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HER LAST WISH Chapter 43

HER LAST WISH Chapter 43


Zeemah Writes 📝




“How do you guys feel about the upcoming exam?” Sabrina asked her friends, they were all going to school together in Chloe’s car, they had a sleepover at her place the night before.
“I feel anxious, you know after this exam, we’ll then have our final exam and then start applying for college” Christy said.
“I can’t wait! I want to be in college so badly!” Miranda said excitedly.
The car drove into the school parking lot and they all prepared to alight.

“Im not even bothered about the exam. Guys, Dan is still not giving me attention even after I pretended to be a changed person, he only says hi to me. What am I going to do?” Chloe asked her friends worriedly as they alighted from her car.
“If only Layla had kept eating with Dylan, that would have given you a good chance to spend time with Dan. I don’t know why she suddenly stopped. I’m sure Dan equally likes you but that bitch is obstructing him” Miranda said in contempt.

“You don’t get this Mira, do you? Dan simply doesn’t feel anything for Chloe, if he does, not even Layla can stop him. Even after Chloe pretended to turn a new leaf, he still doesn’t give her attention, tell me…who treats who they like that way?” Christy asked.
“Exactly! That should really tell you he doesn’t feel anything for you, we all thought he didn’t like you because he felt your behavior wasn’t nice but even after you pretended to change, he still doesn’t give you a second glance. The guy is really not into you, honestly” Sabrina added.
“How could you tell Chloe that to her face!” Miranda yelled at Sabrina.
“I’m sorry Chloe” Rina said rolling her eyes at Mira.
“It’s fine” Chloe said and they all stared at her in surprise, this isn’t the first time Chloe will be surprising them since her pretence of being a changed person.
It feels like she’s not even pretending anymore, like it’s become part of her.

“Chloe, you don’t have to pretend to be a changed person when you’re with us” Miranda said.
“Well…I’m not..actually pretending” Chloe said. “Sometimes I even forget it’s all pretence”
“Really?” They asked.

The same thought was in their minds, Chloe’s genuinely turning a new leaf, it’s been so obvious but they hadn’t taken notice. At first, they had thought she only behaved that way just because they’re in school and in the midst of students and of course she’ll really want Dan to see that she’s now a changed person but Chloe also behave that way whenever they are not in school, she doesn’t yell at every single thing anymore, she doesn’t flare up at the slightest thing anymore but they’ve all overlooked it.
But now, they do not think she’s pretending anymore.

“Chloe, I think your pretence has become part of you, I don’t think you’re pretending anymore, you’re really becoming a changed person and trust me, this is so nice!” Christy said.
“Chloe, do not listen to her, if you keep behaving this way, you’ll no longer be respected by anyone, anyone will feel they can just walk up to you and say anything to your face, that fear and huge respect would no longer be there, you need to cut off this pretence and go back to who you are, if you keep this up, it’s gonna breed disrespect for you. Just exactly how Rina disrespected you by saying to your face that Dan doesn’t like you, did she dare say that to you before” Mira glared at Sabrina.

“Chloe, do not listen to Mira! So many people are in love with the new you, do you want to go back to the old you and have people fear and avoid you like you’re a terrible witch!?” Sabrina asked.
“Or do you want to go back to the old you and then let people know you’ve been pretending all this while and then the hatred people have for you multiplies? Mira, I can’t even believe you’re advising Chloe to go back to her old behavior, knowing how bad it was, are you really her friend?” Sabrina questioned with a disgusted look.
“So why the hell are you both attacking me, isn’t that what Chloe wants!” Mira yelled.

“No, I don’t think I want that anymore” Chloe said, they were walking into the class now.
At first, she had been pretending to be a changed person but it seems she’s truly becoming one, and the shocking part, she likes it. The fact that she doesn’t yell every seconds and at every single person just brings her this peace she can’t even explain, the fact that people now look at her without dislike or fear is something she likes. There’s this calmness within her now that she hasn’t experienced in a long time.
She doesn’t even think she can bare the thought of hurting people anymore, she can’t do that anymore.
Even her parents are so happy with her now and she’s also happy with herself. To think she’ll really become a changed person from pretending to be one is really amazing.

“OMG! Chloe, this is the best decision you’ve ever made!” Sabrina said, feeling so glad.
“Yes Chloe! I’m so happy” Christy said.
“Really?” Chloe asked.
“You guys didn’t like how I behaved?” Chloe asked, they were now seated. Mira sat grudgingly, feeling so pissed at them all.
“Well..to be honest, a lot of people didn’t like your behavior including Rina and I, we were not satisfied with it but we love you and didn’t want to stop being your friend so we had to keep up with it” Christy said and Sabrina nodded in agreement.

“You should have just told me then that I was behaving badly” Chloe said.
“Huh!!” Rina and Christy exclaimed, widening their eyes in the process.
“Was I that bad?” Chloe asked, chuckling.
“Hmm” Sabrina and Christy sigh and they all laughed expect Mira who looked sullen.

“Hi Chloe” Dan smiled with a wave as he walked to his seat with Layla.
“Hi Dan” Chloe said, grinning as she watched him walk away.
Christy and Rina glanced at each other, they both know what’s left to do now is to make Chloe stop fantasizing over Dan and now that Chloe’s a changed person, it should be easy.


“Anne” Layla smiled as Anne walked into the Cafe.
“She just finished serving the first customer of the day when Anne walked in.
Phil is still yet to get a replacement for Aria although she only put out the notice yesterday.

“Hi Layla” Anne smiled and they both walked towards the counter.
“How are you?” Layla asked.
“I’m good” Anne said.
“How’s Dan? He didn’t come with you?” Layla asked wondering why Dan did not come with her.
He always come with her whenever she comes to get coffee.
He likes going with his sister everywhere.
“Dan’s fine, at home and he didn’t come with me because I’m not here to get coffee” Anne said, pressing her lips together.

“Oh…really?” Layla asked.
“Yeah” Anne said, not knowing how to tell Layla she’s here to work with her.
“Oh…you just said to say hi to me, you’re going somewhere?” Layla asked, that’s the only reasonable explanation Anne’s here if she’s not here to get coffee.
“Well..no” Anne said, smiling sheepishly.
Layla stared at her, starting to smile also. Anne’s smile is so contagious.
“Do you want to tell me something?” She asked.

“I’m here to…work with you” Anne finally said.
“What?” Layla asked, now understanding why Anne’s here.
“Yeah, I want to work with you” Anne repeated.
“No Anne, no no…” Layla was saying.
“I know you’re going to say no but I really want to help. I told Dan to stay behind when he said he’s so sure you’re not going to allow him work today, and he doesn’t want you to be by yourself, so I came instead. Don’t tell me to leave because I’m not going to ” Anne pouted.
Layla sigh…”Thank you, but you don’t have to do this honestly, I’m fine on my own, you guys are making me feel…”
“You don’t have to feel whatsoever way, we’re your friends and you shouldn’t have to feel anyhow whenever we offer to help or keep you company. It’s what friends do for one another. Just accept and enjoy the privileges that comes with friendship. I know it’s hard because you’re not used to it but you really have to get used to it now because we won’t stop” Anne said.

“Oh look, a customer is here, let me ask him what he wants” Anne said, walking towards the customer who just got seated.
Layla smiled, trying to fight back tears.
What did she do to deserve such wonderful people, losing her parents and brother, she never thought she’ll ever come across anyone else who’ll fill that empty space in her heart.
She’s so glad she happened to come across them, even if she’ll not get to enjoy their company for as long as she would love to.
Atleast she’ll have something to hold on to before whatever happens happen.
And she should really accept and enjoy the privileges that comes with friendship like Anne had said. She has limited time, she shouldn’t push her friends away, she should spend as much time with them as she can.

And not only her friends but her family also.
She’s going to give Aunt Esther a call today and tell her to visit with David. She’s going to make sure to spend quality time with everyone she loves, she doesn’t want to have any regret.

“The customer wants…” Anne was saying before Layla pulled her in a tight hug.
Anne was a bit surprised but she hugged her back anyway.
“C’mon it’s fine, you don’t have to hug me for coming here to help you” Anne said when Layla finally let go of her.
Layla smiled, she’s not hugging Anne for coming here to help her, she’s hugging Anne for giving her that piece of advice that made her have a change of mind and make her see things in a more realistic way.
Both Dan and Anne just have a way with words.

“Thank you” Layla said again.
“It’s nothing, c’mon. Let’s attend to the customer” Anne said.
“Oh, what does he wants to wants?”
“Espresso” Anne said going to the sink to wash her hands.
“I hope you brought your inhaler with you?” Layla asked, preparing the coffee.
“Yeah, I did” Anne dried her hands and grabbed an apron and hair cover.
“Wow I actually love working here with you!” Anne said excitedly after minutes of working.
“Really?” Layla asked.
“Yeah, it’s so exciting” She said, picking up the tray containing a customer’s order before walking away.
Layla smiled. She won’t also mind having Anne here again.


“You mean, you want your aunt and her son to visit? In my house? You should know they definitely can’t, I can never allow that” Phil said with a note of finality.
Layla sigh, she knew Phil wasn’t going to give in easily, she doesn’t like Aunt Esther and Aunt Esther doesn’t like Phil either so she wasn’t expecting Phil to say yes, the minute she asked.
Though she’s yet to tell Aunt Esther, she needed Phil’s consent first.
And she’ll keep persuading until Phil gives in.
They both continue eating in silence.

Phil cleared her throat, breaking the silence almost at the end of their dinner..
“They can come” She said.
“What?” Layla asked,not quite getting her.
“Your Aunt and her kid, they are free to visit” Phil said.
“OMG! OMG! Phil, are you for real?” Layla asked to be sure.
“Of course” Phil said.
“Yes!!!!” Layla shouted, bouncing on the chair in excitement.
“Thank you so much Phil, thank you, thank you” She said happily, excitement written all over her face.
“Are you that excited? Just because your black Aunt will be coming?” Phil rolled her eyes.
“Yes, I’m very excited. Thanks so much Phil, I love you!” Layla said, grinning widely.

Phil stared at her, this will be the first time Layla would say that to her and she can’t lie it feels so good. Though she knows Layla probably said that out of excitement but hearing I Love You from her niece for the first time actually made her feel better that she would have thought it would.
She knows she hasn’t been the nicest person to Layla and lately, the guilt has been eating her away. If Layla had not received that bad news, she knows she would never have reconsidered treating her better. She’s a very terrible person and she knows it.
She doubt she’ll ever recover from the guilt of treating her niece badly.

“Thank you Phil, I’m so grateful you chose to accommodate Aunt Esther and her kid, even if you do not really like them, you did so for my sake. Thank you” Layla said and Phil nodded slowly.
“It’s fine but they are only allowed to spend a week.”
“That’s very fine with me, a week is more than enough! I just need to spend time with them” Layla smiled.
“And will you really get to spend enough time with them? You’ll be going to school and also to the Cafe after school” Phil said and Layla sigh.
“Yeah, but we’ll be starting our exam soon and after that there’s gonna be a long ass holiday. I’m going to tell Aunt Esther to come during that time”
“What if her son is not on holiday during your own holiday, do you think she’ll allow him skip school for a week just because you want them to visit?” Phil asked.
“Well… I hope that doesn’t happen” Layla said biting her lips. She had not even thought about that”Even if it does, we’ll figure out something…I’m sure” She said.
“Okay then, Goodnight” Phil said, getting to her feet.
“Goodnight Phil” Layla said, still grinning as she cleared the table.
She washed the dishes and also went to her room.
After freshening up for the night, she sat on the bed, her phone in hand, smiling at interval as she chatted with Dan. She couldn’t keep her excitement, she had told him Phil said Aunt Esther can visit and he’s also excited to be meeting her soon.

“I’m actually worried, what if David’s holiday doesn’t align with mine, I won’t want him to skip school because of me” She texted Dan.

“And what if it does…you know our holiday is gonna be a long one, so there’s a high percentage of that happening”


“Of course, i think you should even call Aunt Esther to confirm.”

“No, she might be sleeping right now, I wouldn’t like to disrupt her sleep” She texted back.

“Sleeping? Have you forgotten there’s a time difference? It’s definitely not night in Nigeria. It’s 12am here which means it’ll be 9am in Nigeria, Nigeria is nine hours ahead of Las Vegas”

“OMG! Thats true. Totally forgot about that!”

“So are you going to give her a call now?”

“Yes! I’ll be right back”

“Aunt Esther” Layla said, smiling as Aunt Esther finally picked after the third ring.

“Moremi, I’m so sorry, I was in the shop, i didn’t know my phone was ringing in the room”

“It’s fine, how are you and David also?”

“We thank God o, I hope you’re good also and isn’t it supposed to be night over there, you’re supposed to be sleeping. I hope there’s nothing wrong?”

“There’s nothing wrong and yeah I’m supposed to be sleeping but I’m not…Aunt Esther, I want you to visit with David” Layla said.

“Really?” Aunt Esther smiled.


“Wow, I’ve been dying to see you again, David would be so excited to hear this”

“I’ve been dying to see you guys again also. It’s been so long”

“But… your aunt, you’re staying with her right?”

“Yeah, I am”

“And you want us to come? Yunno she doesn’t like us. I don’t want wahala o, if there’s any affordable hotel around there, we’ll just stay there till we leave”

“Phil actually consented to you guys coming” Layla smiled.

“Really?” She’s willing to accommodate us?”

“Yes, Phil’s actually a changed person now” Layla said, low-key hoping Phil and Aunt Esther won’t quarrel. Phil’s a changed person but that doesn’t make her like Aunt Esther and she also knows her Nigerian Aunt won’t also tolerate any form of mistreatment from Phil.

“Wow, that’s good to hear. But I don’t think we will be able to come for now, it’ll take some weeks for David to be done with school for this term”

“Same here! David should be on holiday in atleast four weeks right?” Layla asked.

“Yes, it’s not even going to take up to four weeks sef”

“Yes!!!” Layla said in excitement, finally relieved. “I think David’s holiday also aligns with mine. That means we’ll get to spend a whole lot of time together and also catch up on so many things”

“That’s great! I can’t wait to see you again Moremi, I miss you so much”

“I miss you too, and David also. I just can’t wait. By the way.. he’s left to school right?” Layla asked, knowing if David was home, she would have heard him tell his mum he wants to speak to her.

“Yes o, I get to relax properly when he’s at school, his wahala is too much”

Layla laughed, knowing that means David is troublesome.

“Mummy David, I wan buy Maggi o” Layla heard someone say in the background.

“I’m coming o” Aunt Esther shouted.

“I think I should let you go now, Bye and say hi to Dave for me”

“Alright, take care of yourself. Bye”

Layla smiled, disconnecting the call, she wonder why Aunt Esther uses ‘O’ in most of her sentences, it must be common in Nigeria.

“Goodnight o” She said to herself and burst into laughter due to how weird it sounded.

Dan’s call disrupted her laughter, replacing it with a smile.

“Good news!” She said, on picking the call.

“Oh, I already know what it is. David’s holiday aligns with ours. Yaaaaay” Dan said excited and she laughed.

“Dan, I’m actually worried about something”

“Really? What’s that?”

“You’re aware Aunt Esther and Phil doesn’t like each other, what if they quarrel or even…fight each other” Layla sigh and was surprised when Dan burst into laughter.
Seconds later, she was laughing with him.

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