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HER LAST WISH Chapter 45

HER LAST WISH Chapter 45


Zeemah Writes 📝




“So what do you think of Mirabel?” Phil asked Layla.
They were seated in the living room after dinner, watching a movie.
“Her name is Mirabel?” Layla asked.
“Of course, didn’t you guys get to know each other?” Phil asked.
“Well…no, I guess she was in a bad mood today”
“Oh” Phil said. “You guys will get to know each other tomorrow then”.
“Yeah” Layla said.

After Mirabel rudely left, Layla had put it that she was in a bad mood. Who in the right mood would behave in that rude manner, and she hadn’t even arrived at the Cafe late, she is to arrive at the Cafe by 4pm and when Mirabel left, she had checked the time, it was only 4 :10. Surely, that’s not enough to make someone that pissed.
She’ll try to arrive earlier tomorrow, if arriving late had pissed Mirabel off that badly.


“Hey, what’s wrong?” Dan asked Layla who obviously has been giving him attitude, he has noticed it from their chat the night before.
“What do you mean?” She asked.. and even the tone of her voice shows she’s pissed at him.
He wonder what he did, he tried thinking back but he couldn’t actually get what he did wrong. They were in good terms yesterday, nothing was wrong, even after she got home, they chatted before she went to the cafe and then, in the night, he texted her to talk to her about the viral picture of him and Chloe hugging that was posted in the school group.

Although Chloe debunked the rumor in the school group immediately and stated they were just friends but the students are not having it, they keep spreading false rumor and exaggerating the whole thing, he doesn’t even care, anyone can think whatever they want, what he’s concerned about now is the reason Layla’s giving him attitude.

“I know you’re pissed at me but it’s unfair not knowing what I did to warrant such attitude from you” He said.
She stared at him wondering why she’s giving the poor boy unnecessary attitude. Although, she’s genuinely pissed he has now made Chloe his friend without telling her, aren’t best friends supposed to tell each other everything, but that’s not even the issue. She’s actually pissed at herself for feeling pissed at him for hugging Chloe. Why should she be pissed over that! Exactly, that’s what is making her so pissed.
The reason she was so mad yesterday after she saw the picture, the reason she started giving Dan attitude after seeing him hug another girl is just something she’s yet to comprehend.

He isn’t her boyfriend, he’s only her best friend, why should she get so mad and jealous and that’s exactly what’s making her mad at herself.
She knows what’s happening to her, she’s well aware of the dumb feelings she’s developing and the refusal to admit is making her go crazy.
She likes Dan… She likes her best friend!! What the hell. And now she’s giving him attitude because she likes him??

Isn’t that crazy.

Well, she likes him or not, she isn’t going to make it count, she should discard of the feeling as soon as she can, she isn’t going to nurse that feeling. Hell no.
Gosh, she can’t even believe herself.
Now she gets why Dylan doesn’t appeal to her anymore. It’s much more better for Dylan to appeal to her than Dan, Dan is her best friend and whatever stupid feeling she’s starting to develop for him might ruin their friendship and she doesn’t want that. She wondered where this pointless feeling arose from.
She’s so shameless, falling in love with her best friend.
She should better try to start making Dylan appeal to her again. If only that’s possible.

God, what has she gotten into.

“Layla” Dan called.
“Dan, you did nothing wrong, I’m the one being so stupid and dumb here, I’m so sorry for giving you unnecessary attitude” She said, feeling ashamed.
“What are you feeling so stupid and dumb about?” He asked.
“I want to mind” He said. “And don’t try dismissing it. I want to know what you’re feeling so dumb and stupid about”
She sigh. “Really?”
He nodded.
“Well…I’m not telling you, you can’t know that”
“Why?” He asked.
“Because it is very unnecessary”

“Are you….pissed because I didn’t tell you about Chloe and I?” He asked.
So he knew not telling her he’s now friends with Chloe would piss her off and he still went ahead to keep it from her.
“Well .. yeah. You knew that would piss me off and you still went ahead to keep it from me?” She asked wondering what went wrong.
Dan is not someone to keep things from her, he tells her almost everything, is he really having a thing with Chloe? Is that why he didn’t tell her? The thought made her inside turn. She really hopes nothing is up between him and Chloe or she’s gonna go crazy.
She’s crazy enough as it is.

“And you think it’s unnecessary to feel pissed because of it? No, you’re not being dumb or stupid, you have the right to be mad, we’re best friends and I should tell you everything, I’m sorry Layla. I completely forgot about it, or I would have told you”
“Are you guys really friends now?” She asked.
“Yeah and there’s an explanation behind it, I’ll tell you over lunch” He said.
“Okay” She said, relieved. Dan forgot or she knows he would have told her.

“I’m really sorry Layla” Dan apologized.
“It’s fine, i know you truly forgot, you’re not someone to keep things from me, if you had remembered, you would have told me”
“You know that right?” He asked.
“Of course, so do not apologize anymore, it’s okay”
“Thanks Layla”
“Gosh, Dan why are you thanking me again”
“For forgiving me” He smiled.
“C’mon! You shouldn’t actually apologize for something you didn’t do intentionally, just stop it already okay?”
“Okay ma’am” He said and was glad she smiled for the first time this morning.
“Seeing that picture on the school group actually made me realise that I’m yet to tell you and I messaged you immediately so I could explain, not knowing my best friend who only suggests to visit the library when exam is near already saw it and got mad, and planned to give me silent treatment till today’s over” Dan teased with a raised brow.
Layla laughed, “just shut up already, will you?”
“I won’t” He chuckled, glad to have achieved his aim of making her laugh.

“Actually, I should also apologize to you. I should have just told you what you did wrong and make you know I’m pissed instead of giving you attitude and planning not to speak to you till today’s over like you said”
“Nah, you girls are more emotional, your emotions get to you so quick and you react to it” Dan said.
“I guess you’re right” Layla pressed her lips together.

“Phil already employed someone else to take Aria’s place” She told him.
“Wow, and how do you feel about that?” Dan asked.
“I feel nothing” Layla shrugged, “Okay, lies, I feel something, I miss Aria so much and the fact that she would no longer be working with me is just so painful”
“I know” Dan held her hands, “but I know you’ll get over it soon. Just take It easy on yourself okay?”
She nodded. “Seeing someone else replace her hurt so much”

“The person resumed already?” Dan asked.
“Yeah, yesterday” Layla said, remembering how Mirabel had acted so rude to her.
“How’s she? Is she kind?” Dan asked, hoping this person would actually also help in Layla getting over Aria’s absence.
“She’s just my age, Phil said she’s an high school drop out”
“Wow” Dan sigh.
“Is she kind?” He asked.
“Well..I guess she was in a bad mood yesterday” Layla said.
“That means she wasn’t nice to you. Not when I was starting to think she’ll help you in getting over Aria” Dan said, looking disappointed.
“You know we all have bad times, maybe I happen to meet her during one of her bad times” Layla said.

“Yeah, but it’s unfair to make other people bear the brunt of our bad times, making other people suffer for what they know nothing about is just not fair, honestly. I don’t like people who do that” Dan said.
“Well…let’s see what happens today.” Layla said.
” Anne saw her?” Dan asked
“No, she didn’t. Anne arrived some minutes after she left” Layla said.


Layla left for the Cafe as soon as she was done dressing up.
She was there in few minutes and as soon as Mirabel saw her walk in, she untied her apron, dropped her hair cover and picked her bag.

“Good to see you take lessons” Mirabel said, glancing at the wall clock..


“Excuse me?” Layla asked.
“Well…I’m off, take over” She said, about walking away..
“Hold on” Layla said and she stopped, turning to look at her impatiently.
“I’m sorry to be wasting your time but we are co workers, Shouldn’t we at least get to know each other” Layla said.
“I guess you know my name is Mirabel and I know your name also, that’s okay for workers to know about each other, I do not have the luxury of time for long ass introduction and I’m here to work, not chat.” She said and walked away.

Layla sigh, Mirabel is having no bad times, she isn’t in a sour mood, she’s just so rude.
Now realizing how Mirabel is, Layla also decided to keep to herself. She can’t possibly force Mirabel to mingle with her, everyone is free to do whatever they want.

She washed her hands by the sink and then dried it up.
She picked up an apron and hair cover.

“Mirabel’s gone already?” Phil asked.
Layla turned, not knowing when Phil got behind her.
“Yeah” She said.
“You guys didn’t get to talk?” Phil asked.
“I don’t think she’s someone who enjoys chatting or even making friends and it’s fine” Layla shrugged.
“Oh” Phil said, a bit disappointed Layla and Mirabel didn’t click.
One of the reasons she had employed Mirabel was because she was Layla’s age and she felt they would make good friends, she thought Layla would see another Aria in Mirabel but it seems that didn’t happen.

“How was school?” She asked.
“Good” Layla said.
“I’ll be back in my office”
“Okay Phil”

Layla sat, staring into space, she’s not very happy Mirabel turned out to be someone like that. It’s making her miss Aria more, she blinked back tears, feeling so lonely.
She wasn’t even aware Rylan had popped up in front of her.
“Hey, I wonder what has taken over your mind” He said, waving dramatically in front of her eyes.
“Rylan!” She said happily, getting down to hug him.
She was so glad to see him, she knew he would come but didn’t know it’d be today.
They released each other and laughed.

“How are you?” He asked.
“I’m good, hope you are also?”
“Yeah, I can see you’re bored. Well I’m here to kill your boredom” He said rubbing his palms together “and don’t even think of sending me back” He quickly added and she laughed.
“You’re welcome, come here” She said pulling him to come sit with her.
“I should wash my hands first” He said.
“Do you plan on working?” Layla asked.
“Of course, Fel and Dan did also so it’s my turn now and I’m so sorry about what happened to Aria, it’s really so sad and unfair to someone as sweet as her” Rylan said.
“Yeah, right.” Layla sigh.

“Extend my greetings to her whenever you visit her again” Rylan said..
“I will do just that” Layla said, smiling as Rylan finally sat beside her.

“I have piles of gist for you” He said.
“Yaay” She giggled, hoping Rylan won’t make her laugh so hard that her stomach would start hurting. Yeah, he’s capable of that.

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