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“And I got fired.” Calista breathed out before taking a sip out of her coffee and raising her head up to look at Ray.

“I can’t believe that.” Ray scoffed. “So that little flamingo ratted you out?”

“He sure did, and I told his mother that he is going to become the town’s finest drug addict, gosh I’m so tired, and I actually wore my finest suit today not knowing I’d get fired, this is bullshit” Calista sighed.

“Don’t worry it’s going to be okay!” Ray said, assuring.
“Okay? When? Where? How does it get okay, I loved my job and the fact that the pay is more than any normal job could earn. I am going to lose my shit. Where will I even see a better job, even if I do become a teacher again at another school, I’m still not going to ever get satisfied, because hillfeld has proved to me what money actually is.”

“Okay now slow down Cal, I do not know how to make you feel better but don’t you think it’s high time you quit smoking? Considering how it got you into trouble, try to quit.” Ray sighed.

“Do you think it’s that easy?” Calista huffed.
“I know it’s not, I mean we both started off smoking at the same time, but look at me, look at Mika, I quit a year ago, she did when she met Adrian. Just give it a try.” Ray explained, his curly hair bouncing as he explained.
“I don’t know, maybe I should just k.ill myself then” Calista sighed, grabbing Ray’s coffee after seeing how she had emptied her own.
Ray smiled. “Now don’t say that.”

“I’m devastated, I should go home.” Calista frowned getting on her feet.

“But you just got here.”

“I know…” She added.

“So you just called me out to talk about how you got fired, you didn’t really want to hang out.?” Ray asked.
“Did I sound like I wanted to hang out?” Calista retorted.

“Yeah, you called me and clearly said ‘Hey Ray do you think maybe we can hang out”

“Oh. I didn’t know I sounded like that.” Calista shrugged.
“Well you did.” Ray threw his hands up.

Calista looked around her surroundings before looking back at Ray. “Well maybe I sounded like that earlier, but now I just want to go home and maybe cry myself to sleep.”

“Okay this is unfair.” Ray scoffed.
“Unfair? I don’t understand…” Calista shook her head.
“You called earlier saying you want to hang out, and now after ranting to me about how you got fired today, you want to leave. And think about how I came running to you when you called, but when I call to ‘Hang out’ you tell me you’re either busy or your usual, I’m nr able to make it” Ray sighed.

“I’m sorry rant? All I’ve been saying, I have been ranting to you?” Calista scoffed.
“No… Look, I didn’t mean it that way.” Ray spoke up.
“No you did” Calista hit the table with her fist.

“Okay I didn’t. I am just trying to say that you never have time for me when I need you, but I always come running to you when you need me, that isn’t fair.” Ray yelled.

“That’s because I’m always busy.” Calista scoffed.
“And you think I’m not busy? Fu*k this Calista.” Ray cussed.

“I don’t see any reason for you to get angry you know.” Calista rolled her eyes getting on her feet.
“Oh you don’t see why? And are you leaving.?” Ray scoffed.

“Of course I am.” Calista added.
“No…” Ray got on his feet. “of course you can’t see why I’m angry right now but you can’t stay and I’ll leave. I mean I was the idiot who left his job to come attend to you.” Ray spat and immediately walked out of the coffee shop, grabbing his hat.

“Ray…” Calista tried to call back, but he was already far away to hear, or maybe he did hear her but decided not to reply.

With one heavy sigh, Calista grabbed her purse before walking out of the coffee shop and heading home.
Boris walked into Noah’s office that evening with his iPad in his right hand as usual, and after greeting a good evening, he noticed Janice at the corner with a phone in her hand.

“Boris…” Noah sighed seeing him.

“Sir. Your daughter’s here” Boris added in a way that explained that Janice shouldn’t be, and she was also in her school uniform.

“Yeah, after school she cried all day saying she wanted to see me. And well my mother brought her here, and then left. Sometimes I have no say in things like this.” Noah let’s out a pained smile.

“She’s just a girl who loves her father so much. No harm in that.” Boris laughed.

“Yes but I can’t let her cling to me like this every second of the day.”

“Well aside that, I have gotten everything under control, hired models for the new brand, Mr Gasby seemed thrilled working with us on this new project and well the company is strictly under control” Boris flashed a smile.

“And how about new employees. We’re falling on that.” Noah raised his brows.

“Well a month ago if you haven’t let out your raging anger and then fire almost half of your employees, we wouldn’t be in this position, but aside that, I have that under countol and who wouldn’t want to work here, if Julia should upload the ‘we’re hiring’ banner on our website, you’ll see the exit door filled with all ages wanting to work for the company, so there’s nothing to worry.” Boris said assuring, with his whimsical smile.

“I trust you Boris, I trust you maybe a little too much” Noah laughed.

“I know you do. By next week, the company will be filled with new employees that will hopefully cope with your anger issues”.

Noah threw his eyebrows up. “I don’t have anger issues.
“Well the doer never sees, but anyways, I need your phone to copy the email Mr Gasby said he send to you personally.” Boris added, taking a step towards Noah’s desk.

“My phone.” Noah repeated, searching for it with his eyes, “It was here some where.”

“Daddy, I have it.” Janice’s voice suddenly spoke up, waving the phone in the air.
“What? When did you take it?” Noah asked, getting on his feet and gently taking the phone from Janice.

“I took it when you weren’t looking.” Janice giggled.
“Well don’t do that” Noah warned, his thick voice never always fazed Janice, though it could do real harm to some people.

Noah handed the phone to Boris, and as Boris took a seat to issue what he came to Noah’s office for. The office went silent and Janice began to speak.

“Daddy.” she called, resting her elbows on his desk.
“Yes Janice.” Noah sighed.
“You never came for my bring your parent’s to school day”.
“We already talked about this and I’m sorry, I’ll be there next time.” Noah sighed.
How his daughter never let things slide.

“if you don’t show up Miss Calista is going to scold you again.” Janice warned.
“Miss who?”
“Miss Calista” little Janice repeated.
“And who is that?” Noah asked.

“My class teacher.” Janice replied.

Noah shut his eyes and silently scolded himself, for the fact that he does not know his own daughter’s class teacher. Well for the fact that his mother knows, there’s nothing to worry about.

“And why would she scold me.?” Noah scoffed.
“Because you promised to show up and you didn’t, she scolded you today and she will do it again.” Janice never stopped talking.
“she scolded me today?” Noah seemed more than confused.

“And done.” Boris breathed out, interrupting the father and daughter conversation.

Handing Noah his phone, Boris wished him a good night before leaving his office to round up for the day.
Noah turned back to his daughter to continue listening to her never ending rant and stories that never made much sense.
Noah watched as his daughter spoke and how she looked so much like her mother, people always mention how she looked more like him, but they were wrong to him, because she looked more like her mother.
If only she didn’t leave.
Calista did almost cry herself to sleep that evening when she recalled being fired after waking up from a siesta, but stopped herself after her eyes landed on a packet of cigeratte close to her bed.
With a sigh, she grabbed the cigeratte, wore a pair of shorts, grabbed her pink lighter and walked out of her small apartment.

Calista released more than a sigh after throwing her cigarettes into the long trashcan at the back of her apartment building.
“I am going to quit you for good” she mumbled, staring at the pack of cigarettes and withdrawing the urge of not to reach for it.
“Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I’m going to take this slow, you fuckin cigarettes got me fired, and Mika warned me. Shit!” Calista cussed, before walking back up to her room.
Surfing the internet on self-help to stop smoking, calista’s eyes landed on a lot of things she internally promised herself to start doing, like saying the word, “Not today” or eating meat when she craves for cigarettes.
Going through the homepage of the website on self help to stop smoking, a pop up ad suddenly appear on the screen and Calista accidentally clicked on it.

“Damn it! No!” she screamed, when the phone screen changed colour from white to pink, leading her to an app which automatically start to install on her phone.

“What the hell is this?” Calista asked no one in particular as she clicked on the app to see the app name.
“Chat and fall in love?” she scorned. “What in the world’s lame ass app is this?”.

Opening the app, Calista suddenly start to read the instructions.
“Technically the app has been designed for singles like you to anonymously chat with a stranger and perhaps fall in love.. What the f*ck.” Calista laughed.
“Sure… Let’s see if I fall in love, stupid app.”
Noah got home after dropping off his daughter at her grandma’s place, and that night as he took a hot shower ready to get into bed with his phone in his hand. He noticed a weird new app sitting on the front page of his phone screen.
” What the hell is this?” he mumbled. “Did Janice put this? Chat and fall in love? Seriously?”
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