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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 27

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 27

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

“I can’t believe the both of you fought to the extent of getting your only son stabbed!” Mara yelled at Kelly’s parents who was pacing to and fro in the hospital reception.
Kelly is already been attended to.

Thankfully,the doctor said the stab is not very deep.

“Seriously!you both needs to be be sued” Laura also said.
I stood resting on a pole watching Mara and Laura yell at Kelly’s parents who didn’t seem to mind them.

“This is what Kelly has been hiding! Do you how much scars you’ve given him! Do you know how hurt he is,do you how much pain you’ve made him went through…are you even sure he’s your son! Cause no reasonable parents should hurt their only child” Mara said angrily running her hand through her hair.
She has loosened her pontsplait while we were rushing to the hospital.

I noticed Kelly’s mum has started weeping,his dad looks sorry.
He has beautiful parents but they are animals in human clothings..
I’m waiting for Kelly to get well enough before ordering their arrest.
I will make sure they spend some days locked up.

“I’m so pissed right now,you just added another terrible scar to his chest…I swear down I’m gonna get you both sued” Laura threatened.
She and Mara paced to and fro in rage.

I smiled at how beautiful she looks even when annoyed.

“Bryan won’t you say something?” Mara asked.
“I don’t have to say anything,I’m only waiting for Kelly to be well enough before ordering their arrest” I said.

“Good!” She exclaimed.

Mara hates coming to hospital and Kelly is so lucky she came here for him.. that shows how much she cares and that’s gonna make it easier.

Go Kelly! You already have your girl..

The doctor walked back into the reception.

“How’s he?” We all rushed to him.
“Calm down…he’s fine, we’ve treated his wound and as i said earlier…it’s not deep so we only stitched it and placed him on drip but no one is allowed to see him until he’s awake and that would be by night or probably tomorrow cause he’s so weak now due to blood he lost” The doctor said.

“Haaaa!” I sighed and everyone looked on.
The doctor walked away.
“Ohh…my son” His mum cried.

We sat on the chairs waiting hopefully.

🌹Liam’s POV🌹

I can’t believe I’m sitting in front of this damsel.
It was so much stress before i finally get to see her.
All thanks to my good looks.

We were seating outside a bar in the hotel,there is a large swimming pool beside us and I’m so much enjoying the fresh air.

There were barely people around.
This hotel is a very costly hotel and a lot of people can’t afford it,only celebrities and wealthy people can pay the price without feeling a huge loss.

“I was told you were asking of me” She said in the most angel like voice I’ve ever heard.
She’s looking more beautiful today, wearing an armless jumpsuit which has a low neckline exposing the swell of those fresh boobs.

Sitting before her is giving me a funny feeling deep in my chest..my heart! to be precise.

“Hm..y.. yeah” I’ve never been speechless before a lady and i wonder what the hell is happening right now and she seems not to be affected by my looks.

“Hmm…I’m Liam” I smiled.
“Hi Liam” she said and sipped her drink..
“I was at your cousin’s concert yesterday” i said.
“And so?” She asked.

“Mind if i know your name?” I asked.
“Reiya” She said.
“Nice name” i smiled.
“I know it’s nice” She said.

“Okay…I saw you bring up fallen angel’s daughter up to the stage and..and i liked you” I said.
She smiled…”Thanks for liking me”
What! Who the hell says that?
Other girls would have jumped at me but she just sat still with a stoic look.

Damn! What am i gonna say next?
I was never good in asking ladies out,they ask me out theirselves and here is the repercussion.

Good for me!

“So…can i take you out tomorrow?” I asked.
“Are you asking me out?” She asked.
“Yes” i said.
“What makes you think we will still be here tomorrow?” She asked and tucked her hair behind her ears.

“A..are you leaving tonight?” I asked.
“No! But first thing tomorrow morning” She said.
I nearly cried but i just had to hold myself.

“To Mexico right?” I asked.
“Yeah…you’ve not said what you came here for. I have to leave soon” She said and i saw a little fear in her eyes.

“I don’t know how to say this but i think i have feelings for you” I said.
She laughed…”you think? Or you do?”
“Okay i do…I’ve been restless since i saw you yesterday…I would really like it if we get a thing going” I said.

“You think it’s that easy?” She asked.
“I will do anything, please just accept my feelings” I said.
She stood up and sighed,shifted back the chair and started walking away.

This is so crazy!
No one has ever walked out on me!
I held myself from banging the plastic table.

I looked up and smiled when i saw a card on the table.

I said it!
No lady can ever walk out on me.
She was probably shy to tell me how she feels too.

I grinned and picked up the card,my grin faded when i saw;


Damm! Damn! Damn!
This time i couldn’t resist the anger the bang the table.
I banged it so hard in anger.

How did she Write this just now?
Wait! Does she have a lot of this in that purse?

I heard a loud splash in the pool and turned to see REIYA helpless in the pool.
It’s so obvious she doesn’t know how to swim,as she kept battling and struggling to come out.
And who the hell swims in a thick jumpsuit?

I flung my chair and ran towards the pool.
I jumped in and quickly swim to her direction.

Why the hell is this pool so large!

I succeeded in getting hold of her,i carried her and quickly placed her on the edge of the pool.
She coughed out water and her eyes has reddened.

I stepped out of the pool dripping wet.
“Reiya are you okay?” I asked worriedly as i wondered whether to press her chest or not.
If i do,i might end up doing something naughty.

She pointed to my back and i traced her finger,then saw a guy
standing at the other edge of the pool wearing an unfriendly look.
I remembered i saw him before jumping into the pool, everything came back rushing in.

“You mean this guy pushed you into the pool?” I asked.
She nodded.
I stood up angrily and marched towards him.
He was bigger than me in size and height,i should be afraid but not when Reiya is involved.

“Why the hell did you push her into the pool? Just tell me it’s a mistake and I’m gonna spare you” I said surprising myself.
How can i say I’m gonna spare this huge guy…he should be the one saying he’s gonna spare me.

He laughed…
“Reiya!” He yelled and i saw Reiya was already sitting up.
“You dare cheat on me with this little sonofabitch!” He thundered and the last thing i remembered was receiving a thunderous slap before falling into the pool.

The slap blinded me and i was unable to swim.
I held my breath in the pool kicking my legs.

“Dan! Why are you so cruel!” I heard reiya yelled.
My vision was starting to get clearer and i quickly managed to swim out of the pool.
I landed on the edge of the pool breathing heavily.

I wiped the drops of water on my face and sat up, expecting to find Reiya but i didn’t.
She’s gone! She’s freaking gone with that monster who claimed to be her boyfriend!

Was that the reason she didn’t accept my proposal?
Was that the reason i saw that fear in her eyes.
How could she be dating that monster..he’s so ugly and;


I can’t believe i got slapped over a girl,not just a slap but a thunderous one which sent me flying into the pool.
That monster’s hand is just like steel.
I rubbed the affected cheek and stood up.

I’m soaking wet!

Thank goodness i brought my car.
I walked sadly to the parking lot knowing that’s the last time I’m gonna see reiya.
They are flying to Mexico first thing tomorrow morning and she has a boyfriend! A huge one at that!
I can’t believe she can date someone like that.
Is that the type of guys she likes?

I walked to where i parked my car.
I stood beside it,and looked around, hoping to see reiya but she was no where to be found.

I should have gotten out of the pool sooner but that slap blinded me totally.

I held myself from crying as i opened my car door.
I got behind the wheels,looked around once more desperately hoping to sight reiya but no!
That monster might have dragged her to the room.

I know her room number won’t be disclosed to me…it’s totally against the ethics of their profession.

I inserted the key into the ignition….


I drove into the compound and parked roughly before getting out of the car.
“Tell Max to park it properly” i said and threw the key to James who seemed surprised at my behavior and how wet i looked.

I walked into the house and met mum dropping a call,she looked worried but i don’t care just now.

“Hi Mum” i said heading up to my room.
“Liam what’s wrong?” She asked.
“I don’t want to talk about it” i said.
“Why are you this wet?” She asked.
“I don’t want to talk about it ” i said.

“Okay… Mara just called me now that Kelly was stabbed”


🌹Mara’s POV🌹

It’s 6pm, getting late.its been 30 minutes since i called Mum and she said she will be here soon.

Kelly hasn’t woken up and i can’t but sending glares to them.
They are so wicked!
They fought to the extent of stabbing their son.

I placed my head in my palms and sighed.

“Your mum is here” Bryan said and i turned to look at the door.
I saw mum and Liam running in..i noticed Liam’s face was sad.

“Mum” I said and stood up to meet her.
“How’s he?” Mum and Liam asked.
“He’s fine but sleeping at the moment,the doctor said we can see him once he’s awake” i said.
“Okay..we don’t have to worry much then” She said and sat on one the chairs.

“Good evening ma’am” Laura greeted.
“How are you dear?” Mum asked.
“I’m fine ma’am” Laura smiled.
“Mum..she’s Laura,my new friend” i said.
“Oh! Laura, good to meet you dear” Mum said.
“Same here ma’am,you look so much like Mara” She said.
Mum smiled…”Yes dear”

I turned to look at Liam,he stood at a corner sulking.

I walked to meet him…

“Liam what’s wrong?” I asked but he didn’t respond.
I sighed…”How was the place you went to? Did you see the girl” I asked.
“Yeah i saw her” he said.
“Wow! How did it go?” I asked eagerly.
“Negative!” He said.


I sighed when Liam finished explaining everything to me.
“That’s bad” I said.
“So bad,they are leaving for Mexico tomorrow” he said with so much strain in his voice.
“Do you like her that much?” I asked.
“I love her” he said surprising the hell outta me.

“Wow!” I exclaimed…Liam has never loved anyone.

His phone rang for the third time in his pocket but he ignored it.
“Why don’t you pick up the call” i said.
“It’s one of those girls” he said.
“What if it’s from the company,you know mum left her phone at home…maybe they couldn’t connect to her and tried call you” I said.

He hesitantly brought out the phone from his pocket.
He swiped it to the receiver and placed it on his ear.

“Hello” he said.
I saw his face changed as he began grinning.

“Reiya?” He said happily before running out of the hospital.

I laughed as i watched him go.


Laura, Bryan and i stood in Kelly’s ward.
Mum has gone home to make dinner and Kelly refused to see his parents so we were the only ones here with him.

“I hope you are feeling better?” I asked as i stared at his bandaged chest.
He smiled and nodded,then held my hand.
I let him…

“Be strong buddy” Bryan said with a smile.
“Hey Kelly… how are you?” Laura asked.

“I’m fine everyone…thanks for being here for me” He said.

“It all started when i was still very young,my parents were always fighting throwing things, hurting those around.
I got my first scar when i was five years old.
It continued till i grew up to this stage.
When i got into high school,i decided not to separate any of their fight anymore..I will always cry in my room anytime they are having their fight.

I got to grade 7 and invited my two best friends home..
My parents started their normal fight and ended up hurting one of my friend.
Since then,i was isolated at school. No one wanted to talk to me.
I managed to finish grade 7 and begged for a transfer to this school.

I didn’t resume the first week with you guys cause i was treating my wound at the hospital..
I don’t need to explain where i got that deep wound on my chest,the one you guys kept pestering me about in the school infirmary.

I always dreaded to go home after school cause i know what I’m facing, remember the day you guys came to my house and you heard the shattering of a glass… my parents was fighting then and i had to lie that a glass broke in the attic.

I don’t like my friends coming to my house cause I’m afraid they are gonna get hurt.
When i got home yesterday morning,i met them fighting..

I walked past them but i wasn’t fast enough to before a knife pierced in my chest and I’m glad it isn’t very deep.

I’m fine cause Ive gotten used to that type of life.

I just feel i had to tell you guys this cause you are the only true friends who stood by me.

Thanks so much guys and i love you all” Kelly said smiling amidst tears.

I cried…he has gone through a lot.
This is just too much for him.

Laura held his hand and cried…..
Bryan was trying to hold his tears but it ended up rolling down his cheeks.

“Kelly…I’m so sorry for everything that has happened to you,you’ve gone through a lot” I cried.
We all hugged him tightly and i felt so sick of his parents.

They are so heartless!


We disengaged from the hug and Bryan smiled.
“Thanks for sharing this with us” He said and pulled Kelly’s hair playfully.
“Ow! Don’t you see I’m not feeling well” Kelly said.
“Really? Then i guess i will have to pull it harder” Bryan said and we laughed.

“Don’t worry Kelly,we will protect you” i said and noticed he hasn’t released my hand from his grip.
“Yes Kelly,we are here for you okay?” Laura said.

“Thanks so much guys..I’m so happy to have everyone of you in my life” he said.
“We are gonna discuss about this better when you are well enough” Bryan said.

Laura’s phone rang and she walked out of the ward to receive it.
Bryan followed her and i was left in the ward with Kelly.

I felt like standing up but my hand is still in his grip which is making me so uncomfortable.

“Tammy” he called and i faced him.
“Huh?” I asked with a smile shoving one part of his hair aside.
He smiled “I have something to tell you”
“Okay,what?” I asked.

“I..I..i like your hair” He said making me laugh.


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