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The heavy knock on the front door of Steven’s new resident made him and his wife sprung up their feet and hurried to the door.
Taylor opened the door revealing five men, all tall and built.

“Oh you’re all here” Steven smiled.
“please come in” Taylor smiled opening the door even wider for them to come in.
The five men walked into the house with different kind of tools and buckets of paints and paint brushes.

“okay so where should we start with”? One of the men asked.

The five men are actually at the Adam’s residence to renovate the inside of the whole house.
And Steven didn’t care if his pocket ran dry by doing all this he just wanted his kids to live happy and comfortably.

“Oh you can start with my second daughter’s room, there’s a really big wardrobe we met here that’s in her room and she doesn’t want that in there so I would love it if you can move it out first” Taylor said cheerfully and led them to Rebecca’s room.
As Rebecca placed all her stuff inside the cardboard boxes her mother gave her, she heard a loud knock on the door and her mother’s voice saying some things she couldn’t decipher.

“come in mom..” she yelled and the door opened.
Her mother and the five men walked inside and Rebecca stood up to take a good look at them.

“Becca, I can see you’ve taken all of your stuff” Taylor said scanning the boxes filled with Rebecca’s stuff and the last box filled with her folded blanket and bed sheet “you can leave the rest for them” Taylor added referring to the five armed men.
Rebecca stood up and started to carry all the boxes out of her room. After carrying them out, Taylor told her how the five men are going to take the wardrobe out first and then get her room painted and fixed anything that has gotten spoilt.
Rebecca felt relieved by those words, especially the one about moving the wardrobe.
“so while they’re at it what should I do”? Rebecca asked.
“you can go help sister with her stuff” Taylor smiled.
“help Vera”?… Rebecca asked. Making Taylor nod.
“no thanks” Rebecca scoffed before walking away.

“I’ll be outside mom if you need me to do anything” she yelled as she walked to the door of the living room.

Rebecca got outside the house and she couldn’t believe how good it looked on the outside and how ugly and old it looks on the inside. Rebecca observed the other houses to see how good they looked too. The street was empty and small puddles laid at every corners of the street, Rebecca didn’t know what to do, so she just stood still and watched as a small puddle in front of her created small water tides.
Rebecca persistently gazed at the little puddle not moving or blinking all of her thoughts are all circled around how good her room would finally look if those men were done with what they came to do.
Still fixated on that spot, a boy suddenly rode a bicycle passed her, accidentally splashing the dirty puddle water on her body.
Rebecca suddenly came back to her senses and yelled.
The boy suddenly stopped, he got off his bicycle and made the bicycle stood on its own using it’s kickstand.
“I’m so sorry….
The boy started apologizing walking up to Rebecca who held a sour expression looking at her messed up clothes.
“Were you blind”?? Rebecca snapped.
“I’m so sorry I was in a hurry I didn’t see–
“You didn’t see me?? I am not invisible, so don’t lie about not seeing me” Rebecca raprimanded.
Seeing how incisive Rebecca was the boy kept quiet and rubbed his neck.

“i can pay you back for ruining your clothes” the boy started.
“no need I don’t need your money” Rebecca said and looked up to see the boy’s face.
He was very tall and had an elegant build, he had great chiseled face and eminent cheekbones, and his brown hair was thick with slight curls.

“okay… I know I did really wrong and I have to pay back… Tell me what do I have to do”? He asked with his light brown eyes boring into hers.
“Just leave it’s not like you can get this exact clothes for me back” Rebecca mumbled.
“i can if you want to” the boy added.
“i don’t need you too, and besides I don’t think anyone can find anything modern like these clothes in this old and ancient town” Rebecca scoffed.
“Old?… Ancient?” the boy repeated and glanced at Rebecca’s home and then at Rebecca.
“you just moved here?” he asked.
“i don’t see why I need to answer that”? Rebecca sighed folding her hand.
“okay.. I’ll take that as a yes, cause you don’t look familiar and I kind of know everyone in this ‘old.. and.. Ancient’ town” the boy said in a mocking way.

“Good for you” Rebecca remarked lackadaisical.
“it wouldn’t hurt if you’re a bit nice you know” the boy said with a small frown.
“fine..” Rebecca sighed “I just moved here… Are you happy now”?? She rolled her eyes.

“okay” He smiled “I’m Zane by the way”.
“i didn’t ask for your name” Rebecca shook her head, somewhat enjoying his company, she was bored awhile ago.
“i know I wanted to be polite and you can return the favour by telling me yours too” Zane smiled again.
“sorry… but you can take your leave now, my name stays with me” Rebecca tells him.
“You’re one acute person” he nods.
“thanks for the compliment” Rebecca chided.
“anyway welcome to Rainal town, which you see as ancient, I hope your days here will be filled with memories, you and your family won’t be able to forget” Zane smiled at Rebecca.
“whatever” she snarled.

“Rebecca!!” Rebecca heard Vera called, which made her turn to see Vera standing at the front door and looking at she and Zane.
“so your name’s Rebecca, okay then I’ll see you another time ‘Rebecca” Zane said and called her name really slowly.
“Ugh.” Rebecca said with disgust and start to walk towards her sister.
“Goodbye Rebecca” Zane said and waved at her, Rebecca turned to him and rolled her eyes again..
As Rebecca got to her sister, they both watched as Zane walked back to his bicycle, moved the kickstand to its place and starts to ride it.

“it hasn’t even complete a day since we moved here and you’re already flirting with all the guys in Rainal” Vera teased.
“what do you know” Rebecca rolled her eyes as they both walked inside.
“anyways why did you call me, you can’t possibly tell me nothing because he now knows my name because of you” Rebecca snapped.
“chill… Girl.. Its not a bad thing if a boy knows your name stop acting like a child, you’re sixteen” Vera breathed out.
“whatever… Why did you call me”? Rebecca asked.
“Mom wanted you to meet her in your room” Vera said before walking away.
“Mom you said you wanted to meet–
Rebecca smiled and stopped talking when she saw how beautiful her room looked with the cyan blue it was painted with.
“what do you think, it looks beautiful doesn’t it”? Taylor asked and Rebecca nodded with an even bigger smile which revealed her pretty (This story is written by author Ruthie lee) dimple on one side of her cheek and an almost faded one on the other side of her cheek.
“yeah blue is just so perfect” she said but stopped smiling when she saw that the wardrobe was still inside her room.
“Mom…” she called.
“yes dear”..
“why is the wardrobe still there”? She asked.
“oh… Yeah.. That.. I wanted to tell you about it, they all tried to move it but they couldn’t, you must be surprised, seeing how bulit and big they are but couldn’t move a wardrobe like this, I mean it’s very old but it’s like it’s stuck to the ground, they tried breaking it down but their tools almost ended up breaking” Taylor explained.

“whoa that’s sounds creepy” Vera’s voice said from behind.

“tell me about it” Rebecca said with a frown
“if they can’t move it, you just have to make it yours, they’ll help you get it cleaned, new and shiny like a new wadrobe don’t worry” Taylor said and moved a strand of Rebecca’s golden brown hair back.
“okay…” Rebecca agreed.

“okay so now that you and mom have had your great conversation why don’t you tell me about the boy you were talking to”? Vera said loudly in a teasing tone.
“A boy!” Taylor gasped.
“Vera…!” rebecca gritted her teeth.
“Mom… You should see him, he’s as tall as ever, cute and Rebecca was all shy talking to him” Vera said playfully trying to get on Rebecca’s nerve.
“Rebecca is this true..? I thought you didn’t like it here, but you’re actually flirting with one of Rainal boys” Taylor added with a smile and Rebecca rolled her eyes. She couldn’t believe how Taylor and Vera fitted so much for sisters instead of mother and daughter. They’re actually birds of the same feather..
As Rebecca walked away she heard the happy, teasing laughter coming from her mother and sister and she couldn’t help but smile.
The men were done with renovating Rebecca’s room and as they started with Vera’s room, Rebecca went to check hers.
Her room now looked appealing and new, the wadrobe looked less creepy as it was painted with an oily cyan blue, the wobbly door of the wadrobe has been replaced with strong ones and the inside of the wadrobe was dust and cobweds free, even the creepy little Teddy bear doll was gone.
‘finally.. This place looks like what someone would call home” Rebecca thought to herself and smiled.
She had to wait for the paint to dry before moving her stuff back to her room, so not knowing what to do Rebecca decided to help her mom clean Helen’s room after all.
The day was finally getting to an end and as Steven and Taylor paid and thanked the men for their hard work for today Rebecca descended to her room with her stuff.
Rebecca placed her blue and green patterned bed sheet on her bed and carefully placed her blanket and pillows on top of it, she carefully took out her night light, books, shoes, some earrings and placed them inside her drawer beside her bed, her room was finally coming to one piece and she couldn’t wait to see the end of it.
As Rebecca placed her clothes inside the wadrobe she started to feel happy she didn’t throw it away because at the end it became useful.
Finally after placing a mirror on the wall and picture frames on her drawer she was finally done and she loved how simple and bluish her room looked.
“Rebecca..” Rebecca heard her mother called with a light knock on the door.
“come in mom” she said, the door open and Taylor walked in.
“oh honey” Taylor gasped. “your room looks so beautiful.. And this wadrobe it gave it a new vibe” Taylor added.
“Right?” Rebecca thought cause that was the same thing she thought.
“anyways I washed this for you” Taylor said, showing Rebecca the small old and dusty Teddy bear she took from the wadrobe which has now transformed into a white clean brand new doll.
“wow… thanks mom.. The only problem is I’m not a child I don’t play with stuffed toys or any kind of toys”. Rebecca retorted.
“You know you’re only sixteen, stop acting like your fourty” Taylor said to her daughter.
“Mom.. How do you expect me to play with this, you can give it to Helen” Rebecca said.
“fine.. She’ll probably appreciate it, unlike you” Taylor eyed her daughter like she was offended.
“whatever” Rebecca rolled her eyes.
“i also came to tell you to get your butt at the dining table, dinner is ready” Taylor said before walking out.
The Adams gathered around the small dining table and had a silent meal until Taylor broke the silence.
Helen looked up to see her mother smiling.
“i have a surprise for you” Taylor smiled.
“can’t the surprise wait, we’re having dinner” steven hissed.
“oh Steve… Don’t be such an anti-man, I just couldn’t wait to give her” Taylor said
Rebecca sighed and shook her head negatively knowing the surprise her mother was talking about was the doll.
“wait first my room turned into a princess room after I got back from school and now you have another surprise, today’s my happiest day” Helen cried happily making Taylor laugh with joy.
“okay close your eyes” Taylor said and Helen’s eyes happily went shut.
Taylor placed the doll in front of her closed eyes and slowly said
“open your eyes…”

“wow….” Helen breathed out happily as she saw the Teddy bear in front of her when her eyes went open..
“what do you think”? Taylor asked Helen.
“she’s pretty” Helen said taking it from her mother.
“how can you tell if it’s a boy or a girl”? Rebecca snickered.
“cause I want all my toys to be female only” Helen said.
“Awwn how cute. You better hide this one from Becca before she chops off its head” Vera said with a smile.
“Hey..” Rebecca glared at her “I sacrificed that toy for her, it’s mine you know” Rebecca stated.
“what? I can’t believe you still play with toys” Vera laughed.
“she found it in the wardrobe in her room” Taylor explained.
“still she said it’s hers” Vera pouted at Rebecca.

“Get a life Elizabeth” Rebecca said deliberately calling her by her middle to get her pissed.
“Don’t call me that” Vera snarled making Rebecca smile. Her aim to make Vera pissed worked like she expected.
After dinner everyone called it a night went back to their rooms to take a good night sleep.
Rebecca on the other hand scattered her new ‘wadrobe’ in search of clothes hoping she would see a better set of clothes for school tomorrow, because Taylor reminded her of going to school tomorrow and the thought of it being a public school made her worry a lot, she had only attended private which they wore uniforms and heard a lot of weird and bad rumours about public schools.
After getting her outfit for tomorrow, she collapsed on her bed and before she knew it her heavy eyes went shut and she drifted to sleep.
The night was cold and peaceful and the Adams were all fast asleep in each of their rooms, the house was quiet and dark and only the sounds of ceiling fans and crickets from the wet grass outside could be heard.
Rebecca kept tossing and turning in her sleep, though the night was extremely cold Rebecca was sweating profusely. It seemed like she was having a nightmare.
She suddenly jerk awake and started to breathe rapidly.
She looked around her dark room and her hand suddenly reach for her night light, and she turned it on.
Rebecca felt scared, she cleaned her beady sweat on her forehead with her palm and buried her face in her palm.
‘what kind of dream did I just had?’ Rebecca thought and the funniest part of it all was that, she couldn’t remember the dream but she knew it was a horrible nightmare.

“Rebecca!!”. Rebecca heard someone call her name, or maybe it was just the wind and she misheard it, cause it sounded so far away and so weak.
“who… W.. Who is that”? Rebecca asked shivering on her spot.
“Rebecca….” she heard again, this time more louder and clearer.
Rebecca quickly jumped down from her bed and scanned around her room, but she was the only one in there and everyone was fast asleep, so who the hell is playing with her name.
And like the wind Rebecca heard again.
“i need you..”. Rebecca quickly reached for her door and walked out of her room feeling frightened, first a horrible nightmare and now ‘voices’.
Rebecca walked in the living room and turned the light on, she moved to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water before coming back to the living room and sitting on the couch.
She couldn’t sleep, not with what just happened, suddenly the lights in the living room starts to flicker and heavy wind started to pass by, Rebecca breathing hitched immediately she heard her name being called by the wind.
Was it actually the wind?.
The wind became heavier that Rebecca could feel her hair standing, She couldn’t believe what was happening, how In the world can it be windy inside but not outside.
As the heavy wind flowed around the living room, crashing everything, Rebecca heard her name from different angle,
“who is it?” Rebecca roared with the wind, trembling in fear.
“show yourself” Rebecca yelled again. The flickering of the lights worsened and she heard her name even louder.

“Rebecca help…!” the voice cried out her name, making Rebecca scream and covers her ears.

“Rebecca..” she heard her name again, more clearly and loudly, but covered her ears more tightly.
“Becca…!” the person called and Rebecca jumped up when she felt someone’s hand touch her shoulder.

“whoa.. Chill.. Girl.. What’s the matter with you?” Vera asked walking in front of the couch.
Rebecca looked around bewilderingly, the lights had stop flickering, the wind had stopped blowing and everything was back in its place it was like nothing happened.
“what…… I.. D.did.. Rebecca couldn’t speak she was confused and at the same time thankful that what was happening earlier has ended.

“what are you doing here aren’t you supposed to be sleeping, you have school in the morning” Vera stated.
“oh.. Yeah.. Right… I.. Couldn’t sleep” Rebecca said finding her words and going back to sit on the couch, beside Vera.
“oh… Me Too” Vera added.

They both remained quiet and stare at the empty room with only them in it.
“i Had a nightmare” Rebecca said.
“You did… That explains why you can’t sleep, I see we’re on the same page” Vera sighed.
“you had a nightmare too?” Rebecca asked astonished.
“Yep.. It was scary, but it’s weird and also funny I don’t remember it, I’ve had two nightmares in a row since we came here and I can’t recall any of it, but I know it’s something about this house”. Vera expound.
“I know it sounds unbelievable but I can’t recall mine too, not even a pinch of it…” Rebecca wanted to tell Vera about the voice calling her name after she had woken, but she thought it will sound absurd and preposterous so she kept it to herself.
“To be frank, my body didn’t really accept this house when we moved here, i felt some kind of bad aura in it, mom and dad didn’t like it too but they had no choice” Vera tells Rebecca.
“Everyone knows I never liked this house from the start, and what do you mean by mom and dad doesn’t like it, they obviously love it and chose to stay here because dad’s work was transferred he–
“Becca..” Vera called calmly interrupting her.
“what?..” Rebecca replied calmly too.
“i want you to take this in like the mature teenage adult that you are” Vera breathed.
“Take what in?” Rebecca asked inquisitively.
“Yesterday night..” vera began.”I overheard mom and dad talking about dad’s job… Dad lost his job Becca” Vera explained making Rebecca gasped.
“He lost his job and I don’t know if he went bankrupt, and this was the only place he could afford” Vera blurted.
“what.. Well why didn’t they tell us.?” Rebecca asked.
“Because they were scared, they were both scared of what our reactions will be when they finally spill the beans, they were scared on how low we would look at them, and they mostly scared of you Becca,” Vera said.
“Me? Why?”
“Cause you’re the one with the attitude, they were scared on how down you would look at them or how ignorant you were going to be towards them,” Vera stated.
“well that’s not true, I would never do that” Rebecca said feeling bad all of a sudden.
“Good, and now I feel lost cause the only money dad has is for my college tuition fee and I don’t know… Maybe I should just skip college and we can live and eat like normal human beings” Vera sighed.
“You’re so thoughtful Vera, but I don’t think mom and dad are going to allow that, even though we are going to live from hand to mouth, they would still want the best for us and now I feel bad about them feeling scared to tell us… To tell me..” Rebecca remarked.
“well now I told you and we just have to go with it and pretend like we never heard anything about dad loosing his job okay?” Vera leaned closer to Rebecca and she nodded.

“How’s your neck?” Vera asked looking at Rebecca’s neck which held no band aid and had no scratches again. She was a bit surprised though.
“Oh my neck…” Rebecca said touching her smooth neck.
“I took off the band aids this night cause I felt no pain and I was surprised to see it smooth, but still I’m glad it’s gone” Rebecca added making Vera look at the neck again finding it creepy, but then she believed miracles happen.
“Good” Vera said standing up
“where are you going”? Rebecca asked.
“To try and get some sleep again” Vera replied.
“Oh.. OK.. Okay.. ” Rebecca stuttered feeling scared to go back to her room.
“Okay then Goodnight” Vera said moving to the direction of the stairs.

“Vera”. Rebecca called making Vera turn.
“I know its a bit weird of me to ask you this, but please.. Can I stay with you tonight?” Rebecca said with pleading eyes.
“What.. still haven’t gotten over the nightmare” Vera said teasingly with a grin.
“it’s not just about the nightmare” Rebecca said shyly with her head down.
“Okay then what is it?” Vera folded her hand, like a mother ready to scold her child.

“After waking up from the nightmare… something else happened” Rebecca said lowly.
“something like what?” Vera said feeling a bit curious.

“i heard someone calling my name, I know it sounds ludicrous but I swear I know what I heard, it sounded like the wind but I knew it was someone calling my name, it sounded so far away but I still heard it, the voice sounded like it needed help and I ran out of my room to the living room and suddenly the lights starts to flicker and it got windy inside, I started to hear my name at every angle I turned, until you came in” Rebecca explained, while Vera held a blank expression.
“I.. I.. Don’t know what to say” Vera primped.
“you don’t have to say anything you just have to believe me” Rebecca sighed. “And God I was so scared.” Rebecca added and shivered on her spot.
“it’s okay, you can come stay with me tonight, you don’t have to explain more, time is ticking and we’re loosing more of our sleeping hours” Vera said and with a small relieved smile, Rebecca walked up to her sister and they both ascended up the stairs and walked into Vera’s room to have a good night sleep.
T. B. C

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