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Helen got home alone that afternoon feeling a bit tired, she met her mom and Vera at the living room and greeted them cheerfully.

“huh that’s weird where’s Rebecca?” Taylor asked.

“She went out with a couple of friends” Helen replied taking the glass of water her mother was placing in front of her.
“A couple of friends?” Vera asked vaguely.
“Yep, there were two guys and a girl who said I couldn’t tag along” Helen pouted.
“I can’t belive someone like Becca is actually making friends.” vera scoffed.
“What do you mean by that?” Taylor glanced at Vera.
“I mean she’s all bossy and rude and who’d want to be friends with someone like that” Vera tilts her head.
“She’s your sister you shouldn’t speak of her like that”. Taylor scolded.
“She’s my sister that’s why I speak of her this way” Vera replied dryly taking one of the doughnuts Taylor was placing for Helen.
Helen glared at Vera but Vera ignored her glare.

“Rebecca is a nice and sweet bundle of love, she may be rude or whatsoever, but if she’s happy, you’ll get to see how amazing she is, she’s my daughter I know her more than anyone she’s just so bad at hiding her emotions.” Taylor said snatching the doughnut from Vera and giving it back to Helen.
Helen smiled at Vera, but Vera rolled her eyes.
“You may be our mom, or her mom, but mom I know Rebecca more than you, we kind of grew up together and she had been a brat since we were toddlers”. Vera said standing up.

“Mom… There’s a crockroach behind you Vera blurted,
“Where… Where” Taylor jumped and screamed in her panicking voice, looking around for the crockroach.
Seeing her mother distracted in fear, Vera took one of Helen’s doughnut and starts to walk away.

“Mom….!” Helen cried out.
“what is it” Taylor asked, her eyes still wandering on the floor looking for the so called crockroach.
“Vera took my doughnut”. Helen replied, and Taylor paused knowing that she’s just been deceived.
“You’ll pay for this Vera” Taylor yelled as she watched Vera munch on the doughnut happily.
“Thanks mom it’s very delicious”. Vera smiled.
“And you were calling Becca a brat, you’re the brat” Taylor said shaking her head negatively.
“Thanks for the compliment” Vera said before disappearing into her room.

“it’s okay honey you still got three” Taylor said to Helen who looked like she wanted to shove her hands under Vera’s throat.
“But I wanted four” Helen pouted.
“Okay let’s do this… Eat this three and when I’ll be making for Rebecca, I will give you three more” Taylor said indicating the three with her fingers.
“okay..” Helen mumbled lowly and starts to chew on her dough.
Taylor smiled and watched her daughter eat.
“It’s nice Rebecca’s hanging out with friends, someone like her In a place like this she doesn’t like, needs friends to help her open up” Taylor said, but Helen wasn’t listening she was already enjoying the savouring taste of the doughnut and wasn’t listening to her mother, Taylor could see that too but she didn’t mind talking to herself, her daughters happiness were her happiness.


Rebecca was the last person to get down from the bus that took she and her ‘friends’ downtown.
Rebecca jaw dropped of how busy the place was, people passing by almost crashing into each other, because of how crowdy and tight the place was, and she started to wonder if it was the Rainal she knew.
“So we’re at the busiest part in Rainal, this is where all the markets, small firms or celebration takes place.” Felicia said.
“No kidding..” Rebecca mumbled.
“So what exactly are we supposed to do here?” Rebecca asked.
“I don’t know, have fun” Zane blurted.
“Fun?… We Should just sit under that cozy tree and listen to some music” Mark suggested, pointing to a mango tree.
“sorry Mark, we can’t! Our definition of fun and your definition of fun is quite different”. Felicia said while Mark just rolled his eyes.

“What If we head to the town’s amusement park, there’s a lot of fun there” Felicia suggested.
“What? Are you crazy? You mean the town’s ‘old’ amusement park where a ferris wheel came crashing down two weeks ago.” shayne yelled and Rebecca couldn’t help her small laugh.
“And you guys were trying to prove how this town is not old and boring” Rebecca said crossing her hand over her chest.
“They fixed the ferris wheel” Zane said.
“Still everything is still old and boring” Rebecca remarked.
“well we’ll prove you wrong”. Shayne smiled.

“C’mon let’s waste no time,” Felicia said and starts to walk, while Zane and shayne trailed behind her.
Rebecca sighed and was about to follow them when she noticed Mark still standing and staring at her.
She turned to him and they both made eye contact and she asked.
“What are you looking at?”.
“You” he replied looking at her still dubiously.
“Well I advise you, get your creepy eyes off me” Rebecca snapped. By creepy she also meant his gorgeous grey eyes, that looked the prettiest under the burning sun, his dark long lashes creating a dark rim around his eyes.
“I may be creepy, but you’re more creepier” He said before walking away.
“freak” Rebecca muttered before trailing behind them.
She must be crazy, following four group of people she calls ‘friend’ whom she just met. And managed to be the enemy of one.
As Rebecca trailed behind them she tried her best not to bump into people, the road was cramped with different people and as she dodged some people, she accidentally bumped into a little girl making the girl’s lollipop fall to the ground.

“Oh my God.” Rebecca gasped and suddenly bent down to pick the little girl’s candy, and she seemed like she was about to cry. But thankfully the lollipop was still wrapped and the girl smiled as Rebecca handed it over to her, and immediately scram off.
Rebecca stood up and started to walk again but stopped walking when she noticed all of her ‘friends’ were nowhere to be found. ‘including Mark’
Rebecca looked sideways, behind her and even jumped like a crazy person to see if she’d be able to see even Mark’s head and headphone against the crowd since he was the tallest, but she couldn’t even find his shadow.
“oh no” she bit her lip.

She was lost.

Rebecca laughed ruefully as she angrily pulled down the rubberband she used to hold her hair up letting her hair down, cascading over her slim shoulders, she felt like she was about to crazy, and her head has start to feel hot.
“I’m doomed” Rebecca muttered and started to walk back to the bus top, she decided to call any of them but realised she had none of their phone numbers.
‘And you called them your friends’ Rebecca thought and scratching her itchy head.
Rebecca decided to go back home, but she couldn’t, one is because even if she did she didn’t know the name of her street or where to stop, ‘what was she thinking agreeing to go on this so called journey’ Rebecca thought ruefully.
Rebecca turned sideways and seeing unfamiliar faces made her cringe, she moved to the mango tree Mark had suggested to go sit under minutes ago, and as she got there she slowly placed her backpack on her thigh and sat on a rock beside the tree.
Rebecca watched different people pass in front of her and she couldn’t help but get anxious, scared and lost…
She really hoped her ‘friends’ would notice her disappearance and come back for her.
. *. . *.

“Finally we are almost there!” Felicia announced as she spot the amusement park’s gate.
“Finally”. Zane breathed out.
“It wasn’t even a long walk, ugh you’re so lazy” Felicia rolled her eyes.
“Becca you are so going to have the best time of your li–
Shayne stopped talking when he turned and saw that Rebecca was nowhere to be found.
“Huh… where’s becca?” He asked.
“what?” Felicia asked and turned, and shayne turned too.
They all turned to see Rebecca wasn’t there, and seeing them all looking surprised Mark took off his headphone and calmly asked.

“what’s wrong?”.

“where’s Becca??” Felicia asked.

“Rebecca?. How would I know?” Mark retorted.

“Because she was with you” shayne answered.

“we were not together, we were all walking together”. Mark said sternly.
“Well she’s not with neither of us and where in the world will she be, she doesn’t know anywhere around here, we brought her here remember?” Felicia squeaked.
“Well how can we ever find her in this crowd.” Zane asked.

“You guys should go ahead, I’ll look for her” Mark volunteered handing over his headpone to Felicia.

“Are you sure.?” There was a lot of doubt in Felicia’s voice.

“Yes and what’s with that look?” Mark barked referring to the way Zane and shayne were looking at him awkwardly.

“Nothing… It’s just that since we met her, you guys have done nothing but bicker around”. Zane said.
“Well who cares, you guys should go ahead, I’ll go look for her” Mark said assurely.
Mark made a turn and suddenly disappeared into the crowd.

“That’s it, let’s go wait for them Mark’s gone to find his girl” Felicia said and starts to walk away.

“His girl? they totally hate each other” shayne said.

“Well that’s what you think, she might hate Mark, but I don’t think Mark hates her.” Felicia said with a smile.

Rebecca sat still waiting for any sign of the people she call her friends to show up. But she didn’t see any sign of them, the sun had moved forward, indicating that it will be setting soon and Rebecca couldn’t help the lump that clogged her throat.
A shadow suddenly towered over Rebecca causing her to look up to see a man, looking tattered and homeless. He had a scary looking face and his teeth had no specific colour.
“Hey…” The man smiled at Rebecca.
Rebecca balled her fist feeling scared all of a sudden, though she acts all tough and strong, she gets scared very quickly.
“who are you… Ge.. Get away from me” Rebecca stutter moving back a bit.
“It’s okay… I Won’t harm you, I just-
Rebecca suddenly got up from where she sat and was about to run away when the man grabbed her hand.
“Get away from me…!” Rebecca screamed, despite the fact that her voice was as loud as ever no one cared to pay any attention to them.
And that got Rebecca crazy.
The man looked weak but he was really strong because of the way his hand clutched her wrist.
“leave me alone..!” Rebecca yelled trying to get away from grip but it was too tight.
She thought of biting or even pinching him cause those two self defense had a lot of effect on attackers but the thought of her teeth or fingers digging into his skin sent uneasiness to her stomach.
“Let me go!” Rebecca yelled, her eyes had already start to get wet.
“if you just stop fighting and let me do what i–
“Get away from me” Rebecca kept yelling trying all possible to remove her wrist from his dirty hand.
Mark heard a familiar voice, as he stood against the crowd and when he heard the voice again, his head snapped to where the sound was coming from and he spotted Rebecca under a mango tree almost getting harrased by a hobo.
He sighed and quickly walked to where they were.
Mark slowly walk behind Rebecca and placed his hands on her shoulders making her freeze on her spot thinking it was another homeless man.
“W..who are you?” The homeless man stuttered already intimidated by Mark’s presence.
“What do you want with her?” Mark asked with his calm voice, hearing his voice Rebecca breathed out a sigh of relief.
“It’s not of your business” the man barked still gripping on Rebecca’s wrist.
“And what would that make me, seeing my sister get harrased by a hobo like you and ignore that… Yeah this is totally my business” Mark replied and glared at the frightened man and the way he held Rebecca and without thinking he let’s go of Rebecca and ran away.

“People like you, tends to be much here, so you need to be careful” Mark said breaking the silence.
“Th…thanks” Rebecca said.
“No problem… C’mon let’s go meet the others” Mark said and starts to walk away, and as Rebecca walked behind him she quickly dried her tears, she’d been crying and she hated her self for being so weak.

“And don’t stay-
Mark stopped talking when he saw her tears getting cleaned.
He smiled but the smile didn’t last, it disappeared as it appeared.
“Okay… I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but you were crying?” He asked.
“it’s none of your business” she sniffed.
“Oh it is so part of my business I saved your life you know, people like that only get girls like you, lead you guys to a very dark alley and then sexually harras them, so you kind of owe me a big favour” Mark said as a matter of factly.

“You know for someone with a sharp tongue you get scared easily” Mark said.
“And so what?.” Rebecca rolled her eyes.
“I saved your life and now you’re paying me back by being rude, way to go Mark, you just made a mistake” Mark said, his calm voice annoying Rebecca… she hated that it was calm yet frightening.
“Okay fine you saved my life thank you” Rebecca breathed out.
“And you also owe me a favour” Mark stated.
“fine… whatever, a favour, a promise, whatever you call it”. Rebecca blurted angrily.

“Good… we can go now” Mark smiled, Rebecca rolled her eyes and they both start to walk the direction of where they were all walking before.
They both remained quiet as they walked together, it was so crowded anymore as the day had start to slowly end.
“We’re almost there” Mark said to Rebecca and pointed to the amusement park’s gate.
Rebecca said nothing and just followed Mark wishing she had declined their offer of coming here.
“You know…” Mark started… “You actually kind of remind me of my sister”.
“Wow gee thanks, that sounds great” Rebecca said sarcastically.
“It’s okay you don’t have to pretend you like that you remind me of her” Mark said noticing the sarcasm in her voice and she breathed a sigh, relieved that he noticed her sarcasm.
“She’s dead now… just incase you don’t know” Mark said like it was nothing and immediately a gush of guilt suddenly build its way on the inside of Rebecca and gulped.

“oh.. I didn’t know sorry…” she said clutching her hand and feeling stupid for acting like a brat.
“it’s okay, I’m just saying how you guys just have so much in common, the same rudeness… No Offense but you’re rude” Mark said while Rebecca just shrugged.
“She was bossy and acted all tough and mighty, but you wouldn’t believe if I tell you a crockroach gets her almost passing out”. Mark said, and Rebecca held on to her smile, what he just mentioned sounded so like her mother.
“Well I’m different from that” Rebecca primped.
“Nope you guys are too similar” Mark said.
They were having a conversation, a proper, normal conversation that didn’t involve glaring or insulting each other, and Rebecca admitted she liked it, in her head.

“Maybe I’m going over the line, maybe I’m not but can I ask? What killed her… Your sister?” Rebecca asked.
“oh she was p-.. Suicide…” Mark answered hesitantly.
“Oh, I’m sorry” Rebecca apologized.
“i said its okay, it happened two years ago actually” Mark said and rubbed his forehead.

As Mark and Rebecca walked into the old and empty amusement park, Felicia quickly flew around Rebecca giving her a hug.
“good job Mark” Zane smiled.
“We thought we’d lost you” Felicia said.
“Well I’m not thanks…” Rebecca said calmly, feeling a bit happy they all cared for her safety.

“Now… let’s finish what we came here to do and finish every ride here” shayne said and when they all turned, their face turned into a frown.
Like Rebecca complained, the amusement park was old and everything looked rusty, only few people wandered around, and the people wondering were not up to ten.
“Whoa… it’s been ages since i came here and this place looks…
“Old!” Rebecca finished for shayne.
“yeah… For the first time, I’m agreeing with you” shayne said.
“It’s not old, they repaired the ferris wheel days ago, we could ride that” Felicia said and they all turned to the ferris wheel.
It was new and looked appealing rather than other rides.
“You guys can go ahead I’m not riding on that thing”. Mark said taking his headphone from Felicia.
“We know we won’t force you” Felicia said with a smile.
“Rebecca…” Felicia turned to her.
“I’m.. I’m.. Acrophobic” Rebecca stuttered.
“What? C’mon… Tell me you’re kidding!.”Zane scoffed.
“I’m not” Rebecca said sternly.
The sun had start to set and she had start to feel uncomfortable.
“Oh well we’ll just have to ride it without you two, you’re supposed to be the one having fun, oh well you two have fun watching us.” Felicia said, linked her arms with shayne and Zane’s hand.
“You’ll be okay watching us right?” shayne asked Mark.
“What do you take me for, it has passed let’s not bring it up again” Mark said making Rebecca wonder what he was talking about.

‘just by watching them ride on the ferris wheel they were bringing up something? What was it, is there a story behind the ferris wheel or what?’ Rebecca thought.

“Okay, see you guys” Felicia said happily and pulled shayne and Zane, and the three of them walked to the ticket station.

“I guess it’s you and me again.” Mark said.
“Are you acrophobic like me too?” Rebecca asked watching shayne, Zane and Felicia play along the way.
“Nope, just hate riding the ferris wheel.”
“Why? Do you think it’s dangerous?”.
“Nope I just think it’s way too childish” Mark replied actually staring at the ferris wheel.
“…Okay…” Rebecca sang. And remained quiet.
They just had their second normal conversation with a bicker. And Rebecca thought it felt nice, having a real conversation with a ‘jerk’ like him instead of a fight.
The night was young and stars had slowly start to twinkle in the night sky. Mark and Rebecca looked tired as they watched shayne, Zane and Felicia ride the ferris wheel the third time. They were the only ones in the amusement park and Rebecca was bored and wanted to go home.
“Wow that was fun” Felicia said gleefully as she Zane and shayne walked up to Mark and Rebecca.
“You said that the first time and the second time you went on that ride” Mark’s calm and tired voice said.
“well we all had fun” Zane smiled.

“I thought we were to show her how fun Rainal is, but you guys ended up having fun yourself” Mark said.
“Well… You know we didn’t plan for this… We’re so sorry Rebecca” Felicia said.
“It’s okay… Can we go home now?” Rebecca asked impatiently making her friends glance at each other with guilt.

“Sure.. But before we go” shayne started.
“We’re going to head to that tent, cause there’s a new fortune teller… you know people that tells of your future for money” Felicia completed.
“i know but can we do that another day?” Rebecca asked.
“We can’t.. Look Rebecca we’re already feeling guilty not letting you do anything fun, and do you know fortune telling is fun”. Zane smiled.
“fortune telling? That shit is fake, they make up bunch of lies about your future and empty your pocket” Mark blurted.
“That’s why it’s fun, but some are actually really good at seeing the future, reading your palms and all that” Zane said.
“well… I Know its fun and I’m a little hungry and tired-
“Please Rebecca..?” Felicia pleaded with sad eyes “we’ll be quick”.
“Promise?” Rebecca asked.
“Cross my heart” Felicia said using her index finger to draw the X sign over her chest.
“okay fine.” Rebecca sighed and Felicia yelp happily.
The five friends stood in front of the tent of the fortune teller and as they walked in they read what was written on a notice board in front of the tent.
“tarot card reading:
Palm reading:

“What the hell all this sounds like shit” Mark said as he read it and walked in with the others.

“Shut up Mark, and just go with the flow” Felicia snarled.

They all walked into the tent to see it decorated with different colours and was brightened by small lanterns and huge candle light and at the center of the tent laid a floor table, and behind the table was a fat woman wearing different kind of beads on her body from her head to her feet, Mark squeezed his face seeing her enormous face features while shayne let out a small chuckle.
“welcome…” the woman suddenly said and opened her eyes, which were closed before.

“i was expecting you all” the woman smiled revealing two front gold teeth.
“yeah right” Mark scoffed almost silently.

“Sit.” the woman ordered and they all and looked at each other before sitting down on the clean carpeted floor.

Rebecca sighed and glanced at the woman, seeing how the woman looked a little funny, with her weird dressing and makeover, Rebecca muttered under her breath.
“this should be fun”.

But little did Rebecca knew.
T. B. C

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