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It was a cold and rainy night, no stars could be seen in the thick cloud covering the sky, the night was not only dark but foggy, as the heavy rain beat the tower of everyone’s houses, Rebecca laid on her bed and listened to the sweet sound of falling rain.
The sweet familiar smell of roasted duck stew engulfed her nose and she couldn’t help but smile. Nothing really has changed, Rebecca thought.

“Becca dinner is ready” Rebecca heard her little sister’s voice, Helen called and her shut eyes opened immediately to the unfamiliar room. And she suddenly remembered everything ‘has’ actually changed.

“Right I’ll be there in a jiffy” Rebecca said to Helen,
“Okay just know mom doesn’t like waiting for too long” Helen said before walking out of Rebecca’s room.
Rebecca sighed heavily and looked around her wide room, she could never get used to this place, Rebecca and her family just moved to a new house in a small town called ‘Rainal’ it was named after the town’s history, the only town that rain falls even when it’s summer or spring.
And during the raining seasons the rain falls are just unbearable.
This is the first time Rebecca and her family would be moving, though both of her sisters had adapt to the place with just only yesterday but she could never get used to this place.
Rebecca got out of her bed and walked into the small living room, the house wasn’t too bad at least that’s what she’s trying to make herself believe, but she missed her old home.
Rebecca joined her family around the small round dining table at a corner of the living room and her mother smiled at her as she joined them but Rebecca suddenly looked away.
“okay everyone bless your food” Rebecca’s father announced and everyone starts to eat after saying a silent prayer.
“this tates so good..” Helen cried.
“of course, if this town was to hold a cooking contest your mother would take the first position” Rebecca’s father, Steven, chipped in making little Helen nod with a smile.
“oh please” Ms Taylor, Rebecca’s mother rolled her eyes at her daughter and husband, someone could tell how flushed she looked.
Rebecca and her older sister Vera remained quiet and payed all attention to the food. Making both of their parent glance at each other then at them.
“Rebecca honey” Mrs Taylor called and gave her a smile. “you know you’re starting a new school tomorrow”.
“please don’t remind me” Rebecca mumbled almost quietly.

“what..”? Mrs Taylor asked

“nothing” Rebecca replied.
“she said you shouldn’t remind her” Vera said making Rebecca glare at her.
“look Becca I know you don’t like it here, but don’t worry you’ll soon adapt to this place and you’ll be more happy that we moved here” Mrs Taylor said.
“yeah whatever” Rebecca’s shrugged.
“you know we moved here because of dad’s work and there’s really nothing you can do so can you stop acting like a child” Vera rolled her eyes.
“you’re saying this because you know how old fashioned and stupid this place is and you have no problem with it because you’ll be going back to college next week and you don’t have to stay with us in this old looking house but your fine and expensive dorm room” Rebecca snarled.
“you’re so dumb!” Vera said angrily
“you’re the dumb one” Rebecca yelled angrily.

“Girls please!!!” Their father’s voice covered theirs and they immediately turned to him.
“every time you girls do this, we’re having dinner here for Godsake why must you have a brawl everytime, and Rebecca I thought you’d be happy we moved here” Mr Steven said..

“Happy?… Dad this town is cursed with only raining seasons, and this house is old fashioned, creepy and it looks like it could collapse any minute” Rebecca yelled.
“Nonsense! This house is one of the best in Rainal” Mr Steven said.
“one of the best, for it to be one of the best means nothing is good here dad, I wonder how we’re going to live, and by the way, I’m done eating” Rebecca said standing up.
“but you haven’t even touch your food” Mr Steven said.
“Thank you for the food mom” Rebecca said and walked away, ignoring the call from her father to come back to the table.
Rebecca got back to her room and slammed the door pretty hard making dust come out from the corners of the door.

“i was right, this house is pretty damn old” Rebecca scoffed and went to sit on her bed.
A loud thunder made Rebecca almost jumped out of the bed and immediately the power went out, leaving the house in darkness.
“even the electricity here is a mess, it can’t even hold up to such a small thunder” Rebecca mumbled angrily and slowly moved her hand around her bed to look for her phone.
Her hand touched her phone and she breathed out a sigh of relief as she turned it on and turned the torchlight on.
Her room suddenly went bright and she sighed and dropped the phone on her drawer.
Rebecca looked around her wide but ugly room.
The wall had no specific colour it looked old and weak, the concrete floors were old as well, and there was a big old wardrobe in the room they met before moving to the house.
“good thing clean up day is tomorrow” Rebecca mumbled.

Rebecca laid on her bed and watched the flower patterned ceiling, out of everything in the house only the ceiling looked forgiving.
Rebecca watched the ceiling and at the same time and thought about a lot of things.
How is my life going to be here? If their houses are like this how is the school going to be? Will I make any friend? Will I even be okay here?.
As Rebecca thought about the with the rain going with her thoughts she didn’t know when she fell asleep.
Taylor and Steven, the parents of Rebecca and her sisters,
Sat down in their room which looked the ugliest and most uncomfortable. Taylor looking worried and Steven looking serious.
“Steve, you know sooner or later we are going to tell them the truth” Mrs Taylor said.
“i know that Tay, you don’t have to remind me” Steven barked.
“i do! Cause it’s seems like you’re doing all your means to keep it a secret forever, they’re our children and they need to know”.
“Taylor I’m trying but you saw the way Rebecca behaved at dinner, Vera and Helen might take this news well but I don’t think Rebecca will” Steven explained.
“i know but it’s better we tell them than they find out on their own” Taylor said.
“i will, tell them” Steven stated.
“when”? Taylor sighed.
“give me a break Taylor..” Steven yelled. “You think it’s easy to give out a news like that, why don’t you go ahead and tell them… Go Tell them I actually didn’t transfer here because of my job but I actually lost my job and we had to move here cause I’m broke and they’ll be starting a public school tomorrow and this town jobs doesn’t pay well even if I do get one, do you think you’ll be able to say that in one piece, c’mon Taylor think about it” Steven said his eyebrows furrowed.
Taylor sighed and clasp her husband’s hand in hers.
“i don’t want to know how bad the news is but you have to spill it” Taylor raprimanded
“I’ll.. I’ll Try… And the only money we have now is for Vera’s college fee and God I’m so tired” Steven said and placed his head on Taylor’s shoulder, while Taylor pat his back.
“it’s okay honey the heavens will see us through” Taylor assured him with teary eyes.

Vera sighed as she moved away from her parents door, she came to give them a list of things she’ll be needing before going back to college but happened to over hear the whole conversation.
Vera retreated back to her room and laid on the bed. She moved her golden blonde hair back and her teal blue eyes watched her ceiling.
She closed her eyes feeling sad and before she knew it she fell asleep.
The next morning the house seemed busy as ever, everyone moving from one place to another.
Taylor preparing breakfast for the family, Vera making the house even more noisy by arranging the table and playing Random hip hop music on her loud phone.
Helen happily moving about cause today’s her first day of school and Steven not doing anything but walking about the house.
Everyone seemed busy and happy that morning except Rebecca who was still fast asleep.

“Helen go wake Becca up tell her breakfast’s ready and she should get ready for school too” Taylor ordered.
“okay mom” Helen’s tiny voice echoed and she happily moved to Rebecca’s room.
Her little hands knocked on the door three times but Rebecca didn’t answer, she knocked again but heard no reply.
Helen angrily pushed the wobbly door and walked inside the room to see Rebecca still fast asleep.

“Becca!” Helen called and walked to the bed to tap her sister’s arm.
Being a light sleeper Rebecca shook and woke up from her deep slumber.
“Helen… Wh..wha
“it’s morning mom said you should get ready for school and also breakfast is ready” Helen said before walking out of her room.
Rebecca sat still on her bed for some minutes before standing up and heading to the bathroom.
Rebecca came out from the bathroom after brushing her teeth and head straight to the living.
She could see her family already gathered around the small dining table ready to eat.

“Oh you’re here, breakfast’s ready” Taylor smiled, making Rebecca walk to the table and sitting in between her mother and Helen.
Rebecca grabbed her fork and start to eat without waiting for anyone.
“you know a little good morning would have been fine” Steven stated.
“well you’re not getting it” Rebecca stated angrily.
“know how you talk to me Rebecca, I am your father!” Steven said angrily.
Rebecca Ignored her father and continued to eat, making Steven sigh angrily and shook his head negatively.
“i know we’re supposed to be having breakfast quietly and we should be obeying the table manners but I just want to say I had a dream”. Helen blurted.
“a dream”? Taylor smiled
“i did too. I had a dream” Vera chipped in. “or should I say a nightmare” Vera added.
“Really?” Taylor laughed.
“yeah it was so scary I could have died, but it’s kind of sad I don’t remember any of the details or else I wouldn’t mind narrating the whole dream” Vera said and Taylor sighed and turned to Helen.
“what kind of dream did you have honey”?. Taylor asked.
“it was a good but scary dream, no… It’s not scary at all but she was scary” Helen explained.
“who?” Vera asked.
“Delilah!.” Helen mentioned making Rebecca raise up her head.

“Delilah… Okay who’s Delilah”? Vera asked.
“she was the girl in my dreams, she told me her name and she looked very scary and ugly but I wasn’t scared because she was nice and she said she liked pretty things and she said I was pretty and then she begged me to be her friend and she promised to take me to nice places only if I agree to bring Rebecca along” Helen explained and everyone quietly watched her.
“kids and their silly dreams” Steven said and he and his wife shared a small laugh.

“wow… I like Delilah already she wants you to bring Rebecca along so she could make Rebecca ugly too” Vera said and laughed hysterically making Helen laugh too.
“stupid” Rebecca mumbled.
“and Helen if you’re dreaming don’t involve me with your stupid imaginative friends or else I’ll make that dream into a nightmare” Rebecca threatened.
“Becca it’s just a childish dream don’t take it too serious”. Taylor said.
“it’s not childish and Delilah is very big, she’s as big as Vera is.. A.. And.. Mom… Blood.. Blood!!”
Helen screamed pointing at Rebecca’s neck.

“oh My God” Taylor gasped and so did her Steven and Vera.
Rebecca quickly touched her wet neck and her hand was stained with blood.
She let out a weak scream and stood up panicking.

“Becca… Calm down.. Vera go get the first aid” Steven ordered and Vera quickly stood up and ran towards the kitchen.
Taylor walked to her daughter with a napkin in her hand.
“it’s okay Rebecca just sit down” Taylor ordered and Rebecca slowly sat down with her head up.
Taylor placed the napkin on Rebecca’s neck and slowly starts to clean the blood.
Vera came back to the table with a small first aid box and Taylor took it from her.
After drying the blood Taylor noticed some scratches on Rebecca’s neck and she asked.
“who did this to you”?
“did what”? Rebecca asked feeling a bit scared.
“go get the mirror” Taylor ordered Helen.

“what”? Vera asked.
“come see for yourself” Taylor ordered and Vera walked in front of Rebecca to see the scratches too.
“whoa” Vera almost yelled.
“wh…what is it?” Rebecca asked feeling frightened.
“it looks like she got into a fight with a cat and the cat scratched her whole neck with anger, cause this looks very serious” Vera stated.
“A cat..? Or maybe she got into a fight with someone with really long nails and got scratched by that person” Taylor suggested.
“No… This doesn’t look very human-like scratches” steven added.
“Exactly” Vera breathed.
“I’m here with the mirror” Helen’s voice echoed and Taylor took it from her and gave the mirror to Rebecca to see for her self.
Rebecca hand trembled as she saw the horrible scratches on her neck.
“But… I.. I didn’t get into any fight, neither with a cat nor a human, and these scratches, i didn’t have them yesterday”. Rebecca stuttered. Referring the scratches as ‘them’.
“or maybe you accidentally gave yourself this while sleep walking” Taylor added another suggestion.
“i don’t sleep walk mom… And even if I did sleep walk I would probably jerk awake doing this to myself” Rebecca stated angrily.
“it’s okay… The first aid is here I’ll cover this up and you can help by trying to remember how you got this okay”? Taylor said while Rebecca sighed.
Taylor covered the horrible looking scratches on Rebecca’s neck and everyone continued their meal quietly.
“Becca.. Helen I need you two to eat faster or you’ll be late for school” Taylor said.
“school”? Rebecca raised up her head and felt a little uncomfortable with the band aid on her neck.
“yeah what’s wrong”? Her mother asked.
“Mom.. I won’t be going to any school until I’ve finally accepted living here” Rebecca said.
“come on Becca I thought we’ve passed it, you’ll really like the school here–
“Mom you haven’t been to the school so how in the world would you know if I like it there or not”? Rebecca interrupted her mom.
“cause… Everyone’s nice here” Taylor added.
“well I’m not going” Rebecca snapped.
“Becca”. Taylor whined. Making Steven place his manly hand on top hers and giving her a soft look that says stop-talking.
“Becca” steven called.
“what”? Rebecca replied harshly not looking at her father but her food.
“i will just use your injured neck as an excuse of you staying home today but as of tomorrow, you will be leaving this house for school, I don’t care if you want to or not but you will not be staying home tomorrow and you don’t dare go by my word” steven threatened making Rebecca gulped down her food heavily.
She would sure obliged to what her father just said, seeing the scary angry and serious look he was giving her.

“Mom I’m done”! Helen announced.
“oh Great! Now let’s go get you ready for school” Taylor said and she and her daughter happily walk away from the dining table.
“I’m done too” Rebecca said standing up angrily.

“Remember Becca it’s clean up day today we get to rearrange the house so be ready”. Steven announced, Rebecca ignored him and walked to her room.

Rebecca sat at the edge of her bed and stare outside the window of her room, the day was as bright as ever but everywhere seemed flooded because of last night’s rain, and it made Rebecca cursed under her breath, she really hated this town.
Suddenly she heard a knock on her door,
“come in” Rebecca stated.
But no one came in and she heard the knock again
“i said come in” Rebecca yelled angrily standing up and walking to the door.

“Are you dea– Rebecca started to yell but kept quiet when she opened the door and saw that one stood there.
‘weird’ she thought and went back to her bed after closing the door.

Rebecca laid silent on her bed and once again she heard that annoying knock.
But this time it’s wasn’t on the door, but was coming from the big wardrobe in her room.
Rebecca stood up in wonder and moved to the big wardrobe.
She got to the wardrobe and slowly opened it, the wardrobe wasn’t just big, it was old and dusty as well. She thanked her stars, her family would be hiring people to clean the house today, she wouldn’t just clean the wardrobe she’ll be throwing it out, so her room would be more spacious and look less ancient.
As Rebecca opened the wobbly door to the wardrobe, she sneezed severally due to the huge amount of dust that came out of the wardrobe.
Rebecca head tilted at the empty wardrobe with only cobwebs and a small dusty old teady bear.
‘this must have been a little girl’s room, or maybe a teenage girl who still like dolls’ Rebecca thought as she closed the wardrobe.
As she was about to walk back to her bed, she heard her name and suddenly turned.

“y…yes” she answered
hesitantly not sure who was calling her.
Rebecca moved to her room door and opened it only to see her mother standing there with cardboard boxes.

“Oh good I was about to call you” Taylor smiled.

“you were about to call me”? Rebecca asked to be sure.

“yeah” Taylor nodded.
“so you haven’t called me yet”? Rebecca asked.

“yeah, now take these, Helen’s gone to school and everyone else will be cleaning their rooms and the whole house today” Taylor smiled.

“oh… Yeah” Rebecca said absentmindedly looking back at her room.

“the men who your dad hired to help with moving the stuffs will be here soon so be quick on your decision on what you want to move first” Taylor said.

“Mom…” Rebecca called Taylor who was about to leave.
“yes honey” Taylor smiled.

“I’d like to move that wardrobe first” Rebecca said pointing to the big old wardrobe in her room. .

“The men coming here are strong armed men so that wardrobe will be an easy task for them so don’t worry” Taylor smiled and tapped Rebecca’s hand before walking away.
Rebecca looked around her room and sighed suddenly having a bad feeling about the environment,
As she dropped the cardboard boxes on the floor she suddenly asked her self.
“if mom didn’t call me then who did”??.
T. B. C

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