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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 21

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 21

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

🎼Our worlds begin to cross path.

Those absurd moments

When you couldn’t speak,

When you feel down.

I lit up the freckles on your face.

Your smiles alone made my heart dissolve” I sang as i walked out of the bathroom..

I laughed…if Mara was here,she would have tell me how my voice sounds terrible..
I miss her even though i was at her place yesterday,we cooked,ate,sang and danced…
What i great friend i have..

Today is our schedule for the practical…Laura will be here soon..gotta dress up!

I opened my wardrobe and saw a blue t-shirt staring at me.
“I’m not gonna pick you,you can stare all you want” I mumbled and shifted it aside.
I selected a black sweatshirt with a pair of white pants.

I dropped the wet towel on the bed,put on my boxers, pants and sweatshirt.
I continued singing as i brushed my hair.

I don’t like applying body lotion,i already have a glowing skin🤗
I picked the wet towel and packed it together with the clothes that needs to be laundered.

I slipped into my red covered slippers and walked out of my room heading to the laundry..
I wash my dirty clothes myself… Mum told Kim not to help me with my clothes anymore and that’s totally crazy..

I’m not very pissed cause i make use of the machine…
I opened the door to the laundry room and dropped the clothes on the empty wooden table.

I walked closer to the machine and connected it to electricity….
Few minutes later,i was watching my clothes spin.

The door to the laundry room opened and Kim walked in.
“Bryan… your classmate is asking of you” she said.
“She’s my friend… okay, help me continue with the washing please..I have to go meet her,we have a practical” I said.
“Okay no problem” She said.
“Thanks Kim” I smiled and walked out.


I got to the living room and met Laura sitting with her eyes plastered on the television…
It’s showing a kdrama..

“Don’t tell me you are also a fan of kdrama?” I asked and she turned towards me with smile.
She’s quite beautiful..

“Hi Bryan,yes i am..I love kdrama a lot” she said.
“Tch!” I rolled my eyes..”Well… Mara and i are fans of US drama” I said and sat on the couch opposite her.
Just then i noticed there’s a large backpack beside her.

Oh…our practical materials..
She kept to her promise.

“I love US drama also but i love kdrama more” she said.
“Your choice…so what do you care for?” I asked.
“Huh…I’m okay for now” she said.
“Are you sure?”
“Should we start the practical now or you want to relax a bit?” I asked.

“Let’s start now,we have so much to do” She said and began opening her backpack.
I smiled…I like people like this,she’s serious on what she came here for..I remembered my practical in grade 7,i was paired with a girl also,the girl came to my house and kept loitering, entering rooms, jumping from one couch to another,i sent her home and we ended up failing the practical..

But this beauty before me is nothing like that,she’s so calm and cautious.
I noticed she’s putting on a pink knee length gown with white boots.
Her hair is still in their so called pontsplait style 🙄
Her face is bare of make up and some strand of gold hair laid on her forehead.

Wow! She has a good dress sense,i love people who care about what they wore cause I’m a fashion icon myself 😉

Haa! Her boobs looks bigger in house wear.
That uniform sure covers a lot..
I’m just noticing how beautiful Laura is.

I was lost staring at her and didn’t know she was already placing some materials on the table.

“Bryan” she called.
“Huh?” I jolted in embarrassment..
She smiled…”you were lost,are you scared our practical is gonna ruin?”
“No” I said,still a bit embarrassed.
“I’m gonna teach you, remember i told you my mum is a seamstress,she has taught me everything so don’t bother huh?” She said nicely.
I smiled…What a girl!

“Okay… fine so we are gonna start now” I said.
“Yeah…are your parents around,i need to say hi” she said.
“No,they went to a friend’s party,they will be back soon” I said.
“Oh.. okay please can i get a foot wear,this boot is gonna make things slow” She said.
“Of course…give me a minute” I said and stood up.

I quickly walked up to my room, searched the shoe rack and grabbed a purple footwear..
I was about heading out when i heard my phone ring.

I turned back and picked it up from the bedside table..


📞Hey babe” I said.

📞Bryan! I hope you aren’t doing anything naughty with that girl !”  She screamed so loud that i had to hold the phone far away from my ear.

What sort of person is this!

📞Ellen… listen,she’s strictly here for practical and not for anything else okay?”

📞If i found out that something later happened,i swear down i won’t take it lightly with you.

📞 Whatever!…I’m about clicking up”

📞I’m the one to do the clicking up not you! I just don’t want any silly stuff popping up..if not…” She said and clicked up.

I sighed and dropped my phone into my pocket..

So crazy!

I headed out of the room and down the stairs to the living room room.

I met Laura watching the kdrama,she has pulled off her boot and it’s placed neatly beside the couch.
I looked at all the things on the table..

The cloth material is a beautiful floral material,there are needles, different colors of threads,scissors,paper sheets,pen and other things i can’t name..

“Here” I said and dropped the purple footwear beside her leg.
“Thanks” she smiled and slipped her feet into in.
She gat beautiful tiny feet…
“Wow…I love the feeling it’s giving my feet” She said and dipped her finger into the wide fur on the footwear.

I smiled and headed back to where i was sitting.
“So…” She started and an hour later,i was sewing the pillow case perfectly while she see the bed spread..
She taught me for 30 minutes before i could do it perfectly and now I’m enjoying it.

She’s so nice and we kept on laughing and chatting as we sew.


🌹Mara’s POV🌹

I selected a blue mini skirt with a white cotton top.
I threw it on the bed and started drying my body with my towel.
I applied body lotion,then my undies came second,my skirt and my top.

I removed the shower cap, making my hair tumble down back.
I picked an hair comb and started combing it.
I picked two hair bands and divided my hair into two parts,I packed the two parts each with the hair band,then i plait the tip,curl it with my hand and make it drop.

My pontsplait is ready!
And it’s looking wow…I got it perfectly.

I smiled and dropped the hair comb back in it’s place.
I picked my towel and shower cap and headed back to the bathroom,I spread my wet towel on the towel rail and threw my shower cap in the closet.

I walked back to my room,danced in front of the mirror with no music.
I laughed at my madness and picked my phone.
I unlocked it and scrolled through the apps.
I clicked on boomplay and list of music filed in.

I searched for my favorite music…’Till i met you’ I clicked on it and it began playing.
I placed it on the dressing table and started dancing, chuckling at my stupid dance steps..
I don’t know the reason I’m excited,is it because Bryan spent some time with me yesterday.
I laughed when i remembered when Bryan sang,mum and Liam closed the door to their rooms.

Haa,it seems I’m the only one that enjoys that terrible voice… not only his voice,i enjoy everything about him, either good or bad.
I just hope he notices me soon..I can’t seem to love another person.
Who do i even want to love except Bryan…is it those crazy guys in the class that has started making advances towards me or who?

I’m gonna tell Bryan i love him soon,I don’t care if he’s dating anyone or not.
I’m tired of hiding!
I can’t go through hell for nothing!
I love Bryan and no one else…he’s the only one with the key to my heart and I’m gonna date him.
He’s the one that’s gonna get my first kiss!
He’s the only one i love! Why can’t he love me back or;
Is he probably shy to confess to me?…
I’m gonna confess to him myself…I just hope i don’t chicken out like i always do.

I heard a knock on the door..
“Come in” I said.
“Breakfast is ready” Liam said and left.
We are not on talking terms…we actually quarreled yesterday night and i was the one who caused it but I’m not gonna apologise first!
He should be mad at me…I don’t care!
Who am i kidding? Of course i care!
He would have dragged my pontsplait and we would have played till mum shouts our names.and he doesn’t knock..he’s just gonna say ‘Mara can i come in’ but he just came in and walked out like a jerk!

I slipped my feet into my slippers, picked my phone and headed out of my room.
I walked down the stairs and got to the dining room.
Liam is already seated,reading a novel but i guess mum is still in the kitchen, breakfast was already dished out on the table.

“Good morning mum” I shouted from the dining room before sitting on one of the dining chair facing Liam.
“Morning Mara” she replied.
I unlocked my phone and started playing games…we are gonna wait for Mum before touching our breakfast.

“Hey! Reduce the volume of that game..it’s distracting me” Liam said seriously.
“Okay” I said and reduced it.
He continued reading the novel and i kept glancing at him, wishing he would talk to me but he’s just so strong headed!

My gaze fell on the novel in his hand and i gasp..
” The Mystery of Revenge by this same author, Azeemah”
Damn! I’ve been searching for another of her novel after i read Meant to be and here it is in this jerk’s hand.

I’m gonna order mine,i don’t want to speak to him first..but who’s gonna pay for the delivery..
I’m gonna tell mum to pay for it.
I can live without him!

I intentionally increased the volume of the game i was playing..I want him to freaking speak to me!

“Tamara,I warned you earlier about this volume… don’t get me pissed” he said.
Damn! He called me Tamara.

“I’m not gonna enjoy the game if i don’t increase the volume and what do you mean that i shouldn’t get you pissed..you can get pissed. To hell i care” I said.
“Mind the way you talk to me okay? don’t just run your mouth and expect me to keep calm” He said.

“Whatever! You are being so mean” I scoffed..
“Why shouldn’t i be mean?” He asked.
“But you started the quarrel” I said.
“You did”
“No! You did”
“I didn’t!”
“You did!”
“I didn’t!”
“You did!”

“What’s all these about?” We heard mum asked and glanced up.
“Liam isn’t talking to me” I said.
“What happened?” She asked and took a seat.
“We quarreled over films to watch yesterday night and i ended up breaking his film into two” I said.

“Why would you do that?” Mum asked.
“It wasn’t intentional! He pushed me” I said.
“It was intentional” he said.
“It wasn’t!”
“It was!”
“It wasn’t!”
“It was!”

“Stop!” Mum said.
“Now apologise to him” She said.
“I’m not!” I said.
“Apologise to him!” Mum insisted.
I frowned “I’m sorry”
“It’s okay” He smiled ..
I know he’s feeling high that i apologised to him and he’s gonna taunt me with it later.

“It was a fake apology” I whispered to him.
“But at least,you apologised” He whispered back with an annoying grin.

Haa! I feel like smacking this spoon on his head.
“Let’s eat” Mum said..
We opened our breakfast and it was egg and bacon..
I smiled.
“Have you gone to serve Max and James theirs?” I asked.
“Yeah…Liam did” she said.

Liam grinned, dropped the novel and started eating.
I stretched my hand to pick it up when i received a hard smack.
“Ouch,can’t i pick up the novel again!” I yelled.
“It’s mine,you have to take permission before taking it” he said.
“I thought you have forgiven me” I said.
“You said the apology was fake so my forgiveness was also fake” he whispered to me .
“I’m gonna order mine” I said.
“Go ahead” he replied with a mouthful.
“You ar..”

“Table manners” Mum interrupted me.
I started eating, sending glares at Liam who keep stuffing bacon in his mouth..



I sat in the living room,with mum and Liam.
They were watching their kdrama while i waited for Kelly.

I laid on the couch, getting bored.
Where the hell is Kelly! I told him to come early.
I glanced at our practical materials on the table..
It glanced back at me..
“Where’s Kelly?” I whispered to it.

“Damn! Tam who are you talking to?” Liam asked.
I almost laughed…”it’s none of your business” I said.
“I just hope you are normal” he said and turned back to the TV.
I hissed and kept waiting for Liam..
I slept off…


“Mara…” I heard mum said from my sleep.
I perceived a familiar fragrance and opened my eyes slowly.
I saw Mum and Liam standing in front of me, already dressed up.

I yawned and sat up…
“Is your practical mate not coming anymore?” Liam asked.
“He’s coming,he should be on his way” I said slowly and glanced at the wall clock.


“We are going to the company,we will be back soon” Mum said and i nodded, feeling sad Kelly isn’t here yet.
“Are you feeling sick?” Liam asked and i shook my head.
“Talk! Stop shaking and nodding your head..you are making us worried, should i stay back?” He asked.
“No…I’m fine” I said.
“Are you sure?”

We heard a knock and Liam went to open the door.
I desperately prayed it’s Kelly..

Kelly walked in with a smile…
Haaa! Thank goodness.

“Good morning ma’am” He greeted mum.
“How are you darling?” Mum asked.
“I’m fine ma’am” he said and looked at me.
“What took you so long?” I asked.
“I’m sorry,i went to get some things” he said.
“Okay…what do you care for?” I asked..
“Nothing… thanks” he said.
“Come Sit” i said and pointed to the couch beside mine.

I looked up and found Mum and Liam staring.
“What?” I whispered..
“Liam is gonna stay back” She said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Mmm,he just told me now that he’s having runny stomach” Mum said with a smile and i knew she was lieing.
“Yeah…I’m gonna stay back” he said.
“Okay..bye Mum” I said.
“Bye ma’am” Kelly said.
“Bye darlings…take care” Mum said before walking out of the living room.

I sighed and looked from Liam to Kelly.
“Kelly,this is my brother.. Liam” I said.
“Hi Liam” Kelly said.
“Hey Kelly…how are you?” He asked.
“I’m fine… thanks” he said.

Liam went to sit and continued his kdrama.
“I thought you said you are having runny stomach?” I asked.
“Yeah..I am” he said.
“You look so comfortable” I furthered.
“Tam face the practical your friend is here for and let me be” he said.

I turned to Kelly..
“Are you sure you don’t want anything?” I asked.
“Yeah” He said.
“Okay,so should we start?” I asked.
“Of course” he said.
I reached for the practical materials on the table.

🦋Some minutes later🦋

“Hold the knitting pin with your right hand,then intersect it with the wool,you keep doing that and it will be forming gradually” Kelly said for the umpteenth time…
He has been teaching me but I’m not just getting it.
I was getting fed up,Liam kept sticking out his tongue at me and i guess it won’t be bad if i stick this knitting pin in his nose.

I tried it again and again and;

“I got it” I said happily..
“Yeah that’s it” Kelly smiled..
He has already gone halfway with the sweater while I’m still struggling to knit the beginning of the cap but now i got it and i was also knitting the cap fast to meet up with him.


Three hours later,we were still on the practical.
Kelly was almost done with the sweater,just remaining to add some finishing touches.
I was getting tired and i was still halfway with the cap.
Liam has dozed off on the couch and i kept laughing at how funny he looked.

Kelly is not a borer…he kept me busy with gists about his old school and all..I kept laughing and laughing and that’s the reason i was still halfway with my cap.
My hands were starting to ache..

“Isn’t your hand aching?” I asked.
“No it’s not…I’m used to it” he said.
“Aaaargh! My hand is starting to ache terribly” I said.
“Sorry” he said with so much concern..
He shouldn’t be this caring…if it was Bryan,he would pick my hand and bend it harder…haha..I miss him.

“Yes! I’m done with the sweater” he said and stretched it out..
“Wow!” I exclaimed..

It’s so beautiful…the wool is a combination and bright pink and black,the color of our school uniform.it has two pearl buttons at the front.
It’s so perfect,If i wasn’t here i wouldn’t have believed it was hand made.

“Wow…it’s beautiful” I said.
“Yeah it is…” He said and stretched it to me.
I collected it and checked it out..it’s looking more beautiful on a closer look.
“I love this” I said.
“Me too, bring the cap,let me continue with it” he said.
“Why?” I asked.
“You said your hands are aching” he said.
“Yeah but thanks, don’t help me with it” I said.

“Why?” He asked.
“You just finished knitting a whole sweater,i can’t just give the cap to you” I said.
He smiled making a dimple appear..
Awwwn…I love it.

“I’m not tired, knitting is what i enjoy doing and if you go on with the knitting..it’s not gonna be neat cause your hands are starting to ache so you won’t put in more effort like you should” he said.
“Wow…you talk so intelligently” i said.
He smiled…”I’m not in for a tease” he said.
“Seriously,I’m not teasing you..here,have it. You convinced me” I said and handed the cap to him.

He collected it and continued from where i stopped.
I folded the sweater neatly and placed it in a paper bag.

I stood up.
“I want to go make lunch for us” I said.
“Thanks…I’m starting to starve tho” he said.
I smiled…I like him for being truthful.

I walked to the kitchen,wore my apron and cap,washed my hands and started cooking pasta and chicken… Liam’s favorite…I need him to borrow me that novel.

🦋Solely written by Azeemah .S.🦋


“I hope you don’t mind if i come in” I heard and turned to see Kelly standing by the kitchen door.
I smiled…”of course..i dont mind,I need you to help me with the dishes in the sink” I said.
“I will be glad to help” he smiled and walked in.

“Are you done with the cap?” I asked.
“Yeah” he said.
“That was fast” I said and stirred the cooking pasta,I’ve boiled and fried the chicken.

“Wow! You are a good cook” he said and sniffed the aroma of the meal.
“Wait till you taste it…I’m preparing pasta and chicken” I said.
“Wow! Can’t wait”  he said with a grin.

How many food monger do we have🙄🤐

He walked over to the sink and began washing the dishes..

I chopped the carrots on the chopping board, listening to Kelly’s gist.
I’ve added the required ingredient except carrots and spring onions.
I laughed so hard when he said a teacher in his former school fell hard on his butts while he was rushing to beat a student.

“Seriously,your former school will be full of fun..why did you leave there?” I asked and noticed his expression changed.

What happened?

“My parents actually asked for a transfer,they feel Makers high school is nearer to home” He said and rinsed the last dish.
“Ohh” I said and poured the chopped carrots into the boiling pasta..I covered it back.
He dried his hands and faced me.

“So,do you find Makers high school fun?” I said and began chopping spring onions.
“Hmm… yeah, Makers high school is also fun but can’t be compared to my former school” he said.
“Didn’t you miss your friends?” I asked and poured the chopped spring onions in a small plate…I’m gonna pour it into the pasta when it’s almost done.

“I miss them so much” he said.
“I don’t know if i should ask this but do you have a girlfriend or someone you like in your former school?” I asked…
I don’t know the reason I’m suddenly free with him.

“I don’t have a girlfriend but i had someone i like,the feelings disappeared the moment i left Vaulint Hill” he said.
“Wow!” I headed to the sink to rinse the knife when i tripped, almost falling when i landed in someone’s hands.

A sweet fragrance passed through my nostrils and i sighed in relief.
Kelly caught me from  falling but why isn’t he putting me down.
I raised up my head still in his arms when i met his gaze…
He has this kinda longing and pensive gaze.

I freed myself from his grip and muttered “thanks”
I rinsed the knife in the sink and found him still staring at me.

“Kelly” I called…he seemed lost in thought.
“Kelly..is anything wrong?” I asked bringing him out of his thoughts.
“Huh… Nothing” he said.
“You sure?” I asked.
“Yeah” he smiled.
“Okay… bring four three dishes from that dish drainer,pasta is almost ready” I said and poured the chopped spring onions into it.

I stirred it and left it for some minutes..
Kelly is already beside me with the plates.
“Anything else, you need?” He asked.
“Yeah.. spoons and glass cups,check that drawer for it” I said and pointed to the drawer beside the sink.
He went to get it while i put off the gas cooker.


We laughed over our meal in the dining.
Kelly and Liam seems to be getting along.
They talked about varieties of things, laughing and teasing me.
Liam loves intelligent people and Kelly is one but i wish it was Bryan that’s here…it would be more enjoyable than this.
Although i enjoyed Kelly’s company…he’s such a lovable person but i miss Bryan..

What’s he gonna be doing now?
Probably doing his practical with Laura.

“Hey! What’s that faraway look in your eyes?” Liam asked.
“Huh?… nothing” I said and continued eating.

“Tammy this is delicious” Kelly said.
“Thanks Kelly” I smiled.
“Tam is the best cook” Liam boasted making me grin.
“Wow! I’m looking forward to more of your meals” He said.
“My pleasure” I said.

“You are both talking like business associates” Liam said and we laughed.


  It’s getting late and Kelly is already leaving.
“Bye Liam” he said.
“Bye Kelly” Liam smiled.

I escorted him outside where his driver is already waiting for him.

“I really enjoyed being at your place today” he said with so much happiness.
“I also enjoyed your company” I said.
He smiled…”See you on Monday”he got into his car.
“Alright…bye” I waved.
“Bye” he waved back before his driver drove off.

I headed back to the house, smiling.

🌹Ellen’s POV🌹

We were done with our practical…
We did it in Jessie’s house beside the pool.

I picked my bag and hung it on my shoulder..
“Bye” I said.
“Hey! Wait” She said making me stop.
“What?” I asked..
“Hmm…i want you to tell me something” she said.
“What?” I asked..
“You are Tamara’s best friend right?” She asked.
“Not anymore” I said.

“Good! I believe you were still friends with Tamara during the period she went slim and beautiful?” She asked.
“Mm Yeah” I said.
“Okay,do you probably know what she did to get slim and beautiful…i promise I’m not gonna tell anyone” She said.

Damn! She shouldn’t have asked this!
Quilah is gonna hunt for her!
Quilah hates people being inquisitive over her work!
Damn! Damn! Damn!….I wished she hadn’t asked.

“Just tell me,i promise not to tell anyone” She said.
“You wanna know?” I asked.
“Yes” she replied happily.
“Then mind your business!” I said and turned to leave.
“Fool” she shouted behind me.
“Same here” I shouted back.

Why didn’t i get paired with Kelly instead of this brat!
I wonder what Mara will be doing with him right now.

Are they kissing?…Hell no!

Wait…i need to call Bryan..
That Laura girl can be something else.

🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

“Wow! It was so nice having you here with me today” I said as i walked Laura to her car.
It’s getting late and she said she has to leave even though i didn’t want her to.

We finished our practical in the afternoon and it was the best bed spread and pillow case I’ve ever seen, even though it was hand made..it looked so beautiful and neat! All thanks to this seamstress daughter..

We ate lunch and swam and it was fun.
Laura is great…I wasn’t bored,the entire time i was with her.
She gat enough gist for a whole day.

Mum and dad liked her, especially mum who kept commenting on how beautiful and well dressed she is.

Mum needs to see how Mara looks now…
Mara is now the most beautiful girl in Makers high school..
I missed her….I wished she was my practical mate..we would have had more fun but Laura didn’t made me regret not having Mara as a partner…she made me almost laugh my lungs out.
She’s such a charming girl…Kim also took a liking to her.

“Wow! Today was fun” She said as she stood beside her car..
Her driver is in..
I said hi to him and he waved back.
“Yeah…I enjoyed your company” I said.
“Me too,i look forward to coming here some other time” She smiled.
“You are always welcome” I said.

We stared at each other for a while before i got hold of myself.

What the hell am i doing?

I cleared my throat and smiled…
“See you in school on Monday” I said.
“Same here.. thanks for today” She said and hugged me.
I wasn’t surprised cause, l had also wanted to hug her in thanks for today.
“Thanks for today also” I said and hugged her back.

I felt something spark within me, something i haven’t felt for long.
I hugged her tightly for long till her driver honked.

I smiled and released her…
I saw her blush through the headlight of the car.

“Bye” she said and got into her car.
“Bye” I waved.
Her driver drove off…

I walked back into the house grinning.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.
I brought it out and looked at the screen.


I swiped to the receiver and placed it on my ear.

📞Hi Ellen.

📞 What happened between you and Laura today?” She asked with a yell.

📞 Ellen,stop yelling at trival issues.. nothing happened between Laura and I” I said and smiled remembering how i hugged her.

📞Are you telling the truth.

📞 Believe me or not.

📞If i eventually found out that you touched her,not to talk of hugging and kissing…I will make the both of you regret it.

📞How do you expect me not to touch my practical mate! Should i keep shifting back if s..” I was saying but she has always hung up.

“Aaaargh…i can’t wait for three months to be over!”

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