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Flower Boy Episode 8

Flower Boy Episode 8

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( He is your Father )

Nancy’s POV

“What are you staring at?” Dr. Nicholas voice jerked me up from my shock

I turned to him in surprise. I still do not want to believe he is the Noel

“Pardon my manners sir, I sincerely adore that picture on the wall ” I said

“Oh! That was when I use to be a pilot , I served there as a pilot for twenty five years before I resigned” He said while smiling

“Sir! You are a pilot ” I said to confirm

“I was a pilot, not anymore ” He corrected

“Oh! ” I exclaimed and sat

“So dear Nancy, Karen informed me that you are working as a babysitter for Helen” He said

“Yes sir” I said gently

“I have a better offer for you, and your pay is gonna be much better than that of a baby sitter” Dr. Nicholas said

“Thanks sir, but I’m not working as a baby sitter just because of the cash alone, it’s what I Love. I love being around kids, I love playing with kids” I said

“Really, how about I get you a baby sitting job in a better place?” He asked

“Who could be better than the Nicholas family, the Nicholas are very accommodating and loving , I’m addicted to them, I just can’t do without them , Sir, you are a good man, mum is a good woman too, The flower boys don’t frustrate me as well and Helen Likes me so much, It will break Helen’s heart if she hears about my departure from the Nicholas” I said trying to flatter the man

I know he is trying to send me away from Anthony’s house but he is trying to do it politely

“Oh really!” He said and kept mute for a while

I guess he blushed at my praises on his family

“You can go now” He said and I stood up

“Thanks sir” I said and walked away from him

Karen’s POV

The manager of the flower boys had invited me over to the flower boys studio

I maintained the deceptive walking and smiling style of Donna

I’m happy that Anthony is falling already. I really can’t wait for him to start falling so strong for me.

I entered the studio

“Welcome Karen” Bob greeted me

“Hi” I greeted everyone

“Have your sit” Bob said and gestured for me to sit

I obliged

“The flower boys are releasing a song and we have picked you to be featured” Bob said

“Thanks” I said gently and happily

The flower boys are quiet, they were just exchanging glances with Bob and I

“I think we should start right away, go inside the singers hut there and sing any song, just free style, let the flower boys see for themselves what you’ve got

I happily stood up and went to the singers hut.

I placed the media player 🎧 on my head and set the microphone 🎤 to the center of my mouth

I sang and they all listened

” wao! this is so fantastic” Bob said and clapped as I finished singing

Bob turned at the flower boys

“What did you think, she really tried, didn’t she?” Bob said still smiling

“What surprise me is that she is not singing like Donna, even if she lost her memory and a surgical operation was done on Her skin, I do not think it should affect her voice. Her voice does not in anyway looks like that of Donna” Anthony said

I felt bad immediately and fear that Anthony had not totally trust me.

I need to find something to defend myself with right now

“What are you talking about?” Bob asked Anthony

“She understands what I’m talking about” Anthony said

“Actually, the doctor told me that it affected my voice cord then, you don’t wanna imagine what it means to survive a plane crash” I said

“It’s alright, scot, what did you think of her voice?” Anthonyaskede as he faced Bob

“That’s not good enough, she has a poor voice, it’s not as sweet as that of Donna, the babysitter’s voice is far better than hers” Scot said

I felt like spanking his butt for what he just said.

“Well as for me, I think Bob is having a bias interest here and I’m beginning to suspect him, why will you choose someone with a poor voice like this to come and feature in flower boy’s song” Brian said

“No boss, I listened to it and I thought it was good” Bob said

“You thought, like seriously! You have being our manager for years and you still can’t recognize a good voice ” Anthony said

“Erm… I apologize for that” Bob pleaded

“Let her go please” Anthony said

Bob signalled with his head for me to leave

I felt the greatest embarrassment of my life. I walked out painfully.

Anthony’s POV

Bob must have an ulterior motive for picking Karen, but I’m glad she left

Could she be Donna truly, she walks and smiles like Donna but why is her voice different, Is her vocal cord really destroyed

If she is truly Donna , then I must have hurt her by ridiculing her voice and sending her away

“Hey Bob, find another lady artiste for us for to feature ” Brian said

“How about choosing Nancy, her voice is good, even Bob commends it” Scot said

I looked at Scot intently trying to reason with him, can that baby sitter actually fit in, may be with little training here and there, she might be the perfect lady to use

” Bob , what did you think about Scot’s suggestion ? ” I asked Bob

” Well, we can give it a try cus the lady is really good. ” Bob said

“Then bring her here after school hour , let’s do some rehearsals with her ” I said

“Alright boss” Bob said

I signalled for my brothers with my eyes , they knew that I meant that it’s time to go to our class.

We left Bob and went to the class

On getting to Class, I saw an average tall guy having a conversation with Nancy.

I ignored but something propelled me look again, I watched them and felt a strange kind of feeling, I dislike to say I’m jealous, I do not have anything with this girl, I do not like her, why should I be jealous

I ignored and walked to my sit, I really can’t take it again, I felt as if that baby sitter girl is mine but I do not like her. I feel like chasing that guy speaking with her away but what is my own

I stood up and ignored my pride and went to meet Nancy and the boy who were laughing and discussing

“What are you doing here please? ” I asked

“Oh flower boy , it’s nice meeting you, I came to greet my friend, Nancy” He said and directed his hands towards Nancy

“Oh! She is your friend, good for you, can you please leave the class?” i asked politely

“Have I done something wrong?” He asked

“No, I just…just leave ” I said

“Alright” He said and placed his two arms in the air and left

I turned and left

I’m happy the guy left, but what is wrong with me, will the girl think I like her, no! She dares not think that way cus I do not have a single feeling for her.

But why am I jealous

I sighed and brought out my notepad

Nancy’s POV

Why in the world will Anthony send Larry away.

Larry is quiet fun to be with, though I didn’t know his primary motive but he had being cracking jokes since he came around.

He probably have issues with Flower boy, I ignored the thought and thought about what I saw in Dr. Nicholas office

He said he use to be a pilot. The family I read about died of plane crash. He might probably be the Noel I had seen, does that imply that he is working for Romeo , but who is Romeo and who is this family that died.

Dad just gave me a fabric containing a letter and he expects me to find everything out by myself

I kept stealing glances at Anthony, he looks so handsome to me, with his fresh face and sexy lips.

There is this particular girl that makes him cry always , who is this girl too, I just need to find out a lot.

I tried hard to listen to the teachings of the teachers but a lot of questions kept running through my mind.

The school activities went well even though I didn’t pay rapt attention to the teachings

The bell for closing hour rang!

I slung my bag pack ready to go and meet Helen, I’ve missed her, I couldn’t see her yesterday , I guess she must have missed me too

I walked towards the entrance and someone crossed me . I raised my head to see who the person is. It’s Bob

“Bob” I called

“Follow me” He said and I obliged gently

He led me to the flower boy’s studio and I was wondering why he brought me here

He gestured for me to sit

I sat

“You might be lucky to get featured in Flower boy’s new hit, they are about to release a single and you might be featured, just hope that they liked your voice” Bob said

The flower boys entered and sat

“I should go inside there to sing right?” I asked

“Not necessary, we have heard you sing before, so it’s cool , we are choosing you, no need for auditioning” Anthony said

Omg! I jumped up happily

Two people entered abruptly

It’s Dr. Nicholas and Karen

“Anthony, I heard this girl was picked and you rejected Karen ” Dr. Nicholas said referring to me as that girl

“Yes dad , Karen’s voice is not really cool, not the kind of voice we want” Anthony replied

“Bob knows the kind of voice you needed most , let Bob decide and not you. Secondly, don’t you have any pity on this girl, aren’t you aware that she is your Donna” Dr. Nicholas said

“Dad” Anthony called

“Bob, whom did you think is best between Karen and Nancy?” Dr. Nicholas asked

“Sir, Actually, they are all good in their own ways, but If I’m to pick the right lady for this single truly not considering the fact that Romeo has paid me beforehand to pick his daughter, I will pick Nancy” Bob said

“Romeo!” I exclaimed before anyone could talk

They all set their gaze upon me and wondered what issues I have with the name

Dr. Nicholas ignored my exclamations and focused on Bob

“You are such a fool, should you expose and publicly disgrace my boss for paying you to pick his daughter, even though he paid you, you still refuse to pick his daughter, not only that, you expose him before the flower boys, quiet smart of you right?” Dr. Nicholas said and smirked

I could see the expression of fear on Bob’sfacec

“And you Nancy, you are really becoming a threat to this family, Yes! Romeo is my boss, his daughter would have being picked flawlessly by Anthony but your seductive act had propelled him to choose you instead of Karen .

I won’t stand and watch one girl spoil the peace between the two families, you are fired and expelled” He said and walked out with Karen

“What!” I exclaimed sadly and tears gushed from my eyes uncontrollably

I buried my face in my palm in pain, it was as if my heart were being Peirce , I felt restless, I feel like my whole world is gone.

Is this how everything will end . Expelled and fired just like that.

I will no longer be a student of Nicholas high and I will stop being a baby sitter

I looked into Anthony’s face for help but his face was expressionless

The flower boys were quiet, they were neither sad not happy

Is there no hope again, they do not even seem bordered

I turned my face at Bob, Bob was the only one that felt sorry for me

“Can you help me Bob?” I asked

“Dr. Nicholas say is final, not even the flower boys can help” Bob said feeling pathetic for me

My body is heavier right now, I do not think I can move, i walked out sullenly and expected one of the flower boys to call me back but they never did, they seem not to be bordered

I am broken, my life is now a total mess. I went home sluggishly

I entered and my eyes were blurry, I’m the saddest lady in the world, all hope is gone now

Only my dad can comfort me, My dad noticed that I’ve arrived, he left what he was doing in the kitchen and approached me.

He noticed that I’m sad

“Nancy, what is wrong?” He asked

“Dad, Dr. Nicholas expelled me from the school and sacked me from my baby sitting Job” I said and sobbed

He hugged me gently and helped me to sit

“Why? Tell me what you did to him” My dad asked

I explained everything to my dad

“Did you say he called Romeo his boss?” My dad asked

“Yes dad, I heard it well” I said gently

“Have you find out his real name?” My dad asked

“Yes, He is Noel Nicholas, and he said he was once was a pilot” I said

“That settles it now, Anthony’s father is Noel, Karen’s Father is Romeo” My dad said

“Dad, can you help me beg Dr. Nicholas, I have passion for music, there is no other music school that is as best as Nicholas high” I said

My dad nodded and sighed.

He seems not to be listening to me, I noticed that he is lost In thought

“Dad, you aren’t listening to me” I said

“Of course I am, Nicholas must accept you back” my dad said

“Why? ” I asked wondering what my dad meant by what he just said

Nicholas may never change his mind, so what did he mean by ‘must’

Even my dad is poor and lowly, he can’t stand the presence of Dr. Nicholas, his empty threat can’t move a whole Dr. Nicholas

My dad smiled and stood up

” He is your father” My dad said and walked away


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