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HER LAST WISH Chapter 44

HER LAST WISH Chapter 44


Zeemah Writes 📝





“It seems as though you’re the only one not freaked about the upcoming exam and I’m not even surprised” Layla said to Dan.
They were in the library, after having lunch, she had told him they should quickly read something before lunch is over and here they are.
Dan picked up a novel to read instead of a school book and their exam is right at the corner, the library’s even more packed with students.

“But Exam is still in few weeks, I don’t want to start reading ahead now” He pouted and she didn’t know where the stupid thought of kissing him came from, she quickly brushed it away.

God…what’s wrong with her.

“I can’t believe this library’s now so packed with students” Dan laughed.
“I can clearly remember how sparing it always was whenever we came” Layla laughed also.
“Most students only get serious whenever exam is near” Dan said, trying not to smile as he indirectly teased Layla.
Layla has never suggested coming to the library, though she always come with him whenever he suggests it but she only picks up novels to read and never a school book but right now, guess who has three school books in front of her.
“Well…that’s me and I know you’re indirectly teasing me” She rolled her eyes and glared at him, pretending to be pissed.

He chuckled, trying to keep his voice low. “I wasn’t talking about you, I said most students…do you fall in that category?” He teased further, folding his lips in to stop himself from laughing again.
Layla hit him with a book and he didn’t know how the laughter escaped from his mouth, loudly…

The librarian ended up asking them both to leave, she has actually warned them earlier to stop disturbing other students and they had really tried to keep their voice low but his laughter had given them out.
They both burst into laughter after stepping out of the library.

“You’re so silly..gosh” Layla said, still laughing as they walked back to their class.
“Your laughter made us get chased out of the library” She said, smacking him on the back after she stopped laughing.
“Ouch! You were the one who made me laugh in there and that was the reason we were asked to leave” Dan said, rubbing the spot she had hit him.
“You shouldn’t have teased me in the first place” She rolled her eyes..
“I wasn’t teasing you, I said most students…I didn’t know you were in that category” Dan said and started laughing again, laughing so hard that Layla knew he was mocking her.

“You’re so dead right now” She said and he was smart enough to run off.
She chased him in the school hallway while he laughed, she knew she would never be able to catch up with him but it’s worth trying.
He would stop and when she’s about getting together him, he would swing his butt, stick out his tongue and run off again, laughing hard.
He kept repeating that and she couldn’t stop herself from laughing any longer.
She laughed as she chased him.

Students stared at them as they passed but they were oblivious of every other person asides themselves.
They were having great fun.


“Is it starting to subside?” Dan asked Anne, walking into her room with
She nodded,sprawled on her bed trying not to cry from the menstrual cramps she was feeling.
She’s always had one of the most painful cramps ever that it made her start dreading that time of the month.
She has extreme period pains every month.
But she’s so lucky because her brother is always with her, trying to do everything he can to ease her pain. He prepares her warm compress, fill her water bottle, prepare her meds, prepare her pads, wrap her in a blanket and watch her sleep.
She doesn’t even know what she would do without him.

She always pray the first day passes so quickly, she doesn’t feel any pain on the second and third day but the first day literally shows her hell.

The only way she can escape the pain is by sleeping but the damn thing won’t make her sleep, the pain is so intense that it felt as though her stomach was being pulled apart.
How could she sleep…

“I told Layla I was going to come today, now who’s going to be with her” She managed to say, even speaking was not so easy during this period.
She’s feeling quite bad, not able to make it to the Cafe today to be with Layla and she knows Dan wouldn’t go also, he won’t leave her.
“C’mon, Layla also knows your condition. I’m sure she won’t mind. I already texted Fel and she’s excited to go join Layla” Dan said.
“Oh” Anne sigh, relieved.

“You’ll be fine okay?” He said and she nodded.
“I can’t believe you’ll keep experiencing this excruciating pain every month, it’s so unfair” Dan frowned as he started preparing the warm compress.
She smiled.
She knows if its possible for Dan to get his hands on this thing called ‘cramps’ he would beat it up without hesitation for causing his sister this much pain every month but ‘Mrs Cramps is so lucky’
She laughed softly, thinking about it.
“What’s funny?” Dan asked, though glad the pain is already relieving her, Anne wouldn’t laugh if the pain was still unbearable.

“Just having some weird ass thought” She smiled.
“Oops” She sigh.
“The pain has kicked in again?” Dan asked.
She nodded and he tightened his fist.
“If only I could get my hands on this thing, I swear…it isn’t going to survive it” He threatened, and that took Anne back to her thought.

She laughed, despite the pain she was feeling.


“She’s still asleep” Mrs Keyes said, walking into Anne’s room with Mr Keyes behind her.
They just got back from work.
“Hi Mom, Dad” Dan said, he was beside Anne reading a book while she slept.
“Daniel, how are you?”
“I’m good” He said, they both kissed him on the cheeks.

“My baby” Mrs Keyes said, crouching by Anne’s side and then kissing her softly all over the face.
“Jennifer, you’re going to wake her” Mr Keyes said.
Mrs Keyes stopped, staring at her sleeping daughter, feeling so sorry she has to go through this every month.

“Is her cramps very intense today?” Mr Keyes asked, touching his daughter’s forehead gently.
“Not very” Dan said. “You guys should leave, you’re going to wake her up, it was so hard getting her to sleep”
“Okay, I should go and start preparing dinner then” Mrs Keyes said, kissing Anne’s cheeks before grabbing her bag from the table.
“Should I come help you?” Dan asked.
“No, just stay with her, yunno how cranky she might get if she wakes without seeing you beside her. Christ is going to assist me, let’s go Christ” Mrs Keyes said, pulling her husband with her.
They closed the door gently after stepping out.
Dan put the hair on Anne’s forehead in place, covered her properly with her blanket and then grabbed her laptop to watch a movie.


“Two people already applied for Aria’s post” Phil informed Layla who was preparing dinner in the kitchen.
She came to grab a drink.
“Really?” Layla asked.
“Yeah, i already told the both to come tomorrow morning to the Cafe for interview, I’m going to select the best person” Phil said.
“Oh okay” Layla said. “Will the person start tomorrow?”
“Of course, I intentionally stated in the qualification that the person must have worked in a Cafe before applying, I did that so the person would start working immediately after interview, I have no time explaining to anyone how a Cafe is run” Phil poured the drink in a glass cup and grabbed the pack of chips.
“Here” She poured some of the chips in a clean plate. “You can also have that while you work” She said, dropping the plate in front of Layla. She picked up the remaining chips and her glass of drink before walking out of the kitchen.

“Thanks Phil” Layla finally shouted after her after recovering from the surprise.



“Hi Dan” Chloe said, standing in front of Dan’s seat.
“Chloe what’s up?” Dan asked.
“There’s something I have to tell you” She said, swallowing hard.
She’s finally going to tell Dan how she feels for him, she can’t keep hiding and liking him from afar he needs to know how she feels. Her friends also supports her decision but they made her know she’s likely to get rejected and then advised her not to take it to heart if she eventually get rejected. She also knows the probability of getting rejected by Dan is high but she’s still willing to try, confessing her feelings for him is better than hiding, at least it’ll make her know her stance, she has never dealt with rejection, no one has ever rejected her, perhaps that’s what gave her the courage to decide to approach Dan.

” Oh really? Go ahead” Dan said.
“Not now actually, later”
“Okay” Dan said.
“Yeah” Chloe said before walking back to her seat.

“To think Chloe would literally stand in front of me and actually not give me a bad look… wow. Her new behavior suits her so much, I’m glad she’s a changed person” Layla said.
“I’m glad also” Dan said.
The teacher walked in and the class started for the day.


Dan was by his locker after changing back into his school uniform, they just finished playing football in the school field, today’s Thursday and they engage in school activities after lunch break.
He thought of going to check Layla at the school pool as he placed his sweat-filled jersey in his locker, he closed it and was a bit startled to suddenly find Chloe standing there.
“You scared me” He said.
“Sorry” She smiled.

He remembered she said she had something to tell him, and that’s the only reasonable reason she’s here.
“Do you want us to sit somewhere and talk?” He asked.
“No, I’m fine here”

“Go ahead” He prompted after she remained mute.
“I like you Dan” She finally blurted after gathering every bit of the courage left in her “I like you so much, I’ve had feelings for you for so long, and I’ve tried everything I can to make you notice me but you just don’t. I just can’t get over thinking about you every time. I would really be glad if we can… date, like…be in a relationship” Chloe said, holding her breath as she waited for him to talk.
Dan sigh, this isn’t the first time he’ll be getting this from girls and he doesn’t like it because of how hurt and sad they do look whenever he rejects them, the last thing he wants is being the cause of someone’s sadness.

“Chloe, just like how your heart chose me, my heart chose another person also” He said and Chloe has never felt tears rush to her eyes this fast. She has never has to feel rejection, she rejects other people instead, she didn’t know it hurts this much.
God, she feels like she’s going to get sick.

“It’s just so crazy how these things work, liking someone and then the person liking another. Chloe, I’m so sorry, it isn’t your fault, your heart chose me and there’s nothing you can do to control it, liking someone is just something we have no control over ”
He wiped her tears “I know it hurts but trust me, you’ll be fine. You’re so beautiful and so many guys want you and I’m sure you’ll get over this soon, you’re a strong lady” He said, patting her back gently as he gave her a light hug.

“Can we at least be friends?” Chloe asked, sniffing.
“Of course, we’re friends” Dan said.
“No, I mean friends that…invites each other to their birthday parties” Chloe said and Dan smiled.
“Okay Chloe, there’s no problem with that” he said.
“Are you sure?” She asked.
“Of course” He assured.
“You’re going to invite me to your birthday parties and also honor my invite?” Chloe asked again.
“Of course Chloe” Dan smiled, knowing she’s yet to believe him.

“You do not believe me right? Okay, let me have your contact” He said grabbing his phone from his locker.
“Yeah, I do not ask for anyone’s contact except I’m ready to make them my friend, like my real friend”
Chloe smiled as she punched her numbers into Dan’s phone, at least she’ll now get to be his friend and not just a classmate, that alone made the rejection hurt less.
Dan’s glad he didn’t make Chloe completely sad, at least he did something to make her smile even after turning her down she’s a changed person now and he doesn’t see anything wrong in making her his proper friend.

Chloe passed his phone back to him and he saved her contact and texted her.
“I texted you already” He said.
“Really? Im not with my phone right now but I’m going to reply you immediately I get home” She said.
“That’s fine”
“Can I ask you something?” She asked.
“Go ahead”
“Layla’s the person your heart chose right?”
Dan nodded without hesitation.
“She’s so lucky and she actually deserves someone like you” Chloe said, “I’ll reply your text once I get home.”
She walked away and Dan sigh.

He feels ashamed of himself, when a female could walk up to him to confess her feelings, what’s stopping him from doing the same for the person he loves. Females walk up to him knowing they’ll probably get rejected but they still go ahead and here he is, hiding his feelings like a scared cat.
He saw Layla approach him and then made up his mind to confess his feelings to her right there and then.

“Dan” She smiled.
“Layla, I like you” He said before he could change his mind again.
“I like you too buddy” She chuckle.
“No…no, I didn’t mean…” He was saying but stopped.
“What?” Layla asked.
“Nevermind” He said, faking a smile when all he wanted was giving himself a hard knock on the head.
“Is there something wrong?” Layla asked.
“Nothing, I hope you enjoyed swimming”
“Yeah I did, it was fun”


Layla walked into the Cafe and seeing another person in Aria’s spot made her heart ache painfully, realisation finally dawning on her. Aria would really not be coming anymore.
The girl by the counter should be just her age, she has the shortest Bob Layla has ever seen, her nose and chin is pierced and she has the look of someone older and more experienced than her age. Phil told her the girl is a school drop out and she had impressed her more than the other lady had so she chose her. As Layla got closer, she could bet the girl has seen and gone through a lot, her eyes were dark and grim.

“Hi” Layla greeted.
“I’m Layla…”
“The Boss’s niece, I don’t need introduction. And do not feel you can come here anytime you deem fit, making me work extra hours. I’m only getting paid for working from eight to four, just eight hours. I won’t appreciate you coming in to take over later than that. Excuse me” She grabbed her bag and walked away.

Layla stared at her as she walked away, dumbfounded.

What In the world is this….

She was forced to glance at the wall clock…

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