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HER LAST WISH Chapter 46

HER LAST WISH Chapter 46


Zeemah Writes 📝




“Anne, I think I like Layla. No, I really like her, I have feelings for her” Dan said.
“Oh,finally” Anne smiled.
“What?” Dan asked.
“You finally admitted it. It’s so clear you both have feelings for each other” Anne said.
“For each other? Layla doesn’t have feelings for me but I do for her” Dan said..
“She does” Anne said.
“She doesn’t, we all know how crazy she is over Dylan and that’s actually one of the reasons stopping me. I’m so in love with her” Dan said sadly.

“Well…I know Layla likes you also, it’s so obvious.”
“Anne…What are you saying? The love she has for me is platonic, Dylan’s the one she loves romantically. Everyone knows that Anne, just tell me what to do. Its really eating me up inside. Should I tell her?” Dan asked. He can’t believe he’s this anxious, he has never delayed telling anyone his feelings, well…maybe because he knew he would not get rejected but with Layla, he’s likely to get rejected. Is he going to cry like Chloe had when he rejected her.


He has almost never had to deal with rejection, the girls he dated in the past accepted to date him almost immediately.

“Dan, Layla likes you, believe me, it’s not just platonic” Anne said, wondering how Dan could have missed it. It’s so glaring. The way Layla stares at him already explains everything, the only person she do stare at that way was Dylan and it wasn’t even as intense as how she stares at Dan now.
Can’t Dan just see it!
“Just stop already, okay? Tell me what to do. Should I tell her?”
“You do not shy away from asking girls out. What are your fears concerning Layla?”

“She’s in love with another person so I’m likely to get rejected, our friendship might be at stake because I don’t think everything will be the same after I tell her about my feelings, she won’t be free around me anymore. Everything will be so awkward” Dan sigh worriedly.
“You know what?” Anne asked.
“I think you need to confirm if she’s still in love with Dylan”
“Of course she still is! Why all this Anne?”
“Does she still stare at him? Does she still speak to you about him, does she still care about him?”
“Well..I haven’t noticed if she still stares at him, but she definitely does, I just hadn’t taken notice and well…she had not talked to me about him for some days now but that doesn’t mean anything”

“There’s no how you wouldn’t notice if Layla still stares at Dylan, the truth is Layla doesn’t stare at him anymore”
“No, she still does, I’m sure I just didn’t take notice”
“She doesn’t! You’ve been noticing way back that she stares at him and suddenly you don’t anymore, that means she has stopped, believe me Dan” Anne said.

What if Layla doesn’t really stare at Dylan anymore? And she had actually stood up to Dylan, that
might not have happened if she was still so into him, she hadn’t even talked to him about Dylan for a while now, she doesn’t seem to care anymore. What if Layla likes him like Anne had said, he almost smiled, the thought appealed to him greatly but he quickly brushed it off.
So many ‘What Ifs’.
He shouldn’t be happy based on ‘What Ifs’
And all that doesn’t mean Layla’s no longer in love with Dylan, the last thing he needs right now is giving himself false hopes.

“Anne, I don’t care about Dylan or whatever, just tell me what to do” Dan said.
Anne sigh, Dan is still yet to believe Layla’s now into him.
“Well..go ahead and tell her how you feel” She said.
“What if it affects our relationship?”
“You’re not going to hide forever, it’s better you tell her as soon as you can, your heart will keep hurting if you keep your feelings to yourself. ”
“I think I’m going to do just that but fuck it, it’s easier said than done” He groaned, hitting the bed.

Anne sigh, if only he would believe her.

Layla fucking likes you too!!!


“Guys!” Anne said excitedly, welcoming her friends into her home.
“Heyyo!” They said excitedly, hugging her one after the other.
She closed the door after they stepped in.
She had invited them over. She was really bored at home and dropped a message in their group chat asking if they could come over.

Dan is out with Layla and her parents were at work, they do not usually go to work on Saturdays but there was a lot to be done like they said.
She actually doesn’t mind being alone at home, she’s being home alone severally but today she was extra bored and even the TV could not kill her boredom, she needed to be around people.

“I was also bored at home and immediately I saw your message, I got to my feet!” Kate said, bouncing on the couch.
“Same here, I think this particular Saturday is boredom inflicted” Sarah groaned, dropping her coat.
Anne hadn’t even thought Sarah would come because her house is miles away but she did and Anne’s glad.
“Where’s Dan?” Jessie asked, although she do say she’s gotten over her crush for Dan but it doesn’t seem so, even though she now has a boyfriend.
“He’s clearly not at home or Anne wouldn’t have messaged us to come over” Kate said.
“Of course” Sarah added.

“Well… he’s out with Layla” Anne said.
“What a lucky girl” Jessie pouted, wishing she was Layla.
“Lucky in what aspect?” Kate asked even if she clearly knew what Jessie means, they all knew.
“Being around Dan all the time of course” Jessie said, sitting.
“Mark would be somewhere thinking he’s got himself a girlfriend, I feel sorry for the poor boy” Kate shook her head.

“What do you mean?” Jessie asked, looking offended.
“Why would you keep fantasizing over another guy when you have a boyfriend!” Kate slammed.
“I’m not fantasizing over Dan! I’ve gotten over him” Jessie yelled.
“Obviously” Kate rolled her eyes.

“Well, let’s not dwell on that. I invited you guys over so we could have fun. What do you suggest we do first?” Anne asked.
“First, I think I need to eat your pies. Let’s go make pies!! What do you guys think?” Kate asked.
“Great!” Sarah said.
“You guys go ahead, I’m just gonna watch a movie” Jessie grabbed the remote control.

“Are you really serious?” Sarah asked Kate.
“Of course, Anne said there’s no one at home”
“That doesn’t mean you should swim naked!! Just get a swimsuit from Anne” Sarah said.
“I love swimming with no clothes on, you should try it. It’s divine” Kate grinned, pulling off her clothes as she stood by the pool.
They were by the pool after eating pies and watching movies.

“Let her be, she should do whatever she wants” Jessie said, diving into the pool with a swimsuit on.
Sarah sigh and did same.
Anne was by the edge of the pool, her legs dangling in the water. She’s not a very big fan of swimming, she prefers having just her legs in the water than her entire body .
“Kate, are you really going to dive in naked?” Anne asked, watching Kate really strip.
“Of course, what’s up with you guys?” Kate rolled her eyes as she completely stripped, she dived into the water, giggling happily.

“We are supposed to take pictures but this nude girl in here is just…urghh” Jessie groaned, splashing water on Kate. They laughed.
“Anne get in here, it’s fun” Sarah said, swimming towards Anne.
“I’m fine here” Anne smiled..
“Okay” Sarah said, swimming back to Jessie and Kate.
Anne saw her whisper in their ears and she knew something was up or something’s gonna be up soon.

They flashed her a wicked grin and started splashing water on her.
“OMG! Guys” Anne giggled, getting on her feet quickly and moving away from the pool side.
“Get in here or we’re gonna make sure you’re dripping wet even without swimming” Jessie said.
They moved to the edge of the pool, splashing more water on her.
Anne laughed and kept moving farther.
“You guys.. okay stop, I’m going to get into the pool. I’m going to go change into my swimwear now” She finally gave in, laughing.
She walked back towards the pool.
“Go change into a swimsuit this minute” Kate said, hovering by the edge of the pool.
“Okay okay, I’ll be back” Anne said, about heading into the house when she saw Paul approaching.

“OMG!” She suddenly exclaimed.
“Kate, dive back into the pool this minute. Paul is here”
“What the fuck!” Kate screamed, getting into the farthest end of the water as she can get.
“You said there’s no one at home!” She shouted, terrified at the fact that Anne’s driver is gonna see her naked.
“I didn’t know when he got back home!” Anne said. “Paul don’t come closer”
But Paul had a confused look on, he kept walking closer and started running thinking Anne might be in danger.
“Paul stop!!” Anne shouted.
“Kate, you’re so doomed today” Jessie said, trying to stop herself from laughing.
“What am I going to do, there’s no how far I go, he’s still going to see me. Anne stop him!” Kate yelled.
“Just stop talking and get behind us” Jessie said.
Kate held the both of them tightly, hiding behind them.
“I warned you, didn’t I?” Sarah scoffed.

“Paul, someone’s naked in the water!” Anne said, running to meet him halfway.
“What!” Paul stopped running.
“My friend is naked in the water, you need to go back” Anne said.
“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Paul said, walking far away from the pool.
Anne walked towards him.
“I’m just getting back and I said to say hi to you, didn’t meet you inside so I knew you’d be by the pool” Paul said.
“Oh okay” Anne said.
“Holla..if you need me” Paul said.
“Okay Paul, thank you” Anne said.

Paul walked away and Anne walked back to her friends.

Kate released her hold on Jessie and Sarah, moving away from their back “Where are my clothes?”
They all burst into laughter except Kate who looked quite embarrassed.


It’s Monday and Layla started preparing to go to the Cafe after she got back from school.
Her phone vibrated in front of her and she saw a notification of a new message.
She smiled seeing it was from Aria.

She had visited Aria on Saturday with Dan and she’s so glad she’s now doing better.
She’s starting to look her normal self..
They had spent some time with her before leaving, they had went to Fel’s house next, Rylan came to join them there and they really had fun.
Phil had given her the Saturday off and she had decided to make very good use of it, knowing the offer might not come again anytime soon.
She replied Aria’s text, dropped her phone in her bag and headed for the Cafe.

“Excuse me, where to?” Layla asked Mirabel, who picked her bag to start leaving after Layla walked into the counter.
“What do you mean? I’m leaving of course” Mirabel said.
“Well .. you are not allowed to leave until it’s 4pm, you can’t just pick your bag to leave after I arrive, you need to work till it’s actually time for you to leave, after all you’re being paid for eight hours,so you need to work for the whole of eight hours, it’s just 3pm and you want to leave? when you’re being paid for working from 8am to 4pm? C’mon, I expected better” Layla smiled, proceeding to the sink to wash her hands.

Mirabel glared at her in anger, she dropped her bag and then picked up the apron and hair cover again.
Layla smiled to herself as she saw Mirabel starting to put on her apron and hair cover again.

She sat on the stool, ignoring the look Mirabel was giving her, she intentionally did not put on her apron or hair cover because she didn’t intend on helping the rude girl, she fetched her phone from her bag and started texting her friends, she’s going to do this until it’s time to take over.
Layla chuckled to herself when Mirabel angrily stomped out of the counter once it was 4pm.

God, Layla bet Mirabel didn’t know she still has the hair cover on.
She laughed, stepping down from the stool to grab her apron and hair cover.
Mirabel walked in again, dropped the hair cover on the counter and then stomped off again.
Layla laughed and didn’t bother hiding the fact that she was laughing at Mirabel.

“Bye Mirabel” Layla shouted after her, still laughing.



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