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Calista flinched when she saw a notification on her phone screen saying she has a new message from Mr. Anonymous and she suddenly recalled her previous message that had clearly said “You alive?”

Opening the app to see what Mr. Anonymous sent, Calista breathed out a smile as she read the message
“I am indeed Alive and breathing. How about you?”

Pushing her laptop aside and turning to her phone, Calista wore a grin as she replied.

“Well I did send you a message, so I am indeed also alive and breathing.”

Mr. Anonymous wasted no time in sending Calista a reply.
“Good to hear that”

“Good to hear that? Seriously are you always this boring Mr. Anonymously boring.” Calista seethe to herself with an eye roll.

She sat up and tapped on multiple letters on her keyboard to create the sentence in her mind.
“To be honest, I thought you would have deleted the app by now, considering how our chat went yesterday.”

Calista pressed sent and patiently waited for his reply and when it came, she jumped.

“Then why did you send me a message if you had in mind that I would have deleted the app”.

Calista typed. “Because I wanted to try and see for myself, not listening to what I have in mind.”

Mr. Anonymous sent immediately. “That’s reasonable.”

After thinking of what to reply, Calista breathed a sigh as she texted. “So… I’m getting bored, is this the part where we stop chatting with each other.”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “I think it is, this feels like what teenagers would do.”

Calista rolled her eyes with a smile. ‘He’s not wrong though’ she thought, as she aggressively tapped on her phone screen to write a message.
“Well texting in the middle of the night isn’t technically for teenagers, and let’s try to keep the dice rolling, I’m kind of bored, and kind of texting to an anonymous person is somewhat taking the boredom away”

Mr. Anonymous replied.
“Okay then. Who knows what might happen, I might drop it one day, for I am a busy man.”

Calista laughed to herself before typing. “Showing off already? Look, I’m not here to fall in love with you or something don’t sweat it, falling in love is the last thing in my journal.”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “Last thing in your journal? Would love to hear your back story on it though.”

Calista shrugged at the message not caring what she had to say, they were both anonymous to each other, what could possibly go wrong.
And with a smile on her face she poured out her story into her keyboard sending it to Mr. Anonymous.
“So technically about about seven years ago, my friend introduced this dude to me as her friend and well let’s just say I got bewitched by his outstanding looks and personality, I had this unrequited love for him and one day I indirectly told him how I felt, hoping he would get the message and not get the message at the same time, but I think he did get the message but pretended not to, but I always tell myself he didn’t get the message cause knowing he’d ignore my feelings would hurt like hell. But let’s just say this feelings for him lasted for about three years, and now I’m finally over him”.
Noah blinked at the long message he had suddenly recieved from Miss. Anonymous. And well what could he say, he did ask for a back story, and got it.
After reading the entire thing Miss. Anonymous sent, Noah let’s out a laugh but immediately quiet down, not to wake his sleeping daughter beside him.
He cleared his throat before texting back.
“From my point of view, I think your friend understood your indirect confession and chose to pretend, to not hurt you, he is a gentleman.”

Miss. Anonymous replied.
“Gentleman my butt.”

Noah smiled. And texted.
“He is a gentleman, don’t fight it. And is that the reason why you don’t ever want to fall in love?”

Miss. Anonymous replied. “Yes, because I think the same happened to me in high school, I’m cursed, always with the one sided love.”

Noah tried not to laugh as he read the message. “Can I ask… How old are you? If that’s too personal or inconvenient to answer, please you can ignore it, but I do want to quench this curiosity.”

Miss. Anonymous replied. “I’m twenty four, should I say twenty four plus, and you? I’m curious.”

“Twenty seven” Noah replied.

Miss. Anonymous sent a message. “Look at us sharing something personal, when the app clearly warned us to give out personal information at our own risk.”

Noah smiled, amazed by how she read the warning like he did, most people would have ignored it, considering how long written it was.
Noah breathed out a sigh before texting the next message.
“As long as we’re not giving out our names or where we live is okay, we just gave out our age and that’s okay, ages are just number.”

“You’re right” Miss. Anonymous replied with an angel emoji.

Noah glanced at the time in his phone and texted.
“I have to go to bed, we’ve talked more than enough, I have to go to bed.”

“Alright then good night” Miss. Anonymous added and Noah suddenly dropped his phone.
After waiting for minutes to get a good night reply, Calista sighed when she saw nothing and she decided to let go of it and go to bed.
The next day came and left like a breeze with Calista spending her day inside her cramped up apartment, doing multiple things and eating multiple things not to think about cigarettes, it wasn’t easy but she passed the test for that day and that night she found herself in front of her laptop, watching a romcom that made her cringe every time they start with their cheesy words.

Calista breathed out a sigh when her phone started to ring, and immediately she placed the phone on her ear not caring who the caller was, and his soft voice took her by surprise.

“Hey Calista.” Ray said from the other side of the line.
“Ray?” Calista called.
“Yeah, it’s me. How have you been?” Ray asked.
“Good.” Calista replied recalling their last conversation and how the whole thing went.

“So…” Ray cleared his throat. “About last time.”

Calista sighed. “Yeah, about that, I’m sorry about that, I should have taken your words back then instead of getting into you like a lion. And guess what.”
“What?” Ray asked.
“I started this self help that helps me stop smoking and it’s just my second day but I am getting a hang of it.”

“Wow” Ray laughed. “Way to go, I mean it was a lor difficult when I started too, but don’t worry you’ll get a hang of it. I promise.”

“Well thanks.” Calista smiled.

“And I also want to kind of apologize for saying you were ranting when you were not, I was just angry, because lately you kind of never want to hang out with me anymore, I feel like I’ve done something wrong to you.” Ray expounded.

“What? No… No way, you did nothing to me Ray, I should have called and apologized first, and if that’s what you’re thinking, then why don’t you and I hang out tomorrow, I’ve been bored lately”

“I’m busy tomorrow.” Ray added, disappointment written over his voice. “How about on Thursday? The day after tomorrow?”

“Oh tomorrow’s per.. Oh shit, wait no, I have an interview to catch up with.” Calista sighed.

“An interview, already?” Ray sounded surprised.

“Yes somehow I got lucky and met this man who almost hit me with his car, he kind of bribed me, well long story short, if I do get pass this interview, I will be working under Noah Leonhart” Calista boasted.

“No fuckin way” Ray scoffed.

“Oh yes frigging way, but how about on Friday… Can we hang out then?” Calista asked.

“Well Friday sounds okay, I’ll see you on Friday then.”

“Okay, good night for now.” Calista smiled.

“Good night” Ray added before hanging up.
Dropping his phone on his couch, Ray gulped down a full bottle of water and stared at his phone, he let’s out a smile and rubbed his curly hair, thinking about Friday that is yet to come, well he would be hanging out with Calista and that is all that matters.

Recalling years back when Calista used to have a thing for him, he had been aware of her feelings since day one, but pretended not to know, he would always catch her staring at her, and one day his assumptions became correct when he overheard she and Mika talk about her feelings for her.
Back then he didn’t feel the same way and pretended not to know about it so he wouldn’t hurt her.
And well looking back at things now, he wished the world would go back to when she used to have feelings for him, for he feels the same way now, but knows she doesn’t feel the same way anymore.

If only he could get her to like him again, then that would make life fair.
As Noah ended his call that night with Boris, he got on his bed, ready to let sleep take him, he suddenly sat up and grabbed his phone opening the app that he never thought he would reach out for, somehow last night, he was had been moved by Miss. Anonymous story and maybe wanted to have more conversations with her.

And with all the courage he gathered, he texted.
“Earth to you, Miss. Anonymous.”

And after waiting for about fifteen minutes, with no reply, he was about to drop his phone and give up, when his phone made a ‘ding’ sound, and he immediately found himself rushing to see what message he has suddenly receive.
A smile spread across his face when he saw the message was from ‘Chat and fall in love’.
Immediately, he re-opened the app and her reply frightened him.

“Hell to Mr. Anonymous.”
With a laughing emoji.

“it’s official, She’s weird.” Noah scoffed to himself.
T. B. C

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