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“The company’s big project is finally coming up, along side with Snibe and k.J, it is going to be a collaboration project, and well we all need to work our asses off for this, I hope you’re all ready…” Alvara explained after getting everyone’s attention at the office that morning.
Everyone nodded and turned back to work.

Calista breathed out a sigh of relief as her hands slowly pulled out from the keyboard,
printing out the files she had put together, Calista got on her feet and walked up to the photocopying machine, to get a copy of the written documents in her hand, when Alvara called her back.
“Uhm… Calista, the photocopying machine got a little crazy this morning, so I’m afraid you’ll have to use the one down stairs, opposite the lobby”

“Seriously…” Calista breathed out a sigh. “I’ll have to go all the way down to the lobby.”

“Well it’s not everyday you get rainbows and unicorns” Alvara shrugged.
Calista breathed out another sigh before walking out.
Pushing the elevator button, the doors open and as Calista stepped in, a familiar face suddenly walk in too, causing Calista to gulp.
“Good day” she greeted as Noah pushed the button closing the doors.
“Good day to you too” Noah mumbled.

They both remained quiet and stood still waiting for the elevator to arrive at their floors.
Calista noticed Noah looking down at his wrist watch several times and figured he must have been in a hurry before stepping in. If he’s being impatient with the elevator. He should have taken the stairs then.’ Calista thought.
Glancing at Noah again to take in his side profile, Calista nodded at her thought of him being familiar the first time she saw him, he had looked like Janice and Caroline at the same, that was why he looked familiar.
Glancing at him again, Calista titled her head when she pushed the thought of him resembling Janice and Caroline.
‘His side profile’ she thought.
His blonde hair, ocean eyes, high cheek bones, edgy jawline.
It couldn’t be. Calista scoffed shaking her head.
She turned to look at Noah again and he noticed her eyes on him.

“Please do tell me if I have something on my face” Noah breathed out adjusting his blazer.

“Uhm..” Calista breathed out a nervous laugh. “Your face looks fine.”
‘More than fine’ her subconscious added.

“Then I wonder why I’m getting the glances from you” Noah cleared his throat.

Calista looked at him and narrowed at her eyes. “I’m sorry if me looking at you caused you to be uncomfortable, I was just… You just happened… I mean… I… Look… So you just…

“If you take your time you’ll come up with something proper” Noah sighed.

“Sorry” Calista sighed. “For a second I thought you maybe looked like Noah Leonhart”.
Noah smirked. “Looked?”

“Yeah, because you can’t possibly be him” Calista snickered.
Noah paused and slowly watched as the elevator door opened.
He turned to Calista and gently, his lips curved into a smile. “Believe what you want then. We’ve run into each other a couple of times, and today, I suddenly look like Noah.?”

“I’m just saying, don’t take it the wrong way”. Calista added.
“There is no wrong way in this Miss Calista” Noah spat.
“Oh I’m flattered, you know my name?” Calista joked with a laugh.

“My mother and daughter talks about you non stop and how could I possibly not when you lectured me about raising my own daughter” Noah scoffed, walking out of the elevator with Calista behind him.
“Okay, I did not lecture you in raising Janice, I was clearly saying things you didn’t know.

“This has been a wonderful conversation, hope you have a wonderful day” Noah sighed.
“No it wasn’t a wonderful conversation, and well sadly, the photocopying in our office went crazy and now I have to walk to the lobby just to copy this, and I’ll have to eat goat’s butt for lunch, so I don’t think it will a be a wonderful day, but anyways, adios” Calista rushed her words before walking the opposite direction with the sound of her boots taking over the hallway.
Noah watched her go and didn’t realize when his lips curved into a smile.
“How can someone complain so much” he mumbled, before walking away.
It was lunch time and Calista found herself biting her nails at her computer, her eyes wandering around the office and watching everyone leave for lunch.

“It’s lunch time Calista, aren’t you going?” one of her colleague Victoria asked, after noticing Calista was the only one seated.
“Uh.. I will.” Calista nodded, getting on her feet with a sigh.
If lunch turns out to be bad again today, then I’ll start making my own lunch. Hope that doesn’t offend anybody though.’ Calista thought as she walked out of the office with her phone in her hand.
Calista blinked at the unfamiliar faces of the chefs as she took a bite out of the lasagna in her plate.
She looked down at her plait and then back up at the chef.
“I made one complaint yesterday and suddenly they changed chefs. Did my complaint somehow get to Noah Leonhart.?” Calista asked no one in particular as she tilted her head, taking another bite out of her meal.
“It can’t be.” she suddenly clench her first.
Sitting at the edge of the cool swimming pool under the bright afternoon sky, Mika’s head suddenly snapped at her phone beside her, and she breathed out a smile when Ray’s name laid on the screen.
She picked the call.

“Hey” Her voice didn’t sound excited.
“You okay?” Ray asked noticing immediately.
“Yeah, I’m great.” Mika answered, hesitantly.

“You don’t sound great” Ray scoffed.
“I’m just bored” Mika sighed, splashing some water around with her leg. “And here I am disturbing you with my stupid call, when I know you must be more than busy”.

“I am busy, that’s why I missed your first call and decided to call you back.” Ray narrated.

“Ray” Mika called.
“I’m listening.” Ray mumbled.
“Do you think… I mean.. Is there a chance… I mean…” Mika paused when she realized she couldn’t say whatever she had in mind.
“Never mind.” she finally said.

“Okay then, whenever you do feel like you can tell me.” Ray added.
“Gosh, I’m so tired or should I say bored.” Mika added
“And you called me. Because you were bored?” Ray breathed out.
Mika laughed. “I’m sorry, I called Calista but the call couldn’t reach, so I called you”.

“Did you try calling Adrian.?” Ray asked.
“No… He’s busy, why would I do that”.

“You see Mika, you were bored and thought of calling just me and Calista, excluding your fiancé, when clearly we’re all busy, do you know what this means.?” Ray muttered.

“Do I have to.?” Mika retorted.

“I won’t say anything, until you realize it yourself, but when you’re bored don’t think of calling me or Calista, think of calling Adrian, don’t give a f-ck if he’s busy and just call him. If you get what I mean, now I have to go back to work, I’ll talk to you later.” Ray rushed his words and ended the call.

Mika dropped her phone and slowly got into the swimming pool, her thoughts running wild as she stared at the empty pool.
“I am so sleepy” Calista yawned after checking the time to see it was time to go home, she carefully shut down the computer on her desk and threw her stuff into her bag before standing up.
Calista took the elevator after everyone hoping she wouldn’t run Into Janice’s father. Cause she was starting to put some things together and silently praying that it was true.

Stepping out of the company’s building, Calista paused when saw Jeremy waving and smiling at her.
“Were you waiting for me?” Calista asked, walking up to him.

“Yeah, I saw you walking out of the elevator and decided to wait, cause I-

“Miss Calista.” A familiar cheerful tiny feminine voice called, and Calista’s head snapped at the black car that suddenly pulled up in front of the company.
Janice tiny legs ran up to Calista with a grin on her face and her backpack, swaying behind her back.

“Janice.” Calista smiled, adjusting her shorts as she bent down to reach Janice height, to give her a hug.
“Wait” Jeremy scoffed.

“How are you?” Calista asked Janice.
“I’m fine.” Janice beamed.
“Are you here with your Nana?”
“Yes” Janice nodded.

Noah suddenly walked into the scene and gave a loud sigh walking up to the car.

“Wait… So it is true! Noah Leonhart does have a child” Jeremy breathed out.
“Noah Leonhart” Calista repeated.

She suddenly stood up and turned to Noah’s direction.
“So Jeremy, you’re telling me that, the man with the blonde hair blue eyes over there is, Noah Leonhart?”
“Yes… You’re working here and don’t know your own boss.?” Jeremy laughed.

“Holy sh!t” Calista cussed.
T. B. C

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