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Rebecca could hear her heart beating and she wondered if Mark and Zane could hear it too, as she saw the dim light coming from the window of her house. The thought of going back home, being back in her room made her stop breathing and almost want to burst out crying.
Memories of last night flooded her mental screen making her pulse quickened and all the hairs on her body standing up.

“You’re finally home” Zane smiled at her.
“I know” she said trying to sound okay.
Mark looked up gazing at the one storey building in front of them and then he asked.
“This is your home…?”
“Yeah…” Rebecca nodded.
Not proud of it, because it now creeped her out.
“Thank you guys for walking me home” Rebecca said tiredly.
“It’s okay… And besides we both live like six blocks away from here so, we didn’t walk you, we all took the same route so we can’t actually get to our house if we didn’t pass yours” Zane said trying to brighten up the mood, but he failed.
Cause Rebecca smiled weakly at them before starting to walk towards her house.

“Becca..!” Mark called making Rebecca turn…
She titled her head waiting for him to say whatever he had to say whenever.
“Don’t think about what the fortuneteller had say and have a good night sleep” Mark said, and nodded slightly, looking at Mark Rebecca knew he had more to say, it was there on the tip of his tongue, but he just couldn’t say it. And she just let him be.
“Thanks… You two!” Rebecca said before moving walking to the front door of her house, she glanced at the boys before walking inside the house and closing the door, making the boys know it was their cue to leave.
Rebecca walked into the living room to see her family gathered around their dining table almost about to eat dinner.

“About time! It’s been ages Rebecca!” Taylor said standing up.
“Told you guys she’d be back” Vera muttered staring down at her phone.
“we’ve been worried sick!” Steven chimed in.
“I know” Rebecca sighed as she walked to the dinning table and sat on the empty chair beside her mother’s.
“You guys should be proud instead of worrying, I mean it’s Rebecca we’re talking about here and she’s making friends and hanging out with them, isn’t that something we should be proud of?” Vera said mockingly. But Rebecca ignored her, she didn’t have time for Vera jokes, she was already fed up with what she was feeling because of the things she heard from the fortuneteller.

“Honey you okay… You look exhausted!” Taylor asked sitting down.
“Yeah I’m fine” Rebecca said staring at her empty plate.
“Next time I’ll come with you guys” Helen smiled.
“There will be no next time” Rebecca’s tone was angry and scary, making her family turn to her.
“What? did something happen?” Vera asked, a bit of worry in her tone.
“No…” Rebecca said and gulped down, grabbing the glass of water in front of her mother’s plate and gulping the whole thing down.
Rebecca’s family knew she wasn’t really opening up but they didn’t want to further her with more questions or any questions at all.

The Adams ate dinner that night, leaving Vera and Rebecca to the dishes.
Rebecca seemed to be the only one doing the dishes cause Vera seemed busy with her phone.

“You know mom should have just asked me to the dishes instead of adding your name.” Rebecca mumbled inside the kitchen, making Vera look up at her.
“Oh Good thing you’re catching up” Vera said moving her golden blonde hair back.
“ugh… You’re so annoying!” Rebecca rolled her eyes.
“And I love you too!” Vera smiled grimacing at her sister.

“Becca.!” Vera called making Rebecca look up to her teal blue eyes.
“what?” Rebecca arched her brows, her Hazel eyes taking in Vera’s eyes.
“Okay so… Mom and dad,… And Helen are currently in their room and it’s just me and you, now tell me. I saw how you looked when you walked in the living room, you looked like you just cried a well…” Vera said making Rebecca sighed.
“I’m not talking about it”.
“So something did happen!” Vera smiled scooting closer to Rebecca.
“c’mon you have to tell me” Vera pestered, suddenly sitting on the kitchen counter.
“You know It’s not a must I tell you everything” Rebecca said.
“Well it sure is cause I tell you everything!” Vera said gazing at her sister.
“Yeah right, everything like what?” Rebecca scoffed.
“Huh… You’ve got to be kidding me Becca, everything like how I first crushed on Dylan and told you about it, how I intentionally pushed Jada in front of the moving school bus because she kissed Dylan and I lied about it saying it was an accident. I told you that because I knew despite my best friend being my secret bearer , you’re my real secret bearer and we’re blood” Vera said with a small assuring smile.
“wow… You don’t even have conscience recalling how you pushed Jada.” Rebecca rolled her eyes.
“Rebecca I take what I like, I fight for what I love”. Vera primped.
“Vera, she broke her neck!” Rebecca yelled disgusted by her sister’s pride.
“Beccky dear… it made her land in the hospital for two weeks giving me time to make Dylan see he loves me more”. Vera said.
“You’re pathetic!” Rebecca snarled.
“Thanks. Now tell me what happened” Vera persuaded.
“i won’t” Rebecca snapped.
“come on Becca!” Vera pushed.

“Remember when I told you about how I lost my virginity to Ross at prom night. I tell you every thing Becca.” vera yelled.
“And please… God don’t you have any guilt or conscience in you saying that?” Rebecca rolled her eyes.
“why would I? When I enjoyed every moment of it” Vera grinned.
“You’re disgusting!” Rebecca pointed out.
“Oh shut it Becca, you’re just sixteen you won’t understand anything” Vera said sharply.
“And at that time you were just sixteen too” Becca said as a matter of fact.
“Bec… You know I was ‘the-most-popular’ girl at school I had to fit in” Vera said.
“And you wouldn’t die if you didn’t fit in”. Rebecca said, recalling how in fact her sister was the most popular girl in school, she was just a freshman in senior high and her sister was a senior and was in her final year, the whole school adored her, every girl, got jealous of she and Ross, her boyfriend.
They were in fact the school’s everyday topic, Vera was every girl’s role model while Ross was every guy’s role model. They were the school’s perfect couple. And Rebecca didn’t like how her sister lived, Rebecca got popular because of Vera and she hated attention. Unlike Vera, who cherished all the attention she got, she was an epitome of beauty, taking her mother’s gorgeous features, and her father’s blonde hair and blue eyes.
Rebecca was like the younger and cuter version of Vera, but with golden brown hair which she got from her father, her mother’s prominent nose beautiful jawline and Hazel eyes.
They were both beautiful, anyone could tell.

Vera jumped down from the counter and moved closer to her sister.
“scoot over” Vera said.
“what are you doing?”. Rebecca asked. Holding onto a plate.
“I’ll help you do the dishes if you tell me what happened!” Vera said.
“it’s fine actually cause I’m already done! And like I said I’m saying nothing” Rebecca stated crystal clear to Vera and she rolled her eyes before walking out of the kitchen with her phone.
Rebecca sighed and continued doing the dishes , she wanted to tell Vera, but she already knew the reaction she would get and she hates being doubted.
After showering for the night, Rebecca walked into her room and opened the wadrobe to grab her pyjamas, she sighed as she stare at the wadrobe, what could it possibly hold, what does it contain, how is a common wadrobe a danger to me!’ Rebecca thought as she put on her clothes.
She closed the wadrobe and went to sit on her bed, suddenly she realised she was alone, and her blood started to rise, reaching her head and then falling back to her body. What if what happened that night happened again. Who would she run to and who would believe her.
She grabbed her pillow and before she knew it, she was on her way to Vera’s room.
“Come in” Vera said from the inside hearing a knock from her door.
Rebecca slowly opened the door and walked in her eyes facing the floor in embarrassment.
“Well… Well… Well.. Look who’s here… My stubborn baby sister…” Vera said folding her hands across her chest.
“What the hell are you doing here” Vera’s playful voice changed to a serious and angry one making Rebecca look up.
“C… CanCan I stay here for tonight” Rebecca asked fidgeting her hand across her pillow she was hugging tight to her body.
Vera adjusted her pink nightgown and a smirk played on her lips and Rebecca didn’t like how she felt like she’d lost.
“Dear Becca…” Vera smiled dramatically walking over to her sister and closing the door before placing her hand across her shoulders.
“It’s okay to feel vulnerable every now and then Becca and besides, how can you ask that, we’re blood, you don’t need to ask for my permission to stay with me, you can sleep in here as much as you like but, anytime any day” Vera smiled.
“Really?” Rebecca asked unsure of what she’s hearing.
“yeah only… If You tell me what happened last night between you and your friends”. Vera said and Rebecca sighed already expecting that from her.
“Seriously, why do you care about my life so much.” Rebecca groaned jumping on her sisters bed and pulling the blanket over her body.
“Cause we’re sisters and that’s what we do… we care for each other” Vera said getting on her bed and sitting beside Rebecca.
“Okay that sounds weird coming from you”. Rebecca taunted.
“You’re so mean… Sometimes I wonder how we’re even sisters” Vera primped.
Rebecca scoffed. “speak for yourself, you’re the queen of mean”.
“But still you’re in my room, on my bed and you’re still not planning to tell me, I saw the way you looked Becca, like you could pass out any minute” Vera said and Rebecca sighed before sitting up.
“okay I want to tell you but…
“But what?” Vera titled her head.
“I’m afraid you won’t believe me”. Rebecca stuttered
“Becca when have I doubted you?” Vera gasped.
“You did not just ask that. Do you want me to write a book of how many times you’ve failed to believe me whenever i told you something that happened for real, even last night I don’t think you believed me when I told you about the…” Rebecca sighed burying her face in her pillow.
“Okay… If You tell me, I’ll tell you a secret of mine” Vera said.
“i don’t want to hear any of your secrets, they’re disturbing”. Rebecca snarled.
“Well it’s not about school or anything, it’s about the two of us” Vera stated, gaining Rebecca’s attention and curiosity.
“The two of us?” Rebecca arched a brow, wondering what the secret was.
“Yeah now speak!” Vera ordered making Rebecca sigh in defeat and tuck her hair behind her ear and she began to explain.

Rebecca narrated the whole thing that happened to her, from meeting Zane in the morning and Zane introducing her to his friends, them being her friends, taking her downtown, meeting the fortuneteller,
Vera expression changed when Rebecca explained what the fortuneteller had said to Mark, and her expression changed even more when Rebecca told her what the fortuneteller had said to her.
“What the hell!!” Vera barked.
“Don’t yell mom and dad are close by”. Rebecca said to her sister.
“Are you crazy Rebecca, how can I not yell, what you just told me is scaring the shits out of me!” Vera yelled.
“So you believe me?” Rebecca asked.
“Yeah I mean why wouldn’t I?”.
“Okay then, tell me this secret of yours?” Rebecca raised her brows.
“It’s not actually a secret but something you should know.” Vera bit her lips.
“okay, I’m all ears”.
“Okay! I just want you to know that I’ve always believed you, even when you thought I didn’t, I always have.” vera stated.
“Really?” Rebecca replied dubiously.
“Yeah… Like always, remember when I was fourteen and you were just ten, and mom had us stay in different rooms and then every morning you tell me about how a monster was under your bed and you could hear his voice every night, you know how I ignored you saying it wasn’t possible and you were just making things up…?” Vera paused waiting for her to give her a heads up to continue and when Rebecca nodded Vera continued.
“I actually believed you, I believed in the monster being real, even though I seemed like I didn’t care, I did care I was just wearing a mask, And that night when you were asleep I crept into your room and had hid beside your bed waiting for the monster, and it later turned out to be that ‘lily’ grandma’s little white mouse would run under your bed every night licking on a candy wrapper you’ve left under your bed.” vera said smiling at the memory.
“Yeah and the next day there was no monster” Rebecca smiled.
“Because I disposed the candy wrapper”. Vera said proudly.
“And yeah remind me why grandma’s mouse had to run around the whole house in the middle of the night?” Rebecca grimaced.
“Because grandma wanted her to be fully excersised by leaving her cage open every time even though mom warned her about it and then one day the mouse ran away” Vera stated.
“Leaving grandma in tears” Rebecca added and the two girls burst out laughing.

“Thank you for believing in me!” Rebecca smiled.
“you’re welcome.” Vera smiled.
“And about last night believe me right?” Rebecca asked.
“Of course, I mean I was scared to death, but I didn’t show it, and now you just made me felt like shit when you told me about this fortuneteller stuff, I mean she did mention the wadrobe and I’ve been feeling way off with that wadrobe, I mean it’s creepy how a billion year old wadrobe not being able to move, and the fortune teller said you were in danger and she’s coming for you, what kind of danger and who the hell is ‘she’…?” Vera yelled angrily feeling her sister’s pain. Rebecca’s eyes cried sadness as she recalled the event from hours ago and she couldn’t help but sulk and prevent herself from crying.
“Or do you think this house is haunted?” Vera suggested making Rebecca look at her scaredly.
“Haunted?” Rebecca repeated.
“yeah cause it looks haunted, and about last night, you told me how you heard someone call your name, and the wind went crazy and how the light flickers, I mean isn’t that what haunted houses do?” Vera asked making Rebecca look up at her.
“i don’t know but I hope you’re wrong!” Rebecca said pulling her pillow into her body. Fear radiating from her eyes.
“Of course I am, how the hell will our house be haunted, if it was haunted, Dad’s snoring and our bickering every day will surely chase the ghosts away” Vera teased brightening the solemn atmosphere, she had saw the fear Rebecca had in her eyes and made a simple joke which made her felt relieved making Rebecca giggled, making her beautiful dimples peek through her cheek.
“And Becca, If you’re afraid. Don’t be. Don’t let anything I repeat anything make you be afraid, cause fears might actually be worser than what may come of us, but I’m not saying anything is going to happen to you, I just mean if you’re still thinking of what the fortuneteller said, don’t be and have a good night sleep. Cause you don’t know, it might not be true.” vera suggested.
“But she mentioned the wadrobe and…
“Who cares if she mentioned the wadrobe, well she told you about it and now you know only to prevent that from happening and we don’t really understand what’s she’s talking about.” vera interrupted.
“But How can we prevent it?” Rebecca asked.
“We throw out the freaking wadrobe” Vera smirked.
“But it can’t be moved, it’s like it’s stuck to the ground.” Rebecca said.
“Well if we can’t move then we’ll have to break it down.”

“But it can’t be broken down too, remember those guys dad hired, they tried breaking it down but failed” Rebecca sighed.
“They failed because they gave up too quickly, now just sleep, you have school tomorrow, leave your worries to me”. Vera smiled.
“Thanks V” Rebecca sighed, making Vera smiled even more by Rebecca calling her by her nickname she named herself when they were younger.
Rebecca loved her fearless her sister was, even though she was afraid she never let her emotions get the best of her. She act like she doesn’t care but at the same time she cares the most.
Rebecca got Under the blanket and stare up at Vera’s ceiling.
“Suddenly I’m wishing you shouldn’t go back to college” Rebecca sighed.
“Yeah right..” vera rolled her eyes “i still have two more years to go before I’m done” Vera smiled getting under her sister and scooting closer.
Both sisters stare at the ceiling, different thoughts crawling into their heads,
From the view they both looked almost identical but still held different features.

Vera suddenly turn to face Rebecca and feeling Vera’s weight shift she turned to see her sister looking at her with suspicious smiles.
“what?” Rebecca asked.
“I know you’re probably thinking about the fortuneteller stuff, but let’s forget about that and now tell me about ‘them” Vera smiled.
“Them? Who’s them?” Rebecca raised a quizzical brow.
“You told about the two knights in shining armors who walked you home… what did you say was their names again, Zane and Mike… Mark..yeah Mark” Vera said with a small smile making her eyes sparkle under the dim light.
“Oh God.” Rebecca rolled her eyes “I never called them knights in stupid armors. And they live five blocks away from here so we all walked home together, so stop misunderstanding”.

Vera’s smile became wider “Yeah whatever… So who’s it gonna be. Mark? Or Zane?”

“You’re crazy you know that” Rebecca said facing the other way and backing Vera.

“We live for craziness bitch!” Vera’s warm laughter lit up the whole room as her hand snaked Rebecca’s waist.

“Goodnight Becca!” Vera smiled closing her eyes with a smile on her face.

“Night” Rebecca said almost quietly as she slowly close her eyes.

“Becca…” Vera called.
“Just know you can sleep in my room any time any day”
“Thank you”.
“No problem that’s the reason we’re sisters” Vera said before both went quiet allowing sleep to consume them.

Rebecca felt relieved she have a sister like Vera, though they brawl all the time, but they love each other the most, more than they love their parents.
They were their favorites.

As sleep slowly crawled into Rebecca her girly subconscious crept up and in a Whisper she asked.
“Who’s it really going to be Mark or Zane”.
Rebecca rolled her eyes at her subconscious.
‘why the hell would she even repeat Vera’s word’ Rebecca thought as she let out a small yawn before drifting to sleep.
T. B. C

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