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HER LAST WISH Chapter 40

HER LAST WISH Chapter 40


Zeemah Writes 📝





“Seems Winter is approaching” Layla sigh, closing back her curtains.
She said her morning prayer before walking into the bathroom to freshen up for the day.
She has made the habit of saying her morning prayer now. Because Why not?

Although since her mother’s death, she stopped saying it, she only says it whenever she feels like but now she has developed the habit again and it feels good. Praying to God every morning makes her day brighter.

She dropped her toothbrush in its space after she was done brushing her teeth, peeled off her nightwear and then slipped into the shower.

Walking back into her room, she dried the water off her body and then quickly moisturized her skin, she settled for a cropped white top and blue baggy jeans.
She gently handbrushed her hair, she has stopped using her hair comb since her hair started falling off.
She’s scared every strand of her hair will pull off from the scalp and she’ll remain bald.

Even as much as she always try not to think of her condition, handbrushing her hair every morning reminds her of it.
Asides fatigue and the falling off of her hair, she hasn’t started experiencing other symptoms and she wonder why.
She’s grateful though, she can’t afford to welcome other symptoms or she’s gonna breakdown completely, she’s really on the verge of breaking down, how she holds herself still is just something she can’t seem to understand.

She put on her footwear and then walked out of her room.
She’ll need to prepare breakfast before going to the Cafe.

“Good morning Phil” She greeted, on getting to the living room.
“Good morning” Phil responded before turning back to the TV.
“What should I prepare for breakfast?”
” I’ll order pizza or something. Aria won’t be coming today though” Phil said.
“Oh okay” Layla said, but Aria only told her she’ll be arriving later than usual not that she won’t be coming at all…well, maybe something came up.

“Will you be fine at the Cafe alone today?” Phil asked.
“Of course, I should go get my bag and get going” Layla said.
“Just wait till pizza arrives, so you can eat something before leaving” Phil said, picking her phone to order pizza.
“Okay” Layla said.
Phil’s sudden change is still something she’s yet to get over or process in her head. This was someone that was so mean to her, doesn’t care if she eats or not.

Layla picked up her phone from her bedside table as she sat on her bed.
She switched it on and her face lit up like it does every morning whenever she sees the notification of Dan’s message.
She clicked on it.

Dan— Morning! I think it’s Winter already.

Layla— I think so too❄️ Morning! How was your night?

Dan— Perfect. Yours?

Layla— Great, felt so good to wake up to Winter.

Dan— Haha, Same here. But it’s only a matter of time before we start shivering and going everywhere in thick winter jackets 😩

Layla— LMAO

Dan— Not going to the Cafe??

Layla— I will, waiting for breakfast to arrive. Phil ordered pizza.

Dan— Good for you and you should eat enough. Yunno the Cafe is always so busy and tedious on Saturdays.

Layla— I know right😩

Dan— You should say hi to Aria for me .

Layla— Oh, she won’t be coming today.

Dan— Really?

Layla— Yup, I think something’s up.

Dan— Ohh

“Layla pizza is here!” Phil shouted from the living room.
“Be out in a minute” Layla shouted back.

Layla— Gotta go.

Dan— Okay… Byeeee.


Layla put on her apron and washed her hands to begin the day’s work.
Two customers are seated already and she walked towards them to take their order.

“Three cappuccino please” She heard a familiar voice and some familiar giggles.
She turned to the entrance and saw her three best friends walk in..

“Guys!” She smiled, taking turns to hug them.
“How are you?” They asked.
“I’m good and I can see you guys are great also. Excuse me please” Layla said and quickly took the customers order.
She walked to the counter to start preparing it.
More customers walked in.
“You guys go grab a table, I’ll be with you shortly” Layla smiled at her friends.
“Nah, we didn’t come here to sit” Rylan said.
“Huh?” Layla asked.
“We’re here to replace Aria for today” Fel winked.
“What..?” Layla looked from one face to another, her gaze finally landed on Dan. She had literally told Dan Aria won’t be coming and…he had contacted the rest of them to show up and assist her for today.

“Don’t you dare tear up!” Felia warned.
“And don’t try to tell us not to bother, we’re going nowhere” Dan added, knowing Layla.
“Yup, where are the aprons and hair cover” Rylan said.

“I love you guys so much. Thank you” Layla sniffed back tears.
“We love you more but there’s no time for mushy stuff right now, more customers are in already. Let’s begin” Fel said and Layla smiled.
She showed her where the aprons and hair covers are and they all put it on except Dan who only had the hair cover on, they washed their hands and together they all set to work.


“Wow, you and Aria are doing one hell of a job Layla. And to think we’re four and I still feel this tired after everything then I can imagine how it must be for just two people” Fel said.
They were done for the day, they are the only ones remaining in the cafe drinking coffee after a long tedious day..
Phil had actually told them to have coffee after they were all done, she had showed up earlier in the day and then went back home hours later. She seemed glad Layla got some help.

“Exactly and to think Layla would have done all this by herself if we hadn’t shown up. Wow” Rylan shook his head .
“Actually, it gets this busy and tiresome only on Saturdays. Besides, it’s because you’re not used to it. It gets a lot easier when one get used to it” Layla said.
“But really, you’re very strong. I really admire you to be honest, even when we all took a rest, you were still up and running. That’s just..” Fel sigh to complete her words .
“Not Fel making me feel this flattered” Layla said and they chuckled.

“Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate your help” Layla said.
“Don’t thank us, you did the most work” Rylan said.
“You guys help still came in handy, and I’m so grateful”
“I was so touched…it’s a wonder I didn’t cry. Thank you” Layla said holding their hands.
“C’mon, why are we even friends if we can’t show up for one another” Dan said.
“Of course” Fel nodded.
“Still, Thank you” Layla said.
“Okay, enough of the ‘thank you’ Layla, let’s go get something to eat guys, I’m starving” Rylan groan.
“Ah. Was about saying that” Dan said.
“Let’s lock up and go to a restaurant then” Fel said.
“Bills on me” Rylan said.
“I’m so gonna wreck you today” Fel threatened, looking so serious that they all laughed.


“I bet the cost of their meals will be so outrageous” Layla sigh, looking round the restaurant in awe.
From the building to the classic settings, down to the aesthetics… everything screams “OUTRAGEOUS!”
“Fel, you should have just..chose another place” Layla said.
“This place is nice also, their meals are great, trust me” Fel said.
“Of course, I know that but it’s gonna be damn expensive” Layla said.
“Not really, actually. Their prices are quite reasonable” Fel said.

They were seated already, checking out the menu.

The waiter approached them to take their orders.
“I’ll just have your signature dish” Fel said to the Waiter, who stood neatly dressed and at attention.
“Same here” Dan and Rylan said.
They all glanced at Layla when she didn’t say anything.
“Aren’t you ordering?” Dan asked.
“I’ll go with that also” She said, looking a bit embarrassed.
The Waiter bowed and walked away.
“What’s wrong? You don’t like this place? Do you want us to go to another place?” Dan asked her.
“No, it’s fine” Layla said. “For real” She added.
She was actually having second thoughts because the dish seemed pretty expensive.

They were served fries and sauce with drinks to have until their meal get ready.

“I’m not going to eat these because there’s no way I’ll be able to eat my meal once it finally get here” Fel said.
“Not me” Rylan said, chewing the fries already.
“Of course, not you” Fel rolled her eyes. “You’re actually going to develop a big stomach soon, trust me”
“I don’t mind” Rylan winked and then laughed.
“Stop winking please, it makes you look so scary” Fel groaned.
“What? My wink alone has won hundreds of hearts” Rylan bragged.
“Duhhh” Fel rolled her eyes again.

“Rylan, who are you dating now?” Dan asked, he knew how girls are all over Rylan and he also knows Rylan’s relationships do not exceed two weeks max.
“One boring girl from the junior class” Fel said.
“Really? I always told you to stay away from the Juniors Ry.” Dan said.
“I do but they don’t stay away from me. So…” Rylan shrugged.
“You’re a jerk” Dan sigh.

“You actually need to be in a serious relationship for once in your life” Dan said.
“I’ve not seen anyone eligible for that yet” Rylan said, almost done with his fries.
“Why don’t you and Fel just try something out” Dan suggested even after knowing they were both going to probably roast him alive.

“What!!!” They both screamed in horror, glanced at each other before finally giving Dan the beatings he knew he deserved.
Layla laughed as she sipped her drink.


Layla walked into the house with her stomach filled, she’s only going to hurt herself if she dares eat dinner tonight.
She’s just going to prepare dinner for Phil and then go to bed.

“Hi Phil” Layla greeted, stepping into the living room.
“Hi. Have you called Aria?” Phil asked and Layla thought Phil’s voice sounded off but she brushed it off, she guess she had only imagined it.
“Not yet, I plan to call her once I get to my room”
“Okay” Phil swallowed hard, deliberating if to break the news to Layla or not..
She bit her lips as she thought about it.

“Is there anything wrong?” Layla asked.
Phil’s acting so unusual and restless.

“Actually…” Phil sigh, she should tell Layla anyway.
“What?” Layla asked, starting to get disoriented as she realised Phil’s voice had indeed sounded off, she hadn’t imagined it. And that means something’s wrong.
“Aria had a miscarriage” Phil finally announced.
“What!” Layla screamed, dropping on the couch.
“And her husband said she won’t be coming to work anymore”

Aria’s husband had actually called her this morning that Aria was feeling slight pain in her stomach and they have to go to the hospital and Phil knowing her condition gave her the day off.
But just some minutes after she arrived home from the Cafe, Dave called again and said Aria had a miscarriage and won’t be coming to work anymore because the goddamn stress of the work had made her miscarry the baby, he hadn’t even given her the chance to say anything before ending the call.

So crazy.

Phil sigh loudly after seeing the tears lacing Layla’s eyes.


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