mean Romeo and Noel?” I asked

“Yeah, they are evil men” he replied

“Evil men!” I exclaimed

“Keep the letter” He said , stood up and walked away

I turned to watch him leave.
What is the meaning of all this, I asked him of the reason behind dot on my nose , he is giving me a letter of a plane crash.

I opened the letter again and re read it. I sighed and stood up feeling frustrated and walked inside my room

Well , dad, must have given me this letter for a reason. I kept it somewhere safe in my wardrobe.

I really pitied the family that died in plane crash, just because a record Label was jealous of another. Noel and Romeo must have being wicked people

I went to the bathroom to shower, I brought out the assignment given to us at school, I started doing it.

Following Day!

Anthony’s POV

I and my brothers had dressed for school, we were stepping down the stairs when we saw Karen at the sitting room standing and pressing her phone

Hope she is not thinking of going to school together with us

“Hi flower boys” she greeted and walked closer to us

Omg! What is this? I jerked back and almost fainted

I saw Brian and Scot took some steps backward too.

She is walking exactly like Donna , the way she is standing now is the exact same way Donna stands and she has the dot on her nose too

I breathed heavily in fear

“Who are you?” I asked calling the words one by one

“Karen of course” She said and smiled like Donna again

“Jeez! ” I exclaimed and looked at my brothers again for help but they themselves were stunned

“Are you…erm.. Sorry.” Scot said

“Say it, what is it?” She asked

“Erm..Never mind…but are you… I mean, did you know Donna?” Scot finally asked

” I do” She said and smiled

I and my brothers exchanged glances in amazement

She had just come to this country, how in the word will she know Donna

“I am …” She said and paused.

She lowered her head with a pathetic face

I looked at my brothers hoping she is not about to say what we were thinking

All of us were scared to tell her to complete her statement

After a series of horrible silence

“I’m Donna” She said and sunk to her knees and began to cry

“Do.. What?” I exclaimed

Brian looked at me and arched his brow

“How are you Donna?” I summoned courage to ask

She sniffed and sobbed more

“Actually, I survived the pane crash, I was rescued by some villagers where I fell, according to what I was told by those that save me , my body burnt beyond recognition but I was still breathing, they flew me to Germany and performed a surgical operation on me, my skin and my face was replaced with a new skin.

I lost my memory in the process, I couldn’t remember anything, but in time, I started remembering few things, I remembered that we have once being in Loved. I remembered my birthday. i..” She said but I interrupted abruptly

I’m anxious to know her birthday , I will like to know if it tallies with that of Donna

“What’s your birthday?” I asked

“December 5, I will be 21 years precisely by December 5” She said

I arched my brow in shock, why shouldn’t I believed her , all her reasons are logical

“You are Donna” I said trying to confirm all what she has being saying

She nodded to confirm

I walked closer to her and stretched my hands towards her

She received it with a teary face. I pulled her up and drew her closer to me

I can’t believe Donna came back to me, I hugged her and I suddenly remembered that pointed dot on Nancy’s nose too and that Nancy has the same birthday

Is Nancy and Donna twin and they did not know?

I disengaged slightly and looked intently at her eye

“But if a facial surgery was performed on your face and a new skin was replaced, you wouldn’t have the dot” I said

“Yes, she said pity-fully, the man that helped me said he told the doctor to draw the exact same dot there so anyone can use that sign to recognize me, especially my extended family members ” she said

“Why did you change your name?” I asked

“Many people will think I’m a ghost , so I had to change my name to be accommodated by everyone” she replied

“According to what I heard about you, your father is Romeo, the CEO of universe record label, how did he become your father?” I asked

“He was the man that vowed to help me and raise me as his daughter when he heard of my pathetic story” She said

“So you are not really his daughter?” I asked

“Yes” she said

I sighed and exhaled

“Let’s go to school” I said and we all went to school together

Nancy’s POV

‘Break time’

I was packing my luggage inside my bag to go and meet Patricia so we can go and have fun together, but someone tapped me

I turned and saw a very cute boy.

“Are you perhaps Nancy?”He asked

” yes, how may I help you please?” I asked

“Dr. Nicholas sent for you. Pardon my manners , I’m Larry” he said

“I? ” I exclaimed and wondered why Dr. Nicholas would send for me

“Yeah” Larry said smiling seductively

I ignored his smile and followed him to Dr. Nicholas office

“Nancy, how are you?” He said

“Fine” I replied staring at the beautiful office.

“Have your sit” He said

I’m really nervous, why would a whole Dr. Nicholas send for me.

Something caught my attention on the wall. I walked closer and unconsciously ignored Dr. Nicholas order to sit

I saw a customized photo of Dr. Nicholas . his full name was written under the photo

It reads ; Dr. Noel Nicholas

Omg! Is he the Noel that killed the family?

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