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Noah’s blue eyes never left his screen as he looked at this strange app on his phone. He contemplated deeply whether or not to delete it, and after ten seconds of deep thinking, he let’s out a laugh.
“Chat and fall in love” Noah laughed again. “Who in the world chats and fall in love, let’s see.” He breathed out and clicked on the app,
and it pink screen suddenly opened up.

Seeing how the inside of the app was all pink and sensibly designed. Noah let’s out a nod and tapped on a button when it asked to be tapped. An option appeared on the screen asking if he was a male or female and Noah sighed before choosing.
After that another option appeared on the screen asking if he wanted to chat with a male or a female.

“Now this is tiring.” Noah sighed, wanting to give up, but pushed himself to tap on the female icon.
A warning banner appeared on the screen and Noah read out to himself.
“You may begin your conversation, note every person here remains anonymous, you may reveal your identity to your chat partner at your risk, chat away”. Noah scoffed.

The last thing he would like to do is give out his identity to some stranger. Not happening.
Calista was done tapping on her choice with the brief option on the screen when she suddenly recieved a message from an anonymous, literally everyone one the app remains anonymous.

“Hello there” The message had said, and Calista looked at that particular message, before being polite and replying back.

“Hello!” She had sent, and regretted placing the exclamation mark.

“How are you?” Mr. Anonymous had sent and Calista rolled her eyes at the question.

“I don’t know, how are you?”

“I don’t know how I am either.” Mr. Anonymous replied and Calista scoffed.

“So… I don’t know what to say anymore.” Calista sent sincerely.
And Mr. Anonymous replied immediately. “Yes honestly, same here, this is the most useless app I have ever encounted.”

Calista laughed out loud before looking down at her phone to reply.
“Yes, tell me about it, the name is cringe, chat and fall in love, how does that make any sense.”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “Like falling in love is easy, the owner of this app should be sued.”

“Sued, jailed and never to be seen again.” Calista sent.

Noah laughed to himself on the bed, and seeing how hysterical his laugh was, he contained himself and turned back to Miss Anonymous he had been texting.

“You’re funny.” Noah texted.

“Oh fu*ck no!” Noah cried. “Why did I send that, she’d think I’m flirting.”.
Biting his bottom lip impatiently and waiting for Miss Anonymous’ message, Noah felt his eyes bulge when he got a reply.

“I don’t think I’m ever funny. I think I’m the opposite version of that, I’m surprised you haven’t gotten bored and then left the chat”.

Noah breathed out a sigh of relief seeing her message. But then what should he reply, they were just talking about the owner of the app, what else should he talk about.

Noah didn’t know when his hands typed sure and sent them, or he knew but wasn’t sure if he did.

“Sure? Okay should we end this chat please? Are you getting bored?” Miss Anonymous asked.

“I think we should, I have to go to bed early for work tomorrow.” Noah texted.

“Oh good for you, I was fired today, now isn’t that great” Miss. Anonymous texted with a smiley emoji.
‘is she happy she was fired?’ Noah thought, not getting the sarcasm that filled the text message.

Not knowing what to say Noah said what any one in their right mind would.
“Well I hope you get a new job soon”.

Miss Anonymous suddenly replied like she had been waiting all her life. “I hope so too.”.

“So? Goodnight?” Noah texted.
“Good night.” Miss anonymous texted, with a sleeping emoji and that was how the conversation ended.
Calista curled herself up in her blanket re-reading the chat that just happened, and seeing how short it was, she dropped her phone and silently prayed he got someone better on the app, someone less boring like her and who matched his humor.
After thinking about her life that seemed like it was beginning to suck more, she lets out a groan and pressed her face into her pillow, muffling the words.

“I want cigarettes.”

Suddenly practicing the word she had seen online minutes ago. Calista breathed out mutiple sigh as she muttered the word. “Not today…”
Still with her face buried into her pillow, Calista stayed in her position, lost in thoughts until sleep drifted her away.
The next morning Calista got on her feet ready to get down with her daily routine, ready to head to work when she suddenly recalled she has been tired.

“How my life wouldn’t get any better.” She scoffed, falling back on her bed, and grabbing her phone to check how much she can hold on from her savings.
Seeing how low her savings were, Calista knew she had to get a job as soon as possible. But how would that be possible? Of course she could get a job as a teacher with a flick at her resume and bachelor’s degree in the eyes of the school, but no school would ever be able to pay as mouth watering as Hillfeld.
But aside being a teacher, can she even pull off working as something else.
She’s doomed.

Calista cussed multiple times after getting ahead of her thoughts.
“I have to leave this place, I can’t be stuck at home doing nothing.

Mika could be seen waiting in front of a spa house, dressed in all blue, her skin didn’t fail to glow under the sun.
Seeing his familiar car drive in front of her, Mika let’s out a smile.

The window to the car suddenly rolled down and Adrain came into sight.
“How was your spa?” He asked.
“I expected so much, I’ll rate it a six out of ten.” Mika replied, opening the car door and taking the passenger’s seat.

“My bad. I will recommend a far more better place next time.” Adrain sighed placing a kiss on Mika’s cheek.

“It’s okay,” Mika blushed.

Adrain starts to drive the car again, and as he made a turn to enter the highway, he glanced at Mika, his chestnut eyes, eyeing his fiance, how she looked so good in a blue dress.
“What?” Mika asked when she caught his eyes.
“Nothing!” He cleared his throat, “You just look extremely dashing and audacious in the that dress”.
“Well Thank you” Mika breathed out.

Adrian glanced at her exposed thighs.

“But isn’t it a little to small, it barely covers your thighs” He added, using his free hand to sudden caress her thighs.

“It’s because I’m sitting this way, I promise they cover up when I’m standing.” Mika sighed.

“That’s more like it” Adrian smiled, taking his hand back up to the steering wheel.

“So… Your birthday’s coming up” a drain started.
“Yeah, next week.” Mika replied.
“How’d you plan to spend it?” Adrian glanced at his fiance.
Mika smiled. “Just me Calista and Ray, nothing much, it’ll be our usual spot and maybe my the end of the day, you and I will spend time ourselves.”.
“So you don’t plan to do it, in a big fancy way.?”

“No, that’s all head ache, Calista ray and I have always celebrated our birthdays that way and well we have to keep the tradition going.” Mika shrugged.

“Keep the tradition or do you really want to” Adrian asked.
“I do not want to.” Mika shook her head with a smile.
“Alright then. So I’ll drop you off at home and get back to work.”.
“Thanks for picking me up though, you had to go through all that trouble, I could have hopped on a taxi but well your stubborn ass would always say no.” Mika kissed her teeth.

“I never wanting you getting into any taxi, it might be dangerous and not ever in that dress. So no matter where you are, if you need to go home call me and I’ll pick you up, no matter how busy I am.” Adrian stated clearly.
“Talk about overprotective.” Mika squint her eyes, grinning from ear to ear.

“Any man in his right mind would think the way I do, it’s being careful and not overprotective.” Adrian shook his head.

“Believe what ever you want” Mika laughed.
Adrian pulled over in front of his home, a five bedroom duplex that looked more like it was built out of glass than bricks.

“Home sweet home, I can’t wait to get out of this dress.” Mika Sighed, as Adrian parked his car in front of his garage.

“Now why did you wear it if it was uncomfortable?” Adrian asked.
“All clothes are uncomfortable, don’t get mistaken.” Mika added, walking out of the car and grabbing her purse.
Adrian stepped out of the car too and walked towards Mika.

“So, I’ll be leaving now, you, enjoy yourself at home and if you need anything, give me a call.” Adrian stated, his eyes never leaving her.
“Will do so, thanks Babe.” Mika smiled getting on her toe to kiss Adrain.
Adrain laughed and gently pushed her back to the ground.
“Let me save you the trouble.” He added before leaning down to kiss her.

“Alright then, I’ll see you tonight.” Adrain said after the kiss.
“Alrighty bye” Mika smiled.

Calista could be seen walking down the streets of kenel, she was about four blocks away from her apartment and had no idea where she was headed.
Dressed in a matching Sweats pants and shirt that sagged, with a plair of flip flop and a pair black shade sunglasses, considering how the sun was burning hot. Calista looked somewhat homeless, she was aware but couldn’t care less. She just got fired how worse could she dress.

Walking on the sidewalk and watching cars drive by on the main road, Calista wasn’t aware of the car that had sped up towards her until she heard a screeching sound as the car almost hit her.

“What the hell!” She hissed and moved back with all her might, slamming her back on a wireless pole. And it immediately the car came to a halt.

“Who the hell are you, you almost killed me!” Calista yelled, walking up to the car window.

The car door opened and Boris Walked out, and immediately posed a bow.
T. B. C

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