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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 62

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 62

By Zeemah writes


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💞Anel’s POV💞

“Your throat looks funny” I laughed as i watched him gulp down his water.

He also laughed.

I threw back my head and laughed more.
I raised it back and gasped in shock,i saw someone clad in a pair of blue faded jeans,black singlet and a mask over his face,holding a rod and standing behind Dan.

How did he get here?

He held a rod and raised it up.

“Nooooo” I screamed but it was too late,the rod landed hard on Dan’s head.
He fell on the grass,part of his head had tore open and blood gushed out, making the green grass turn red.

My breathing hitched,i sat still in shock,i couldn’t move,my legs trembled and my eyes were filled with tears.

I heard some movement and watched as the anonymous perpetrator ran away.

I bent slowly beside Dan and shook him but he didn’t respond.
I was still in shock,i don’t know what to do,my lips trembled and i couldn’t utter a word.

“Help!!!” My voice broke through the whole school.


“I knew you’ll end up hurting him!” Jacq screamed in my face, cleaning her tears.

Dan has been brought to the school infirmary,the nurses are attending to him right now.

“You’re a screw” Karissa also yelled at me.
“Will you both stop yelling!” Travis shouted at them.
Karissa hissed and continued pacing the infirmary passageway.

I laughed sadly…

“You still have the gut to laugh after what you did! You’re such a cruel person” Jacq said.

There’s nothing that stop me from beating up both Karissa and Jacq right now but i can’t! Not when Dan is in there, going through pain.

Everything just happened in a flash,the perpetrator bolted away real quick and i remember seeing a love tattoo with three dots at the back of his neck.
He’s surely a grown up man and i promise to hunt him.

I’m damn sure the person is in this school or how else would he have entered without the gatekeeper’s knowledge and it was clearly because of me.

All this didn’t happen when Dan wasn’t my friend.
Just two days…two days of our friendship and he’s hurt!
What if we continue our friendship… he’ll probably die.

I never wanted this friendship thing in the first place!
But Dan made me want it and now he’s hurt because of me.

Maybe he’ll stop hurting if i stop being friends with him.

Can i do that?

Even if it’s just two days,I’ve gotten used to Dan and always look forward to his company.
I think i should call off this friendship thing while it’s still early,not when i won’t be able to live without him.

Everything should return to the way it was so everyone can be safe.
I’m sorry Dan but i have to do this.
Good thing he has two friends,I’ll continue with my lonely lifestyle and everything will be great.

But why does that hurt?

I’ve been lonely for years and i was fine with it,i can cope but not when i’ve experienced what friendship is like.

Aaaargh…what am i gonna do!

“Asanel” A voice jolted me out of my thoughts.
I raised my head and saw it was Travis.
He smiled and licked his lips and i felt like hitting him with the whole infirmary instrument.

“Mrs Oliver requests your presence” He said.
I started walking to Mrs Oliver’s office and noticed he was behind me.

“What?” I asked harshly.
“I was told to escort you,you might want to slip away after hitting Dan” He said.

Like seriously?
Everyone thinks i hit Dan?

I continued walking..

“But I’m the only one that believe you though,cause i love you” he said.

Why does that sound irritating?
I’ve heard “I love you” from countless guys,why does this sound the most irritating?

I got to Mrs Oliver’s office and knocked.

“Come in” Her loud voice sounded through the door.

I opened the door and walked in, Travis also walked in after me.

“Travis stay behind” She said to him and i nearly laughed as i watched him go out of the door.
“Good afternoon Mrs Oliver” I bowed a little.
“Good afternoon,have your seat” She said and i did.

“I want to know what happened” She said.
“We were both in the garden…”
“The garden is restricted for lunch,you don’t eat in the garden while the cafeteria is available. If you had both been in the cafeteria,the perpetrator wouldn’t have hurt Dan but you were both alone in the garden,thereby open to a lot of dangers” She said and signalled me to continue with what i was saying.

“I didn’t know how the person got behind Dan,he held a rod and suddenly hit Dan.”
“He? How did you know he’s a man?”
“The faded jeans he wore revealed his manly legs,the singlet he wore revealed his muscles and broad shoulders,there is no mistaking that he’s a man” I said.

“Did you see his face?” She asked.
“He wore a mask” I said.
“Wow,then how did he enter the school premise without the gatekeeper’s knowledge,the security alarm didn’t also sound..I need to call Theo” She said and punched some numbers in the landline on her table.

Theo is the gatekeeper and i also can’t wait to hear what he’s gonna say.

She picked up the receiver and listened for a dial tone.

📞Theo,meet me in my office” She dropped and dropped the receiver.

She brought out some files from her drawer and began going through them.
The door opened and Theo walked in.

“Good afternoon Mrs Oliver” He greeted.
“You heard of what happened to Daniel Shaw?” She asked him.


I think she mixed it up,Dan’s last name is Marton.
Haha … could this mean she’s also a fan of Bryan Shaw and his last name got in her mouth.
It could happen to me too.

“Yes ma’am” Theo said.
“Who entered the school compound last?” She asked.
“No one, except students who came in the morning”
“Yes, I’m by the gate and I’m perfectly sure no one came in,i didn’t open the gate for anyone besides no one knocked” He said.

“Go meet Eryn in the security room and tell her to check the footage of the recent activities in the school” Mrs Oliver said to Theo who left immediately.

She sighed.
“Truly,Theo never leaves his duty post” She said.

We both waited in silence waiting for Theo to return,her landline rang instead.

“Eryn” She said before picking up the receiver.

I didn’t know what Eryn said at the other end.

📞You mean no one came into the school at all?

Now I’m very sure the perpetrator is in this school and damn! I’m gonna track him down.


I walked back to the infirmary after Mrs Oliver dismissed me.

I can’t believe this would happen,we were both excited about going to see Mil and other actors but now it’s all ruined.

I walked into the infirmary and saw the loquacious nurse talking to Jacq and Karissa.
I rushed to them.

“How’s he?” I asked.
“He’s fine, he has been treated but he refused to go to the hospital” She said.
“Why not leave him here?” I asked.
“We can’t,we only work during school hours,we go home at the same time with the students and i don’t think it’s nice if we leave him alone here, he’s gonna need medical care from time to time” She said.

“Why is he refusing to go to the hospital?” I asked ignoring jacq’s glare.
I expected karissa’s glare not jacq’s.
I don’t just like her.

“His parents. They are on a trip, he doesn’t want them to know about what happened to him, they’ll be damn worried and start coming home straightaway,he doesn’t want them to lose the contract they went there for” She said and i nodded in affirmative.

“True,so what are we gonna do?” I asked.
“I can’t believe you’re talking to me” She smiled.

There goes she and her madness…

“What are we going to do?” I asked again.
“I don’t also know” She said .
“I’m thinking of something” I said.
“Okay what?” She grinned.

“Would you please accept to treat him at home?”
She was about refusing but i applied my puppy eyes.
“Okay” She breathed.
“I’ll pay you for it” I said.
“No,no Dan is just like my sibling. I’ll take care of him without collecting a dime” She said.

“OMG thanks so much” I smiled.
“You smiled?” She asked in surprise.
“Damn! You need to see how beautiful you looked when smiling”

I nodded “Can i go see him now?”
“Uhm yes” She answered and pointed to the ward.
“We’ve been asking you how Dan is but you didn’t say a thing, until she came!” Karissa half yelled.

I ignored them and walked to Dan’s ward.
I opened the door and saw him laying on the bed with his eyes closed,a bandage was wrapped round his head and a drip was connected to his hand,he looked so pale.

I walked slowly towards him and stood by his bed.
His breathing was the only thing that sounded in the ward.

Tears filled my eyes as i watched him breath slowly.
We were playing just now before all this happened.
Who would have thought this would happen.

I held his free hand and cried.
It’s better to stop this friendship to avoid further danger.
The person who did this is watching us closely.

My eyes got clearer when his hold tightened on mine.

He’s awake!

I saw his face wet with my tears.
I quickly wiped it off.

His normal bright eyes were dull and he tried to smile but i know he’s in pain.

“Dan I’m sorry” I said and slipped my hand from his.
“For what?” He asked weakly.
“Are you okay now?” I asked.
He nodded and winced in pain…
“OMG are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah…I am”
“You don’t want to go to the hospital right?” He nodded.
“I’ve told that nurse…the one who talks a lot” I paused when he smiled.
“Nurse Ella” He said and i nodded.
“I told her to come take care of you at home that I’m gonna pay her but she refused and said she won’t collect a dime from you”

He smiled weakly…”Thanks Anel”
I nodded.
“Is it painful?” I asked.
“Not really” He said.
“Sorry” I said.
“Thank you, and thanks again” He said.

Thanks again?

The door opened… Jacq and Karissa bursted in heading straight to the bed.
Jacq pushed me out of the way,i dragged her back and stayed at my former position daring her to come close to me.

She hissed and walked to the other side of the bed.

“Dan how are you?” They chorused.
“I’m fine” He smiled.

“She caused everything! You shouldn’t have been friends with her,while you were with us, nothing of such happened” Karissa glared.
“Yes! If you weren’t with her,that wouldn’t have happened. She caused everything” Jacq added.

“Com’on!” Dan scolded.
“She didn’t cause anything, stop accusing her wrongly..” He said.
“I can’t believe you’re taking her side after she hurt you!” Jacq said.
“Stop saying this! She didn’t hurt me okay? Even if she did,I’m the affected person” He said and squeezed my hand.

“What’s happening here” Nurse Ella walked in.
“Everyone should leave,return when school’s over, Mrs Olivia will soon be here” She said.

“We’ll like to stay” I said.
“Only one person is allowed to stay,Mrs Oliver can’t come in here and meet the three of you” She said.

“I will stay with him,the rest should leave” Karissa said.
“I’ll stay with him” Jacq said.
“You leave!” She pointed to me.

“Dan,choose who you want to stay with you” Jacq said to Dan.
There was silence as everyone waited for him to talk.
He didn’t.

“You know what? Everyone should leave,come back when school’s over, we’ll be discharging him then” Nurse Ella said.
“No ,he should choose” Jacq said.

“I’ll be leaving,see you when school’s over Dan” I smiled and walked out.
I breathed in fresh air when i got to the hallway.

“Ta-da” Travis appeared in front of me.
Ah! I nearly had an attack.

“Get lost!” I spat and walked to the classroom.
I opened the door and stepped in,the students stupid gaze followed me till i got to my seat.

I sat down and helped Dan pack his books in his backpack.
I zipped it and dropped it on his seat.
I know we still have a subject to go before school’s over.

I’m so worried about Dan.
He would be going home this noon,his parents are on a trip. Who’s gonna take care of him and his brother.
I think he’ll need to employ a house help for a week before his parents are back.

I feel i caused all this.

Jacq and Karissa walked into the classroom looking like they had a quarrel.
I personally don’t like this Jacq,she looks like she harbor things deep in her mind. Karissa looks like a free-minded person.


💋School over💋

I zipped my backpack and stood up.
I hung it over my shoulders and proceeded to carry Dan’s but Jacq was faster.
She carried it and quickly walked out of the class with Karissa.



I got to the infirmary and entered Dan’s ward,they were preparing him to leave.

He smiled on seeing me and i smiled back.
I walked to him,he was sitting up on the bed now.

“How’re you feeling now?” I asked.
“Fine, thanks”

Jacq and Karissa were beside him doing nothing but stare.

So what were they rushing here for?

I don’t know how to break the news to Dan.
We need to quit our friendship to keep him out of danger.

Nurse Ella walked in…

“So,your driver is waiting downstairs. I’ll be coming to treat you everyday after school okay?”
“Thanks Nurse Ella” Dan said.
“It’s nothing,so get up..I’ll take you to your car” She helped him up.

He stood up and with the help of Nurse Ella,he walked outside the ward.
We all followed him till we got to the school gate,students turned and looked at him in pity.
The female students tried to get to him but Nurse Ella held them back.

We showed the gate keeper our ID card before walking out of the gate.
He was led towards a blue Ferrari.

His driver came out and gasp.

“Dan what happened?” He asked.
“You should discuss everything when you get home,he needs to rest” Nurse Ella said.

The driver nodded and quickly opened the backseat door which revealed a young boy.

“Geez!” He screamed when he saw Dan.
“Dan,what happened to you,who hurt you..just tell me” He cried and i was surprised.

He’s surely Dan’s brother,he looks cute enough and he has this stubborn look.. I’m surprised he broke down easily,he loves his brother so much.

“I’m fine Mike” Dan said still holding on to Nurse Ella.
“You are not! I’m coming to beat up the person who did this to you” He said and started coming out of the car.
The driver held him down and Dan was led into the backseat,his backpack was dropped beside him.

Karissa opened the front door to sit but nurse Ella stopped her.
“No one is going with him!” She said and shut the door.

“I’ll come see you Dan” I said,glad that i have his home address.
“Okay,bye guys” He waved.

We waved back,the door was shut closed and the driver got behind the wheels.
I saw Mike pestering Dan before the car sped away.

“Thanks Nurse Ella for wanting to help” I said.
“You’re welcome and your voice sounds best,i would love if you continue this way” She grinned and walked back into the school.

Jacq, Karissa and i stood there .
I made sure their cars arrived before i board a cab.
I already called Mum not to come pick me.

“Finite estate phase 4” I said to the cab man before getting in.


I entered Dan’s living room and was wowed when i saw Bryan Shaw’s artworks,some hanged on the wall and the rest were arranged neatly on the floor.

I walked closer to them and touched it one after the other.
It’s all looking beautiful and unique, different from the ones i do see online.

It gave the living room a kind of classic look.
The furnitures shone and the main living room sparkled to my delight.

It’s obvious fortunes were spent on this house.
It looks exactly like a celebrity home.

Did Dan love Bryan Shaw artworks this much to have dozens of them in one living room.

I guess he’s a die hard fan than i am.

“Dan is in his room” I heard a small voice said and was startled.
I turned and saw Dan’s younger brother walking towards me.

He’s still in his school wears.

“How’re you?” I asked.
“I’m not fine cause my brother is not” He said sadly.
“He’ll be fine soon okay?”
He nodded. “Come with me,he told me to bring you up when you arrive”

I smiled and followed him, checking out the structure of the house .


Dan lives in wealth…this house is just too beautiful,the colours were matching,the house looks cool.
I was more overwhelmed when i saw more of Bryan Shaw’s artwork as we walked to Dan’s room.

Wow…Dan is surely a crazy fan.
I wish I can set Bryan Shaw’s artworks this way in my house but the strong headed Liam won’t agree.


“Anel,what do you mean by we have to quit our friendship?” Dan asked.

I’m in his room,which look beautiful and classic like the living room.
I just broke the news to him.

“I’m sorry Dan but you’ll get more hurt if you’re with me,you got hurt today because of me” I said trying to hold my tears.
“Who told you that! Anel how could you say this,i didn’t get hurt because of you..it was destined to happen so why blame yourself” He said and i sensed pain in his voice.

“No Dan,you just won’t understand..you got hurt because of me,all this didn’t happen while you were friends with Karissa and Jacq but just two days of been with me..your head was broken..if we continue our friendship, it might hurt you further and i don’t want that..” I said.

“Come off it,stop speaking this way. I’m damn surprised,i know you to be a fearless person. Where’s all this coming from?” He sat up on his bed.

“I’m sorry Dan, I’m sorry it had to happen this way”
“Like,are you serious?” He asked.
“It’s fine,you never wanted to my friend anyway” His voice quivered.

“If i never wanted to be your friend,i wouldn’t have been your friend in the first place. I’m doing this to make us safe. I can’t be selfish to continue this friendship while your life is in danger” i said, trying to hide the emotion in my voice.

I feel like bursting into tears right now.
I’m surprised tears have not fallen from my eyes.

“I can’t believe you’re saying this,i can’t believe you could give up our friendship this easily..we are meant to face difficult things together but you chose to quit,it’s okay..you can leave” his voice quivered and i saw him wiped his face.

“I’m sorry” I said and walked out of his room.

I descended the stairs slowly with tears running down my eyes.

“What happened?” Mike asked.
I shook my head and wiped my tears away.

I got to the living room, trying hard to hold another round of tears.

I opened the door only to burst into Karissa and Jacq.

“You thought you were smart” They both said, pushing their way in.

I ignored them and walked out of the door.
My heart felt heavy as i dragged my feet to the gate.

I couldn’t walk anymore,i stood there and bursted into another round of tears…

I shouldn’t be crying,i should be prepared to continue my lonely life.

Oh no!

I cried harder.


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