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Jeremy and Calista took a seat beside each other, and as Calista looked up, she saw Adrian in front of her, staring at her, more than surprised to meet her.

“Late by eleven minutes” Boris sighed under his breath.
“Caught them some crap, I’m sure they caught up by something.” Mr. Gasby interrupted, his cheerful aura surrounding the table.

Calista and Jeremy threw Mr. Gasby a smile before turning back to the table.

Still staring at Calista, Adrian cleared his throat and finally spoke.
“Fancy meeting you here Calista, I had no idea I’d be meeting you here, to be honest.” Adrian smiled and all head turned to him.
“Oh.” Calista forced a smile, trying not to think about the stares coming from all angles.
“Well, I work for Anees” Calista replied, throwing a quick glance at Noah.

“Oh, I had no idea.” Adrian shook his head.
‘You weren’t supposed to’ Calista yelled inside of her, but breathed a smile on the outside.
“I guess you must be surprised too seeing me here.” Adrian threw a brow up.

“Not really.” Calista shook her head. “Mika mentioned it yesterday”.
“Oh.” was all Adrian could say.

Gasby suddenly spoke up, as a man in his late fifties, he was sure hyper and cheerful for his age.
“You two know each other, an introverted boss like Adrian, knows an employee from Anees?” Gasby smiled.

“Mr. Gasby, please, don’t start with the introvert rubbish.” Adrian snapped with a glare, causing Gasby to laugh. “And besides, Calista and I go way back, don’t we Calista?” Adrian’s head turned to Calista and so did everyone else’s head.

“Do we?” Calista retorted and Noah let’s out a chuckle.
Adrian gave Noah a glare and Noah immediately acted like he did nothing and turned back to his phone.

Adrian gave Calista a look. “Yes we do.!”

“Sure.” Calista shook her head.
Adrian sighed. “After this dinner, can we have a private conversation then.?”

“Okay” Calista shrugged.

Welcoming the silence, Noah beckoned the two waiters in the room to come over and take everyone’s order, as they look starved and frightened.
“Okay, we can’t just sit here and do nothing, there’s a jacuzzi outside, waiting for a human body to fit in its pod” Mika laughed pulling Ray’s arm
“Okay, I just for here, let me breathe.” Ray sighed, looking exhausted.

“Look, I get, work has been taking you away for too long, but honestly, I miss our hangout, I wish Calista was here, we’d be complete” Mika sighed.
“Yeah. Too bad.” Ray scoffed, resting his head on mika’s shoulder.

“Hey…” Mika called.
“What?” Ray mumbled.
“Let’s go to the pool.” Mika grinned.
“Give me, five minutes.” Ray sighed.

Mika got on her feet, “Five minutes it is then, I’ve got a really cool game in my head.”
“You and Calista should be sisters.” Ray sighed as he watched Mika walk away.
Enjoying the warm water from the pool with her eyes closed and her head titled back and rested on the jacuzzi shell.

Mika suddenly winced when she felt a hard flick on her forehead.
She opened her eyes and glared at Ray, who was in his swim shorts and getting in the pool.
“What did you do that for you freak.” Mika scoffed.
“I left my home to come keep you company, and you open that goddamn mouth to call me a freak?”

“I am very sorry sire.” Mika cleared her throat, and she and Ray fell out laughing.

“Come, come try the jacuzzi, it’s pretty warm.” Mika offered.
“Nah, I’ve been under the sun for too long, the cool water from the pool is just fine.” Ray breathed out, slowly getting into the water.
“You’re no fun.” Mika sighed.

Ray popped out of the water, with his curled hair that suddenly went straight dripping rapidly, and he gently moved them back and turned to Mika.
“Hey, remember that one summer the three of us went to the beach with Peter” Ray breathed out a sigh.

Mika’s eyes suddenly lit up as she recalled.

“Where a crab hung on Calista’s bikini and..
Mika couldn’t help but laugh not being able to finish her sentence.
“Yeah that was hilarious.” Ray laughed.

“And then Peter got stung by a bee, and you got sun burned” Mika laughed.

“That day wasn’t a very good day for us to be honest, nothing happened to you though, but the rest of us, yeah we were unlucky” Ray breathed out and they both shared a round of another laugh.
The dinner was quiet after multiple rounds of nothing but business talks, between Adrian, Gasby and Noah with their assistants.
And as everyone ate quietly, enjoying the peaceful but also awkward quietness, Mr Gasby got on his feet.
Being the cheerful and fun filled man he is, Mr Gasby picked up a bottle of an expensive wine.
“You are all boring, now how about we raise a toast.” Mr Gasby smiled.

“And a toast for what Mr. Gasby?” Adrian chipped in.

“For anything, anything to kill this mood Mr. Kowlaski, drop the honorifics, we ain’t talking about business, we should consider the rest of the evening as a normal dinner between friends. Just call me Gasby.”

“This is a business trip not a vacation.” Adrian mumbled, before turning back to his food.

Jeremy slowly dropped his fork and leaned in closer to Calista’s ears.
“Am I the only one who thinks Mr. Gasby and Mr. Kowlaski should switch ages here.” Jeremy whispered.

Calista turned to him and gave him and agreeable nod.

The wine went around the table, and as everyone filled their cups, they made a toast to nothing, which made Mr Gasby laugh at the goofy idea he had brought up. Everyone loved him for being a free spirited man, despite his age. And unlike the two other young men.

Taking a sip out of the wine, Calista’s eyes widen in shock.
“Eww this tastes awful.” she thought, but suddenly paused, when everyone’s eyes turned to her.
“Sh!t I said that out loud” Calista cussed and Internally cursed herself for cussing at such formal and a dinner that was supposed to be manner filled and elegant.

Calista could hear Jeremy snickers, and the little murmer coming from the end of the table, but chose to ignore it.
She glanced at Noah and he raised a brow at her, making her turn away.

“Calista.” Adrian called, taking the wine from her.
Calista watched him turn his wrist, letting the wine inside the wine glass twirl.

“You don’t take wine because it is sweet, sour, or tastes awful.” Adrian smirked.

He slowly drops the glass in front of her “You take it, because it is intoxicating.”

“But this tastes like piss” Calista breathed out under her breath.

Mr. Gasby suddenly cleared his throat and everyone turned to him, including Calista.
“Mind you miss, this wine is the best wine in town. It is an extract from the Sauvignon blanc production, it has the best amount of liquor, sweet and sour after taste to it, of course all sauvignon blanc wine are known for its high acidity and citrus-driven flavors, but this is built different, it may taste awful at first, but after more than one sip, it drives you crazy.”

“Such advertising.” Noah shook his head.

“Uh.. Okay.” Calista turned to her wine, she forcefully took another sip, causing another a smile on Mr. Gasby’s face.
“Okay, slow done Calista, you’ve finished an entire bottle.” Jeremy, whispered snitching another bottle of wine from Calista’s hand.

“I mean, it did taste awful, but it’s actually so enjoyable.” Calista scoffed.
Mr. Gasby wore a proud ‘I said so’ smile on his face before getting on his feet.

“I cannot drink much, and I am afraid I am a man with night routine, which means I’ll be leaving this dinner early”.

Getting a nod of approval from anyone, Mr. Gasby made his way out of the the room.

Pouring herself another cup, Jeremy pulled down the bottle from Calista’s hand and sighed.
“If you keep this up, you’re going to get drunk.”
“Isn’t that a good thing.” Calista shrugged.
“It’s not” Jeremy sighed, as he watch Calista finish another glass.

Noah watched Calista from the corner of his eyes and watched as she slapped Jeremy’s hand from the bottle glaring at him.
“Okay, look here Remy, I am older than you and you do not tell me what to do” Calista scoffed.
“Age doesn’t matter here, you’re starting to get drunk.” Jeremy sighed.
“Okay just shut up.” Calista snapped with an eye roll, grabbing the bottle and gulping it down.

Noah wanted to say something, she was going to get drunk and would not have it good. He wanted to stop her, but somehow didn’t feel in place.
But just as he pushed the thought aside and decide to stop her anyways.
Adrian spoke up.

“I think that’s enough wine for today, Calista.”

Noah released his tensed shoulder and breathed out a sigh of relief, but how in the world did someone like him, know someone like Calista, Noah thought..
T. B. C

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