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Calista and Mika both sat on Calista’s cold bed, and Calista remained quiet as she watched her friend let out all her tears.
Seeing her in front of her door was surprising enough, she had said nothing and had brought her in with her suitcase and let her cry to her satisfaction.

“Oh Fvck, I’m being such a child.” Mika sniffed, after the heart breaking silence.

“No it’s okay, I get it… You and Adrian are over, you’re supposed to let it all out.” Calista sighed.

“How did you know?” Mika turned to her with a loud sniff. Her nose up and puffy from crying too much.

“It’s clearly obvious, I mean why would you show up in front of my apartment waiting for me to get home, and with your suitcase, clearly Adrian wouldn’t allow that.” Calista expounded.
“Well we’re not over, we’re just taking a break.” Mika sniffed.

“A break huh? Will that do you both good?” Calista asked.

Mika shook her head. “I don’t know” she starts to cry again. “I don’t know if this break will help mend this relationship or will end it for sure, but I just had to do it, Adrian needs to hear my voice, silence speaks louder than words”

Calista pulled Mika into a hug. “It’s okay, Mika, I know you’re both meant to be, it’s totally going to work out.”

Mika pulled back from the hug and wiped her eyes. “I know. But it’s not just the fact that I will be taking a break from my relationship that’s making me cry, it’s the fact that for the first time, I saw Adrian cry.”
“Ohhh… That must have hurt him really bad.” Calista shook her head.

“I know, but this is for the best” Mika sniffed.

“Okay… You want this… This should be good. It is for the best, now stop crying you look like a dumpling.” Calista smiled, pulling Mika’s cheek.

“Thanks cal, such compliment” Mika sniffed, resting her head on Calista’s shoulder.
“You know what I mean, just stop crying, okay!” Calista huffed.

“I know, I know, it’s just my pregnancy hormones making it worse” Mika sighed.

Calista paused and pulled Mika’s head up.
“Pregnancy hormones?” She repeated.

“Yeah.” Mika nodded. “I’m pregnant”

“Wait… What?” Calista yelled. “Like for real? You’re freaking pregnant with a goddamn human baby in there?” Calista looked like she was not having it.

Mika laughed for the first time that day..
“Chill… Your brain suddenly forgets what pregnant means? I’m pregnant.”

“Holy moly! For Adrian and then you decided to take a break from your relationship. Is he aware of you being pregnant?”

Mika fell back on the bed. “He knows, he knows, and well the taking a break still commends.”
“This is… Hard to take in” Calista swallowed.

“I know right, Calista, am I even doing the right thing.?” Mika huffed.

“Now don’t question what you think is right, Adrian needs to miss you and also see the line he drew. Don’t worry you two will come around, I promise.” Calista smiled.

“You’re right, that’s that and it happened, I’ll deal with it, but I did kind of said something I’m regretting, I said it’s okay to try to fall in love with someone else while we’re on break. I mean why do hell would I say that, and what if Adrian falls for someone else. I know I’m clearly not falling for anyone anytime soon, because clearly I’m blinded by Adrian, but what if he falls for someone else, then what am I going to do?” Mika rushed her words as panic filled her eyes.

“Trust me when I say you drive Adrian crazy, and the last thing he would do is fall for someone else. And girl you made him freaking cry, not every girl stands a chance for making their man cry.” Calista smiled.

“Whatever, maybe he’s just crying for his baby, you should have seen his eyes when I told him I was pregnant. But anyways, let’s not talk about Adrian anymore… Come on tell me about your trip how did it go?” Mika rushed her words.

Calista rubbed her cheek. “Nothing much happened, it’s a business trip what do you expect.” she sighed remembering the scenario in the hotel, in the sound proofed room.
“Come on, there’s got to be something, I don’t want to think about Adrian please.” Mika sighed.
Calista turned to her friend and seeing the sadness in her eyes she sighed.
“He did what???” Mika yelled, her voice louder than the falling rain.

“Oh believe me, and his face when he said, that wasn’t a kiss” Calista rolled her eyes.

“Noah Leonhart is definitely a man of… How can I put this… I have met him in different dinner meetings, but damn I didn’t know he was this sketchy.” Mika huffed.

“Oh he is. And the fact that I’m his employee, I mean does this man have no shame?” Calista scoffed.

“Tell me about it” Mika added. “He suddenly seems like the kind of boss who wouldn’t mï…
Calista smiled seeing her friend get lost up in her words and totally forgetting her drama today.
The night was old and as both girls got ready for bed, sharing the huge blanket, Mika breathed out a sigh.

“What? Already getting tired of my cramped apartment, sorry it’s not like Adrian’s luxurious home.” Calista joked.

“Oh shut up.” Mika mumbled. “Like we didn’t use to be roomies. I used to live here remember!”.

“I know, but after living in such luxury you might find this place a slum”

“Calista shut up before I kiss you and call it nothing.” Mika barked.
Calista laughed. “I see, so we’re playing Noah Leonhart tonight.”
Both girls remained quiet before Calista spoke up.
“So how many… Months. Years, are you pregnant”

“Years? You are so dumb.” Mika laughed. “I’m a month and two days. I’ve been having symptoms but it didn’t really cross my mind, I missed my freaking period and it didn’t cross my mind either. My head’s been under water lately, I really do need this break, good night Calista” Mika mumbled her last sentences as her eyes closed slowly, drifting off to sleep.
The next morning, Calista got ready for work as a usual, and as she had a quick breakfast. Mika woke up from her deep slumber.
“Wakey wakey sleepy heads” Calista smiled, shoving a loaf of toasted bread in her mouth.
“Where are you going?” Mika asked.
“Work.. Where else.” Calista scoffed.

“Oh yeah, right, I forgot. Damn I’m going to be lonely again, maybe I might get a cab and down to give Adrian a visit” Mika grinned.
“I hope that was a joke” Calista shook her head.
“It was.”
“Good thing you’re joking about things now, anyways, I’m sure I have some mice you can play with.” Calista winked.

“Oh please tell me that was a joke.” Mika half yelled.

“I was joking” Calista joked, before grabbing her purse and gulping down a whole bottle of water.

“Anyways, I have to run, have a great day at home.” Calista blew kisses that Mika rolled her eyes at.
Getting a cab and getting to work on time was something Calista was proud of that morning,
She wore a proud smile after sitting down at he desk for minutes and watching her department manager Alvara walk inside, giving her a ‘I was here early’ look.

After hours of quietness and everyone working behind their computers, a middle aged man walked into the office after placing a knock on the wooden door.

Everyone’s head immediately turned to the man, and you could tell he felt awkward.

“Sorry for disturbing.” The man threw a smile adjusting his glasses
“I am here for miss Calista Williams”

Calista paused hearing her name.
“Me?” she had muttered out loud, getting on her feet.

“Yes, you are needed in the conference room.” The man breathed out.

“Oh… Okay…” Calista replied, not moving an inch.

“Well what are you waiting for? Be on your way” Alvara chipped in. And Calista nodded frantically before walking out of the office.

Stepping into the company’s conference room for the first time, Calista was amazed by how large it was. Her admiring the place stopped when her eyes fell on Noah Leonhart.
He was standing at the end of the room, dressed in a vantablack suit that brought out his eyes, Noah cleared his throat seeing Calista.

She stepped into the room and greeted in the most polite way ever.

Noah got on his feet. “Thank you for coming miss Calista.”

“it’s nothing.” Calista replied, trying not to look him in the eye or think about what happened two nights ago. But it couldn’t be helped.

“Anyways.” Noah cleared his throat. “I called you here because I wanted to speak to you about Saturday night.

Calista swallowed hard the moment the words left his mouth.
‘Why would he want to talk about that’ she thought. ‘is he going to do more?’

“I want to apologize for my eerie behavior, what I did wasn’t right and it was low and stupid of me. To be honest I had no idea why I did that, and also I am apologizing for the fact that I was trying to brush it off and not agree it was a kiss. It was very low of me, and I hope you can find it in you to forgive me and maybe we can forget that something like that happened.” Noah breathed out a sigh.

Calista said nothing for a while before nodding and speaking up.
“Yes I understand, that was a mistake. And I’m glad you’re apologizing for it, well I will brush it off and forget it did happen. It’s okay.”

Noah smiled. “Thank you. And I hope we never cross that path again.’

‘That path?’ Calista repeated in her head.

“Sure…” Calista beamed
T. B.

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