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It was a Friday night, a very cold night that makes you shiver if you do step outside by chance .

Mika fell back on Calista’s bed, laughing hard at the movie, she, Calista and Ray seemed to be enjoying.

“Okay we’ve seen this show like a hundred times but it gets funnier every single time.” Calista breathed out with a smile.

“I know right, every single time.” Ray added pushing the pizza box in front of him to Calista.
“Are you kidding me, I’m going to throw up anytime soon, I ate five slices, how far do you think I can go.” Calista complained throwing the box with three more slices to the end of the bed.

“I did warn you not to order extra large, I feel bloated.” Mika glared at Ray.
“Or maybe it’s just your baby trying to creep out, you never know, don’t blame it on the pizza.” Ray mumbled.

“Okay, one more joke about me being pregnant or my baby, and you two are going to get it.” Mika threatened, getting on her feet and Walking towards the kitchen.

Calista and Ray shared a laugh, before Mika finally joined them again on the bed.

“To be honest, I’m getting bored of this and sleepy too.” Calista sighed, referring to the movie

“Me too” Mika chipped in.
“You can turn it off. I’m bored too. Kind of.” Ray shrugged.

“And I also have this dinner party with three of our departments tomorrow, we are like done with half of our project and our managers Kind of decide we celebrate and well our boss agreed.” Calista explained with a shrug.

“Our boss.” Mika scoffed.

“Come on.” Calista rolled her eyes.
“Well he doesn’t deserve to be called someone’s boss after what he did to you.” Mika rolled her eyes.

“Did what to you?” Ray chimed in.

“He freaking kissed cal, and now she’s trying to shrug it off.” Mika complained.

Calista Sighed. “It was like two weeks ago and he already apologized. And besides it was just one stupid peck on the lips.”

“Hold on, hold on, a kiss from your boss… Why the fvck am I just hearing this now, and it happened two weeks ago?” Ray’s voice was louder than ever.
“Relax, it’s nothing serious.” Calista shrugged it off.
“Oh believe me, it is something serious” Mika shook her head folding her arms.

“Okay, shut up now Mikasa, believe me Ray, Mika is just overreacting, Noah apologized for that night and well he said he hopes we never cross such path again, and he has really stood by his words, because not only is he keeping his distance. He also doesn’t reply my greetings if I do meet him in the elevator by chance, he just nods his head like an alligator, avoiding me like I’m some germ. Like are you kidding me? What is he like twelve?” Calista yelled, her furious brows making Mika laugh.

“Okay wait. Hold on. Are you mad because he once kissed you or you’re mad about the fact that he’s been avoiding you.?” Mika moved her hair back.

“You know what? I don’t want to talk about this anymore, I have to go to work early tomorrow, so I’m sleeping in early.” Calista huffed, getting under her covers.

“Now who’s acting like a twelve year old looks like Noah Leonhart is rubbing off on you.” Mika joked.

Ray laughed, getting on his feet. “Well I better get going now.”
“Yeah good night.” Calista sighed. “I could have walked you out, but it’s so cold.”

“It’s okay. Have a good night, both of you!” Ray smiled.
“Good night” Calista and Mika said in unison.
Calista met the morning with her eyes closed, and unwillingly got out of bed. She got through with her morning routine and as she prepared breakfast in her tiny kitchen, Mika walked in trying not to throw up.
“Out!” Calista ordered, pointing the knife in her hand towards the door.
“Chill. It’s just my usual morning sickness.” Mika sighed.
“I know that, and you’re not going to make me lose my appetite today.” Calista sighed.

“I’m sorry about last time.” Mika apologized, walking up to the mini fridge to grab a bottle of water.

Calista rushed her food, and after grabbing her purse and phone, she left the house.
The morning was warm and as Calista got to work that morning and In time, she took her time resting before getting to work.
There wasn’t much to do that morning since half of their present project has been done already and their just waiting for Alvara to give them another heads up.
Dressed in a pair of pink shorts and a matching pink tank top. Mika walked around one of the city’s biggest grocery store, pushing around her trolley, walking from one food section to another.
Getting to her favorite section where it had shelves gleaming with Japanese snacks, Mika grinned and suddenly her hand started picking the ones that made her mouth water at that moment.
Wanting to Grab a green plastic bag of chips that laid on the top shelf, Mika gasped when someone’s hand grabbed it before her.
Turning around swiftly and ready to gobble the person alive even If the shelf still had one more of the same chips,
Mika paused when she saw Adrian behind her.
He was dressed all casual and looked super exhausted and had dreadful eye bags.
‘Has he not been doing well?’ Mika thought as her eyes soften at him.

“HI…” she started.
“HI… I wanted to get this for you, I thought your hands wouldn’t reach, I’m sorry if it-
“No.” Mika interrupted, “it’s fine, the shelf’s not that high. But thank you”

Taking the chips from Adrian and placing it on her trolley. Mika paused and breathed out a sigh of relief before asking.

“So… How are you? It’s been like two weeks since… You know.” Mika shrugged.

“Well… How do you think I’m doing?” Adrian mumbled.
“From my perspective you look really awful. I’m sorry.” Mika blurted trying not to sound worried.
“Well, I have not been getting any sleeps lately.” Adrian sighed.

“Sorry.” Mika shrugged.
“It’s okay… How are you?… Why am I even asking that, you are literally glowing.” Adrian smiled eyeing Mika from head to bottom.
“Thank you” Mika nodded.

Adrian suddenly grabbed the same chip he had heard mika take from the shelf.

Mika paused. “What are you doing?” she asked.
Adrian turned to her. “Buying this?” he replied.

“But you don’t like it you never do. You’ve always hated how it got this unknown ingredient you could never decipher and that always make you gag” Mika rushed her words, taking the chips from him.

Adrian smiled. “Thank you for worrying about me, but there’s always room to learn to like more things.” He grabbed the chips from her and with a good bye, he walked away.
Mika silently cussed at herself.
“Why do I always overreact?” she sighed, before pushing her trolley and walking away.
The sun was setting in the sky, and it was definitely a sight for Calista, knowing work would be over soon.
Her sudden loud yawn in the office caused everyone to glance at her in unison, and she had no choice but to apologize with a nervous laugh.
“Seems like you’re tired already, without doing much today?” Alvara started. Getting on her feet.
“That definitely didn’t mean tired.” Calista rubbed her neck.
“It shouldn’t, because in a few minute. We’ll be leaving for our dinner.” Alvara beamed.

“Oh, right, the dinner.” Calista mumbled, all she wants is to go home.
Boris walked into Noah’s office with a satisfied look on his face.
“Sir.” he began. “Your schedule has been adjusted for the coming week.”

“Let’s hear it” Noah shrugged taking a seat.

“Well it’s not much but all your meetings for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday with Mr Gasby and Mr Kowalski has been canceled, and won’t be held until the upper week.” Boris explained.

“What why?” Noah asked.
“I know you’re silently breathing a sigh of relief under your ‘what why?’ and Mr. Kowalski suggested it” Boris replied.

“Of course not. But why would he cancel it”? Noah asked.
“Well it’s not my place to say this, but Adrian did call in that he wasn’t feeling okay and he’s sick and won’t be active for a while, but well the whole issue is that his fiance broke up with him, and he is depressed about the whole situation.”

“Whoa.” Noah blinked rapidly. “I guess his fiancé finally saw how of an a$shole he is, but anyways, I’m fine with the change of plans.”

“okay, great, now I have to get going.” Boris smiled.
“Home?” Noah asked.

“No, not really, the sales, research and marketing department are having a dinner party to celebrate like half of the project done and I kind of like hosted it with the head managers, so I can’t miss.” Boris rushed his words.
“A dinner party to celebrate.? I literally own this project, and a party behind my back?” Noah scoffed.

“It’s not really a party, but we just kind of eat and drink and you know, we did like most of the jobs, so it’s normal we celebrate. And it is also not behind your back, I just didn’t tell you because you would have not agreed to show up anyways.”

“Send me the location.” Noah sighed getting on his feet.
“Are you going to show up?” Boris asked.
“we’ll see.” Noah shrugged.
T. B. C

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