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“Oh I never thought I’d see you again.” Caroline beamed as she walked out of the hug she had given Calista.
“Neither do I.” Calista smiled.
“How have you been, you don’t look okay.” Caroline narrowed her eyes at Calista.

Calista laughed. “Ouch… I am okay, but don’t look okay. And don’t worry I only look like this after taking so much alcohol the previous day, and please don’t misunderstand, my friend had her birthday and we just had to go down with alcohol.”

“I understand.” Caroline smiled. “So why were you fired, you’re literally one of the best teacher.”
“Well…” Calista glanced at Noah who gave her a look making her look away. “I was caught uhm…
“You were caught? Doing what?” Caroline asked.
“Smoking…” Calista’s voice was low.

Caroline sighed. “You should have been careful, I’m sure your students miss you more than I do.”
“I know it was my fault, but I’m glad I got this job anyways, it’s worth it, and it’s just short on a dollar compared to hilfeld’s pay, so what’s the difference”. Calista laughed, making Caroline laugh.
“Anyways.. You’ve met my son.” Caroline smiled glancing at Noah.
“Yep” Calista nodded and leaned down to whisper “And he is very cold, towards Janice.”
Caroline gasped and turned to Noah.

“Anyways, I have to run caroline, I am starving, I had to work all day with just a burger and the buns tasted like engine oil. I mean I understand that Anees is one of a kind company with its own amazing cafeteria, but the chefs are not very good.” Calista rushed her words.
” They’re not. ” Caroline shook her head.

“They’re not, if only Noah Leonhart could open his eyes and see, or maybe someone should let him know, I’ve been hearing him be all great and one of a kind, but to me he hasn’t really done anything great, changing the cafeteria’s chefs would be more than a big deal, to be honest, anyways it was great meeting you here Caroline, I hope to see you again soon. Goodnight ” Calista never failed to rush her words.
“You seem like you’re in a hurry, anyways good night Calista” Caroline smiled.

“Bye Janice.” Calista beamed at the little girl beside her before walking away, waving one last time.

“Okay I’m confused here” Caroline breathed out, immediately Calista went out of sight.

“You are always confuse” Noah sighed, pulling his car keys out of his pocket.
“No, the way she talked about you despite you standing you, she sounded like you’re not Noah.”
“Oh yeah, she knows me as Janice’s dad and probably a worker here. She doesn’t know I’m the Noah who hasn’t done anything great.” Noah replied and Caroline bursted out laughing.
“And you haven’t corrected her why?”

“I’m just letting her believe what she wants, the last time we had a conversation was her giving me an earful on how to raise my own child. You should have seen her mouth run. I’m not ready to burst her bubble.” Noah sighed.
Caroline laughed. “Well Calista is one of a kind, she was mainly the reason I enjoyed picking up Janice from school, she would talk and talk about all kind of things, and mostly when she talks about what Janice does and how her eyes lits up talking about Janice. I miss her now, the ugly hag as Janice’s teacher now isn’t very fun. ”

“Well, I need to go home early.” Noah sighed.

“You big bag of meanie. Were you listening to what I was saying?”

“I was, and it’s making me dizzy and sleepy at the same time.” Noah replied and turned to Janice.
“Janice, I’ll see you on Saturdays and Sundays now, okay!” Noah sighed.
“Okay” Janice beamed.

With a nod, Noah walked up to his car and got in. And with another last wave at Janice, he drove his car away.
“I’m home!” Adrian announced as he walked into his quiet home, only to see his fiance seated on the couch, watching television with a frown on her face.

“I’m home…!” Adrian announced again and Mika slowly turned to him.
“Welcome home.” she mumbled.

“You don’t look happy to see me.” Adrian narrowed his eyes at her.
“I am happy to see you” Mika smiled, standing up and walking up to him to give him a hug.
Adrian smiled kissing her neck. “Work was exhausting, I got scared for a second thinking you’re mad at me because of this morning.”

“No… Of course not, I will respect your wishes, if you don’t want pets then I’ll stick with that” Mika smiled.

Adrian breathed a sigh of relief as he dropped his briefcase and snuggled his face into Mika’s neck muffling the words. “God, I love you Mika.”
Mika tapped his back not saying anything, and immediately Adrian raised his head up and gave Mika a look.
“What?” Mika asked.
“Well?” Adrian scoffed.
“Well what? I’m confused” Mika tilted her head to the left.

Adrian sighed. “I said, I love you and you didn’t say it back, I mean you always say it back.
“You are always so sensitive, does it matter” Mika smiled. “You do know that i do feel the same way.”
“But still you can’t leave me hanging, you have to say it back.” Adrian scoffed.

“Fine, Adrian I love you.” Mika breathed out.
“That’s more like it, now are you ready?” He asked.
“Ready for?”
“Your birthday present.”
“Oh that, sure.” Mika smiled.
“Okay careful, just take two more steps and we’re there” Adrian’s voice sounded happy as he led Mika towards the garage, with his hands over her eyes.

“Okay… Are we there yet?” Mika asked.

“Yep, and in three two one.”Adrian took his hands off Mika’s eyes and she blinked rapidly at the sight.
A 2022 white colored BMW X5 laid like a trophy in front of Mika’s eyes and a small haso escaped her lips.

“Ta… Da” Adrian beamed.
“Wow.” Mika blinked multiple times before walking up to the car.
“It’s amazing, it’s beautiful.” Mika compliment touching the car.
“And well I wanted to get you red but you love white.
“I love it” Mika beamed.
“I know you would.” Adrian added, taking a step towards Mika and leaning down to kiss her.
Mika broke the kiss and gulped, she tucked her thick black hair behind her ears before looking back up at Adrian.
“The problem is, I can’t drive and I don’t have my driver’s license”.

“Yet.” Adrian added.

“And basically, I sit at home every single day, so you really didn’t have to, I mean a car…? That’s way too much, I don’t deserve this” Mika sighed, wrapping her hands around Adrian’s neck.
“What do you mean you don’t deserve this. Or maybe it’s the other way round, you’re too unique for the car.” Adrian smiled, making Mika smile too.
“Thank you” Mika shrugged starting another kiss.
Stretching her lonely skinny legs, Calista popped the bubble gum she had created and took out the gum from her mouth.
Arranging her bed and turning off the lights, Calista dropped her phone ready to go to bed when she suddenly received a notification on her phone.

“Long time no see.. Chat… Which ever is correct.” Mr. Anonymous had sent from chat and fall in love.

“Oh, he’s right, it’s been ages” Calista mumbled, as she texted back.

“I think the correct term is long time no chat, I guess, and besides it hasn’t been that long.”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “I guess so”.

Calista texted. “So how have you been holding up?”
Mr. Anonymous replied “Fine, I guess, you?”.

Calista scoffed as she texted. “You’ve been guessing for ages now, well and for me, I’m glad because my new job is going great”.

Mr. Anonymous replied. “Good for you, your boss must be super nice too, because as they said a good boss is what makes a happy employee.”

Calista laughed as she typed. “I don’t think I’ve never heard that phrase but my department’s manager is nice. My boss, yeah I don’t know anything about him, haven’t seen him before.”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “Maybe one day you’ll meet him, and I bet he’s really nice”.

Calista scoffed as she typed. “I hope he’s nice, the day I’d meet him, I’ll open up about the chefs in his company’s cafeteria, they serve burgers that tastes like a goat’s butt, and I am very sensitive.”

Mr. Anonymous. “And have you tasted a goat’s butt before.?”

Calista tilted her head as her fingers fastened on her phone. “Well I haven’t but you can tell.”

Noah laughed at the sudden message from Miss anonymous and slowly shook his head.
“She is one weird lady” he mumbled as he texted back.
“Then your boss definitely needs to change chef.”

Miss Anonymous replied. “Thank you! At least someone’s on my side”

Noah smiled about to type a reply when miss Anonymous’ message popped up saying. “Anyways, it was nice chatting with you tonight, but I am sleepy and have to get out of bed early tomorrow, I arrived late today and don’t want that to happen again. So goodnight”.

Noah couldn’t help but type out a “Goodnight” before dropping his phone.
He wanted to talk more, she feels a bit different from how she is, but at the same time felt a bit the same.
The next morning after getting dressed in a purple suit shorts and a pair of black boots, Calista stopped at her favorite coffee shop to get a cup of coffee, before getting a taxi.

Paying the taxi driver and stepping out of the taxi, Calista made a turn ready to walk into Anees, when a familiar voice called her name.
“Oy, Calista!”.
Calista turned around to see Jeremy running up to her, with his camera hanging around his neck and his hair roaring with the wind.
His dimpled smile never failed to brighten up the whole day.

“Good morning Jeremy” Calista replied, taking a sip out of her coffee.
“Morning.” Jeremy replied, taking a quick picture of Calista.

“Okay dude, you really have to stop taking random pictures of literally anybody, without their permission”. Calista rolled her eyes.
“Cut me some crap cal, I’m in a good mood, I’m an addict and well it’s my birthday” Jeremy beamed.
“You’re serious?” Calista squinted her eyes.
“Dead serious, that explains the good mood.” Jeremy smiled.
“Well then happy birthday” Calista smiled, as they both start to walk.

“Thanks” Jeremy smiled.
Calista glanced at him, seeing how focused his eyes laid on his camera, and how is beautiful lashes created a shadow around his eye lid.
She asked. “So how old did you turn?”

“Take a guess” he retorted.
“Uhm… Let’s see.. Twenty two?” Calista shrugged.
“Whoa! How’d you know.” Jeremy smirked.
“Just a pretty good guesser.” Calista boasted.

“Can I guess yours then.” He asked, placing his hand around her shoulder.
“Be my guest” Calista grinned.
“Twenty four?” he beamed.

Calista’s head snapped at him “How the hell are we so good at guessing ages”.

“You tell me” Jeremy laughed.
“So now, take your hand off my shoulder.” Calista ordered.
“Yes ma’am.” Jeremy added playfully as they got to the elevator.
T. B. C

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