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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 6

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 6


By Jennifer Owens


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They held me down as one of them tore my clothe, exposing my bra.
“wow, so beautiful ” one of them smirked as they eyed me lustfully.
“get your filthy hands off me you scumbag ” I yelled.
He brought his face down to my chest and I closed my eyes expecting his disgusting lips on my cleavages but I felt nothing so I opened my eyes.
I felt a glimpse of happiness when I saw the guy on the floor.
I have a saviour!
I watched as the two guys who held me down sprung towards “my saviour ”
He ducked their punches and kicked one of them making him fall to the ground.
The other one made to punch him but he caught his hand and twisted it backward making him wince in pain.
He pushed him and he staggered to his friends.
“want some more ” my saviour asked and they ran off.
My saviour was a brunette, white – pale skin, he had the height, manly figure as one could see the muscles from his jacket.
I couldn’t see his eyes clearly coz it was late in the night.
“here ” he pulled off his jacket and threw it at me.
“thanks ” I said almost in a whisper and put it on.
“thank you for saving me ” I rushed my words as he walked away and boarded a car I presume to be his and he zoomed off.
Great! Now I’m all alone in this lonely road again.
what if the bad boys are still hiding somewhere?
I took on my heels at that thought and headed home in full speed.
Thank God I was already close to my house.
Already at our porch, I heard a car tire screech so I looked back to see the same car my saviour boarded far ahead.
Was he trailing me?
I pushed the door open and went in.
“dad ” I cried out when I saw him on the couch.
“Caitlyn ” he breathed out and I ran to embrace him.
“oh Caitlyn ” he breathed as he caressed my hair.
I pulled away with tears strolling down my cheeks.
“honey what happened, where did you go ” he asked, wiping my tears.
“dad.. I.. I” I stuttered and burst out in tears as the incident of me almost raped flashed in my head.
“ssshhh, it’s okay ” dad cooed with his hands wrapped around me protectively, gently patting my back.
“it’s okay sweetie, we’ll talk about it when you’re sober ” he whispered as I cried in his arms.
I yawned and sat up in my bed to see dad sleeping beside me.
Oh! He had to put me to sleep last night.
I sighed as the incident that occurred last night rushed in.
I gently and quietly got down from the bed, being careful not to wake dad up.
I entered the bathroom and tidied up then came out fully dressed to meet dad now seated on the bed.
“morning dad ” I greeted and pecked his cheek.
“morning my love ” he replied.
“so mind telling dad about last night ” he asked and I sighed and sat beside him.
“well yesterday…. ”
“dad common, we’ll be late for school and you’re here chit chatting with Caitlyn ” we heard Vivian’s voice from the door.
What a perfect time to block me out.
That’ll teach me to always lock my DOOR.
“but Caitlyn hasn’t even had breakfast yet ” dad said and Vivian rolled her eyes.
“it’s OK dad, I’ll have that in school ” I said and he nodded.
He gave us our lunch money and he gave me “double”
We boarded the car and he drove us to school
We said our usual “byes” and he left.
I didn’t have breakfast at the cafeteria so I’ll have it together with lunch.
We had our morning classes and went out for lunch when the bell rang.
I ordered my food and carried my tray carefully, being alert not to cause a commotion AGAIN.
I could feel eyes on me as I walked to a table.
OK, the stares are just too much.
I picked up my tray of food and went out to the garden.
At least I’ll have peace of mind.
“be a man dude ” I heard voices then laughter.
I carried my tray and trailed the voices to see Roland and his friends.
“I just don’t know what to do, it’s so complicated ” Roland said and ran his hand through his hair.
“I don’t know how to spit it all out that it’s Vivian I love, not Caitlyn, Caitlyn is just a friend but I know she has feelings for me ” Roland said and my tray dropped, making them turn to me.
He loves Vivian? Not me?
“you.. You love… Vivian ” I stuttered as he stared at me with guilt.
“I’m sorry Caitlyn ” he said and before I realized it, my hand already went up to his cheek and spanked it real hard.
“Caitlyn I’m sorry ” he apologized.
I could see the hurt in his eyes.
“you don’t have to be sorry Roland, I’m not hurt coz you love Vivian, I’m hurt coz you toyed with my feelings for you, you knew I truly loved you but yet you pretended to love me when you didn’t and you made it look like its me you love all along and not Vivian, I feel used ” I said as the tears I tried stopping came rushing down.
I’m just so unfortunate.
I turned only to see Vivian behind me with a smirk plastered on her face.
I ran out to the restroom and cried my eyes out.
I cried my eyes out till lunch time ended.
I washed my face and went to class.
Class went on with me sighing at short intervals.
We finally closed for today and waited for dad or mom to come pick us up.
After waiting like “forever “, we decided to hail a cab home.
We arrived and went into the house.
We exchanged glances as we heard yells from upstairs.
We went straight to mom and dad’s room to know what’s going on.
“if you hadn’t taken away Caitlyn from her mother and lied to her that her mother dumped her at birth, then she’d have been with her real mother ” mom Rina’s words echoed in my ear.
The words blasted my ear like bomb as I froze on my spot to process what she just blurted out.
“if you hadn’t taken away Caitlyn from her mother and lied to her that her mother dumped her at birth, then she’d have been with her real mother ”
Wait a minute! What does she mean by that?
Did Roland’s hurtful words affect me this much that I can’t understand English anymore? Coz I can’t seem to process mom Rina’s words.
Dad took me away from my mother and lied to me that she dumped me at birth.
And I’ve been living with that lie until NOW.
T. B. C

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