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Rebecca and her ‘friends’ sat down vertically in front of the fat woman who happened to be the fortuneteller.

They all glanced at each other occasionally, nobody saying anything not until the woman spoke up.
“Okay… Who’s going to go first I’ll be closing soon, I was told you guys were coming that’s why I had to stay up this late”. The woman blurted.
“Sorry to ask this Mrs… fortuneteller but who told you we were coming?” shayne asked giving the woman a suspicious look.
“The spirits told me” the woman replied raising her hand in the air dramatically.
“what a fraud” Mark rolled his eyes.
“But a good actress too” Rebecca said back to Mark who scoffed, relieved that he’s not the only one seeing this woman as a total fake.

The mention of spirits excited, shayne, Zane and Felicia and immediately Zane stood up.
“I’ll go first” he said.
“okay come here, sit in front of me” The woman ordered and Zane did as she instructed. He glanced back at his friends and they grinned at him well except Rebecca and Mark who seemed like they were forced to be here.
“Okay what would you like to go for, palm reading? Tarots card or hypnosis?” the woman asked.
“Palm reading” Zane replied happily.
“Okay that would be two dollars” the woman said and Zane slipped all money from his pocket and handed the woman two dollars like she requested.
The woman breathed in and grabbed Zane’s hand.
“uhm ma’am before you begin… just know I’d like to know only about my love life” Zane smirked making his friends burst into laughter. Including Rebecca and Mark.
“I’ll tell you what I can read, love life or not” the woman demanded.

“Quiet everyone” the fortuneteller ordered as she held Zane’s hand and everywhere went dead silent.
She closed her eyes and started to hum a creepy tone.
She started to move her body sideways gripping on Zane’s hand tightly and Zane just glance back at his friends getting a little bit frightened.
The woman started to make a weird noise and her eyes started to open and close rapidly.

“Okay this is disturbing” Mark sighed.
“Shhhh… ” Rebecca said to him placing her index finger on her lips.

“My dear boy…” the woman started to say, her eyes still blinking like that of a dragonfly wings. “You will be very lucky in love”.

“Really?” Zane asked excitedly.

“Yes, you are already lucky, but you haven’t seen that luck,” the woman said and her head tilt back a bit, and her eyes still blinking.

“Well What can I do to see that luck?” Zane asked.

“The girl you’ll get lucky with, is the girl you see everyday, she’s sweet and a girl of pulchritude, you two will seem get to be with each other and her name is… her name is…. – –
The woman eyes stopped blinking and she opened them widely, and slowly let’s go of Zane’s hand.

“Well what’s her name?” Zane asked curiously, and his friends all lean forward to know the girl Zane will be lucky in love with.
“Sorry I couldn’t read further” the woman said.
“What? So I paid two dollars only to know I’ll be ‘lucky in love’?” Zane said and did air quote around, ‘Lucky in love’.
“If you can pay another two dollars I may be able to dig in your palm further”. The woman smiled.

“What a liar” Mark scoffed again and glanced at Rebecca to see her smiling at the woman’s speech. He noticed a dimple hole on her cheek and slowly looked away.

“But I’m out of cash!” Zane said sadly.
“You can borrow from your friends” The woman grinned glancing at Mark and shayne.
“Zane your time is up let another person go next” Felicia said looking at her wrist watch.
“Fine.!” Zane said, glared at the fortuneteller lady before walking back to his spot and sitting beside shayne.

“Okay who’s next?” The fortuneteller lady asked.

“I don’t really like knowing about my future or anything, so.. Mark why don’t you go next” Felicia grinned.
“What? Me? No way!” Mark glared at her in return.
“oh come on Mark, don’t be so against everything” Felicia said and pushed mark forward causing his headphone to slip down his neck but luckily he caught it.

“Why don’t you try it out pretty boy” the fortuneteller said to Mark.
“No… I don’t want to” Mark said.
“you think I’m a fake don’t you, I saw you call me all sort of names but what can I do, I tell people what I see” the woman gave a slight shrug.
“Good to know, you know what you are” Mark said.
“seriously mark, she’s a fraud, she’s not a fraud just try it out” Zane persuaded.
“Yeah Mark… We’re running out of time” Rebecca chipped in, her voice relaxed and happy.
Mark glanced at her and they both made a strong eye contact before he sighed and walked up to the floor table and sat on the floor opposite the woman.

“Before you ask. I’ll go for palm reading” Mark snarled and placed two dollars in front of the woman making her smile.
“I prefer to this my way, instead of palm reading” the woman said and opened a small kettle beside the table and brought out a small wrapped cloth, she unwrapped the cloth and it revealed small white particles.
She grabbed a handful of the white particles and sprinkle them on Mark’s palm.
“what the hell” Mark muttered under his breath.
She suddenly grabbed two small tambourine and started to shake them rhythmically, saying some weird things…
Mark glanced back at his friends and saw them chuckling at him and pointing to the white particles on his palm, including Rebecca.
Mark smiled too, but his smile faded when all the candle light and lanterns lights start to flicker.
Rebecca and the others stopped smiling and they all turned to the woman to see her mouth widely open and her eyes widely open having no eye colour but pure white.
Mark almost jumped but the woman suddenly grabbed his hand making him flinch but he kept his cool. She closed her mouth but her eyes still remained the same,
Heavy wind started to blow letting the candle lights flicker but none of them going out.
“whoa… This isn’t funny anymore” Felicia said when the wind started to get much, and immediately Rebecca started to shiver and she scoot closer to Felicia and grabbed her hand, recalling what happened to her last night.
Not knowing why Rebecca was holding on to her Felicia smiled at Rebecca and held on to her too.
The woman eyes colour suddenly came back to normal and tears dropped from her eyes.

“Mark…!” the woman called his name like she was scared.
Mark looked at the woman blankly not knowing what to say. The strange wind had stopped blowing but the lights won’t stop flickering.
Rebecca watched as the woman tilt her head at Mark and she couldn’t help but feel scared at the moment.

“Jessica…” the woman said to mark and this time Mark flinched and so did his friends except Rebecca.
“How do you know that name?” Mark asked calmly but still frightened.

“History is going to repeat itself” The woman said and another tear dropped from her eye.

“Who’s… Jessica?” Rebecca manged to ask Felicia in a Whisper, despite the fact that she’s so scared right now.
“Mark’s sister…” Felicia said lowly. “who’s dead”. She added and turned back to Mark biting her bottom lip, fear was written in all of their faces, including Mark.

“What happened to your sister is going to happen again?” the woman said.

“wh..wh.. Wh..
Mark couldn’t find his right words, his eyes were getting teary too.

“It’s going to happen to the one you love the most, and when that happens, it’s going to be inevitable” the woman said and his friends all glanced at each other, except Rebecca who listened carefully but had no idea of what she was talking about.

‘what happened to his sister? She died by committing suicide, or was it more than suicide? did Mark lie to me?’ these questioned lingered at every corner in Rebecca’s head, but her eyes and ears never left the woman or Mark.

“You mustn’t avoid it this time, you must save her! You’re the light, even though the darkness yearns for you, be the light and never runaway… Make her runaway instead… Avenge Jessica..” That was the last thing the fortune teller woman said to Mark before snapping back to normal.
The lights stopped flickering and she cleaned her tears and smiled like she didn’t cry or say anything that made everyone spirit high.
“Okay who’s next.” the woman smiled grabbing the money Mark dropped.
Mark was completely speechless, he slowly stood up from where he sat and went to sit where he was sitting in between Felicia and Rebecca,.
Rebecca wondered what was happening as she saw a little tear crawled down from his left eye.
He suddenly got a soothing side hug from Felicia when he sat in between Rebecca and Felicia. Rebecca glanced at him not knowing what to say…

“Who’s going next?” the fortuneteller asked impatiently.
Everyone remained quiet watching the horror on Mark’s face as he stared at the floor speechless.

“I’ll go next… And after me we’re leaving” shayne said standing up.

“Wait!” The woman suddenly said stopping shayne from coming any closer.

“I’m sensing another spirit here” the woman said looking around.

“she’s so close but yet so far” the woman added making the five friends look at each other blankly.

“You… Why don’t you be the last to go before it’s too late” The woman smiled at Rebecca.

“No it’s okay, I’m fine actually I don’t want you to read my palm, and I don’t have any cash with me” Rebecca said feeling a bit scared.

“Don’t worry it’s free” the woman smiled revealing more gold teeth at the corners of her mouth.

“just go, and let’s head home” shayne sighed and Rebecca stood up, she slowly walked to the woman and sat opposite her.

“Oh you’re so pretty, you’ll make a great daughter in law” The woman smiled at Rebecca.
“uh… No thanks I’m fine” Rebecca grinned nervously.
“Anyways I’ll go with tarot cards for you” the woman said and pulled out four cards, facing them down on the table, she told Rebecca to pick one.
Rebecca looked at the four card and her hand landed on the second one. She didn’t know what to believe, if this woman was a fraud or actually real.
But seeing Mark’s solemn expression after his turn, she couldn’t believe less.
The woman smiled and picked up the card, her smile suddenly faded as she read the card and Rebecca’s breath hitched.
She gets scared easily and she doesn’t want to hear anything bad.
The woman suddenly let out a loud scream, making them all cover their ears, except Mark who was already lost…!
Suddenly it started to get windy again, this time all the candle light were turned off, leaving only a huge candle beside the woman, Rebecca started to shiver and her eyes started to get wet.
Not again.

“Rebecca!” the woman called and looked at her….
“you’re in danger” The woman smiled.
“what?” Rebecca had started to shed tears.
Mark raised his head up to listen more, cause everything was getting too creepy.
Felicia was really scared and she didn’t know when her eyes starts to get watery. She held onto Mark who watched Rebecca shivered in her spot.
Shayne and Zane jaw was dropped to the floor already, watching the whole creepy scene and they couldn’t move from their spot.

“She’s coming!” The woman said and laughed like an insane person.
“she’s coming Rebecca, she’s coming to get you!” the woman said still laughing.

“Who’s coming?” Rebecca asked sniffing hard, as tears dropped from her eyes.

“Your New you, she’s coming to get you, she won’t be happy until she’s you” The woman smiled weirdly.

“What are you talking about?” Rebecca yelled this time, she was scared as hell.
Who’s coming? She thought.

“You know what I’m talking about dear Rebecca” the woman said almost in a Whisper and Rebecca flinched when the woman called her name, cause she called it in a creepy and scary way.
“You can’t avoid it, it’s going to happen” the woman said and immediately all candles lit back up by itself and the wind stopped blowing but the woman still remained in her crazy state.

“It’s all your fault, you welcomed her, you should have throw it out when you had to, You should have looked for a way to throw it out” The woman said giving Rebecca a thick glare.
Rebecca couldn’t speak, her throat was lumpy, her nose were running and her eyes brought out tears like waterfall.

“Throw… What.. Out?” Rebecca manged to ask with her shaky voice.
Her friends had started to get worried but all couldn’t do anything.
The woman suddenly grabbed Rebecca’s hand and grimaced creepily.
And in almost a Whisper she said.
“The wadrobe Rebecca… The wadrobe”.
Hearing that Rebecca pulled her hand from the woman’s grip and got up to her feet.

“Guys let’s go” Rebecca said, grabbed her backpack and walked out of the tent before the one woman could utter another word.
Tears streamed down Rebecca’s eyes and her head was up staring at the night sky.
‘Everything the woman had said was similar to the things happening around her,
‘ what kind of danger was she in, who was coming? ‘ Rebecca thought angrily feeling so frightened, she was shivering and for the first time since not getting a birthday present since when she was thirteen, she heard her crying voice.
It was so scary, she wanted to die at that moment, she stood alone crying like a four-year-old, until a soft hand relaxed on her should.
“Becca?” Felicia’s voice called, and Rebecca slowly turn to see her ‘friends’ all looking at her in wonder, guilt and sympathy.
Rebecca quickly reached for Felicia’s body and hugged her crying on Felicia’s shoulder.
Felicia glanced at the boys and immediately burst into her own tears.
“I’m so sorry… We shouldn’t have come here” Felicia said.
“Let’s… just leave…” Rebecca muffled on Felicia’s shoulder.
The five friends head back to the town’s bus top and just in time to catch the night’s early bus.
The bus wasn’t full like always and the five friends occupied the five single chairs at the back of the bus.
Rebecca remained quiet as she sat in between Felicia and Zane, her head was spinning she couldn’t think straight.
Everything the fortune teller had said related to what was happening in her life, and she didn’t feel like going home.
The night was getting old and darker. And as the five friends walked passed their high school, to their homes Rebecca couldn’t be more afraid.
If only she knew.
Everyone was quiet not saying a word, the streets of Rainal was quiet and empty and only the sounds of their footsteps, the hooting of owls and the chirping of crickets could be heard.
Mark seemed to have cooled down a bit he didn’t look too lost and frightened as he was minutes ago. But Rebecca still looked like she had just seen a ghost.
Suddenly shayne and Felicia stopped walking making the others stop too.
“So Rebecca… We’re sorry about tonight”. Felicia said quivering
“No. It’s okay” Rebecca said trying to sound legit, but her friends new she wasn’t the one talking, but still they did nothing because they couldn’t do any thing, what happened has happened already.
“Okay.. Shayne and I are taking this route and we’ll be leaving now,… We’ll see you in school tomorrow” Felicia said.
“Oh okay…” Rebecca said and sucked in a breath. Still a bit relived she still have Zane and Mark to walk home with.
“Goodnight” Felicia said while Rebecca just nodded.
“Bye” shayne said dryly before he and Felicia walked away.

“And that leaves the three of us, c’mon guys” Zane said, making Mark and Rebecca glance at each other before walking with him.

The three friends walked quietly without a word, the moon beaming brightly and lightening up their way, the tension the moment held was unbearable for Zane until he finally spoke.
“Becca..!” he called making the girl’s head snap at him.
“Look… you don’t have to think about what the fortune teller said, sometimes it’s okay for us to listen to what our future holds but sometimes those things don’t come true even if it’s supposed to happen, because we found out about the future before it even happened so don’t stress yourself Becca”. Zane said.
Rebecca sucked in a breath before saying. “But… What she said… was… She…
Zane saw that Rebecca was having a hard time expressing herself so he helped.
“it’s okay… You don’t have to say anything if you can’t, I understand how you feel”. Zane said soothingly.
“No you don’t” Rebecca blurted out. She breathed in, she wanted them to know what the fortuneteller had said was actually true, it connected to every weird thing happening in her life.
And she mentioned the wadrobe.
Rebecca wanted to tell Zane about everything happening to her, so he’d understand where she’s coming from and where she will be heading.
“I… I… Rebecca sighed not finding her words.
“Look Becca you don’t have to speak if you can’t” Zane said placing his hand on her shoulder and Rebecca froze under his touch, he dropped his hand when he saw how tense she became and how scared she look. He wanted to crawl into her thought to see what she was actually thinking inside that small head of hers. He wanted to help her so bad, cause he felt guilty for her state.

“No I want to tell you!” Rebecca said.
“Well okay… Go on” Zane breathed a sigh of relief when he saw she’s willing to open up despite her state.
“The fortuneteller mentioned about a wadrobe…
Rebecca paused.
Zane arched his brows at her making her continue.
“And I have… I have this wadrobe… It’s not actually mine, but we met it in the house we moved in, and… I don’t know I’ve been feeling off about this wadrobe and my room too” Rebecca expound.
“Okay… And you think the wadrobe the fortuneteller mentioned is somehow the one in your room?” Zane asked shoving his hands in the pockets of his pants.
Rebecca nodded and he pursed his lips still trying to understand where she was going.
Mark who was walking with them didn’t say a word but just listened to their conversation.
“She said I invited ‘her’ and I don’t know who the hell I invited, she told me it’s my fault and I should have threw the wadrobe away when I had the chance, and it’s connected because I wanted to destroy that wadrobe but I… it couldn’t be destroyed so I just made it mine, and I’m really scared cause I’m not able to get any sleep at night, my nights here haven’t been going well cause every night, things happen” Rebecca rants feeling her eyes get wet.

“Thing like what?” Mark’s calm voice suddenly chipped in making Rebecca turn to her other side to see his eyes boring into her, his grey eyes filled with curiosity.
She looked away before saying “Weird things”.
“weird things like how?” Mark pestered and Rebecca breathed in. She wanted to tell them but she was afraid they wouldn’t believe her, but she actually didn’t care she just wanted to tell them.
“What happened in the fortuneteller’s tent, how the wind went wild and how those lights flickers….
“That happened to you?” Zane asked his eyes wide open.
“Yes… And I know it sounds totally unbelievable but I… I hear voices too” Rebecca said as her head bowed in shame.
Mark suddenly stopped on his track and looked down at her.
“You hear voices?”
Mark’s reaction seemed to make Rebecca a lot curious than before.
“Yeah” she nod immediately.
“Why?.. What’s wrong?” Zane asked Mark, who’s expression was blank and unreadable.
“Nothing! It just seems hard to believe” Mark said obviously lieing and his friends could see that, but they didn’t want to question him.

“Okay, first your room gets creepy by your lights flickering and all, and then you hear voices?” Zane asked and Rebecca sighed nodding hesitantly, the way he had said it made it seem like she was just making it all up.
“And… Those voices what do they actually say?” Mark chimed in, his tone a little too serious.
Rebecca felt like a suspect being interrogated by police.
“Verbally… They don’t say anything besides my name” Rebecca said feeling a churn in her stomach recalling the night it had happened.
Though she was happy, they were questioning her, she was glad to see them curious, cause she’s been wanting to open up about what’s been happening to her to anyone but even when she told Vera, she felt that Vera didn’t believe. And now telling Mark and Zane, she felt a bit relieved.
“Have you tell anyone about this besides us?” Mark asked.
“My sister… But she had her doubts..” I sighed.
“You should tell your parents” Zane added.
“i don’t think they’d believe me either?”. Rebecca said as she fidgeted her hands.

“Well I believe you…” Mark said. Making Rebecca turn to him, her eyes blessing him for saying that, for believing her, at least he didn’t think she was a crazy person making stories up.
“I believe you too” Zane said and she turned to him with a small smile creeping up her lips.
“thank you” she mouthed to him.
Well they believed her, but that wasn’t just the case, wasn’t she afraid she’ll experience that kind of thing again, what about what the fortuneteller had said.
What would become of Rebecca?.
T. B. C

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