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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 48

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 48

By Zeemah writes


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🌺16 years later🌺

💞Anel’s POV💞

“Anastasia come back here!” I yelled removing the duvet from my body and getting up from the bed.
I yawned and rubbed my face with my palm.
I stared at the closed door and shook my head.

“Anel go have your bath, you’re resuming Makers high school today” Ana shouted through the closed door.
“I know okay? and when next you come and drag my ear while I’m asleep..I’m gonna make sure i spank you inconsiderately” I threatened.

Ana is my cousin,she’s 12 but acts like 18,a troublemaker to the core! She gets on my nerves regularly and we both fight it out. She’s beautiful and very kind on the inside.
I love her so much because she’s the only friend and sister I’ve got.

“That’s the 100th time you are making that threat” She said and i know she smirked after saying that.
“And I’m gonna make sure i carry out that threat now!” I said and stomped my socked feet to the floor making some sounds like I’m coming to meet her.

“I’m off” she shouted and i know she already took to her heels.
I laughed.
But hey! I’m gonna be resuming that school today.
What the heck! I was so comfortable in Neltodine high school,i shouldn’t have broken their heads but mehn! They got on my nerves and i couldn’t help it.

I made research about Makers and school and know it’s a military school,Liam told me it was the school my Mum attended.
Their punishment is 10 times greater than Neltodine’s..
I’m in for it this time!

But I’m just gonna lay a clear warning for every one of them today,if they fail to heed to my warning then I’m gonna teach them a lesson.
I don’t care the sort of punishment i might receive.

“Where are the school wears,did mum(Reiya) help me put it in the wardrobe” I said to myself and walked to the wardrobe.
I pulled it open and yes..the school wears laid there.
It’s not as cute as Neltodine’s but i like it anyway.
They changed the colour recently cause i was shown the one Mum wore in her time.

Hers was ,a pink shirt with “Makers high school” inscribed all over it in black colour then a white short flay skirt with black pop socks and the guys didn’t have a pullover,over their shirts then.
But the recent ones which one of it is mine is a white shirt with “Makers high school” inscribed all over it in pink color,then a pink short flay skirt and black pop sock.. The guys now have a black pullover,over their shirt.

I would have gladly worn mum’s
if it was not changed.
I sighed and dropped it on the bed.
I selected my underwear also and also dropped it beside the wears.
I shifted my black polished shoes closer to the bed and then stood and watched everything.


I turned and headed to the shelf when i heard my phone ring.
Dad…I smiled but quickly frowned.
I picked it up and clicked on the receiver.

📞Dad(Kelly) just let me be” I fumed.
I do go to Dad’s place every weekend or just once or twice on weekdays and i went as usual on Saturday,i didn’t meet him,the door was locked and i called him,he didn’t pick up…he didn’t call me back since Saturday and today is Monday!

I’m pissed!

📞Princess,I’m sorry…

📞Why didn’t you tell me you were not gonna be around?

📞I was called for an immediate business at Venice and i had to take the next available flight,i had totally forgotten you were coming,when i got there,we went straight to business and we’ve been so busy till today..I’m sorry Angel”

I smiled 📞So that was what happened?

📞Yes princess and guess what?


📞I’m back and i bought you some things that i know you’re gonna love,will you come over after school?” He asked.

📞 Awwwn thanks dad….yes i will” I giggled.

📞 Okay darling so you’ve forgiven me right?

📞Just a little,I’m still half mad at you till i see you.

He laughed 📞 Darling,i have to go now. I think some business partners are calling on the landline.

📞 Okay Dad..I love you.

📞 Love you too princess.

I was in a grinning state when the call was disconnected.
My grin faded when i stared at the wall clock.

Resumption time is ‘7:30!’ and I’ve not had my bath or even dress up.
Well…I shouldn’t be worried, today is my first day day and i even need all the class to be present while I’m giving out my warnings but; The punishment!

I dropped my phone, pulled off my socks and scurried into the bathroom.
I finished brushing and pulled off my pajamas,wore my shower cap and entered the shower cubicle and started showering.
I did that so fast.
I stepped out of the shower cubicle and grabbed my black towel from the rail.
I wrapped it round my wet body and then adjusted my shining necklace.

It was mum’s,she gave it to me and i rarely take it off.
I can’t do without it cause i remember the day i decided to just let my neck be free.
I took it off and felt so uneasy till the rest of the day until i had to put it on back and i felt suddenly at ease..I love the way it shines brighter whenever it comes in contact with water.
Liam told me the story,the necklace is magical and it conquered the so called Quilah,the goddess of wish.
I had laughed so hard when Liam told me how they defeated her.

He said Mum was one of the lucky fans who won the necklace at fallen angels concert.
She loved fallen angels so much and only got to talk to them once on Reiya’s phone..
Fallen angels are no longer in trend, they’ve retired from music and Modelling but i still have some of their music on my phone and i can’t stop listening to it…it’s their daughter Milana,who is now trending, she’s the most beautiful,famous and successful actor and model who’s only 18years of age.

Reiya being a distant relative of fallen angels made Milana came here once or twice and the girl is so kind and down to earth,just like her parents..I’m looking forward to when she’ll be here again cause it seems she’s the only one i feel so comfortable to call a friend even though she’s two years older than me.
If people knew im related to Milana,then im gonna have hundreds of friend,tho i hate people apart from my family.
I don’t talk to anyone asides my family.

I walked back into my room,i already finished drying my body before i got to the shelf.
I picked my body lotion and started applying it smoothly on my creamy skin.
My skin tone is rare and beautiful which always make people spare me a third glance.
I hate people staring at me but I’ve gotten used to it,i was told i was the centre of attention right from birth.

I walked to the bed when i was done with the body lotion.
I pulled on my undies and then my shirt,pop sock and skirt.
I tucked the shirt properly in the skirt and slipped my feet into my shoes.

I turned and walked back to the shelf, standing in front of the mirror.
Wow! The school wear suits me so well,like it was made specially for me.
I smiled and removed my shower cap,i picked an hair comb and combed my hair till i was sure it’s smooth.

I packed it into the pontsplait granny taught me and it looked good.
I’m very beautiful and sometimes i wish I’m not this beautiful…
I blew a kiss to my reflection in the mirror then picked my phone and backpack.

I checked the time….’7:40′
I ran out of my room, descending the stairs hurriedly..i nearly tripped but steadied myself.

“Good morning granny” I pecked her cheeks.
“Oh..my.. is this my Anel” She said and stared at me in admiration.
“Yes granny,look; i made the pontsplait you taught me” i grinned.
“Yes i can see that,it looks so great on you and your school wears also suit your skin” She said.
“Thanks granny”

“She’s just like Mara” Liam said stepping into the living room.
He’s so handsome and from what i heard from granny,he loves Mum a lot and has not really gotten over her,and he made sure we relocated to another part of Paris after mum’s death…
Mum is also beautiful..I have series of her pictures on my phone,the one she took with dad while they were dating is my screen saver.
I wish Mum was alive even if Reiya never made me feel mum’s absence but i still have that longing for my mum.

I smiled…”Good morning Liam”
I wish i can call him ‘uncle’ or something close to that but he said i should always call him ‘liam’ that it makes him feel like I’m Mara.

“Mara wasn’t this stubborn” Granny said and i chuckled.
“Mara can be stubborn if she wants to be” He said.
“Well…Yes,Anel go have your breakfast,you can’t be late on your first day at Makers high school,they have zero tolerance for lateness and any form of indiscipline,they might punish you for it” Granny said and i think i got a little scared.

“I’m late already..it’s ‘7:43’ the resumption time is ‘7:30’ ” I said.
“What! Com’on go have your breakfast” Granny half yelled.
“Tch! Granny you don’t have to yell, you look so ugly while yelling” I said before hurrying to the dining room.

Ana was already dressed for school, eating her breakfast with smiles.
She raised up her head which made her blonde hair sway.
She giggled when she saw me.

“You look like a pumpkin” She laughed.
I held my laughter and made to hit her even if i wasn’t going to.
“No! No! I was only joking, you look so beautiful” She quickly said.
I laughed…”Of course i know i look beautiful,but i wasn’t gonna hit you cause you said i looked like a pumpkin..I wanted to hit you for dragging my ears while i was asleep”

She laughed hard holding her mouth.
“I feel that’s the best way to wake you from your snoring state”
I dropped my backpack and pinched her nose hard, i nodded my head twice when she shouted in pain.

“Good for you” i said and headed to the kitchen to meet mum.
“I’m gonna get back at you” She shouted after me.
“In your dreams” I said and walked into the kitchen.

I met Mum stirring cream into a cup of steaming coffee which i knew was mine.Beside the coffee was steps of golden brown pancake in a flat plate.
I smiled and hugged her from behind.

“Anel” She said and turned to face me , hugging me back in the process.
“Good morning Mum” I greeted.
“Morning Anel,i was thinking of coming to call you but it’s a good thing you’re here and wow..you look stunning” She said.

“Thanks Mum” I smiled.
“You’re getting late, Makers high school do not tolerate lateness,take your breakfast to the dining now and eat as fast as you can while i go change so I’ll drop you and your sister at school before going to the company” She said.
“Okay Mum” I picked my tray of breakfast and hurried to the dining.

I sat down and started eating,Ana has finished eating and she has probably hopped to the living room to play with her dad.
Mum walked past me to her room and i know she’s going to change for work.
She owns two companies here in Paris and one in Mexico.

I have to finish eating before she’s back.


I gulped my coffee after finishing the whole of my pancake.
I picked my tray together with Ana’s and took it to the kitchen.
I dropped it in the sink and walked back to the dining..just then Mum emerged from the stairs looking stunning in her pink jumpsuit,white shoes and white handbag..her hair is in a ponytail and her neck glittered with the necklace she wore.
She always wear little make up,yet she still looks like the universe queen.

I think i inherited my beauty from her.
“You look beautiful” I smiled.
“Thanks Anel,let’s go” She said.
I hung my backpack round my shoulders and followed her lead.


We got outside the house and Gregory, our gatekeeper quickly went to open the gate.
We all entered the car bidding Liam bye.
He waved back at us and blew a kiss to Mum,she smiled and did the same.
I would have gotten infuriated if they weren’t my family, even at that,i can’t admit that i didn’t feel angry a bit.

She drove out of the house and started speeding to Ana’s school first.

I adjusted Ana’s lunch box and sat properly.
I sighed when she pinched me on the arm.

Now another trouble is brewing…



“Thanks Mum” i said as i alighted from the car in front of the school gate.
“Have a nice day at school dear” She smiled and sped off.
I opened my backpack and brought out the so called school map before knocking the gate.

The gate was opened and i showed the gatekeeper my school ID card before he allowed me in.
Wow! It’s a beautiful school,so high and well constructed,i already love the environment…it seems cool.

I opened the map and skipped other directions till my finger stopped at the direction of the principal’s office.

I need to go to the principal’s office first to clarify my resumption.
I started following the direction but i stopped for a minute when i noticed the few students around were gaping at me.


I just hope none of them walk up to me,i won’t like to scratch out someone’s face on my first day of resumption.
I got to the principal’s office and knocked.

I was allowed in after some minutes.

She’s a pretty woman, probably in her late fifties.
She has bulgy eye balls which looked smaller in the transparent eye glass she wore.

I walked closer to her.
“Good morning..I’m Asanel Yates,the transfer student from Neltodine high school” I said.
“Oh..let me have your files” She said.
I opened my backpack and brought out my arranged files,i placed it on her table and she took it and began going through it.

Her office is an exquisite one,much bigger that Mr Nelson’s office in Neltodine high school.
I noted the necessary things and sighed in approval,i think this school will be okay.

“Makers high school has strict rules and regulations which you must definitely obey,you visit the school’s website and take note of everything you can,you must learn the decrees one after the other…”
“Decrees?” I asked.
“Yes and once you go against the school rules,you will be punished according to how it’s written in the decree” She said.
“Okay” I breathed.

“I’m impressed with what I’m seeing here so you are now officially a student of Makers high school” She said and i nodded.
She gave me a look.
Did she expect me to say ‘thanks’ Never!


“So Miss Carde,take Asanel Yates to grade 7 which is her class” The principal said after doing the necessary things.
“Okay Mrs Olive” Miss Carde said.
I bowed a little to Miss Olive before following Miss Carde out of the office.

We cornered twice before she finally stopped in front of a class.
“Grade 7” is boldly inscribed on the top of the door.
She opened the door and walked in,i walked in after her and the noisy students fell silent immediately,some staring, some glaring,some drooling and others whispering..i know everything is directed at me.

The class is quite wide and beautiful,i saw an open window with a beautiful garden view.
There’s an empty seat just beside it and i closed my eyes and prayed for that particular empty seat to be mine.
I opened my eyes and checked the side of the desk.. “Asanel Yates” is inscribed on it.
I nearly jumped in joy, the seat is quite seperated from other’s and that’s exactly what i want.
I don’t want to mingle with any freaking body but it seems I’m wrong.. there’s a seat beside it but not very close to it.

I finally locked gaze with the owner of the seat and gasped.
This is not a human but a Greek god,how can someone be this handsome.
Damn! What’s this?
He has black curls that looks messy and cute,a narrow straight nose and a very small red lips,his entire face looked perfect like it was carved by a genius.

His handsomeness is very disturbing,will i be able to sit beside him?

Com’on Anel! When did you start getting disturbed by someone..just don’t mingle with anyone..that’s all.
I even hate him right now.

He smiled at me and i eyed him terribly before hissing out loud,he seems surprised by my attitude and then frowned.

I removed my gaze from him,only to meet a pretty girl glaring at me,she has light pink hair and i can boldly say she dyed it.
That’s expected!
She was not the only girl glaring at me,half of the girls in that class were glaring at me and i know the remaining half are already planning on how to be my friend.

The guys were almost drooling except that guy whose seat is beside mine.
His face was still contorted in a frown…damn! I hate this guy,not only him but everyone in here!

“Good morning class” Miss Carde said.
“Good morning Miss Carde” They responded still staring at me.
“She’s a new student transferred from Neltodine high school.. introduce yourself” Miss Carde said.

“I’m Asanel Yates…” I was saying but they interrupted me.
“Nice to meet you” They chorused.
“Well…it’s not nice to meet any of you” i said and they all exclaimed including the so called stupid teacher whose nose is as flat as the back of my palm.

“I want to lay out a warning to everyone” I said.

💞Daniel’s POV💞

I was reading a novel with my head bowed when i heard the class door open.
I didn’t raise up my head but continued reading the novel.
I was surprised when everyone suddenly went silent,,grade 7 is well known for noise, even if a teacher enters they can’t be as silent as this..
Whispers and exclamations followed and this time i was forced to raise up my head to see what’s going on and i also found myself gasping.

Beside Miss Carde is the only one i can proudly say is the most beautiful girl in Makers high school.
Karissa was the most beautiful girl in Makers high school before this goddess came in.

Her eyes are as clear as gem, glittering like a bright star,she has a deep black hair packed into a style i can’t name,her nose is of course pointed and her lips is light pink in the perfect shape of love.
Her skin looks so creamy and smooth.
How could the school wears fit her so perfectly in rhythm with every part of her body.

She’s definitely not a human but a goddess..
I’ve never seen a teenager as beautiful as this,even though she wore a frown, she’s still as beautiful as the morning star…what if she smiled… people are definitely gonna melt.

Our eyes met and my heart skipped a beat,i tried smiling in a friendly way but she sent me a glare and hissed out loud before taking her eyes off me.
I frowned trying to conceal my anger..she should be happy that i, Daniel Shaw smiled at her.

Does she know how many girls in the class fight for that smile,yet she got it freely and misused it.
What the hell is her problem?
She should go to hell! I dislike her right now.
Why did i smile in the first place!

She introduced herself as Asanel Yates..
Hold on; she owns this empty seat beside me?
I’m gonna evacuate this seat soon,i can’t sit beside this cricket.

I knew she was a psycho but not sure about it until she said it’s not nice to meet everyone,that was when i got real sure she was a psycho. A beautiful psycho at that.

“I want to lay out a warning to everyone” She said.
Damn! She’s gonna be difficult.

“No one should dare come close to me, don’t ever come to me to be your friend or anything,i don’t mingle with anyone so stay away from me,i broke two guys head in my former school that was the reason i was transferred here,if you try the same.. I’ll do the same to you,i don’t care the sort of punishment i might receive..i hope my warning is clear” She said.

There are so many people who already wants to be her friend,yet she’s shutting them out because of how proud she is.
She’s beautiful doesn’t mean she has to be proud.

I hate what she just said right now!
The whole class is still surprised at what she just said.
She headed to her seat and everyone quickly paved way for her.

She sighed when she got to her seat.
She didn’t spare me a glance,she dropped her backpack and sat down.
She turned her face to the window and stared at the garden.

She is more beautiful on a closer look.

Miss Carde cleared her throat obviously surprised at what the new girl just said.

“So class,that’s the new student” She said before walking out of the class.
Everyone was looking at Asanel or whatever she called herself.
She turned suddenly and they all faced their businesses.

Now she has made herself a plague.

I hissed loudly..
She glared at me and i almost melted looking into those bright eyes but i quickly collected myself and glared back.

“Yes that’s the way i want it” She said.

She does not look like someone who could be this mean.
What could make her be this way?.

Beautiful psycho!


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