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Noah and Boris stepped into one of the suite rooms of Noah’s hotel, and immediately Noah took off his blazer.
“I’m exhausted” he sighed.
“The flight was sure exhausting, I agree” Boris nodded.

“So how’s everyone? Are they settled in.?” Noah threw his brows up.
“Yes, Mr. Gasby and Mr. Kowalski and their employees are occupying the suites on the fifth floor, and well our employees and us are occupying this suite floor.” Boris explained.
“Good, I don’t have to see Adrian’s face until meetings.” Noah smiled.

“You are very juvenile.” Boris mumbled.
“I clearly heard you” Noah sighed taking a seat on one of the most expensive looking chair.

“So. Our employees, are they in yet?” Noah asked.
“Ah, yes, Ken called, told me they got here five minutes before us” Boris explained.

“Okay then.” Noah nodded, he looked like he wanted to ask more questions, but decided to let it slip.

“So… You can rest now, it’s just 11am, and by 2pm you’ll be attending the brief meeting with Mr. Gasby and Mr. Kowalski, and then by five pm, is also the dinner meeting between all bosses and employees, Mr. Gasby had this check.”

Noah sighed. “Sure, I really do need a rest, after this project is over, I’m going to have a long nice vacation and probably never come back.”
“Now, don’t say that sir.” Boris gave a nervous laugh.
“I might only consider coming back because of Janice so, you never know.” and with a shrug, Noah walked into the bathroom.
“Holy sh!t” Jeremy scoffed as he walked into the suite Calista had been given.
“I thought my suite room was good, but yours is fvcking amazing” Jeremy scoffed, taking pictures of it immediately.

“Okay, no pictures, and no cuss words, the rooms are all the same, just different colors and cushions.” Calista added walking into the bedroom, and Jeremy followed.
“Damn.!” Calista gasped staring at the golden canopy king sized bed, that screamed royalty with its red and gold colours.
“And you said not to take pictures?” Jeremy gawker at the bed.

“I was… I had no idea what the bedroom looked like before I said that” Calista shook her head.
Taking a step forward and sitting on the soft that bounced immediately it felt her weight.

Calista turned to Jeremy and their lips both turned upwards into a childish grin.
“I wish I was here for a vacation not a stupid business trip.” Calista sighed.

“I wish I was here for my honeymoon, I mean this bed just screams s€x” Jeremy shrugged.
“It doesn’t, it screams, peace, alone time, and luxury life”.

Jeremy suddenly got a notification on his phone and immediately pulled it out of his back pocket.
“A message from Boris. Noah’s assistant” Jeremy announced.
“I know who he is” Calista rolled her eyes.

Jeremy gasped, gawking down at his phone “Damn, we have the whole time all to ourselves, until five o’clock for a dinner meeting at the hotel’s restaurant in the vip private dining place and stuff. This feels like a vacation.”

“I know right?” Calista added with a smile.

“Anyways, I better rest all I can. See you later” Jeremy added, slipping his phone back in his pocket and walking towards the door.
“Same here, I didn’t get much sleep last night” Calista added.
“See you by 5pm. And check your phone, it Says to dress professional to the dinner.” Jeremy yelled by the door before walking out.

“Why is he yelling for crying out loud, this a rich fancy hotel suite, he should at least act classy” Calista rolled her eyes before taking off her shoes and falling on the bed.
“Hah..” she breathed out. “This is life”
Wandering around the whole house and doing nothing, Mika finally took a seat on the floor on the back porch of house and took out her phone.
Calling Ray, he picked up at the first ring.

“Hey” Mika said cheerfully into the phone.
“Oh hey Mika.” Ray did sound cheerful too.

“So…?” Mika sighed.

“Now don’t tell me you’re calling me ’cause you’re bored.” Ray scoffed.

“Well…? I am, sadly, I’m home alone and I have a really cool car I want to drive around the city but I can’t drive and I don’t have my driver’s license, yet, and well the jacuzzi Adrian’s installing in our pool is ready and opened but… I don’t know Ray I just feel like my life has no meaning right now ”

“Just because you’re bored doesn’t meaning your life has no meaning.” Ray laughed, and the sound of a car trunk being closed could be heard.

Mika sighed “I mean it is, I wish I was Calista, she gets to go on a cool business trip and won’t be back on Sunday, same with Adrian, now that is fun, Adrian wouldn’t let me work. I remember when we had our first fight, it was he yelling at the top of his lungs telling me to quit working.”

“He’s just in love with you and doesn’t want to worn your frail body.”

“I know.” Mika sighed for the one hundredth time

“Well guess what?” Ray cleared his throat.

“I’m guessing it’s a good thing.” Mika tapped her thigh excitedly.
“I am done for today and about to go home to take a shower, I’ll be at your place in an hour.”

“Oh em gee, thank you Ray, this means a lot” Mika breathed out an exhilarating smile.
“Okay then bye for now”.
And with that, they both hung up.
Noah walked into his suite room, his hands on his tie as he adjusted it around his neck to breathe properly.
The door opened and Boris walked in.
“Okay, first meeting done.” Boris smiled.

“I know right, what time is it?” Noah asked.

“It’s 4:30pm” Boris replied.

“Already?” Noah scoffed. “I didn’t know we took so much time, it was supposed to be a hour and half meeting.”

“Wasn’t it Noah? The three of you were all just so caught up in talking about building a new headquarter, spending money, making money, all I could hear was money, you should have listened to the conversation” Boris shrugged.

Noah paused and gave Boris a look, who immediately apologized with a smile.
“Maybe I heard wrong”

“And when is the dinner meeting?” Noah asked with a disappointment sigh.
“Five o’clock.” Boris grinned.

“So I have just thirty minutes to rest. Wake me up by five” Noah added, stepping into the bedroom.
“Will do.” Boris muttered before walking out.
With her eyes fluttering open, Calista let’s out a big yawn with her head titled backwards and her hair getting into her mouth.
“Oh damn.” she spat her hair out immediately.
And after a good stretch, Calista’s lips turned into a smile.
“I slept so good,” she sniffed. “Good bed definitely makes a good rest”.

Getting up and grabbing her phone from her purse, Calista gasped seeing the time in her phone.
“4:55pm?” she yelled, “Wait. I slept by one pm after having room service with Jeremy and, damn, this bed is too good for me.” Calista shook her head.

Her head suddenly snapped up at the door when she heard the fancy doorbell.
Walking up to the door to open it, Calista scoffed when she saw Jeremy dressed in a black turtle necked shirt and a biege khaki pants that matched his hiking boots.

“And why are you all dressed?” Calista asked, staring at his fancy looking belt and the way he had his hair in a half ponytail, and how some of it fell to his nape and how the front ones got into a parting falling to his temples, exposing the silver earring on his left ear.
The man is attractive and sure knows how to pull his style.

“Don’t tell me you forgot about the dinner meeting.” Jeremy took a step forward, his height towering Calista.
“Holy sh!t.” Calista cussed.

“And she forgot” Jeremy laughed. “You don’t want to get fired when we go back to Ferbal, do you?”

“Of course not. Stay here and I’ll get ready in like two minutes. Watch me.” Calista rushed her words.
“Impossible, girls take ten years to get ready” Jeremy smiled.
“Stay, and watch.” Calista muttered, before hurrying up to bedroom, pulling her suitcase behind her.
Rushing out of the suite bedroom, and dressed in a beige high waist palazzo pants with suspenders and a black long sleeved body fitting top that outline her upper body curves, Jeremy paused when he saw Calista.
“No fvcking way” He laughed.

Calista paused, to look at both of their outfit. “We’re… We’re wearing the same.. Oh sh!t” she sighed.

“Did you do this on purpose or what?” Jeremy asked.
“I just pulled random clothes out of my suitcase, fixed it on the bed and wore it, I didn’t recall you putting on biege and black.” Calista shook her head.

“Well you have no time to change so let’s go.” Jeremy grinned, actually jubilant that Calista wore the same thing.

“Who said anything about changing, now I just have to grab my shoes, necklace and earrings and we can leave.” Calista rushed her words.

“You brought earrings and necklace on a business trip?” Jeremy sounded shocked.

“A lady has to look her best wherever, whenever, and besides, the one on your left ear. Looks like you had time to pick that one up too, and on a business trip.” Calista smirked,
Jeremy laughed. “I’ve always had it with me, just shy to put it on.”
“I wonder what changed tonight.” Calista scoffed.
“Okay we are ten minutes late, fvck!” Jeremy cussed as he, Calista and Debby got into the elevator.
“We are definitely going to get fired if we go back, I wish I hadn’t wait on you two.” Debby bit her lips, her black and black outfit bringing out her eyes.

“It’s all Calista’s fault. I was done five minutes before the dinner begun.” Jeremy stated.
“Okay, I didn’t know I forgot to pack the other leg of that particular shoe okay, and thank you so much for lending me yours Debby, though I can’t breathe in them, they’ll be saving my asses tonight.”
Getting out of the elevator and stepping into the huge private dining area, Calista, Debby and Jeremy were guided to the main room.
And as they walked in, the fancy looking people around the table’s head, snapped up at them immediately.
And Calista suddenly felt like the ground should open her and swallow her after noticing Noah’s stare at the beginning of the table.
Noah raised a brow noticing Jeremy and Calista’s outfit, and he stylishly watched them as they both took a seat.
T. B. C

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