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“So I’ll be leaving early for the business trip tomorrow morning.” Adrian breathed out, after he had taken a seat beside Mika.

“I know” Mika muttered.

“A weekend without you, I don’t think I can handle it.” Adrian sighed.
“It’s okay. You’ll be back by Sunday, I’m sure you’ll be able to handle it”

Adrian beamed. “Or maybe you should come with me.”
Mika smiled. “Uh, no thank, I’d rather stay home.”
Adrian scoffed. “But you’re the one always complaining about staying home all the time, and now seeing an opportunity you’ll letting it slip by”
“It’s a business trip not a vacation.” Mika shook her head.

Adrian sighed. “Okay, aside that, I’ve noticed something new Mika, you’ve been acting strange.”

“Oh, have I?” Mika turned to him.

“Yes, you’ve been acting a little too distant, suddenly you don’t want to kiss me anymore, we have a conversation, you break it off before it even start and pretend you have something important to do.” Adrian expounded.
“I’ve been a little too tired lately” Mika sighed. “I’m sorry”

“Did I do anything wrong? Am I doing anything wrong tell me? Or is this still because I didn’t let you wear that stupid dress” Adrian spat.
“Okay, you’re starting to get mad and getting mad won’t get this conversation anywhere, I’ll go in to take a nap now.” Mika rolled her eyes about to walk away, when Adrian caught her by the arm.

“You’re doing it again, leaving before the conversation starts, face it Mika, what the hell is wrong with you.” Adrian shook his head.
“You’re hurting me, let go.” Mika looked down at her arm.
Adrian let go immediately.
“And what the hell is wrong with me? No what the hell is wrong with you Adrian, because you don’t see it. That’s what’s wrong.” Mika sighed, not wanting to yell as she was feeling a slight headache.

“I don’t see it! I don’t see what?” Adrian yelled.
“For God’s sake, stop yelling” Mika barked.

“I am trying to understand you here but you’re acting weird, the fvck is this.” Adrian cussed, for the first time in ages.

“I am very tired Adrian, and I am not in the mood for this. I wish you good luck on your business trip.” Mika sighed, and walked away, leaving Adrian to dwell in his anger.
Calista’s eyes snapped open and her head immediately snapped down at her phone underneath her chin, on the bed.

“I woke up in time, thank goodness” She breathed out a sigh of relief turning off the alarm, and immediately Mika’s name appeared on her phone screen.
She suddenly recalled last night and how she and Mika had spent the night talking about a lot after her call with Boris, and Mika finally opening up to her about how she has been feeling towards Adrian lately.

Calista stared at her luggage at the corner of her room she had packed last night at her last minute business trip.
“This would have been a whole damn weekend for me” She muttered before getting on her feet and walking to her bathroom to take a bath.

Dressed in a denim pair of shorts and a red and white striped Tshirt, Calista slipped her legs into a pair of white sneakers before pulling open her drawer and grabbing her sunglasses.

“I shouldn’t take this with me.” she mumbled looking down at the glasses. “It’s not like it’s a vacation or anything” Calista added throwing her glasses on the bed.
Well Boris had called last night, specifying that she should wear something comfortable for the private flight they were going to take, and bringing sunglasses would be way too extra.
Saying goodbye to her apartment and dragging her suitcase outside, Calista locked the door behind her fixed her key inside a small opening on the wall that could be closed and that anybody would hardly ever noticed.
Halting a taxi down the street, the taxi driver rolled down his window and gave Calista a smile after his greetings.

“Yeah good day” Calista replied, “Can you take me to this place.”
Calista sighed, bringing out her phone and turning the screen to face the driver so he could see the address Boris has sent last night.
“I can’t pronounce it. Do you have any idea where it is, and take me there.” Calista sighed.
“Oh kknelytine, of course, get in it’s not a very popular place, but taxi drivers should know their way around town, you can get in”.
“Oh thank goodness” Calista breathed out a sigh as she pulled the car door open and walked in with her mini suitcase.
“Ma’am” The driver began. “Driving to kknelytine is a bit.

” Is a bit? ” Calista narrowed her eyes.
“It’s a bit far, that’s all” the driver gave a nervous laugh.
“If you’re worried about your cash, don’t worry about it” Calista smiled, and the driver breathed out a sigh of relief.
The drive took about an hour and half before the driver pulled over in a deserted mountain.

Calista paused to look around her surroundings.
“Are we… Is this the place?” Calista asked, she has definitely not heard about this place before or even see it on the internet by mistake.
“You don’t know your destination, if I was a bad guy I would have tricked you. You should always know your destination” The driver rushed his words.
“Good thing you’re not a bad guy, how much am I paying?”.
Calista watched the car go as she stood in the middle of nowhere with her suitcase beside her.
“Now to call Boris and tell him I’m here.” she muttered pulling out her phone from her purse, when she heard a familiar voice call her name behind her.


Calista snapped her head immediately and seeing Jeremy eating a popsicle, and his camera hung around his neck lightened her mood immediately.
“You’re here.” she gasped.
“I sure am, and so are you.” Jeremy smiled.

With his hair packed behind his head, he was dressed in a grey sweatspant and a black t-shirt, along side a white sneaker and a brown backpack.

“I didn’t know you were going on this trip” Calista smiled.
“I didn’t know you were coming either, I see, so we’re the best in a department, I should have known.” Jeremy added.

“For a moment, I thought I was lost, good thing I saw you, how ever are we going to catch a flight in a place like this?” Calista asked.
“I think our ride is ahead, I mean look at those footprints” Jeremy scoffed pointing downwards.
“You’re right, So.. Should we get going?” Calista asked and Jeremy nodded.
Coming up in front of a huge black and Gold jet at the edge of the mountain, Jeremy and Calista found their Jaws on the floor.
“Holy cow.” Jeremy shook his head.
“When you said we were going to be flying in a private jet, I never expected it to look fancy” Calista whispered to Jeremy.

“I mean it’s Noah Leonhart’s for a reason, it had to be fancy”. Jeremy added.

Calista noticed a girl dressed in a all blue standing in front of her suitcase with her head down at her phone.
She paused and turned to Jeremy and Calista, and immediately with a smile she rushed up to them.
“Hi guys” she beamed.

“And… Who are?” Jeremy asked.

“I’m Debbie, from the research and development department, I guess you’re the other two employee picked for this trip.” Debbie smiled.
“Yes, I’m Calista” Calista smiled
“Jeremy.” Jeremy added.

“Jeremy?” Debby gasped. “So it is you, you broke up with me and left me at the park to cry my eyes out”

“Uh what?” Jeremy suddenly turned pale and Debbie breathed out a loud hysteric laugh.
“I don’t know you, I was just pulling you legs, I have a boyfriend, he’s name is Daniel and he’s hot” Debbie rolled her eyes at the last sentence.

“Oh… Kay” Calista tried not to laugh as she glance at Jeremy who gave her a look that says ‘Debbie’s a total psycho’.

“So… I see just the three us of and three strange men.” Calista spoke up, looking around the place.
“Yeah, I heard Noah and his assistant are going to take a flight with his business partners and we luckily get to ride in his private jet.” Debbie replied.

“How… Expensive of him, as expected” Jeremy scoffed. “Now to take a picture of this baby”

“I’m sorry, no pictures of the jet” one of the men immediately stopped Jeremy and he kissed his teeth in annoyance.

“Bummer.” Calista tapped his shoulder.

The jet got ready and as the three of them got in, Calista couldn’t suddenly explain how she felt, the fact that Jeremy was there she felt a bit of comfort and looked forward to the trip.
T. B. C

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