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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 5

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 5


By Jennifer Owens


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👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V👈
I bowed my head shamefully as I cried.
Why am I so unfortunate?
“stop it ” someone yelled from the crowd.
I was too ashamed to even look up at the person.
Two legs stood in front of me making me gently raise up my head to look at the person.
“Roland ” I whispered amidst tears.
He pulled me into a hug and I cried more.
He pulled away, brought out an handkerchief, wiped my tears and dusted my clothes.
He held my hand in his and walked out from the cafeteria.
“are you alright ” he asked immediately we were at the garden.
I gently nodded in tears.
“oh Caitlyn, I’m sorry for that ” he apologized.
“it’s not your fault so why are you apologizing ” I asked.
“Uhm.. I… Well.. I just felt like it ” he said and I sniffed.
“now your clothe is ruined, how are you gonna enter class ” he asked and I sighed.
“just wear my P. E uniform ” he said and brought it out from his bag.
“no it’s OK ” I declined.
“please put it on, it will reduce the shame ” he said and I nodded then took it.
“thanks ” I breathed out and left to wear it.
After wearing it, Roland and I walked hand in hand to class, ignoring the murmurings from the student.
I couldn’t help but feel special.
Maybe he has feelings for me after all.
I reached my class and he let go of my hand and left to his class.
I entered class and went to my seat.
“why are you fucking wearing that ” Vivian asked as she saw me.
Well the P. E has Roland’s name on it so she must’ve seen it
“because it was offered to me why? Gat any problem with that ” I asked and she scoffed.
“just know your limits bitch ” Camille cussed.
“the same goes to you both ” I said and glared away.
We had classes silently and I couldn’t help but laugh silently to myself at Vivian’s expression.
She kept looking at me and fuming with anger.
I know Roland will never go for someone like her, Roland loves me.
We finished class and all headed out waiting for dad to come pick us up.
I kept smiling at the fact that Roland gave me his P. E to wear.
My smile dropped when I sighted mom Rina in the car.
She’s the one picking us up?
Jeez why didn’t dad come instead?
We headed to the car and went in.
I sat quietly at the back seat with Camille avoiding stares from Vivian.
“mom ” Vivian called out like she’s about to burst out in tears
“what is it Vivian ” mom Rina asked.
“Caitlyn purposely dumped her food on me at the cafeteria making me a mocking stock for the whole school ” she lied and my eyes widened.
“what ” mom Rina exclaimed and matched on the brake making the car come to a stop.
“Caitlyn ” she half yelled.
“that’s not true mom, she’s lying ” I defended myself.
“don’t you dare call me mother, I’m not your useless mom who dumped you at birth, you bitch ” mom Rina cussed.
“get out ” she yelled.
“what “I asked, not sure if I heard her.
“get outta the car ” she yelled and I came out.
“take this, deliver it to Cindy’s mom she said and handed me a card.
“but Cindy’s mom resident is very far from here and will take hours to reach there ” I said.
“get going ” she yelled.
“I don’t even have a dime with me to hail a cab there ” I complained.
“Caitlyn don’t make me repeat myself, you know what I’m capable of ” she glared at me then drove off.
If my mother was here with me, I won’t be living like a maid or be treated like some piece of trash.
I sighed and headed to Cindy’s mom resident which will take me like forever to get there.
👉 Rina’s P. O. V👈
I pulled into the drive way and we all got outta the car.
I pushed the door open and we went in.
“mom where’s dad ” Camille asked.
“he’s in the office room working on some important files ” I answered.
“OK ” Camille said and they headed to their dad’s office room and I followed.
“dad ” Camille said and went to peck his cheek.
“how are you Camille ” he asked, caressing her hair.
“fine dad” Camille smiled.
“what about you Vivian ” he asked Vivian who carried a long face.
“not good ” she blurted out.
“why is that my angel ” he asked.
“it’s Caitlyn she dumped her food on me ” she said, gesturing her hand
at her clothe.
“sorry dear, so where’s Caitlyn ” he asked.
Time to cook up a lie.
“at the club ” Vivian blurted out and we all looked at her.
“yes dad, some students in school claim to have seen her with the schools baddest guy and they went to a club ” Vivian said.
Wow! She’s just like me.
“that can’t be possible ” he said unbelievably.
“then suite yourself ” Vivian said and walked out.
“Camille is that true ” he asked.
Probably because Camille is quite the honest type.
“ye..yes ” she stuttered.
Fernando picked up his car key and stood up.
“where to ” I asked.
“to find my daughter ” he blurted out and left.
Gosh! I just feel like strangling those two fools with my bare hand.
Like father like daughter.
👉 Fernando’s P. O. V👈
It’s already late in the night still no sign of Caitlyn.
I’ve checked almost all the clubs but couldn’t find her.
Caitlyn please come back home.
I drove back home and met Rina in the room.
“Rina where’s my daughter ” I asked blankly.
“what do you mean by that ” she asked.
“you were the one who went to pick the kids from school and you can’t bring back Vivian and Camille without Caitlyn, so where’s she ” I asked.
“at the club maybe ” she said.
“stop lying ” I yelled and she flinched.
“how could you be so careless, coming back home without Caitlyn ” I asked.
“Caitlyn is a grown up already, she has her own right, she isn’t a kid anymore, she knows what or not is right to do so please leave me alone, I need to rest ” she yelled and covered herself with the duvet.
I went back downstairs and slumped on the couch.
“oh Caitlyn” I muttered as my heartbeat increased.
👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V👈
Gosh it’s ready 12:31.
It’s even past midnight and I’m so scared.
Walking down the lonely road is so creepy.
I sighted some groups of boys coming to my direction making me stop on my track.
OK they’re not coming to me, right?
I continued walking slowly but stopped as the boys stopped in front of me.
“hey pretty girl, what ya doing out by this time ” one of them asked and they all chuckled.
“well you’re gonna make our night so.. So ” one of them said but couldn’t finish his sentence.
“so sweet and enjoyable ” another one completed and they laughed.
“OK listen, I don’t know who you guys are but it’s better you let me be ” I said and they all laughed.
“why should we let such an angel go just like that ” one of them smirked evilly.
I need to run, I need to run.
Yeah I fucking need to run but there’s no fucking way out coz they’ve surrounded me.
Oh God please help me.
One of them held the hand of my shirt and tore it, exposing my shoulder.
Oh God no, not rape.
I don’t wanna loose my virginity like this.
I looked around as tears rolled down my cheek.
“let me go ” I cried and fought but they held me down as one of them tore off my clothe, exposing my bra.
T. B. C

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