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Becca…” Vera whispered in Rebecca’s ear making Rebecca jerk up awake.
“Everyday we do this! Why can’t you wake up yourself! You have school you know” Vera yelled making Rebecca sigh.

“Good morning to you too” Rebecca said before walking out of Vera’s room.

After doing her morning routine Rebecca slipped a pair of black jeans up her legs and an orange top that hugged her petite body to go with, before walking out of her room, she grabbed her backpack and rolled her eyes at the wadrobe.

Rebecca joined her family at the dinning table for breakfast and she greeted her parents before sitting down.
“Rebecca!” Taylor called.
“yeah?” Rebecca replied taking two slice of toasted bread her mother had placed for her.
“I see you’ve been sneaking up at night and sleeping in Vera’s room is everything okay?” Taylor asked with a caring smile.
Rebecca glanced at Vera who suddenly looked away.
“Yeah everything’s fine”.
Rebecca lied.

Well at least she hoped everything’s fine.

“Okay if you say so, cause I saw you the day before yesterday and last night too” Taylor said.

“Well everything’s fine!” Rebecca rolled her eyes.

“We’re just bonding!” Vera smiled taking a sip from her tea.

“Okay”. Taylor shrugged as she sat down beside Rebecca.
As Helen and Rebecca walked out the door Vera called them back.

“What do you want we are running late already” Rebecca stated.
“Second day of school and you’re already overreacting, relax even if you run so late no one’s going to scold you, trust me” Vera stated walking closer to her sisters.

“okay so…?” Rebecca leaned forward… “What do you want?”.

“Mom’s been watching us, and you know somehow we have to tell her what’s going on!” Vera whispered folding her hands across her chest.

“Well I don’t know..” Rebecca sighed
“Tell mom what?” Helen asked her tiny voice louder than theirs.
“Shut the hell up Helen, we’re trying to be secretive here, and you’re about to blow our cover” Vera snarled.
“I’m sorry… Tell mom what?” Helen whispered but Vera rolled her eyes at her, ignoring her.

“So what do you think?” Vera eyes searched Rebecca’s as Rebecca exhaled tiredly and turn to her sister.
“honestly, I don’t know, just do what you think is right… C’mon Helen” Rebecca said as she walked out of the door with Helen behind her and Vera watching them walk away.
She sighed about to turn back and leave when she noticed someone from afar and that someone made Rebecca stop on her track which made her smile and walking out of the house to meet them.
“Mark?” Rebecca called the boy dressed in a black leather jacket and black Jean, in front of her house, his mind was else where, but he immediately turn when he heard Rebecca’s voice.
“Oh hey good morning!” Mark said adjusting his backpack.

He was wearing a black beanie that fit his head perfectly, his hair falling from behind and the warm sun giving his grey eyes some sparkles. Though he looked restless and a bit dull, he still looked alive by the way his eyes gleamed.

“What… Are you doing here…?” Rebecca asked.

“Since I would passing by your house, I decided to stop by.” Mark said.
“Oh okay… but seriously you didn’t have to!” Rebecca said feeling a little uncomfortable.
“Okay… I can’t leave now I’ve been here for fifty two minutes and besides our destination is at the same place. School!”

“Yeah right!” Rebecca nodded.

“Okay… Like can we go now?” Mark asked.
“Yeah.. Sure” Rebecca replied as she and Mark wanted to move Vera suddenly yelled from behind.

Mark, Helen and Rebecca turned and Rebecca rolled her eyes at her sister.

“I’m Vera… Rebecca’s older sister” Vera smiled at Mark. “Am I allowed to know you?” Vera titled her head
“Am Mark your sister and I go to the same school”. Mark replied calmly, his coated calm voice making Vera glance at Rebecca happily.
“So you’re the Mark… The knight in—
“Vera!” Rebecca yelled interrupting Vera, who seemed like she couldn’t care less of ruining her social life.
“Can you please go inside…!” Rebecca said through gritted teeth making Vera smile
“we’ll talk after school” a smile played on Vera’s lips before she gave Mark a smile and walked inside.
Mark, Helen and Rebecca Walked quietly, the day was warm and as they all walked simultaneously, Mark glanced at Rebecca occasionally, Rebecca noticed and assumed Mark wanted to tell or ask her something so she decided to break the the door.

“What is it?” She asked.
“What…?” Mark asked.
“Do you want to tell me something? I hate when people look at me like that!” Rebecca sounded rude and she suddenly regretted her tone.
“sorry, I just wanted to ask about last night, If you slept well because… You know…”
“Oh” Rebecca stated, “Yeah I did”. She said looking at the floor.
“Okay that was good.” Mark said.

“You should have been the one receiving that question” Rebecca said glancing at Mark.
“What… W.. Why?” Mark asked.
“Because you look like the one who didn’t have a good night” Rebecca said,
She smiled to herself inside, at least she wasn’t bickering, yelling or being rude but actually talking like a normal person. And she praised herself for it…

“Yeah well, After the encounter with that damn fortuneteller and your story, I just couldn’t put my mind to rest.” Mark said.

“Yeah… But thanks to my sister I was able to sleep.” Rebecca stated.
“What sister? Are you talking about Me?” Helen asked with a smile showing all her teeth.
“No…!” Rebecca rolled her eyes, making Mark smile, but the smile left immediately it came.

They both remained quiet As they walked further to their destination, Helen started to hum a song about a little bird making the tension between them worse.
Mark wanted to ask a lot of questions concerning last night.
Rebecca wanted to ask a lot of questions too concerning his sister and how she died, but she felt no place to do so, cause they were not even close, they just met yesterday and they’re not really on good terms, cause their first meeting wasn’t pleasant so Rebecca shut down her gut.

“So last night…” Mark finally breathed out.
“Yeah…?” Rebecca’s head snapped up at him.
“Did anything happen… Like you know?” he gave her a look and she understood what he meant.
He was talking about the person calling her name, the wind and the flickering of lights.

Rebecca shook her head “No… nothing happened and I was glad”.
“Your sister… The older one knows about this right?” Mark asked.
“Yeah” Rebecca nodded
“And your parents don’t?”. Mark asked.
“Don’t you think you should tell them, What if something gets out of hand” Mark said as his eyes searched her face, her eyes turned to meet his and she sighed as she studied him.

He cared!.

But why?!!

“I don’t think they will believe me” Rebecca said and as she watched Helen walk ahead of them as their school came into view.

“Well then you have to make them believe!” Mark advised.

“Okay I don’t understand why you’re all up in my case… Don’t mean to be rude though”. Rebecca shrugged at the last statement knowing she sounded a ‘bit’ rude

“Cause I… I..
Mark suddenly found it impossible to speak.
“Cause your story’s familiar” Mark said.
“Familiar? can you elaborate please?” Rebecca raised her eyebrows.
“It’s just… Just.. Just… be careful okay!” Mark said and Rebecca rolled her eyes at him not actually saying what he actually wants to know.
‘what exactly is he hiding’
Why can’t he just verbally explain what he’s thinking’ Rebecca thought.
They both got to school and their presence in class made everyone turn to look at them.
Rebecca bit her bottom lip as nervousness grew inside of her. A middle aged woman standing in front of the class with her scary eyes and glasses, at least that’s what Rebecca thought.

“You’re both late” The woman said who happened to be the teacher.

“We know…” Mark replied.
“You know!” The teacher scoffed, totally blown off by Mark’s reply and Rebecca was surprised too.
“Yeah we knew but we couldn’t do anything about it, it’s not like we can turn back time you know” Mark explained and the woman scoffed and rolled her eyes again.

“I’ve heard about you Mark Davies, you’re nothing but a rude kid just like other teachers had described you to be and you know what, you just earned detention for a whole day, you and your girlfriend!” the woman yelled making Rebecca gasped when she noticed she had been described as his girlfriend but that didn’t bother her one bit, but the detention bothered her.

“What detention!!” Rebecca suddenly found her voice. “It’s just my second day here” Rebecca added her nervousness turning into anger, and she’s not someone who can control her anger.

“Well for hanging out with a bad kid you get detention I don’t care if its your first day or second day here!” The woman retorted.

“Bad kid! Excuse me but I’m way better than your kid!” Mark remarked angrily making the whole class gasp and giggle lightly afterwards.

“Is this how you talk to your teacher if that’s the case, you’ll get to be in detention for three days! You and her!” The woman yelled.

“What? This isn’t fair..! I barely said anything!” Rebecca stated.

“You just did and you’ve added another day to your detention!” The woman said.

“What the hell?” Rebecca snapped walking in front of Mark.

“And you just added another day” the woman added with a victory smirk.

Rebecca was about to react again when Mark grabbed her hand and pulled her towards their seat.
Rebecca sighed heavily when she and Mark sat down, and the whole class, smiling and glancing back at them.
Rebecca rolled her eyes at a particular girl who she made eye contact with, and the girl suddenly looked away, intimidated by Rebecca’s glare.

“Wow… Second day of school and you’re already popular”. Felicia turned to Rebecca

“Tell me about it, and I even got detention.” Rebecca huffed.

“So you two came to school together?” Shayne asked with a sly smirk.

“That’s not what we’re talking about here” Mark chided
“I’m just saying!” Shayne shrugged.
“Well don’t say anything” Mark retorted.
“Sorry” shayne scoffed and turned to his front.

Rebecca rolled her eyes at their conversation and turned back to Felicia.
“And the worst part is… I didn’t say anything, Mark is to blame”. Rebecca tells her.
“What? I’m to blame? I was trying to make her see we’re not bad kids” Mark hollowed.,

Rebecca answered. “Well bad kids or not, we still got the title!”

“And detention!” Shayne reminded.
“And detention!” Rebecca added.

“Well at least you guys will be together in dentention and argue all day long, now isn’t that nice?” Zane who has been awfully quiet finally say.
Earning a glare from both Mark and Rebecca but earning a nod of approval from shayne.

“Excuse me! Those two! Do you guys want more than a week of detention!”. The teacher yelled making the five friends keep quiet.
“Finally her boring class is over. And now I have physics, see you guys soon” shayne said standing up from his sit as the whole class starts to stand up too, noise filling the whole room.
“Good luck tell Mr Gregory I said hi” Felicia said to shayne as he walked away from them with his books.
“You know I can’t” Shayne said playfully glaring at her cause he knew she was teasing him.
“So… What do you have now, you did receive your schedule from the principal right?” Felicia asked.
“Yeah” Rebecca said unzipping her bag as she brought out her schedule to see she has English now. “I have English” she lowly announced.
“Great” Zane smiled, standing up.
“oh bummer, I have biology and so does Mark” Felicia said standing up too.

“Well it’s not getting bummed for me, c’mon Becca let’s waste no more time” Zane smiled as Rebecca grabbed her backpack and stood up.
“Bye…” Felicia said to Rebecca as she and Zane walked out of the class.
Rebecca replied plainly “Bye”.
She glanced at Mike, who seemed to be busy with connecting his headphone to his phone, she shook her negatively before walking out with Zane.

As she and passed through the crowded hall, dodging the students who were running to get in class more earlier than usual.

Zane asked. “So about last night, how are you holding up?”
“Good I guess” Rebecca shrugged.
“Okay that’s good to hear, nothing weird happened again right?” Zane asked.
Rebecca nodded feeling the need to ask, why they didn’t doubt her when she told them her story, but yet again Mark had told her her story seems familiar, Had he known someone who had experienced something like what she’s experiencing now?!!.
Rebecca being a person of hiding thoughts or even secrets, or doubts, she wants to know things in any way she can and as she exhaled sharply she started.
“Did Mark ever to–
“Becca!” Zane suddenly interrupted touching his pockets. “I Forgot my pen in class, and you don’t seem like someone with two pens?” Zane said while Rebecca shook her head negatively.
“okay can you wait here while I go get it?” Zane said with pleading eyes.
“i got nothing to loose, go and be back quickly, I don’t even know my way to English class so…” Rebecca tells him.
“Great I’ll be back before you know it” Zane said and hurried back to the opposite direction.
Rebecca sighed and rested her back on the lockers lying on the wall, she watched as different teenager with different kind of dressing passed in front of her, all not taking any notice of her.
Suddenly Rebecca felt someone’s presence beside her and she turned to see a blonde brunette, whom she recognized very well to be Janet, the girl Zane has a crush on.

“Hi.” Janet smiled.

Rebecca glanced back, making sure Janet was really talking to her and not someone else.

“Hello.!” Rebecca replied hesitantly not sure why Janet was talking to her or how she even got to know her.

“You must be Becca… The class president Thelma, told me about you” Janet smiled.

“Okay… What do you want?” Rebecca leaned forward stunning the brunette by the way her tone sounded a bit rude.

“Okay… you’re one tough one” Janet rolled her yes, making Rebecca look at her from her shiny forehead to her pink shoes. She was a wearing pink skirt that hugged from her tiny waist to her upper thigh, and a white crop top that exposed a little of her tummy. She looked like a plastic Barbie doll, she was beautiful and Rebecca had no doubt why Zane would not fall someone like her.

“So here’s the thing, I don’t really know if you’re dating Mark, today’s just your second day here and I’ve noticed you, and I’ve been watching you, and when I watch someone it means trouble, if you’re dating Mark, stay with Mark, don’t get your body all over Zane okay?” Janet primped.
“Okay you’re dumb!” Rebecca smirked, making Janet stumble on her feet like the word gave her a smack on her face.
Rebecca blurted “I’m dating neither of them, and If you like Zane… Don’t waste your saliva on me and tell Zane himself. Girls like you go nowhere with your pompous attitude and going around looking like Barbie”.
‘Calling someone pompous, wow you’re really speaking for yourself, cause you’re just like her” Rebecca’s subconscious reminded her but she pushed that off, at least she used to be but not anymore, she got better to things to do.
She used to be just like Janet, proud as a peacock, rude as ever, and pompous, Vera had told her that was the only way to strive in middle school and high school and that character had gotten the best of her she couldn’t control it anymore and it became a part of her.

So she was actually facing her match. Janet.

“Stay.. Away from him don’t say I didn’t warn you” Janet quickly say and walk away angrily.

Zane walked up to Rebecca few seconds later and after telling Rebecca how he found his phone, they both went to class, she didn’t tell him about her encounter with Janet, cause she felt it was none of her business and they should keep playing their lovers game.
#scene forwarded*
School was over before Rebecca could even breathe and Rebecca heart churned as she spoke to Helen who had came to look for her older sister so they would both walk home together.

“Detention?!” Helen repeated.
“yeah” Rebecca said.
“what’s that?” Helen asked.
“It’s when we’re being held under custody by teachers waiting for whatever may come of us” Rebecca explained.
“So you won’t be coming home with me?” Helen asked.
“Nope. Looks like you’ll be going home alone!” Rebecca said,
“okay” Helen said and was gone before Rebecca knew it.
Rebecca said bye to Felicia and the others before she and Mark entered the detention class.
Three student were already in the class two boys and a girl and making five as mark and Rebecca got in. They both sat at the back beside the three other students and gaze at the teacher in front of the class.
The teacher who was assigned to be in charge of the student under detention, was built, tall and looked very serious and as Mark and Rebecca sat down he quickly walked in front of the five student and him clearing his thick throat got all their attention.

“As you all know you’re all on detention” The man started.
“We know that!” The girl among the first three student said rolling her eyes.
“Jenna… You come here everyday, let the ones learning to be bad like you have a chance to listen” The man said to the girl and continued anyways. “If you’re here it means you’re a bad student”.

“Okay so this is actually not my first time here and don’t worry it’s not as bad as you think” Mark whispered to Rebecca earning an eye roll.
“And I’m supposed to receive five students today, so I guess you’re all complete, And no one’s leaving here until it’s eight PM and the rules and regulations I have here is… no phones allowed” The man said making everyone excluding Rebecca groaned, she didn’t bring her phone.
“Okay everyone bring out your phone” The man ordered taking out a box and everyone placed their phones inside.

“Okay… I’m waiting” The man said to Rebecca shoving the box in front of her phones shaking inside the box.
“I have no phone.” Rebecca replied angrily.
“Stop lying, stand up I’ll do the the searching myself” The man remarked angrily too.
“Why the hell would you search her dude… she’s not a male… She’s a female” Mark retorted angrily.
“I never asked for your opinion young man” The man snapped “and who are you calling “dude”..?”.
“Mr Sprouse…” Mark called bitterly “You can’t repeat what you just said about searching her” Mark added.
“Of course I can”.
“what that’s sexual harrasmemt!” the girl who was referred to as a bad student Jenna said and Mark nodded.
“What do you know Jenna shut up” Mr Sprouse spat.
“Search her and the whole school is going to hear about how you sexually harrased a girl in detention!” Jenna.
“Yeah even the school council” one of the boy sitting beside Jenna added.

“Y… You…You..” Mr Sprouse became speechless and as he cleared his throat he walked back to his sit in front of the class.
Rebecca gave Jenna a look that reads ‘Thank you’ and so did Mark, while she smiled at the two of them.
Detention was as boring as ever, Mr Sprouse had told them to not say a single word and read their book, Mark had silently apologized to Rebecca for a thousand times seeing how bored she was the whole time.
Finally it was eight pm, the day has gone dark and as everyone walked out of the class they grabbed their phones.
Mark and Rebecca walked home quietly together, the sky was covered with thick and dark grey skys, with no stars in the sky, It was about to rain but both of them knew nothing about that…

“So… you’re awfully quiet!” Mark said.
“So..?” Rebecca shrugged.
“Are you still mad at me?” Mark asked.
“No… I was but it’s no use detention is over… For Today” Rebecca sighed.
“I’m really sorry!” Mark apologized.
“It’s okay…” Rebecca replied, she really wasn’t mad, she just want to get home and eat, cause she was seriously hungry.

“Okay you don’t sound like you’re really o—
“i said it’s fine Mark” Rebecca snapped with a glare.
“Okay, fine and why do you get angry so quickly” Mark rolled his eyes.
“Because I hate annoying things” Rebecca eyed Mark.
“So you think I’m annoying”. Mark scoffed.
“Aren’t you?” Rebecca asked.
“okay…” Mark suddenly smiled.

“I know I never said anything funny” Rebecca stated.
“No you never did… You just remind me of my sister so much” Mark replied still smiling.
“Oh!” Rebecca breathed guilty and she suddenly got curious.

“Okay… Can I ask you something?!.. Please?” Rebecca looked at him.
“With the please I hope its not something I can’t answer” Mark replied.
“It’s about your sister”.
“oh… That!” Mark expression changed.
“Did she really… You know was it really suicide? Or something else?”.

“It wasn’t suicide… I lied… because no matter the people we told about how she died no one believed us.” Mark explained, his voice becoming weak.
Rebecca bit her bottom lip, debating on whether to ask him about it or stop cause he looked like he’s about to break down, and she had feelings, like everyone other human being, even though she’s rude and gets angry within a second.
But she was curious so she pressed.

“Then how did she die!??”.
Mark sighed trying to stay strong “She jumped from a ferris wheel”

“Wait… Then That’s suicide”. Rebecca stated.

Mark shook his head. “No… Something made her do it, she wasn’t in control of her own body when she did it!”.

“Wh..what?… What do you mean?” Rebecca asked.

“She was possessed!” Mark blurted and Rebecca’s eyes almost popped out of her head.

“Possessed… Possessed by what?” Rebecca asked and the grumbling of thunder made she and Mark look up.

“It’s going to rain anytime soon let’s walk faster” Mark said.

Rebecca wanted to ask her last question again thinking mark didn’t hear her but Mark heard her correctly and he started.
“We didn’t know what Kind of spirit possessed her, but she changed completely, I mean Jessica was still there but she felt like someone else. I wanted to save her I feel I’m the one who killed her cause I remembered when she told me, she heard voices, she saw weird things, I wished I had believed her then… Then maybe none of this would have happened!”.

Rebecca froze and her heart started to slam against her rib cage causing blood to travel through the veins in her body, causing a sudden hotness in her head.
‘Does that mean! The same thing is going to happen to me, is that why Mark said my story sounded familiar?’ Rebecca thought as Mark stopped too and turned to Rebecca.

“It’s okay really… Becca it’s not going to happen to you just because you hear… .” Mark said.
“The… Fortuneteller… she.. She.. Told you about history repeating itself…” Rebecca stutter suddenly getting cold.

“Well it’s not happening to you so you don’t have to freak out.” Mark said calmly, thunder grumbled again and heavy winds starts to blow.

“I said it’s not going to happen again?” Mark yelled, but he sighed when he realised he was going crazy thinking about the past.

Suddenly it’s start to rain, but the two of them made no move to start walking again.
Mark slowly took off his beanie and slipped it down Rebecca’s head covering half of her hair.

“c’mon we have to go” He said against the rain holding her and pulling her, he felt her tense body under his touch and he knew she was still frightened.
Rebecca slowly moved with Mark, though he was pulling her, she wasn’t the one there, her thought, her world everything was else where.
‘No that can’t happen to me!” she thought as she felt her eyes grow wet, she couldn’t even decipher if it was the rain droplets crawling down her cheeks or her tears.
T. B. C

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