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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 63

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 63

By Zeemah writes


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💞Dan’s POV💞

I bolted the door and cried immediately psycho left.
How could she give up so easily?
I never thought she could do that.
I expected her to make plans with me on how to fish out the anonymous perpetrator but no! She didn’t.

That friendship means a lot to me.
I wasn’t that excited when i made friends with Jacq and Karissa but this particular friendship with psycho is pure bliss.

Why would she think i was hurt because of her.
I have enemies in makers high school, the females students are the only ones who truly care about me.
It’s obvious i won’t be in school for some time,nurse Ella told me my head tore badly and it might take two weeks or more to heal.

I don’t want mum and dad seeing me in this condition but i have no choice,they will.
They planned on staying for a week in India, they’ll be back by next week.
Dad will surely visit my school cause i know how furious he’ll be.

I wish they can stay in India till I’m completely healed.

The pain of quitting the friendship plus the one I’m feeling all over my head is making my heart heavy.
I know i would never be as happy as i was.

Our friendship was just two days,i shouldn’t be this broken but two days with psycho is like two years.
The moments i spent with her are stuck in my brain,never to be forgotten.

I looked down and noticed tears were still dropping from my eyes.

I sniffed and winced in pain when my head began aching seriously.
The wound is so painful,when i opened my eyes at first at the infirmary,i thought half of my head had been cut off.

Psycho cried for me,her lovely tears dropped on my face.
I had looked up and saw her crying,her tears continued dropping on my face and i felt glad she cared for me.
I smiled when i remembered how happy she looked when she saw me awake.

Anel is just like a goddess,moments with her can’t be forgotten.

“Dan,Dan are you okay?” I heard Mike’s voice through the door.
“I am” I cleaned my tears.
“You’re not” He said.
“I am, Mike” I walked to the still wiping off my tears.

I was about unbolting the door.

“Two girls from your school are here,one with a pink hair and the other one looks like a whale” He said.

I felt tempted to laugh.

That’s Karissa and Jacq,I wonder how they knew my home address.

“Are they here with you?” I asked.
“No,i made them stay at the living room” He said.
“Good,now tell them i don’t wanna see anyone for today,they should come back some other time” I said.

“Okay Dan” He said and i heard his footsteps,which grew fainter each passing second.
I returned to the bed and sat down, looking straight at my reflection in the standing mirror placed beside my drawer.

I can’t believe I’m the one.
I look the complete opposite, of course i still look handsome but i know i was better than this.
The bandage wrapped round my head made me look like different,my face was never this pale and my eyes were a bit red,my cheeks are wet and flushed.

“Dan,they don’t wanna leave” Mike’s voice broke through my thoughts.
I sighed and stood up.
“They don’t wanna leave?” I asked walking to the door.
“Mike please make them leave,i know you can do that. Please,i don’t wanna see anyone” I said.
“Okay” He said.

I’ve not gotten out of my school wears.
I need to freshen up.

I walked into the bathroom, and picked a shower cap to cover my hair and bandage from getting wet.
I pulled out of my school wears and stood under the shower,i turned on the faucet.

The cold water splashed on my body and i felt a bit relieved.


I walked out of the bathroom with a towel fastened round my waist.

I walked to the wardrobe and pulled it open.
I lazily picked a purple t-shirt with a pair of white shorts before closing the wardrobe.

I dropped the clothes on the bed and started drying my body.
I walked to the underwear drawer and selected one.
I put it on,my short and t-shirt came next.

I removed the shower cap and dropped it beside the towel.
I gently brushed my hair to avoid touching the bandage,i packed it up,but the curly strands laid on the bandage.

“Dan, open the door,they are gone” I heard Mike said.
I quickly walked to the door and unbolted it.

Mike rushed in, looking straight at my face.
“Are you okay?” He asked and i nodded before shutting the door.
I noticed he has not gotten out of his school wears.

“You look better,those girls didn’t want to leave but i pushed them with my power” Mike boasted revealing his small muscle.
I gave a short laugh.

“I like the one who came here before them,she’s beautiful and nice” He smiled and i felt more sad.
If only Mike knew what happened between us, psycho is so lucky to have made Mike like her easily..

“What happened to her,she was crying when she left” Mike said
“She cried?” I asked in surprise.
“Yes,she did” Mike said.

Psycho cried?
Was she also hurt about it?
Or was she crying for another reason?

“Why was she crying?” Mike prodded.
“Uhm…she cried because I’m hurt” I said.
“Wow, that means she likes you . I like her more, what’s her name?” He asked.
I spelt out her name “P-S-Y-C-H-O” .

“Psycho?” Mike’s eyes widened.
“You mean she’s the one you call psycho? Wow” He grinned.
“Yes” I smiled.
“But she’s too beautiful to be a psycho” He twitched his nose.

“That’s the reason i call her B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L P-S-Y-C-H-O” I said.
“Beautiful psycho?” He looked amused.
“OMG…Dan!” He laughed.

I tried to laugh too but i can’t…I’m sad,I’m only trying to brace up for Mike.

“Mike, help me return the towel and shower cap to the bathroom,while i order pizza” I said.
He grinned. “finally!”
I picked my phone,while he quickly did what i told him to do.

I quickly placed an order for a box of pizza.
Mike walked out of the bathroom.

“I hope you didn’t mess with my things?” I asked and he shook his head.
“Now,go to your room and get freshened up,the pizza will arrive in few minutes” I said and he hopped happily to his room.

I walked out of my room,close the door and headed down the stairs to the living room.

I sat on the couch and stared into space.
Tears gathered in my eyes again and i struggled hard to hold it but it poured down my cheeks.

I can’t believe I’m crying for just two days friendship.

The door bell rang and i quickly wiped my tears and walked to the door.

I opened it and saw a lady in B&M delivery company uniform..she wore a smile, holding the medium sized box of pizza in a customised nylon.

“Good afternoon,I’m Sandra from B&M delivery company” She greeted.
“Good afternoon,i was the one who ordered the pizza” I said.
I brought out my phone from my pocket and scrolled through the apps before clicking on one.

“Type in the company’s acct number,I’m going to be making a transfer” I stretched my phone to her.
She collected it and did it swiftly before handing it back to me.

She opened a small book and showed me the price of the pizza plus the delivery service.

I nodded and quickly did the transfer.
“Transfer successful” I said and the company’s phone in her pocket beeped.

She stretched the pizza to me and told me to sign on a book,i did and collected the pizza.

“Thanks for patronizing B&M delivery company, we hope you do next time” She bowed a little and started walking to the gate.
I know their van is outside the gate.

I closed the door and walked back to the living room.
Mike was already seated,obviously freshened up,his face was fixed on the TV.

He turned and smiled, seeing me with the pizza.
I dropped it on the table.

“You can open it and start eating,I’ll get us juice from the kitchen” I said.
I watched as he opened the box of pizza and threw a slice in his mouth.

I walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge ignoring the pains in my head.
Nurse Ella warned me not to stress myself or the head will ache frequently and take long to heal but does walking in the house means stress.

How will i cope throughout the week,I’ve not done anything and my head has started aching,how will i take care of Mike and i?

I brought out a pack of chilled orange juice from the fridge and rinsed two glass cups in the sink before going back to the living room.
Mike has eaten half of the pizza.
I knew he was hungry.

I dropped the juice and glass cups on the table and sat down.
I breathed trying to steady my head but the pain grew worse.

I breathed in and out for several minutes before the pain reduced a little.

“Dan are you okay?” Mike asked.
I nodded and opened the pack of juice.
I poured it in our glass cups and picked mine.

I gulped half of it and remembered how psycho said my throat looks funny.

I smiled sadly and gulped more juice.
The juice healed me a bit,i felt more better.

I reached for a slice of pizza and ate it slowly.


It remained just few slices of pizza in the box,we were both full.

I noticed Mike was looking at me pleadingly .
He does that whenever he has committed an offence.

Damn! What has this boy done again.

“Dan,i did something i know you won’t like” He said.
“What?” I asked.
“Wait till you find out,i hope you won’t get mad” He said.
“Ah!” I sighed “what have you done again?”
“I’m sorry” He said.


The doorbell rang and i looked at Mike who quickly sat up.
I stood up and walked to the door, opened it and got the surprise of my life.

My biological Mum!

“Mike!” I yelled and felt a sharp pain tore through my head.
“Ah!” I winced in pain.
“Daniel, you’re nuts!” Mum shouted and walked in,then closed the door behind her.

“You got a huge wound as this and you couldn’t call me! If Mike hadn’t call me,you would have remained in this house suffering cause i know the wound on your head would prevent you from doing anything. You don’t want Laura and Bryan to be aware,then why didn’t you call me? Am i not your mother!” She said angrily and walked into the living room.

I followed her with a sullen look.
Am so gonna kill mike!

Mike rushed to hug her and she picked him in her arms and pecked his cheeks.
“Thanks for calling, Michael” She said and dropped him.

“I’m sorry Mum” I said.
“Keep quiet and come over here” She said and i shifted closer to her.
She hugged me and i returned the hug.

I’ve miss her though.

“I nearly had an attack when i was told your head got broken” She said worriedly examining my head.
“How did it happen?” She asked.
“I got hit with a rod by an anonymous person” I said.

“What! You mean you don’t know who hit you?”
“Yes mum”
“When did Makers high school become less secured? I’m gonna call Mrs Oliver now and sue that school immediately” She said bringing out her iPod from her shoulder bag.

“Mum” I stopped her.
“What?” She asked.
“Just let it go,i don’t want you to do anything about it” I said.
“You mean,i should let it go? What if it was worst than this” She said.
“Please mum,just let it go. I don’t want this matter to be exaggerated and i don’t want Mum and Dad to know about it until they’re back”

“Okay” She dropped her iPod back in her bag and i sighed.
“There’s no one to take care of any of you,you both are coming with me to my house” She said.
“I won’t accept a no!” She said when i was about objecting.

“Go pack your clothes and the things you’ll need,come Mike. I’ll help you with yours” She said and took Mike’s hand,they both climbed the stairs to Mike’s room.

Well…it’s a good thing,I’ve miss Sarah,Lynne and Todd and mum’s husband also with Lena,their house help.
I’m still gonna punish Mike for this though.


We were done packing.
We walked out of the house after switching off the lights and electrical gadgets.

I locked the door while mike and mum headed to her Jeep.
I quickly walked to Joe.

“Joe,I’ll be gone for a week. A nurse is gonna come here tomorrow,direct her to my mum’s house” I said and he nodded.
I walked to mum’s Jeep while Joe opened the gate.

I opened the backseat door and got in.
I adjusted my bag on my laps before glaring at Mike who was smiling annoying beside me.

Mum turned on the ignition, reversed and started driving out of the gate.
I waved at Joe and he waved back before Mum sped away.


“Dan” Lynne,Sarah and Todd rushed to me as we entered the living room.
“How are you?” I asked.
“We’re fine” They chorused.

Lynne is the oldest and prettiest, she’s 10 ,Sarah is 7,she’s beautiful and smart while Todd is 3, He’s cute and playful.
I’ve miss them all.

“We miss you” Sarah said.
“You took so long to come back” Lynne said.
“I’m sorry,I was so busy with school work” I said and dropped my bag,i bent to pick Todd who giggled.

“OMG your head!” Sarah exclaimed.
“Geez! What happened to you?” Lynne asked.
“An accident” I said.
“Sorry” Sarah covered her face with her palm dramatically.
“Does it hurt?” Lynne asked.

“A bit” I lied.
It hurts badlyyyyyy.

“I’m glad it doesn’t hurt much” Sarah said.

“Mike!” Lynne exclaimed ” I didn’t see you at first” She rushed to him.
“Hi” Mike grinned.
“Mike!” Sarah also called, following Lynne..
“Who is he?” Todd asked.

“Shut up! You were 2 when Mike came here last” Sarah said to Todd.
I quickly placed Todd on the floor when i noticed he was beginning to tamper with my bandage.

He rushed to meet the rest.

“Where’s your husband?” I asked Mum.
“He went to work, he’ll be back soon” She said.

He’s a very nice and accommodating Man,i like him.

I looked round the living room and noticed it has been refurnished.
Dad’s artworks were hung on their wall.

I smiled and turned back to mum,she was talking to the children.

“Show Mike to his room” She told them and they obeyed immediately.
Little Todd also staggered after them.

“Lena” Mum called.

“Yes ma’am” She answered before she appeared.
“OMG Dan” She said excitedly and pulled me into a hug.
I smiled and hugged her back.
“How have you been? And whet the hell happened to your head?” She asked.

“He’s gonna tell you everything once he’s fully settled,i want you to make a meal for him and his brother” Mum said.
“Okay ma’am” she smiled and rushed back to the kitchen,after winking at me.

Haha.. Lena.

“Take your bag to your room, we’ll discuss after you’ve eaten” She said and i nodded.


I entered the library after i finished eating with Mike,he has went on to play.

Mum told me to wait for her in the library.

My eyes scanned the books and i walked around, thinking about psycho.

I sighted a picture pasted on the wall and walked closer to it.
The picture wasn’t there the last time i came.

It’s a picture of a girl,she’s a teen obviously and damn! She’s beautiful.
There was an odd familiarity,i looked closer.

This picture is similar to the one in dad’s studio room.
The one dad drew and cherish like god.

This is the picture!

What connection do they have?


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