JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 26

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 26

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Mara’s POV🌹

“I want you to give me that fallen angels necklace”

“What!” I exclaimed..

“Yeah” she said.

I laughed…”I’m sorry,i think we will have to forget about being friends anymore” I said and saw her face widen with surprise.
“I thought you said you want my friendship back!” She said.
” I do! But do you know how much that necklace means to me? That’s the only thing Bryan and i have together!” I said and shifted up from the bed.

“You mean you still haven’t let go of your feelings for Bryan?” She asked.
“Of course i haven’t! Why should i? You know how much i love Bryan” I said.
“I think you better let go of your feelings cause Bryan doesn’t love you in that aspect!” She said.

“I don’t care if he doesn’t love me..all i know is that i love him and won’t ever love anyone else,my heart is only for Bryan” I said.
“Your heart is for him but his is not for you…let go of this stupid feelings and move on!” She said.

“You are saying that because you are in a relationship with Bryan right?.. anyways i don’t care! I love Bryan and that’s final!” I said shifting a pillow closer to my head.
“I hope you realise he doesnt love you as you think before it’s too late” She said.

“Thanks for your advice but I’m not giving you that necklace” I said.
“No problem with that .. not that am a fan of fallen angels,i just want Bryan and i to wear it cause it’s so obvious it’s for couple” she said.

“So….will you continue being my friend?” I asked hopefully.
“I don’t want to be your friend anymore, please just get that! Don’t disturb me about this again…good night!” She said and turned to the other side .

I sighed softly as i wondered what’s going on in her mind.

She seems serious tonight and i guess she’s having some thinking.

Is she probably thinking to leave Bryan for me?

That would be so nice! But impossible.

I drew the blanket closer and rested my head comfortably on the pillow.
I yawned and closed my eyes and that was the end of the day.


I opened my eyes slowly as i heard some movements in the room.
My eyes got clearer when i saw Ellen sitting on my dressing chair.
She’s already dressed up in her yesterday’s outfit, brushing her hair and then packed it in a ponytail.

I sat up from the bed and yawned.

“Good morning Ellen” I said.
“Yeah..it’s a good morning for you but a bad one for me.. Kelly and Bryan have both came to check if you are awake” she said.
“Oh..you mean Bryan came?” I smiled.
“And Kelly also but Kelly came first…I don’t know why I’m talking to you!” She suddenly yelled and stood up.

She hissed and picked up her shoulder bag before storming out of my room.

What’s making her so pissed?
I stood up from the bed and arranged the pillow.
I will be back to make this bed,i need to go bath and dress to see Bryan before he leaves.

I walked into the bathroom and opened the closet,i picked my toothbrush and paste and headed to the sink and started brushing hurriedly.


I was done bathing…I turned off the faucet and picked a towel from the rail.
I wrapped it round my body and headed back to my room.

I was surprised when i saw how the bed is well spread.
Did Ellen walked back to do this? No!
Bryan? I think so..

I smiled as i opened my wardrobe,i selected a yellow sweatshirt with white pants.

I dried my body and applied lotion before putting on my undies,then my clothes.

I stood in front of the mirror as i brushed my hair and applied just little lotion.
I picked my necklace from the drawer and wore it round my neck..I beamed approvingly..
I’m just so lucky!
I quickly made my pontsplait style and then slipped my feet into my bunny slippers.

I rushed out of the room and headed down the stairs, praying they haven’t left.

I smiled happily when i saw them at the living room watching a kdrama with Liam…

“Good morning guys” I said.
“Good morning Tammy,how was your night?” Kelly asked.
“Fine ” I said..he was putting on his yesterday’s outfit.
“Hey bestie,how are you?” Bryan asked.
“I’m fine” I smiled.

“Did you made the bed?” I asked with a smile..
My smile faded when he shook his head and pointed to Kelly..

“Huh… thanks Kelly” I said disappointedly.

“Why are you both still in your yesterday’s outfit? You should have asked Liam to give you a change of clothe” I said.
“We were about leaving,we were waiting for you to come down” Bryan.

“Why are you leaving so soon?” I asked.
“I wanted to stay till afternoon but my mom called me that Dad is leaving for the airport 10am and we have to see him off” Bryan said.
“Okay then…” I said.

Damn! I’m gonna be so bored.

“I can stay longer if you want” Kelly said.
I smiled…”No Kelly, don’t bother”
“Are you sure?” He asked..

“Okay help me say hi to mum,she isn’t awake yet and i don’t want to disturb her” Bryan said and stood up.
Ellen followed suit,then Kelly who i noticed was reluctant to stand up.

“I’ve told Max to drop you guys…it was fun having you all around yesterday” Liam said.

“Yeah a lot of fun” we chorused..
“Hmm…and i can see the two lucky fans are wearing their necklace” Liam teased.
We chuckled as i stared at the necklace on Bryan’s neck,i stared at mine also which brought a grin to my face.

“Bye Liam” they chorused.
I saw them off to the car and bid them bye before returning to the house.

I walked into the living room and sat on the couch beside Liam.
I dragged his hair playfully and chuckled.
“I’m gonna loosen your pontsplait” he threatened and started moving his hand to my hair.
I slapped the threatening hand away and he gave out an “Ow!”

I laughed…”Don’t mess with me”
He chuckled “you’ve changed just within few weeks”
“Yeah you’ve grown more beautiful” he said.
“You better don’t waste time in taking me as your girlfriend” I said jokingly.
“I would gladly do so but i dare not!” He said and we both laughed.

“Do you know i had to switch off my phone” he said.
“I don’t know how i ended up giving a lot of people my contact yesterday” he said tiredly.
“A lot of people or a lot of girls?” I teased.
“Whatever” he said.

“You shouldn’t have given them your contacts” I said.
“I tried not to but you know the attention i do get” he said with pride.
I laughed…”the attention you get can’t be compared to Mig’s, didn’t you see how the girls were screaming for him even after seeing his wife beside him”

“You can’t compare me to him! I still get the attention most of the celebrities hope to get except Migvin of course and do you know what?” He asked.
“What?” I asked.
“They were all set of ugly girls” he said and i laughed loudly.

“Liam that’s unfair…those girls i saw yesterday are beautiful,they might be ugly to you though cause your taste is always…”
“What?” He asked.
“Nothing” I grinned.
“I feel like smacking this remote control on your head” he said.
“Go ahead bro and get double in return” I said and we laughed.

“Okay,I’m thinking of something” he said.
“What?” He asked.
“Do you saw that lady that brought Migvin’s daughter to the stage?” He asked.
“Uhm..no,i didn’t. I only concentrated on that beautiful girl” I said.

“Okay…she’s so beautiful and perfectly shaped,i took her pictures…where did i kept my phone” He said and began searching the couch.

I sighed…”So what about her?” I asked, already knowing what he’s about to say.
“Hmm…I like her” he said making me laugh.
“You like her?” I asked.
“Yeah,i do” he said.
“Do you like her or her body?” I asked and he sent me a glare making me chuckle.

“Of course i like her,so much..I heard she’s a distant cousin of Vinnie and you know i always told you i want to marry someone from fallen angels family” he said seriously.
“Wow! So you were serious about it?”
“Yeah i was and i am still serious about it…I like that girl a lot” he said.

“So what are you gonna do?” I asked.
“I’m gonna go back to the venue of the concert” he said.
“To do what? They would have left there and lodged in an hotel” I said.
“Yeah…I know,I’m gonna ask around for the hotel they lodged” he said.
“They won’t tell you cause such things are usually sealed! They would have been warned not to disclose the hotel because of security reasons so how would you do that?” I asked.

He laughed…”I’m just gonna sweet-talk one of the girls then and boom! She’s gonna disclose the hotel to me”
“Okay…let’s assume you get to the hotel,do you think they will allow you in? Or are you gonna sweet-talk the secretary also?” I asked.

“Hmm…no but i have my plans” he winked.
“I just hope those girls you keep promising marriage proposal doesn’t come to hurt you” I said.
“No! I’ve not promised anyone marriage proposal,i always tell them I’m not in for love and they use to agree to it…they just wanna spend some time with this cute guy” He said proudly beating his chest.

I laughed…”so you are gonna break up with everyone of them once you get this girl?”
“Yes of course… I’ve made it clear to everyone of them that I’m not interested in those lovey dovey stuff” He said.

“If you finally get this new girl and you try to break her heart,i hope you know you will be locked up?” I asked.
“I’m not gonna break her heart,i like her so much” he said with an expression I’ve never seen before.

“Let me take a look at her pics” I said.
He picked his phone…”if i turn on this phone,calls will flow in”
“You quickly apply airplane mode” I said.
“Oh… that’s true,I’ve totally forgotten about that” he said and powered his phone.

“You had eyes for the girl and still ended up giving other girls your contact” I said.
“That was before i saw her” he said.
“That’s a lie..I saw you give some girls your contact after the girl left the stage” I said.
“Huh?..mm.. yeah” he said.

He unlocked the phone and before he could place it on airplane mode,two calls came in.
I laughed..
He hissed and disconnected the call.
He quickly swiped up about to click on airplane mode when another call interrupted him.

I laughed again…he glared at me before turning back to his phone.
He succeeded in placing it on airplane mode and sighed.

“I’m not showing you the pics anymore” he said.
“Why?” I asked.
“You should explain the reason you were laughing” he said.
“Com’on i wasn’t laughing at you,i was laughing at something else” I said and tried to hold this stupid laughter but it bursted out.
Liam stood up angrily but i know it was fake.

I dragged him back to the couch.
“I won’t laugh anymore” I said with a serious face even though i still felt like laughing.

He unlocked his phone and scrolled through the apps,he clicked on the gallery app and pictures flowed in.

He smiled and clicked on a particular picture and it came into full view.
“Wow!” I exclaimed staring at the lady.
So beautiful…how didn’t i notice her?

“She’s so young and beautiful” I said.
“Yeah she is” Liam smiled.
“Her face also looks cool and friendly” I said.
Liam’s grin did not stop and i decided to tease him.

“What if she has a boyfriend?” I asked.
His face changed immediately…
“Boyfriend? I never thought of that” he said sadly.
“So what will you do?” I asked.
“That’s the first thing i will make sure i find out” He said and i noticed his mood has changed.

“Com’on Liam…cheer up! Quickly find a way to meet her,cause they might be going back to Mexico soon” I said.
“Yeah…I’m gonna go after having my breakfast” He said.
“Okay..” I sighed and looked at the picture once more before sitting up.

She’s so beautiful…

“Won’t you go make breakfast?” He asked.
“No i won’t” I said and smiled inwardly.
“Why?” He asked.
“I don’t feel like having breakfast yet” I said.
“What of me?” He asked.
“Go make yours yourself” I said.
“That’s unfair..you know I’m leaving after eating breakfast… please” he pleaded..

“Okay..then you will help me get pizza and ice cream on your
back” I said.
“I can help you order it now” he said.
“No i want it when you are coming back”
“Okay…I want cheese and ham for breakfast,add coffee too” He said.
“You should add ‘please’ ” i said.
“Won’t i get pizza and ice cream for you” he said.

“Okay forget your breakfast then” I said and sat more comfortably.

We were silent for some minutes before he finally muttered “Please”
I smiled and stood up..

“Your breakfast will be ready in few minutes” I said.
“Whatever… you’ve gotten the ‘Please’ you want” He scoffed.

I laughed and walked into the kitchen,i picked my apron and cap then washed and rinsed my hands in the sink before i started making breakfast.


I dished out Liam’s breakfast on the dining table.
I’m not ready to eat mine now.

“Liam breakfast is ready” I said.
“Okay, coming” he said.
I walked back to the kitchen and washed the stained utensils.
I rinsed them,dried and placed it in it’s place.
I dried my hand with a clean dishcloth, hanged my towel and cap back in it’s place before walking out of the kitchen.

I met Liam at the dinning already eating.

“Hey,i will be in the living room” I said.
“Okay” he replied with a mouthful..
I smirked and walked to the living room.
I breathed out and jumped on the couch.
I hissed when i saw a kdrama playing.

I stood up and removed it from the DVD player then inserted an American movie “Bird box”

I sat down back on the couch and played the movie.
It came into life and i started watching.

🦋Some minutes later🦋

“Mara is this outfit okay?” Liam asked.
I turned and saw he has already changed into a blue peacoat over a black sweatshirt with blue polyster pants.
His hair is brushed backwards and he looked naturally handsome.

“Wow,you are looking good” I said.
“I know,so i will be leaving now..just tell mum i went to see some friends” he said.
“Okay, don’t stay long and don’t also forget my pizza” I said.
“I won’t…bye” he said.

I smiled as i watched him walk out of the house.
I hope he sees the girl he’s looking for.
I laid upwards on the couch and placed a throw pillow on my chest..
I continued watching the movie.


I inhaled a familiar scent of perfume.
Is mum already dressed for work?

I turned back and saw mum standing by the stairs and truly,she’s already dressed for work looking as beautiful as ever.

“Good morning Mum” i greeted.
“Morning Mara,how was your night?” She asked.
“Fine Mum” I smiled already walking to her.
“Your friends left already?” She asked.
“Yes Mum”
“Even Bryan?” She asked.
“Yeah…he has to see his dad off to the airport” i said.
“Oh… okay, where’s Liam?” she asked.
“He went to see some friends…I made breakfast” I said and took her hand, dragging her to the dining.

“Really? What did you made for breakfast?” She asked.
“Cheese and ham” I said.
“Okay… dish out mine,I will be leaving for work soon” she said.
“Alright Mum” I said and walked into the kitchen.

I brought out the leftover cheese and ham from the refrigerator and turn on the microwave.
I slipped it into the microwave and closed it back.

I stood beside it and hummed, waiting for the timer to go off.
It did and i switched it off..I used a dish cloth to bring it out of the microwave.
It was steaming into my nose as i carried it to the dining.
I placed it on the dining table and unleased the plates.

I quickly dished out mum’s and placed it in her front.
“Thanks Mara” she said and started eating.
I smiled and dished out mine,then started eating also.

“Mum don’t you wanna hear the remaining gists about yesterday’s concert?” I asked.
“Oh…I do, tell me” She said.

I grinned…if it was about something else mum would have said ‘Table manners’ but who does not like fallen angels.

“Okay…” I started.


“Bye Mum” I said as i saw her off to the living room.
“Do you have enough money to sustain you?” She asked.
“Yeah Mum” I said and pecked her cheeks.
She opened the door and waved at me before finally stepping out.

I closed the door and headed back to the kitchen to do the dishes..


I was done with the dishes within few minutes,i placed it on the drain board.
I wiped my hand with the dish cloth,then opened the refrigerator,i saw some cookies and strawberry cupcakes.

I picked a plate and placed four cookies and a cupcake in it.
I carried a pack of chilled juice before closing the refrigerator.
I picked a glass cup and then placed everything on a tray.

I carried it to the living room,placed it on the table,sat down and continued patience the movie which i guess will soon be over.


I was on the last cookie when i heard the doorbell rang.

Is that James?..No!
Bryan? Bryan doesn’t ring the doorbell and it’s too early for Liam to return.

I stood up and walked to the door.
I breathed in before opening it and i was surprised to see Laura standing by the door.
She looks totally beautiful in her house wear,pink skinny jeans and white tank top,black sandals and a small black backpack.
Her hair is still in pontsplait and her blue eyes stood out.

“Hi Mara” She said gently.
“Hi…come in” I smiled, seeing her here softened my mind against her.
She seems surprised that i asked her to come in so easily but she walked in and i closed the door behind us.

“Wow…you have a very nice house” She said.
“Thanks…come sit” I said and led her to one of the couches..
We both sat down on different couches.

“What do you care for?” I asked.
“I’m okay for now but I’m sure gonna eat before leaving, Bryan told me you are a very good cook” She said.
“Yeah” I sighed.

She smiled and started opening her backpack.
“How did you know my house,i don’t remember giving you my address?” I asked curiously.
“I told Bryan to give me…I’m sorry i didn’t tell you directly,i felt you might not want to…” She smiled.

“What made you think,i don’t want to?” I asked.
“Mara…to be sincere,i know you don’t really like me” she said surprising me to the core.
“You know i don’t like you?” I asked.
“Yeah i do”
“Then why do you keep coming closer to me?” I asked.

“Because i would love you to be my friend,i like you so much and I’ve always wanted to be your friend since when you were still called fatty Mara but i didn’t have the courage to come up to you then” She said.
“Really? Like seriously?” I asked in surprise.

“Yeah,but it hurts to know that i finally got the chance and you don’t like me, please I’m sorry. I might have offended you unknowingly..just forgive me and let’s be friends” She said.

“You want me to be friends with someone i don’t like?” I asked even though i like her,i just don’t like how she relates with Bryan.

“You mean,you still don’t like me?” She asked in a trembling voice.

Wait! Is she about to cry?

“I think so…I don’t have to like you,we don’t have to be friends..we can just say “hi” at a distance” I said.
I was surprised when i saw her blue eyes shone with unshed tears.

She suddenly bursted out crying making me feel bad immediately..

Damn! Mara when did you become this mean!
I have nothing against her,I’m only jealous about how she relates with Bryan..
She can’t date Bryan,not when Ellen is still on seat so why the hell am i being mean to this poor girl!
I need a spanking..

I stood up walked to her couch..
I sat beside her and she was seriously crying like she lost someone.
I can’t believe i made someone cry this way.

“Com’on Laura…I don’t mean all I’ve said! I will gladly be your friend” I said obviously to her surprise.
She sniffed…”You mean,you will be my friend?”
I nodded “Yes Laura…I didn’t mean all I said earlier,i was just being…I like you and everyone and i will be your friend okay?” I smiled.

“Thank you” She screamed and hugged me excitedly.

Like seriously?🙄

I hugged her back and i was surprised at how glad i also felt.
We disengaged from the hug…I cleaned her tears and smiled.

“Crying doesn’t suit you but you are just as emotional as i” I said.
“Really?” She smiled.
“Yeah…I cry at every little thing” I said.
“Me too” She grinned..
“I’m so happy you are finally my friend” She said.
“Does it means so much to you?” I asked.
“Yeah it does,you don’t how long I’ve wanted to be your friend” She said happily.

“Wow! I’m so glad someone was yearning to be my friend for so long….now let me go get another glass cup,let’s toast to our friendship” I said.
“Yaaaaay” She cheered happily..

Funny girl…I smiled and stood up.
“Should i come with you?” She asked.
“No…I just want to get a glass cup and probably some cookies.. you’re definitely gonna come with me when i want to cook” I said.

“Wow…I’m gonna learn from you then,cause I’m a very bad cook” She said.
I laughed…”Really?”
“Yeah…I almost burnt down the whole house while making omelette” She said and we both bursted out laughing.
“That’s so serious” I said when the laughter subsided.
“Yeah..it was” She said.

I walked to the kitchen and picked a glass cup and also the remaining cookies in the refrigerator.
I walked back to the living room grinning hard.

Why am i so excited?
I didn’t even grin this hard when i was friends with Ellen.
Well…I’m still friends with her but isn’t friends with me .
I gat Laura now,i don’t have to think so much about her again.

I got to the living room and saw Laura drinking from my glass cup.
I placed the cookies and glass cup on the table.
“Laura that’s my glass cup” i said.
“Yeah i know… aren’t we friends now?” She grinned surprising me once more.
Ellen has never drank from my glass cup,she would insist i bring another cup for her but this girl here is making me feel so important.

“Wow…I’m surprised” I said and poured some juice into the glass cup.

“So let’s toast to our new friendship,i hope to be friends with you forever” She said and we both clicked our cups together.
We gulped down the juice and laughed.

She picked a cookie and threw it in her mouth, munching it softly.

“Wow…did you make this?” She asked.
“No..my mum did,she’s very good at making snacks” I said proudly.
“Wow…it tastes so nice” She said.
“Thanks” i said and also picked a cookie.

“Don’t say thanks to me, remember we are now friends” She said.
“Wow! Laura,you keep surprising me” I said.
“Really?…well,my own side of friendship is different” She said.
“Okay…so what’s your own side of friendship?” I asked.

” I feel once you are close friends with someone,you drop every formality,act like siblings,drink and eat from the same cup and dish,be free with each other and so many other things and that’s the definition of friendship cause saying ‘thanks’means we are not friends yet…I know there are some times when the thanks will be necessary but let’s just drop it for now” She said.

“Wow” I was moved to hug her and i did.
She hugged me back with her face full of excitement.
“I’m so glad you are opening me to another side of friendship which i guess it’s the best part” i smiled.
“I’m glad to be your friend… finally” she beamed and threw another cookie in her mouth.

“I’m gonna finish the cookies if you don’t start eating yours” She said.
I laughed….” Go ahead,I’ve already eaten much before you ca…” I’ve not finished talking when she grabbed the plate of cookies closer to her.

I laughed and poured some juice in my cup.
I gulped down half of it and sighed.

“I bought some US drama for you” she said.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah” She opened her backpack and brought out a lot of US drama.

“Wooo” I shouted happily and danced round the table before dragging it from her.
She laughed…”I didn’t know you were so crazy about US drama,i would have bought more… Mum is planning to thrash a lot of them” Laura said.

🦋Solely written by Azeemah .S.🦋

“You have to help me bring everything” I said.
“Yeah i will” she said.

I checked out the films and they all looked interesting,i couldn’t decide the one to watch first.
I felt like watching everything together.

“Watch that one first..it’s so funny and interesting” Laura said and pointed to the first one I’m holding.
I stood up and removed the movie i was watching earlier.
I inserted the one Laura recommended for me.

I sat down and played it,we started watching..


“Look at that one” I said pointing to the movie we were watching and we bursted into another round of laughter.

My cheeks were starting to ache from laughter,I’ve been laughing since the beginning of the movie and thank goodness it’s almost finished.

Laura’s laughter was worst,she had to held on to her stomach to laugh and that made me laugh more.

“Oh..my.. God” I said and we bursted out laughing again..


“Thank goodness it’s finished” i said as we finished another round of laughter.

“Damn! You didn’t tell me it was that funny,now my cheeks ache” I said rubbing my palm over my cheeks..
“I’m happy i made you laugh” She said and we both poured some juice in our glass cups then gulped it down.

“I feel so good” i said.
“Me too but I’m starting to starve” She said.
I glanced at the wall clock.

2 o’clock.

“Let’s go make Lunch” I said and we both stood up.
We walked to the kitchen.

“Let’s make casserole” I said and threw an apron and cap to her.
She caught it.

“You mean,you can make that?” She asked surprisingly.
“Of course” i said.
“Wow..I can’t wait to learn” She said pulling on her apron.
“I will be glad to help” I said and fixed my chef cap.
Laura was also done wearing her cap.

“So we are gonna wash our hands first” I said and we both walked to the sink…
We washed our hands and dried it with the dish cloth.

Laura’s was booming with happiness and i felt so glad myself.

“So firstly,the ingredient for casserole dish are;….



“It’s almost ready…I can’t believe ive learnt how to make casserole,mum is gonna be so surprised” Laura said happily.
“Yeah… let’s quickly wash this utensils, the casserole would have been completely ready by then” i said.

“Okay” Laura said and packed the utensils to the sink.

“I’m gonna wash,then you will rinse in the second sink” She said.
I nodded and she started washing,passing it to me..
I rinsed and placed it in the drain board.
We kept passing and passing till we finished the washing.

I quickly dried my hand and went to check on the meal…

“It’s ready” i said and put off the gas cooker.
“Okay…I will bring out the plates and spoons” She said and opened the drawer.

I smiled at her while she picked out two plates and spoons.
I’ve liked her so much,just within the few hours we spent together.

She dropped the plates and spoons on the kitchen counter and i started dishing out the casserole.

The door bell rang…

“Who could be there?” I asked.
“Continue dishing out the meal,let me go check it” She said and quickly hurried to the door.

“Bryan” I heard.
But he doesn’t ring the bell.
The scent of his perfume got stronger and my heart started beating over the normal rate,then i know he’s so close to the kitchen.

I smiled when he strolled into the kitchen with Laura.

“Hey Mara” he waved.
“Hi Bryan…why did you ring the bell?” I asked.
“I thought you were sitting lazily at the living room so i wanted you to get up and come open the door for me” he said.
I laughed…”You are so lucky there is stick around”

He chuckled…”Isn’t that casserole?” He asked grinning.
“Yeah but you are not gonna get from it” I joked.
“You must be joking” he said.

I laughed…”what if I’m not?”
“Then i will have no choice but to take everything with me” he said.
“Then i will also have no choice but to hit your head with a wooden spoon or stick till you faint” I said and we all laughed.


“I love this” Laura said happily eating her casserole.
“Me too…so delicious” Bryan said.
We were almost done eating when we heard a phone ringing in the living room..

It’s Bryan’s..

“Ow! I dropped my iPod in the living room before coming into the kitchen,i will be back guys” He said and hurried to the living room.

Laura and i kept chatting while eating..


I noticed Bryan was taking too long..
“Didn’t you observe Bryan is taking long?” I asked Laura who nodded.
“Yeah…let’s check on him” She said.

We walked to the living room and saw him seated on the couch..
He was backing us but i noticed how his shoulders dropped.

“Bryan” I called and he turned..

I was shocked to see tears rolling down his cheeks.

“What’s wrong?” We rushed to him worriedly.

“Kelly has been stabbed” He cried.


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