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“Miss I am deeply sorry for this” Boris apologized immediately he stepped out of his car, after almost hitting Calista.

“Deeply sorry, deeply sorry wouldn’t have brought me back to life if you had killed me!” Calista yelled.

“Ma’am, I promise it wasn’t intentional.” Boris apologized.
“Ma’am.? Do I look that old to you?” Calista snapped, taking off her glasses to take in Boris’ face.
“Sorry Miss.” Boris corrected.

Calista pause to look at Boris, seeing him dressed in black suit, his hair gelled back, and his car looked like it would cost millions of dollars.
She could clearly tell he was well off.

“Of course.” Calista rolled her eyes. “It’s always the sorry, sorry can’t pay for my life. Rich people and their weak mentality”.

“But you didn’t get a scratch, I stopped the car before it got to you.” Boris tried to sound calm.
“Yes you did, but did you see me slam my back against that pole, and for your information I could swear I heard something crack.” Calista knew she was exaggerating, but what did she care.
“I am very sorry miss, I lost control it was my fault, I am deeply sorry I can take you to the hospital if you want.” Boris sighed.

“You and being deeply sorry, and I’m not going to let you take me to the hospital, what if I get into your car and worse you kidnap me or something.” Calista knew that was the dumbest thing she could ever say, but who could tell.
“Please, I have no intention of kidnapping you” Boris scoffed, eyeing Calista. “Trust me.” He added.

“What? Do I look homeless to you, and what are you doing driving on the side walk instead of the main road.” Violet shook her head.
“Like I said I lost control and you do not look homeless.” Boris swallowed.
“Of course I do to you, considering that look you gave me, but it’s okay, I give you every right to look at me that way, since I’ve been getting looked on like that, ever since I was fired no one took me seriously, so you can go right ahead and kill me with your expensive looking car and well no one would even notice. ”
Boris couldn’t help but try not to laugh at Calista’s rant. She was being dramatic and he found it funny.

“Anyways, is there anything I can do, to get this small incident off your mind?” Boris asked, hoping she was say something, he had to leave as soon as possible.

“Are you thinking of bribing me?” Calista scoffed.

Boris bat his lashes. “I wouldn’t call that a bribe miss”.
“Well it sounds like one to me, but sure if you can hand me your car then it’s okay”

“What?” horror flashed in front of Boris’ face.

“I was just joking” Calista laughed, and watched Boris catch his breath in relief.

“Ah,” Boris suddenly smiled. “You mentioned being fired”.
“Yeah?” Calista squint her eyes and watched him pull a small card out of his pocket.

“This is my card” Boris handed it to her, and she willingly took it.
“Wait” Calista gasped. “Anees, wait you work at Anees?”
“Yes i do.” Boris beamed, seeing he had caught her eyes.
“Anees belongs to all time Noah Leonhart, so you work for him?”
“Oh you do know Noah Leonhart.” Boris smiled.
Calista scoffed “Who wouldn’t”

“Well, yes I work for and with Noah Leonhart, and Anees is recruiting new workers, now this is just an invite to the company’s interview that’s happening this Thursday and Friday, mind you a lot of people are going to be there, and if you do manage to pass the interview, you’re welcomed, you’ll start working for Anees, and a little birdie told me the pay is a lot more than you can ever expect” Boris explained.

“Whoa…” Calista gasped, her eyes never leaving the card.
“So are you up for it?” Boris asked.

Not wanting to look sold, Calista suddenly looked up and shook her head. “I’ll think about it”
“Now thinking is a great start, Miss” Boris smiled.
“So is this the end? Can I go?” Boris asked.

“Sure.” Calista rolled her eyes.
Boris beamed. “I promise, this will never happen again.”
“Of course it won’t” Calista added, and with one last glare, she walked away.

“What took you so long Boris?” Noah asked, getting on his feet, immediately Boris walked into his office.
“I kind of happened to be in a bit of a situation on my way here, sorry for my tardiness” Boris apologized, and Noah sighed.
“It’s okay!” Noah sighed walking away from his table, he was about to leave the office for Boris, when he paused and turned back to him.
Not forgetting that Boris was not just his personal assistant but also his best friend, whom he could talk to about anything.
Noah cleared his throat before asking.

“Have you heard of any app called Chat and fall in love?”
“Excuse me?.” Boris almost laughed.

“I accidentally came across it on my phone last night, and I clearly have no idea how it appeared there” Noah breathed out, sliding on of his hand into his pants pocket.

“Ohh, chat and fall in love, that’s the app on trend or something. My wife mentioned it once and I decided to go check reviews on it. Some people complained they’ve met the worst people on the app, and some people complained they’ve met the best people, and I think they’ve sky rocketed, the app, cause their ads are everywhere, you might accidentally click on it and it automatically installs on your phone.” Boris explained.

“Don’t you think it’s a cliché name for an app.” Noah squinted his eyes.

“It says a lot about the app, so I guess it’s okay.” Boris shrugged.

“But what if people don’t actually fall in love. Why name the app something cheesy” Noah scoffed.
“So… Did you manage to hop on the app though, you know, see how it is?” Boris asked.

“I did, and well I came across this lady and well it’s nothing to talk about.” Noah sighed.

“Okay then, maybe you should give the app more chance” Boris smiled.
“I’ll probably delete it tonight, anyways I’ll be on my way, take care Boris”.
“Yeah good luck” Boris added and watch Noah
Calista laid on her bed staring at Boris’ card.
Her mind drifted off to thoughts she was liking.
“So if I do get a job at Anees, not only will I get enough mouth watering pay, I’ll also be respected more than usual if anyone hears that I work at Anees, nobody jokes with Noah Leonhart’s company, since this town is mostly all about rank.”

Calista beamed to herself and clenched her fist after promising herself to show up on the interview on Thursday, and praying silently to get accepted.
The day went faster than ever and that night, and Calista found herself researching about the company Anees after a never ending call with Mika, which finally ended after she lied about going to bed.
But the truth was that, her curiosity was getting the best of her. Of course she knew the company, but never got to know what they actually do.
After making her research and learning the history of the company, Calista shut her laptop and closed her eyes.
“This is tiring.” she mumbled. “I do hope i pass the interview though.”

Getting bored and slowly dying by the silence in her room, Calista got on her knees and grabbed her phone, after scrolling and scrolling, her hand clicked on the ‘chat and fall in love’ app and she sighed.
She would have exited the app and go to sleep, but at the same time she wanted to have a conversation with someone, anyone.
And with her brows up, she sent a message to Mr. Anonymous she had a conversation with yesterday.

“You alive?”

Staring at the message for a while, and wondering if it was appropriate, Calista shrugged it off, believing Mr. Anonymous would have deleted the app, just like she should be doing, but who knows.
After an hour of waiting for a reply, Calista gave up and decided to do something else on her phone.
Noah got home that night, exhausted, as he got into his expensive looking home, he found his daughter running around in the living room.

“Daddy!” She called with excitement rushing up to him to give him a hug.

“Pumpkin, what are you doing here?” Noah asked.
“Nana brought me here.” Janice grinned.

“My mother? Where is she.?” Noah asked.
“She’s upstairs sleeping” Janice grinned.

“So… Since you’re here, want to have dinner with daddy?” Noah smiled.
“Yes!” Janice yelled, all happy and hyperactive.

“Okay then.” Noah sighed.

Always being the great cook he is, Noah prepared dinner and he and Janice had a mouthful till their stomachs cried for help. Noah had a rough night that night, after trying to keep up with his daughter’s hyperactivity, and when she got sleepy, he was more than grateful.
Placing Janice’s sleeping body on his bed and laying beside her, Noah grabbed his phone only to see three notifications, two emails from Boris and an anonymous message from the app he called and won’t stop calling weird.

“Strange…” He mumbled, before clicking on the message icon, and it redirected him to the message Miss. Anonymous had sent for him.

“You Alive?” He read and gawked at the message.
“What in the world weirdest message is this?” Noah scoffed.
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