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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 61

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 61

By Zeemah writes


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💞Anel’s POV💞

“Daniel Marton?” Mum asked.

Ohh…his last name is Marton.

“Yes ma’am” He smiled.
“Wow!” Mum exclaimed.

“My car is here.. Bye” He waved.
“Bye” we waved back
He winked at me before he left and i felt goosebumps.


“Anel,you now have a friend?” Mum asked in disbelief as she drove home.
“Yes Mum” I smiled.
“What made you change?”She asked.

“Hmm…i don’t really know” I said.
“I’m so happy of your recent change,i can’t believe you’ve started making friends, that’s way to go” She smiled.
“Friend not friends” I said.
“He’s my only friend” I said and she sighed.

“Well..that’s still better than being friendless” She said and drove into our street.
We’re gonna get to the house in seconds.

I woke the sleeping Ana who responded with a loud yawn like she’s been sleeping for ages.
Mum honked at the gate and Greg opened it widely in few seconds.

She drove in and parked at a suitable area before we alighted.
She responded to Greg’s greetings and we all walked into the house.

I know Liam has not returned from the company cause the TV is not on.
Granny will be in her room napping and Milana is surely in a film location.

We all walked to our separate rooms.

I got to my room and dropped my backpack beside my bed.
I pull off my shoes and pop socks, un-bottened my shirt and pulled out of it,i got out of my skirt also and reached for my black towel before walking into the bathroom.

I got to the bathroom and grabbed a showercap.
I pulled it over my hair and hung the towel on the rail,i unhooked my bra and pulled off my panties.
I dropped it together with my laundry and entered the shower cubicle.


I stepped out of the shower, dripping wet.
I grabbed my towel and wrapped it round my body before walking back to my room.

I got to my room and started drying my body.

Is that what friendship is like?
Is that what my mum also felt before she was pushed into that incorrigible act.

I was beyond happy the moment i made dan my friend.
He’s such a sweet person and I’m looking forward to how our friendship will go.

I opened the wardrobe and selected a simple outfit.
I wore it and packed my hair in a ponytail,i slipped my feet into my footwear and walked out of my room.

I got to the living room and met no one.
Mum is probably in the kitchen preparing lunch.

I walked to the kitchen and met mum preparing lunch.
I washed my hands,put on my hair net and joined her.


“Delicious!” Ana chirped.
“Table manners” Her Mum reminded her.

“Your fri..”
“Ana!” Mum scolded,she pressed her lips together and continued eating her meal.

“Hi everyone” We heard Milana said from the living room.
“Over here” Mum said.
The click of her shoes grew louder and i know she’ll open the curtain in seconds.

She did.

“Wow” She breathed and quickly settled on a dining chair.
“Good afternoon Mil” Ana and i chorused.
“How’re you both?” She smiled already dishing out her portion of lunch.
“We’re fine”

“Anel made a new friend” Ana said to Mil who dropped her spoon in disbelief.
“Really?” She asked and i nodded.
“OMG” She half screamed and quickly pulled me to a hug over the table.

“So what are your friends name?” She asked as she adjusted her chair before sitting.
“Actually it’s a friend, not friends,i just decided to give the ‘frendship’ thing a trial…he’s the only one who dared come close to me ” I said.

“He?” Mil asked.
“Yeah,his name is Daniel” Ana said.
“Wow! Whoever it is,I’m glad you now have a friend…being a loner sucks” she said.

“I disagree with you” I said.
“Ah! I’m not in for argument this noon” She said and i laughed.

“So how was set?” Mum asked.
“It was great,i can’t wait to finish working with Thack Holcomb,that guy’s a jerk!” Mil said.

“But i like him” Ana said.
“Who cares if you like him,all that matter is that i don’t like him” Mil furrowed her brow.

“Why don’t you like him?” I asked.
“I don’t know” She bit into her chicken.
“If you don’t know the reason you don’t like someone,then you like him…” Mum said.

“Hell no!” Mil said.
“How many week is left?” Mum asked.
“Two” She answered.
“Does that mean you’re going back soon?” I asked sadly.

She nodded slowly.
“I just got another film contract in America”
“Can’t you take a rest?” I asked.
“It’s my job,it’s what I enjoy doing..I do take breaks when necessary”

“I’m still sad you’ll be leaving soon,who knows if you won’t come back here again” I said.
“I will” She said.
“You came here because there was a film to shoot in Paris” I said.

“Partly. I didn’t come to Paris only because there’s a film to shoot. I miss you guys and decided to spend some time with you,i would have reserved a whole hotel for my stay if i came here only for film making” She said.

I sighed..
“You know what… Come meet me on set tomorrow” She smiled.
“Yeah,we only have two roles to play tomorrow. The rest of the day will be for fun” She said.

I grinned “Am i gonna see lots of famous actors?”
“Of course” She smiled.
“I also wanna come” Ana said.
“I took you the other time”Mil said to her.
“I wanna go again”
“No no no” Mil said.

Ana frowned and dropped her spoon, murmuring to herself.

“You can bring your friend” Mil teased.
“Huh? I won’t” I said.
“Com’on friends go everywhere together” She said

Would Dan like to go with me?

“I’ll bring him along if he wants” I smiled.
“Damn! Anel, you’ve changed a lot and i love it. Who would have thought you’ll have a friend few weeks of getting to Makers high school. You spent years in Neltodine and you never made a single friend..why is that?” Mil asked.

While i was in Neltodine,my heart was firm and made up,i held on to my vow tightly,no one dared come close to me,not to talk of confusing me to change.
But my firm heart was softened when i got to Makers high school and not only when i got to Makers high school but when my gaze met with maniac’s.

I think I’m loosening up fast.
Just few weeks..
Should i stop the friendship thing?

“Anel” Mil jolted me out of my thoughts.
“What happened?” She asked.
“I guess i got carried away” I said and stood up.

I picked my glass cup of water and gulped it down.
I shifted back my chair.

“I’ll be in my room” I said and walked away.


I was completing my assignment on my reading table when Ana bursted in through the adjoined door.

She smiled at me before jumping on my bed and picking my phone.

My entire mind wasn’t on the assignment.
I’m rethinking my action.

It’s too late to pull out,I’m enjoying the friendship now and i know it’s still gonna hold greater moments.
I should just move on…I’m sure being friends with maniac won’t hurt me and I’ve decided he’ll be the only friend I’ll have.

“Hey, what’re you doing with my phone?” I asked Ana,while packing my books in my backpack.
“Playing game,what else would i do with your phone?” She rolled her eyes.

I sighed and sat beside her on the bed.
“I need to sleep” I said.
She adjusted and i rolled to the other side,threw the blanket over myself and slept off.

💞Dan’s POV💞

“Let’s just order pizza,I don’t wanna eat sour pasta” Mike said.

I’m in the kitchen preparing our pasta for dinner.
Mum and Dad already travelled to India,we were left alone in the house.

“Shut up and help me with the onion” I said stirring the pasta on fire.
I’m yet to make the sauce.

I smiled remembering the moments psycho and i spent in the classroom.
I’m officially her friend,i can’t wait to see her tomorrow.

“Stop grinning like a jolly panda,your teeth might end up falling into the pasta” Mike said and i laughed.

“My eyes” He screamed.
“What happened?” I dropped the spoon and looked at him.
“The onion juice splashed in my eyes” He cried.

“Ah” I sighed.
“Go to the living room,I’ll call if once dinner is ready” I said and he smiled before hopping to the living room.

He never wanted to help me in the first place.


“It’s a bit delicious” Mike grinned as we both sat, eating in the dining room.

I kinda miss Mum and Dad.

“It’s not a bit..it’s delicious” I said.
“It’s not but i want more” He said.
“Dish it out yourself and don’t mess the table” I said.
“You act like a real brother when mum and dad is not at home” He pouted and i chuckled.

I watched as he dished another portion and started eating.
I wonder who else eats like Mike in the house.
He already ate two portion,whereby i can’t even finish mine.

I grabbed the pack of juice and poured it into our glass cups.
I drank half of mine.

I’m full.

“Bring your dish to the kitchen once you’re done” I said and picked my tray.
I walked to the kitchen and started washing it.
Mike brought his dish minutes later and I’m so sure he dished out more pasta.

I washed the dishes,rinsed it and placed it on the draining board.
I wiped my hand with a clean napkin and walked back to the living room where i met Mike watching his cartoon series..

I sat down after picking my phone.

I’m doing no other thing than viewing psycho’s pictures.
I do that everyday.

💋💋Next Morning💋💋

“You mean you’re Milana Sydney’s cousin?” I screamed.

Its lunch break,psycho and i were in the garden.
Jacq didn’t call me for lunch today but Karissa did and I’m sorry i turned her down.

I went to join Jacq but she wasn’t responding to me till psycho called me to join her in the garden.

“She isn’t my cousin,she’s a relative” She said calmly brushing back her hair that was being controlled by breeze.
“She stays with you?” I asked and she nodded.

“OMG i wanna see her” I grinned happily.

Milana Sydney,the most beautiful and successful actor and model at just 18 years of age. She’s people’s role model and I’ve been longing to meet her.
I watched one of the movies yesterday night with Mike.

“She wants to meet you” Psycho said.
“Tell me it’s not true” I held my breath.
“It’s not true” She said and i frowned.
“Then why did you make my hopes high”
“You said i should tell you it’s not true and i did” She laughed and i joined her.

“You’re one crazy friend” I laughed.
“I’m honored” She grinned.
“So,on a normal note..you mean Milana Sydney wants to meet me?” I asked.

“Not for any special reason though,she only wants to see my only friend”
“OMG” I stood up and jumped happily.
She laughed and dragged me back to the bench.

“When will i meet her?” I asked.
“Today” She blinked and my heart raced.
I think it’s excitement.

“Your house right?” I asked.
“Uhm..no, we’re gonna be meeting her on a film location” She said.

I gasped “you mean we would meet other famous actors?”
She nodded.
“OMG thanks Anel” I hugged her tightly ignoring the stupid pace in my heart.

Can i be more excited?
I’m meeting some Hollywood actors today because of Anel.
What if she hadn’t agreed to be my friend? Then I’ll probably die fantasizing about seeing famous actors.

“Why are you thanking me?” She asked after disengaging from the hug.
“Anel,you’re the one who’s making all this happen..you’re the reason I’ll see the actors I’ve been fantasizing about for years…thanks so much”

She smiled. “Com’on,you should thank Mil instead”
“Definitely! When i see her. Are we going in our school wears?” I asked excitedly.
“Nay,I’m thinking we’ll look more appropriate in our house wears” She said.

“Okay,I’ll come pick you up right?”
“Nay, I’m not in that house anymore” She said.
“Why?” I asked,a bit surprised.
“That’s my dad’s house,i go there only on weekends and sometimes weekdays,but now im back in my main house” She said.

I wish to ask her more questions but i decided to let her be for now.
“I’ll text you my address and come to think of it,i don’t have your contact” I said.

“We’ll exchange contact once school is over. I know your house” She smiled.
“Yeah…Finite estate phase 4” She said and i widened my eyes.

“Wow! Do you mean you’ve traced me to my house?”
She laughed “Nay, you’re a dummy for not remembering you once mentioned your address in front of me”
“Oh! You mean the day i came to your dad’s house”

She nodded.

“Uhm…do you by any chance planned to visit me? Or why is my address stuck in your head?” I teased and she hit me playfully.

“I remember virtually anything said in my presence”
“Wow! Great accomplishment” I clapped.
“Stop being a drama king” She twitched her pointed nose.

Breeze blew through her hair making some strands land on her forehead.
I helped her put it back in place and she muttered a thanks.

“Why don’t you pack your hair anymore? Your hair is more beautiful this way though” I said.
“I feel lazy to pack pontsplait every morning” She said.

“Pontsplait?” I asked.
No wonder i couldn’t place a name on the weird style.
“Never heard of that style” I said.
She laughed. “it doesn’t have a particular name, people gave it that name”

“The style is rare and always look beautiful on you,i bet half of the girls in the class have been trying how to make it”
“My granny taught me,she taught my mum also and told me how my mum taught all the females in her classroom how to make the style” She said with a little sadness in her voice.

“You can also teach the females in our classroom,they will surely appreciate” I teased.
“I’m not in for that,you should know i can’t do that” She said.
“Yeah but i wish you can”
“That’s why it’s a wish cause it might never be granted” She said.

“I believe it will” I said and she shrugged.
“What about your friends?” She asked.
“They are in the cafeteria” I said.
“I think you should go meet them,they won’t be happy you’re here with me” She said.

“I was with them before you called me,so I’ve spent some time with them” I said.

I don’t ever wanna leave psycho’s company.
We act and talk like we’ve been friends for years and i can’t be more happy.

“We don’t know much about ourselves” I said.
“Yeah,should we get started now?” She asked.
“Yes! So what’s your favorite meal?”
“Chicken casserole” She answered.
“Mine is pasta, what do you like doing the most?”

“Singing” She smiled and i remembered the moment i saw her singing in the garden.
Her voice is one of the best.

“You mean,you can sing real well?” I asked.
“Not really…” She picked her bottle of water and i picked mine also.

I twisted the cap and gulped it down my throat.
I didn’t know i was this thirsty.

“Your throat looks funny” psycho laughed and i nearly choked on the water.

I laughed and some of the water spilled on my school shirt going into my chest.

The necklace…it has started shining, reflecting outside my shirt.

I quickly used my palm to cover it but i think psycho already saw it.
Her eyes went huge with what seems like shock, making it look like she wasn’t looking at my shirt but she was!

“Nooooo” She screamed and suddenly i felt something hit my head.
I was stilled for a moment before falling on the grass.

Everything suddenly went blank.


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