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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 13

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 13

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


📦 📦
“Thanks a lot Mrs Sampson, hope you’ll enjoy the pastries. It’s a special batch baked this morning,” I said to the principal’s wife as she collected the carton of bakes.
“No, thank you Umbria. My husband had told me about it, and I’ve been expectant,” she replied with a smile.
She is a petite but bosomy woman with the start of wrinkles on her cheeks; kind eyes and smile.
She went in, then returned with the pay.
“And here’s a little tip for you.”
I smiled and the generous amount. “Thanks.”
I mounted the bakery’s bike and rode off.
Usually Carl did the deliveries; or sometimes Frank, an older guy, did them once in a while. But I needed to get my mind off things, and the wind slapping my face and running through my hair seemed to be the perfect solution.
Carl……loves me?
I shook my head.
A loud horn blared in my ear jerking me back to reality as I swerved and struggled to get outta the way.
“Hey girl, watch it!” the driver yelled.
“Sorry,” I called back.
“Ummy, what’s wrong? You don’t seem yourself lately. You even did delivery!” Maggie pestered me as she kneaded dough, sprinkling some dried flour around.
“Nothing,” I said.
I rubbed my eye; I’m feeling sleepy. I didn’t get a decent sleep at the boys penthouse because I kept tossing, turning and battling a headache.
That headache was trying to become a migraine.
“Come on best friend, spill! You slept in a guys house, and yet you don’t seem…..” she gasped😲 😱 “did something…. did two of you…”
“What, NO! Mag I can’t talk now, I have a headache. I’ll go and wait tables,” I said and assisted Louisa to carry a tray of coffee and biscuits for a couples breakfast. She glared at me, but I ignored her.
I cleared an empty table and proceeded to wash the dishes when Bruce B barreled in looking excited and short of breath.
“Umbria, you’re a genius!” he said by way of greeting.
“What’d she do this time?” Louisa sneered jealously.
The three of us, except Carl who was delivering, gathered around.
”The royal palace…. they want to hire you! ”
“Me?” we both chorused.
“Why?” I asked.
“You don’t ask why you silly girl, you ask when! This is a big chance for you, and for me! Bruce Bakes and Breakfast will go places!”
I sighed. Then I yawned. And I winced.
“I’ll think about it,” I whispered and walked towards the storeroom.
I heard Bruce B asking the girls what was wrong with me.
They said they didn’t know.
🛄 🏡
I left work early that day.
Immediately I stepped foot in the house, Hannah, my mom, yelled out to me.
“What?’ I replied softly.
I just wanna lay down and sleep
” Come here! The money you won from the baking contest, where’s it?”
“It’s for dad’s treatment,” I said pointedly.
She laughed wickedly and dragged me to the bedroom and pointed to dad writhing in pains on the bed.
“Is this what you want to spend such a huge amount for? His condition had gotten worst, he’s wasted!”
“No!” I cried and hurried to his side, feeling for a pulse…anything!
“Why didn’t you call me? Dad….dad you’re OK, alright? Pls hang on….just hang on….”
I dashed outside and hailed a cab, jumping and waving on the road until the man stopped.
“Please drive to our lawn, the man’s crippled,” I begged.
“That’s going to cost—”
“I know! Just come!”
With the cabbie’s help, and Mr Taylor, a neighbor, we hefted dad and his wheelchair into the car, Mr Taylor offered to check him in the hospital while I called Maggie, who called her mom.
Soon, we were all at the hospital waiting and pacing and hoping for the smallest miracle; even for him to just get stabilized.
Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS by Happy’s Library.
Author Happy©

🏰 🏰
I decided to spend this Saturday with Diana in the palace because I’ve missed her so much.
As usual, I was playing puppets with her, while she watched and laughed at the funny parts.
Playing with my sister was one of my most happiest times; it made me remember mom in a good way.
Today I told her the story of Humpty Dumpty that sat on a wall.
After that, I pushed her wheelchair to my window.
Looking down into the garden reminds me of that day I saw the girl in the garden.
Who knew I’d see her everywhere; my garden, her home, my school.
“Why are you smiling?” Diana asked.
I exhaled and sat on the will beside her.
“I just recalled something….” I explained.
She giggled.
“I can’t w8 4 my birthday to see her again,” she said in her tiny voice. “She’s my friend.”
“I know,” I replied.
“Oscar, why don’t you want to do as father says? if you announce your heritage, then you’ll get to spend more time with me,” she said slowly. “Or don’t you wanna spend time with me?” I asked.
“Of course I do,” I replied and held her hands.
I sighed.

” It’s just…. my freedom’s at stake here. I don’t want to be tied down. I want to go to college. Just be normal. ”
“I understand that feeling,” she said and grinned sweetly.
On impulse, I hugged her.
“No matter what Diana, I love you so much.”
“I love you too brother,” she replied. “I just wish you were always here. Edward is always busy, mom Fiona too. Apart from them, everyone treats me differently here. Sometimes they don’t know. But I do. I talk to Mr Donaldtelly about it. He keeps me company.” she said.
Later that day, while Diana had her siesta, I requested an audience with my father.
“Do I really have to give up my promising music career when I’m Prince?” I asked him on entering the court. He looked up, signaled the prominent men with him to leave and said,
“You’ll be the Prince; you and Edward will be focused on politics, so yes.”
“Is there no other way?” I asked.
He shook his head.
I sighed.
This was like the most drastic decision I’ll ever make.
“But why isn’t Edward enough?”
“I have two sons!” he thundered.
“One of which is illegitimate!” I fired back.
“You don’t know what you’re saying,” father opposed.
I sighed again. “I’m not ready for this right now
I just came to tell you; I’ll accept to take up my Royal duties, whatever they are. On the condition that you give me some time… say three months, to live my life to the fullest,” I said.
“Two,” father said.
“Two and a half,” I insisted.
“Fine. You’re my son after all.” he laid a hand on my shoulder. “I only want what’s best for you”
“You don’t know what you say, father,” I whispered and walked out.

🔶 🔹 🔷 🔸
The doctors seemed to be taking forever to come out.
Maggie sat hugging me while I whimpered and tried to be strong.
Mr Taylor, dad’s friend, paced a little impatiently.
Janet, Maggie’s mom, asked me not to loose hope.
Hannah sat on a chair, quiet and staring into space. As much as she wanted to pretend nothing happened, we all knew she was affected. She loves dad, just like I know she loves me. Just that she has a hard time showing it ever since bad things started happening to us.
I stood up from Maggie and walked towards her.
I sat besides her, and hesitantly put my arms around her.
She froze.
“He’ll be fine,” I whispered, my voice gruff from tears.
She shook me off without saying a word.

The wardroom door opened and a doctor emerged, looking grim.
We all rushed to him.
“Doctor… please tell me how my dad is,pls….😭”
“Family of George Lee….?” he asked looking at us all.
“Yes,” said mom, “I’m his wife, this is the daughter,” she said, “these are relatives.”
“Okay. The condition of the patient —”
“My father,” I cut in.
“George, is very critical that……”😭 💔

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