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“I don’t understand.” Adrian shook his head. “What are you talking about Mika.”

Mika sniffed, blinking away the tears in her eyes. “I know, I know this sounds… Not right, but I want to do this Adrian. I want us to break up.”

“Break up.? Are you kidding me?” Adrian yelled. “Did I do something wrong? Anything wrong?”

“You’re not going to ask me that Adrian.” Mika sniffed.
“Did I do something wrong? Just Fvcking answer me!” Adrian cussed, and Mika breathed out a sigh, knowing he was mad, he never cusses until he’s extremely mad or angry.

Mika remained quiet trying to catch her breath as tears poured down her eyes.

“Mikasa!” Adrian yelled. “Answer me! And for crying out loud you’re carrying my baby and you want to Fvcking break up with me! Geez!”

“Okay fine.” Mika mumbled, looking up at Adrian. “I feel like I’m hanging by a thread, this relationship just feels like a tightrope.” Mika shook her head.

“Tightrope… What do you mean.” Adrian’s eyes remained on Mika.

“I can’t keep doing this-
“Doing what?” Adrian interrupted.

Mika yelled “Just shut up and let me speak”
“I hate the fact that sometimes I can’t even get to speak, just like right now, I hate the fact that I’m not allowed to have the things I like to myself, I hate the fact that you’re so Fvcking controlling, I mean everyone keeps mentioning how you’re so overbearing, but I never noticed that until recently, or maybe I did but didn’t choose it pick it up as anything.” Mika ranted pacing around the bedroom.

“A control freak, is this still because of that stupid dress i never approved on your body, Mika I am being cautious, you can’t wear skimpy clothes like that, you should be thanking me, do you know the attention you’d be-
“Thank you?” Mika yelled. “Attention, I don’t wear clothes because I want attention, I don’t wear clothes because I want you to think I’m pretty or sexy or whatever, I wear my choice of clothes because I like them, I dress for me and me alone Adrian, and the fact that you always have to act like a freaking child when some dude looks at me, I’m not going to leave you and jump right into their arms Adrian, just because they looked at me doesn’t mean anything! ”

Adrian remained quiet watching Mika speak.
She was getting all flushed from yelling too much, but she continued anyways.

“And clearly that’s why you don’t like Ray, because you feel like I’m going to leave you for him one day, you’re really smart Adrian but when it comes to our relationship, you’re not the brightest.”

Adrian spoke up. “Of course I have every right to feel that way, because you’re my fiance.”
“Still… I hate the fact that you’re like that, and that you hate everything, honestly it feels like this relationship is clogging me up, it’s choking me and I need to be out of it, I do love you Adrian, do not take this the wrong way but it’s all just too much. We’re engaged but it doesn’t even feel like we are. ” Mika shook her head.

“What is that supposed to mean.?” Adrian looked like he could break down anytime soon.
Mika sighed wiping her tears, “I mean, look at us, looking back now, we don’t even feel like we’re engaged, you go to work everyday and when you get back, we barely talk, and when we do it doesn’t last for ten minutes, and it’s mostly about you talking about business, and do you know that lately, everyday, when I sit at home, alone bored, I get the urge to call you, I know when you’re busy and when you’re not. Believe me I know when to call you, but I chose not to because when I do, there’s literally nothing we can talk about, I don’t know Adrian, this can’t work out. We shouldn’t just be lovers, we should be best friends, literally but we’re not, I feel like we’re distant “.

“I don’t understand where you got funny ideas like this, but all you’re saying is bullsh!t” Adrian scoffed.

“You don’t get it and never will.” Mika stomped her feet, before pacing. “Adrian when something exciting happens to me, you’re not the first person that crosses my mind to share the good news with, isn’t that bad enough. I’m always scared of what you’d think of it, I’m always cautious of what you’ll like, Ray got me tickets to the Jones, two ticket to be precise, one for me and you, but I never told you about it because I was scared you wouldn’t like it, I put you first in every thought I create, and it always ends up on what If Adrian doesn’t like it, God I am exhausted, I can’t do this anymore Adrian. ” Mika starts to cry.

Adrian took a step forward and pulled her into a hug.
“Please Mika.” he mumbled into her hair.

Mika pulled out of the hug. “Believe me when I say I love you Adrian, but I can’t anymore, we are engaged but it don’t feel like it, and the fact that I’m pregnant for you, I don’t want anything pinning me down to be honest, I like the fact that you’re protective but sometimes it way too much, and you forget and you’re controlling and you don’t know this but you’re a naysayer.”

“Pin you down?. But… Mika… I… I
Adrian couldn’t find his words as he watched tears gush out of Mika’s eyes

Mika walked out of the hug. “Look let’s just get on with it. Let’s end this.”

“End this?” Adrian’s voice was louder than ever. “Okay I get it, I understand what you just said, I’ll change for the better, but please you can’t just end us… Mika please.”

“Change, that’s not how it works Adrian, you can’t just wake up one morning and change and I need to breathe in another kind of air. Believe me I do not want us to break, but this, we have to do this.” Mika shook her head.
“Then don’t do it.” Adrian voice shook as he spoke.
“Fine.” Mika breathed out, walking close to the drawer beside the bed and grabbing the golden ring that laid on it wooden surface.

“I do love you Adrian, but we need this, how about instead of breaking up, we take a break from this relationship.” Mika sniffed placing the ring on Adrian’s palm.

“Take a break, how long do you intend on taking this break.?” Adrian asked, his eyes getting glossy.
“I don’t know, it might be a year or more, we need this and I need to breathe again. And with this baby, this is something we need.” Mika sighed.

“We? And what if you fall for someone at the process of this so called break, what if I fall for someone.” Adrian breathed out.

“Then so be it Adrian.” Mika seethed.

Adrian paced around the room trying to hold back his tears, he didn’t want to show how emotional or weak he could get, but he couldn’t help it.
“You can’t… You can’t possibly do this Mika…” Adrian sniffed, shutting his eyes and pulling Mika in another hug.
The day was getting dark and rain clouds made the sky even darker.
Calista breathed out a sigh or relief after finally getting a hold of a taxi.

Pulling in front of her apartment building, Calista handed the taxi driver cash notes, before walking out of the car and thanking him, the sky made a grumbling sound and as Calista glanced at it, she tsked before rushing to her apartment.

Getting to her apartment door, Calista paused when she saw someone seated in front of her door on a suitcase that looked gigantic.

“Mika..?” Calista called, pulling her suitcase, rushing to her best friends.

Mika turned to Calista, and the bright light landed on her face, exposing her flushed and puffy face and eyes from crying too much.

Seeing Calista’s worried expression, Mika busted out crying again.

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