JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 28

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 28

By Zeemah writes


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🌹 Kelly’s POV🌹

“Tammy i wanna if you miss any episode click Here

you something” i said determined to her about my feelings this minute.
“Okay what?” She asked.
“I..i..i..” I felt tongue-tied and couldn’t talk,she was looking at me curiously and i had to quickly complete it with;
“I like your hair” She laughed and i felt so embarrassed.

“You like my hair?… that’s funny but thanks” she said with a grin slowly withdrawing her hand from my grip.
“So what would you like to eat,i guess the hospital is gonna provide your dinner?” She asked.
“Yeah..they will” I smiled.

Just having her by my side is making my chest hurt less.
I felt my heart pound faster when she touched my forehead with her palm.

“You need to apply some balm on your forehead, it’s a bit swell” she said.
“Okay…you will help me get it once you go home” I said.
“Are you sure you don’t want to see your parents?” She asked.
“Yeah i don’t,they might end up fighting here” I said.
She sighed…

“Kelly” Bryan called and walked into the ward with Laura.
He gave me a ‘have-you-told-her’ sign.
I shook my head and he shrugged disappointedly.

“Okay… your Mum is crying hard outside the ward, she’s begging me to see you and i told her i have to ask you first if you are willing to allow them come in” he said.
“No..they should come in..I don’t want to see them” I said.
“Are you sure?” He asked.
I nodded even though i badly want to see them…I can hear mum crying and I’m feeling so bad about it.
But that’s how she always cry and she will end up repeating the same thing.

“Com’on Kelly,i know how hurt you are but your mum has been crying since we brought you here….it’s obvious they are both sorry” Mara said.
“That’s how they do and they will end up repeating the same thing” i said.

“Okay why don’t you use this opportunity to stop them from fighting” She smiled.
“How?” I asked.
“Once you allow them in,you have to pretend to be very pissed…”
“I don’t have to pretend to be pissed…I’m so pissed at them already” I said.

“Good! So you will make them promise never to fight again…if possible you include tears and tell them how they’ve been punishing you for years,you expose your pains to them and i bet they will be so sorry and promise not to ever fight again” She said and i smiled.

“Wow! Didn’t know you gat something up there” Bryan teased.
Mara glared at him and i saw an unexplainable look in her eyes.
I shrugged it off…

“Okay,let’s assume they both promised not to fight anymore,what if they end up breaking the promise?” Laura asked.
“You are gonna threaten to disown them as your parents” Mara said.

“What!” We exclaimed.

“Yeah…it’s just a threat but you won’t make them know that,you will be very serious about it and i bet you won’t ever see them fight again” She said.

“Are you sure it’s gonna work?” I asked.
“Of course…it will,we will be at the reception..let’s go call them in for you” Mara said.
“You have to act it very well okay?” Bryan said and i nodded.
“I trust you,make sure you let them know how much pain you’ve went through and by the time we come back into this ward,we would love to see everyone of you happy” Laura said.

“Wow! I hope so” i smiled as i watched them walked to the door.
“You have to cry” Mara whispered to me and i nodded.
She smiled before they finally walked out of the ward.
That smile registered in my head and i also began smiling..

I quickly frowned when i saw my parents walk in, looking sorry.
I faced the other side of the bed and read the map pasted on the wall waiting for them to say something.

“Kelly,we are so sorry…that knife was meant for your father” Mum cried.
“Kel, please we are so sorry for hurting you” Dad said and i felt his hand on my bare shoulder.
I shrugged it off.

“Okay…you both can leave” I said.
“Please Kelly,we are so sorry…I didn’t know we gave you scars! I’m so sorry about it son.. please forgive me,i promise never to hurt you again” Mum cried which also brought tears to my eyes.

“Do you know when i was five,the first scar you gave me was on my stomach” I said.
“OMG no!! Why didn’t you tell us” Mum said and cried more holding my hand.
I sniffed and continued; “Nanny took care of it for me then..
You both fought till i grew up, don’t you get tired of fighting?” I asked.

I saw guilt on their faces and they both stared at each other…

“Just take a look at my chest…it’s not the same anymore,you guys have destroyed a part of the me” I cried.
“I’m s..so sorry” Mum whispered in tears.

“The pain i go through each time i get hurt by you both is exhilarating! I’m not the same anymore all thanks to you both… please leave Now!” I said.

“Kelly we are gonna so sorry please forgive us” They cried..

“I can’t even invite my friends home anymore for the fear that you might hurt them…do you know the isolation i went through at Vaulthill high school just because of you both..
Do you even bother to ask the reason i requested for transfer? Everyone avoided me at school, calling me all sort of names, embarrassing me and hitting me whenever they get the chance” I said and they both gasped.

“Yeah…that was what you both made me went through” I said.

They cried and stared at each other without saying anything.

🦋Solely written by Azeemah .S.🦋

“When you hit that knife on my chest,do you know the first people i thought of?” I asked.
They shook their head.
“My friends…I was in pain but managed to call Bryan,did you saw how he rushed to our house with a cab? I’ve been hurting for years but I’ve never seen any of you caring towards me…the friends i just made a month ago brought me down to the hospital!” I said.

“You both never made me experience that feeling of having parents, sometimes i wish i was an orphan” I said.

“I’ve failed as a mother, please forgive me Kelly…I’m so sorry” Mum cried.
“I’ve failed as a father, please forgive me Kel” Dad pleaded and they both held my hand.

“I will forgive you both but you have to promise me one thing” i said.
“We will promise you anything” they said.
“Of course you will promise me anything but the question is will you keep to your promises?” I asked.
“Yes we will… please forgive us”

“Henceforth i want you to both stop fighting,you both should make me experience the joy of having parents” I said.
“I promise you this minutes that i won’t ever fight with your father again,even if he tries to fight me, I won’t reciprocate” Mum said.
“I promise you that i will stop fighting your mother,even if she steps on my nerves…you know she’s the troublesome one..I’m just gonna leave her..” Dad said and i smiled.

“If you both break your promises,do you care to know what will happen?” I asked.
“What?” They asked.
“I will disown you both as my parents” I said.

“Yes i agree to that cause I’m ready to keep to my promise” Mum said.
“I agree to that also cause Im not also gonna break my promise” Dad said.

I smiled…”I’ve forgiven you mum..I’ve forgiven you too Dad,come give me a hug” I said happily.
They hugged me and for the first time in years i saw real happiness written on their faces.

“We promise to be the best parents for you from now on,and besides…” Dad stopped and then continued “I’ve missed my wife” Dad said, surprising the hell outta me when he pulled Mum into a hug.
I thought she would probably push him away but she hugged him back and placed her head on his chest.

OMG Tammy…I will forever Love you..you made this happen!

“I’m sorry for hurting you all this while.. please forgive me, I’ve missed you so much” Dad said.
“I’m sorry for also being rude to you,I’ve missed you too” Mum said and i almost jumped out of the hospital bed in excitement when they kissed.

Oh…my…God,it has been years since i saw this.
I grinned happily on the bed happy to get my parents back.

Tammy thanks for your advice…

“Once Kelly gets discharged,we will go on our second honeymoon..he can stay with his friends for a while” Dad said.
“Really?” Mum grinned happily.
“Yes love” Dad said.
“Wow” she hugged him tightly and i couldn’t stop grinning.

“It seems you both have forgotten me and i was the one who made all this happened” I said.
“Oh..” they rushed back to me, kissing me all over the face.
It was ticklish and i laughed with my parents feeling so free after all this years.

“Wow!” We heard and turned to see Tammy and co by the door.
“Come in sweethearts” Mum said happily.
Tammy, Laura and Bryan grinned as the walked in.

“How are you doing?” Mum asked.
“Fine ma’am” they replied.
“What’s your name?” Mum asked pointing to Laura.
“I’m Laura” She said.
“Laura,how are you?”
“Fine ma’am” she smiled.
“You look so beautiful” Mum said.
“Thanks ma’am” she said shyly.

“You are Bryan” Mum said pointing to Bryan.
He nodded with a smile.
“Yes ma’am I’m Bryan” he said.
“Thanks Bryan,i appreciate your help” Mum said.
“It’s nothing ma’am”
“You are so handsome” Mum said.
“Thanks ma’am” he said.
“Who is your girlfriend between this two?” Mum asked.

I smiled…mum has always been that like that.

“None of them” he said and glanced at Laura before glancing at Tammy who beamed approvingly.
“Really?” Mum asked.
“Yes ma’am” he said.
“Wow, that’s surprising” She said.

She turned to Tammy and i smiled..
“What’s your name?” She asked.
“Tamara” I said before i could stop myself.
“I don’t remember naming you Tamara” Mum said to me and we all laughed…she turned back to Tammy.

“Wow! Tamara? The name sounds so beautiful and rare” Mum said.
“Yes ma’am…my dad went deep through the origin to select the name for me as i was told” Tammy said and i can tell mum already liked her.

“Do you remember when they all threatened to sue us at the reception” Dad said and everyone laughed.
“Really?” I asked between laughter.
“Yeah… Kelly you’ve got great friends and I’m happy to see the type of people you roll with” Dad said.

“Yeah…I’m so happy and appreciative to everyone of you for standing by Kelly and we owe everyone of you an exotic dinner” Mum said.

“Yaaaaay” we cheered happily….

One of my best moments…I’m so happy.

🦋🦋Some days later🦋🦋

I walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist.

I smiled as i saw my school wears spread neatly on the bed with a cup of steaming coffee.
That has been Mum routine since i was discharged from the hospital.
I’m being treated like a prince and I’ve never seen them quarrel not to talk of fight..
It seems their love grew stronger and i can’t help but feel soooo happy.

I walked to the bed and picked my cup of black steaming coffee.
I slowly gulped it down and placed the empty cup on the bedside table.

I started putting on my wears one after the other till i was done.
I wore my shoes lastly and stood in front of the mirror,i picked a comb and gently brushed the front of my hair.

I need to go have an haircut soon.

I dropped the comb and picked my backpack,i hung it over my shoulders and then picked the empty cup of coffee.

I hope i look good,I’m gonna be proposing to Tammy at the school garden today and i won’t chicken out this time..
I don’t know how I get to love her this much.
My heart is restless and i can’t wait to tell her about my feelings.

I walked out of my room,closed the door and headed downstairs,towards the kitchen.
I met mum at the dining dishing out my breakfast.

“Good morning Mum” I smiled and dropped the cup on the dining table.
“How was your night Kelly?” She asked.
“Fine Mum, where’s dad?” I asked.
“He’s still asleep” She said and i nodded.

I dropped my backpack one of the dining chairs and sat down to eat my breakfast.
Mum walked back to the kitchen and i started eating.

I checked my wrist watch and decided to rush the rest of the breakfast.
Bryan and i needs to talk before Tammy arrives.

I drank the whole water in a gulp and stood up.
I carried my backpack…”Mum I’m leaving” ..
“So soon?” She asked from the kitchen.
“Yes Mum”
“Alright…bye Kel”.
“Bye Mum… help me say hi to dad” I said already walking to the door.

I got out of the house and saw Tina standing by the car.
She’s on a call.
I bowed a little in greeting and she waved with a smile,then signalled me to enter the car.
I did and it took some minutes before she got behind the wheels.

“I’m sorry,i was on a call with a friend” she said and turned on the ignition.
“No it’s okay” i said.
She smiled and started driving out of the house.
We got to the main road and she sped up the way i always like.
Fresh air brushed through my hair and i smiled.


“Bye Tina” I said as i alighted from the car.
“Bye Kelly, take care” She said.

I entered the class and had to ignore stares as usual.
I walked to my seat and smiled when i saw Bryan..
He wasn’t aware I’ve walked in,he was concentrated on his note.
I dropped my backpack and sat down.

“Is Mrs Hampton our morning teacher” I asked.
He looked up and smiled.
“Hey buddy” he said.
“What’s up?” I asked.
“I’m good, I’ve been expecting you… Mara will be here soon” he said.

“Oh..Kay,so how do i go about it?” I asked.
“Are you with a comb?” He asked.
“No..why?” I asked.
“You need to comb your hair down,Mara doesn’t really like spiky hair” He said.
“Yeah…but don’t bother,I’m with a comb” He said and i smiled.

“So,you are just gonna take her to the garden during lunch break then you tell her” he smiled.
I sighed..
“Why the sigh? Haven’t you asked a girl out before?” He asked.
“I have. But Tammy’s case seems different…I don’t just know how I’m feeling about her” I said.

“You just have to brace up, don’t chicken out like you did in the hospital” He said and we laughed.
“Okay…I will try. Let me practice it on you” I said and he smiled,then posed as a girl.

We both laughed again…

“Okay.. Tammy,i love you” I said.
“You love me?” Bryan said in Tammy’s tiny voice.
We laughed and i continued…
“Yeah..I do,my heart beats for only you,I’ve been having feelings for you right from the very first day i set my eyes on you… please will you be my girlfriend?”

“Damn! Don’t tell me you both are practicing homosexual?” Ellen nearly screamed.
“Shush… Hell no! He’s practising something else okay? Thank goodness no one heard you” Bryan said and turned back to me.

“Wow! You did damn good,i just hope you will be this bold when you are telling her” he said.
“I hope so too” I said.

My heart pumped faster when She walked into the class with Laura, they’ve both gotten close few days back.

I deliberately glanced at Ellen and smiled at the jealous look in her eyes.

🦋Solely written by Azeemah .S.🦋

“Hi Bryan, Kelly” Laura waved.
“Hi” we waved back.

I watched Mara as she sat down and turned to Bryan..


“Hey how are you?” She asked him.
“I’m good bestie,how was your night?” Bryan asked.
“It was okay” she said.

She turned to me and i quickly faced the front of the class but i guess she caught me.

“Hey Kelly,how are you?” She asked.
“I’m fine and you?”
“I’m good,so how’s your chest?” She asked and i smiled…so caring.
“It’s healing faster” I said.
“So..I guess things has improved between your parents?” She asked.

“Yes! Alot…I’m so grateful to you Tammy,can i hug you?” I asked.
She smiled “Of course…I’m glad things has changed”
I hugged her tightly feeling so happy within me.

Bryan grinned and gave me a thumb up.
I smiled and hugged her more tightly not wanting to let go,she was starting to free herself from my grip.
She thought i was hugging her in appreciation but hell no! I’m hugging her cause i love her.

“Wow…I didn’t know there is a new couple in class” We heard Mr Hampton said.
Mara quickly pulled away from me almost pushing me.
Everyone has turned to us and started whispering.

Damn! This school is worse!

“No ma’am” Mara said.

“Both of you should get up,you will answer the whole question in class today” She said.



Bryan laughed as we ate our lunch in the cafeteria.

“Mrs Hampton really dealt with you guys” he said and i felt like smacking him.

“Mrs Hampton is just crazy! I don’t see what’s wrong in a hug” Laura said.
“Yeah…I wish i can pull those big eyes out” Mara said and we laughed except Ellen who ate and stared at her phone.

I’m almost done with my lunch and i wish my heart will stop beating fast!
“She’s almost done with her lunch” Bryan whispered to me.
“Yeah i know” I whispered back not taking my eyes off Mara.
“Then tell her to come with you” he said.
“What if she asks for what?”
“She will not! Kelly why are being a coward,you can smack my head but can’t talk to a girl” he said.

“What are you both whispering about?” Mara asked.
“Yeah..I’ve been noticing them for the past few days,they’ve been whispering a lot” Laura said.

Bryan laughed…”don’t bother about knowing it cause you will know it soon”
“I just hope it isn’t something silly” Mara said.
“And Kelly looks like a scared rat” Laura said and we all laughed.

I braced up….”Tammy, come with me..I need to show you something”.
“Okay..we will back soon everyone..Ellen i hope you are enjoying your lunch?” Mara asked.
Ellen sent her a glare and she laughed.

She stood up and i took her hand as we both walked out of the cafeteria.


We walked into the garden and i led her to a bench.
She sat down and smiled.

“So..what did you want to show me?” She asked.
“I don’t k-know how to say this” I said.
“What? Is it about your parents?” She asked and i shook my head.

“No” I said.
“Okay..then what?” She asked.
“I..i love you” I finally blurted out.
My breathings increased as i waited for what she’s gonna say.
She laughed, throwing back her head, her neck looks so smooth and i felt like kissing it.

“Kelly..I love you too,i love everyone,is that what you want to tell me?” She asked.

Oh..she’s not getting it the right way.

“I..i mean i have feelings for you. Tammy, my heart beats faster anytime I’m around you..I developed this kind of feeling for you the day i set my eyes on you,i love you Mara,I love you so much.. please be my girlfriend and i promise never to break your heart” I said and saw the expression on her face changed.
She wasn’t smiling anymore,she has a look of shock mixed with anger.

“Why do you have to be the one to have feelings for me!

Why do you have feelings for me!

Why! Why! Why!” She yelled in anger making me flinch.

She stood up from the bench…..

“Kelly,i want you to get this into your skull right now that i don’t love you and i will never love you” She said.
There’s no doubt that my heart shrank at that moment.

“I never even think of you as anything else apart from my friend,i don’t have any feelings for you and i will never have! So i will like you to erase any sort of feeling you claim to have for me.
Don’t face me about this again if you don’t want to ruin our friendship…why does it have to be you!” She said and i noticed she has started crying.

I reached out to her and she brushed my hand away.

“Don’t touch me! I’m sorry but i don’t love you,I don’t love you!…I never wished you will be the one” She cried and i watched her walk away…

I gritted my teeth…

She’s in love with someone else!


Who the hell is that guy!

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