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HER LAST WISH Chapter 39

HER LAST WISH Chapter 39


Zeemah Writes 📝




Dylan glanced at Dan severally in class, contemplating if he should thank him for helping him out yesterday or not.
Should he?

No, he isn’t going to.
Dan’s gonna feel like he now has the upper hand.
He finally stopped glancing in Dan’s direction after coming to the conclusion of not thanking him but geez, why is he feeling bad.

“Buddy, you not going to eat?” Dylan’s friends asked, approaching his seat.
“Go ahead y’all, I’ll join you” He said.
“Okay…See ya”

It’s lunch break and students were starting to move out of the class, Dylan knows he should approach Dan or he’s going to feel uneasy through out the day.
He’s not exactly gonna thank him though..

“Hey” He called out to Dan who was about walking past his seat with Layla.
Dylan wonders irritatedly if they’re glued together, you would never find Dan or Layla alone, they’re always with each other being all cheesy and stuff and it’s just so annoying.
He just can’t comprehend the fact that Dan who had always made him unhappy since he got transferred here is always so happy.
How can he be so happy and carefree and loving after taking everything away from him.

“Layla or…Me?” Dan asked.
“You ofcourse, Who’s she? I don’t have any business with her” Dylan said. He had felt so pissed after Layla legit declined his invitation to eat with him and even right in front of Dan.
Layla being the only last tool he could have used to unnerve Dan also failed. He feels so pissed with everything and that had prompted him to write that note and drop it in Dan’s locker and also punched Dan without thinking.

“I do not have any business with you either” Layla said. “And I do not appreciate you speaking to me like I’m nothing, that has to stop, really?” She added with a roll of eyes’ before stepping aside.

Dan and Dylan stared at her in surprise.

Layla’s heart raced where she stood but not in the way it normally do whenever she couldn’t control her feelings for Dylan, it raced in a strange way, in an unconstrained way, she couldn’t believe she uttered those words with ‘a roll of eyes’ directed to DYLAN and the most shocking part, it felt so good. She has had enough of Dylan talking down at her just because of how aware he was of her feelings for him. He had been so unfair to her but she ignored all of it and still pursued her feelings for him.
She had even almost ruined her friendship with Dan because of him. Thinking about everything now and she’s realising how much of a tolerant she had been.
A stupid tolerant probably…

This guy has clearly been taking advantage of her feelings for him and she’s so stupid to be realising that now, he would walk up to her and propose anything to her like he was so certain she wouldn’t dare refuse him.
And he even uses her to unnerve Dan at times.
A manipulative jerk!
She gave him the chance though, it’s clearly not his fault, it’s fully hers but should she be blamed for having feelings for someone and making it obvious she wanted him?

All these had all been in the picture for long and she wonder why she didn’t see it, it had been stark clear yet she was so blind to it.
What Dylan said just now is what he would have said to her on a normal day and she wouldn’t react this way, she wondered what changed her view so suddenly.
Although, she has kind of being having mixed feelings about Dylan for days now and she couldn’t pinpoint why. He just doesn’t seem to appeal to her anymore like he once does.
Setting her eyes on Dylan once meant the world to her, her heart would race and threaten to burst out of her chest but now she could feel close to nothing for him and it’s just so alarming considering how mad crazy she had been over him.

She had thought it had to do with her mind being so preoccupied nowadays but yesterday drew the line, she hadn’t cared about the bump on his chin, who wouldn’t care if their long time crush got a big and painful bump on their chin! She had felt sorry for him though and then nothing. She knew herself well enough to know that if Dylan still meant a lot to her, if she was still so crazy about him, she would have gone everywhere searching for a soothing balm.
She doesn’t even steal glances at him in class anymore, she doesn’t look so forward to seeing him anymore, she realised all these has been happening gradually but she hadn’t taken notice.

Whatever all this meant…she knows one thing for sure, her feelings for Dylan is not so strong as it used to be.

“Hey…seems you’re in shock” Dan waved his hand in front of Dylan’s face.
He was surprised himself but then again he’s glad Layla put Dylan in his place, how could he utter those words like Layla meant nothing, he had planned to put Dylan in his place but surprisingly Layla beat him to it.

Dylan finally looked like he was out of whatever dazed condition Layla’s words had thrown him into, he swallowed hard and finally faced Dan.
“You’re still shocked?” Dan mocked. “I’m a bit surprised also, but she did the right thing. Go ahead and say whatever you called me for”
“Shocked? I’m not” Dylan lied, a lie that was so visible on his face. He’s truly shocked, he never expected that from Layla, he would never have expected that from her, she always looked so smitten with him to have turned against him this quick! She never talked back at him…even when he had said the meanest things to her. What prompted this?
Not like he cares though…but fuck it, he cares!!!
He shouldn’t be surprised though, of course Dan would have filled her with unpleasant details about him, her rebelling against him shouldn’t shake him so much.

“She doesn’t mean anything to me so I don’t care about whatever she says” Dylan said, to Layla’s hearing.
That didn’t make her flinch where she stood and Dan almost applauded her.
“Whatever…go ahead with whatever it is you wanna say” Dan said, getting impatient. He was not happy about making Layla wait, they still have to go to the school infirmary before going to the cafeteria.

“You helped me yesterday just so you could show off right?” Dylan asked.
“Is this what you really called me for?” Dan asked with a raised brow.
“I never asked you to help me, and I know you didn’t do it genuinely because there’s no how you could have helped me after everything that happened, you only did that so you could show off, tell everyone you helped Dylan and then get praises huh” Dylan scoffed.
“I bet everyone already knew how you helped my ‘sorry’ ass” He added.

“I’m not a blabbermouth, I didn’t even deem it fit to tell anyone, it’s not like I won a trophy or anything, you’re actually the one announcing it to the world now and as a matter of fact, I helped you because I didn’t want you serving your punishment late into the night but it seems I was wrong to have done that.” Dan said, walking away.
He took Layla’s hand and they both walked out of the class.

“You helped him with his punishment after you were done with yours?” Layla asked Dan who nodded.
“Oh wow” She sighed.
Dan shrugged.
“You know what I love most about you?” Layla asked.
“What?” Dan smiled.
“Your heart” Layla said and Dan felt that heart of his race faster as he looked into her eyes. The feeling was not new but it felt more intense.
“Not you making me feel so mushy right now…geez” He said and they chuckled.

“And…are you okay?” He asked her.
“After blasting Dylan?” She asked and he nodded.
“I am, it feels strangely good”
“Really?” Dan asked in surprise, he had thought she would be filled with regrets on how she had spoken to Dylan and probably be looking for ways to apologize but Layla’s not even looking apologetic a bit.
“I must have taken you by surprise” She smiled.
“Of course” Dan said.
“I took myself by surprise also” She said.
“Don’t feel bad okay? As long as he didn’t feel bad saying those words to you,you shouldn’t also feel bad returning those words to him okay?” Dan assured her and she nodded.
“I’m glad you put him in his place though, way to go” He winked and she grinned, kinda feeling proud of herself.

“Here we go again” Dan groaned and they chuckled as they walked into the school infirmary.


Dan started getting ready to leave the school detention, he was done summarizing the set of books given to him today.
“Hol’up” Dylan stopped him as he was about leaving.
“Me?” Dan asked in surprise.
“Yeah” Dylan said, not able to meet his gaze.
Dan wonders why surprises keep popping up on him today.
“What?” Dan asked.

“Would you…help me…complete these….please?” Dylan asked after hesitating for a while.
He would never have thought he would ask for Dan’s help, but he really has no choice right now, the books they were given today are larger and three in number and there’s no how he would finish it today, he’s not even done with one and that means he will have to come back tomorrow, spending another day in this hell of a place doing one of the things he hates most is just unimaginable.
For the first time, he had set his pride aside to ask someone for something.
“You want me to help you complete the books?” Dan asked, to be clear.

Dylan bit his lip… What was he thinking? Dan would never help him, not with how he had clearly told him he didn’t need his help earlier today, why didn’t he think of that before making this huge embarrassing move.

“Okay” Dan sat back on his chair, he knows Dylan’s probably feeling too embarrassed to talk right now, Dan knew what it must have taken for someone like Dylan to set his pride aside and ask for help and he isn’t gonna turn him down.

“Yunno what?…continue with that one you’re reading and pass me the remaining two, let’s do this quickly” Dan stretched and rubbed his hands together in preparation.
“C’mon, pass the books already and stop staring” Dan prompted when Dylan wouldn’t stop staring in surprise, He knows Dylan had probably thought he would turn him down…. That’s what someone like Dylan would have done but he wasn’t built that way.

Dylan finally passed the two books to Dan.

“The…note I dropped in your desk..” Dylan swallowed hard and then continue “it’s only a threat, it was just to make you uneasy. You always looked like nothing could unnerve you so I had to do that.” Dylan spilled.
Dan smiled…”Of course I know and do you probably know why you hate me so much? I know you could go ahead and mention lots of petty reasons but I think you should know this… Your insecurity after I resumed this school made you detest me… Try to get rid of feeling insecure and you see there’s really nothing to hate about me”

“Let’s do this and hurry out of here” Dan patted Dylan’s shoulder who looked stunned.
“C’mon” Dan prompted when it looked as if Dylan was too dazed to return back to his book.
They have to leave here soon.
“Concentrate on the book for now and think about other things later, it’s getting late” Dan advised and Dylan found himself nodding numbly.

The rest of their stay in the school detention passed in silence and they both walked out after they were done.


“I guess Dan is out now?” Aria said to Layla who just finished ending her call with Dan.
“Yeah” She smiled. Aria had found out about Dan’s school detention yesterday when Layla won’t stop calling Anne to ask about Dan.
“Good, you’ll stop worrying now” Aria said and Layla nodded, still smiling.

There’s something I want to tell you though” Aria said, her face lightening up.
“Really?” Layla scooted closer, wondering what could make Aria’s face this lit up.
“Jane is gonna have a younger sibling soon” Aria said, smiling happily.
“OMG…Aria!” Layla squealed in delight, hugging Aria closely.

Aria giggled happily in Layla’s embrace.
“Congratulations Aria!” Layla said delightfully after they finally let go of each other.
“Thank you” Aria smiled.
“Wow, this is just great. I’m so happy right now! God!” She hugged Aria again.

“So…a baby is in there?” Layla asked, looking amazed as she stared at Aria’s flat stomach.
Aria nodded, laughing at the look on Layla’s face.
“Your husband must be so happy and Jane also”
“They are both excited. Jane can barely wait for the baby’s arrival, she was so upset when we told her the baby won’t arrive until after seven months” Aria said and they both laughed.

“You’re two months gone” Layla said.
“Yeah and it’s just so funny how I’m only just finding out recently”
“I’m so happy for you Aria, I’m excited!” Layla grinned, holding Aria’s hand excitedly.
“Thanks Layla” Aria smiled, Layla’s acting just how Jane had acted… just like the older version of Jane and it really melted Aria’s heart.

“And…what are you going to do about work, Yunno how stressful it can be at times and that won’t be healthy for the baby” Layla stated worriedly.
“I’m going to continue working, there’s nothing to worry about as long as I have you with me” Aria winked and Layla smiled.
“Of course, I’m going to assist you always but what if I’m away at school and the work gets really tedious”
“I’m going to pull through,trust me. I’ll take gentle steps, I won’t do anything to upset the baby” Aria assured just like she had assured Dave, her husband.
He had also told her to stop working. It took her hours before she could finally convince him to let her continue working. She can’t leave Layla here all by herself.

Layla sigh. “I really wish I can be with you all the time to assist you. But I’m still going to, in anyway I can”
“Thanks Layla and I have the doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, so I might arrive later than usual”
“Oh okay”
“I know how things get really busy on Saturdays, I’m going to make sure to arrive on time to join you”
“No, take your time. Yunno how strong I am right?, I’m going to handle it all, trust me. Thinking of it now, I wonder why I’m yet to be awarded the strongest girl of the decade” Layla pouted.
“C’mon” Aria laughed.

They both got to their feet to attend to the customers who just walked in.

“Have you told Phil?” Layla asked.
“I’m going to before i leave for home” Aria said.
“Oh okay” Layla said.
Aria’s pregnancy reminded her of the pregnancy test kit she saw in Phil’s restroom but she quickly brushed off the thought as soon as it came to her mind.



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