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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 87

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 87

By Zeemah writes

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💞Dan’s POV💞

“Good morning Liam” I greeted.
He nodded,stood up and then walked away.
He has always been like that.
I’m glad he doesn’t send me away anymore.

“Good morning ma’am” I greeted Ana’s Mum.
“Good morning Dan,how are you?” She asked.
“Fine ma’am,how’s Ana?” I asked.
“She’s fine, still asleep. Come have your seat,let me go get Anel for you” She said.
“Thanks ma’am” I said before sitting on the couch.

She stood up and started walking to the stairs.
Her stomach has grown bigger.
Ana is gonna have a baby sister or brother soon.

Today is Monday,i came here to pick Anel for our school camp.
I hope she hasn’t changed her mind,she was so worried about the so-called wicked goddess Vie mentioned.

It’s 7:30am,we have thirty minutes left.
If Anel was really excited about it,she would have been ready before i came in.

“Hi Dan” I heard and glanced up.

Ohh.. Mary.

“Hi Mary, good morning” I greeted .
“Good morning to you too,how was your night?”
“Very great thanks”
“Do you care for anything?” She asked and i shook my head.
“Thanks, i just had breakfast” I said.
“Ohh.. okay,she said and walked back to the kitchen.


I breathed out and glanced round the living room.

“Looks like someone is so excited about this camp” I heard Anel said from the stairs.
I smiled and ran my eyes on her body.

She’s putting on a yellow sleeveless top and blue jeans,her feet; covered in white sneakers and on her hair is my blue face cap.
I have two of it so i gave one to,I’m putting on one too.
She’s holding a small box containing her clothes.

“We’re putting on matching face cap” She smiled and i did too.
She descended the last flight of stairs.
“You thought i won’t attend the camp right?”
“Yeah” I nodded.
“I almost didn’t want to come but i did because of you”
“I’m honored and you look beautiful” I smiled and helped her with her box.
“Thank you” She smiled.
“My driver is waiting outside already”

“Bye everyone” She shouted.



“We have 12 minutes left, we’ll get to school soon” Anel said.
“Yeah” I replied,and continued stealing glances at her.
She’s damn beautiful.
We were both at the backseat.

“I’m looking forward to the fun we’re gonna have” She said.
“Me too” I said.
“But I’m sad” she.
“You’re sad?” I asked and she nodded.
“Why?” I asked.
“Vie is not gonna be coming” She said.

“Yeah,I’m not also happy about that but don’t worry huh? I’m gonna keep your company” I said to her and she nodded.
“Thanks Dan” she smiled.

“We’re in school already” i said and she grinned happily as my driver parked in front of the gate.

We grabbed our boxes of clothes and alighted from the car.
“Byee” I waved at my driver and he waved back before driving away.

I sighed and turned to the gate.

“Shouldn’t the bus be outside the school?” She asked as we showed the gate keeper our school ID before walking into the gate.
We saw two long buses in the school compound.
Lots of students is here already, everyone looking so happy and pretty in their house wears.


👩‍❤️‍👩They are wearing matching face cap.

👩‍❤️‍👩They look great in house wears.



I smiled at Anel and she smiled back at me.


“Let’s go sit on that bench” She said, pointing to an empty bench.
We walked towards it and sat down.

“I’m kinda nervous,this is the first time I’ll be going for a camp” She said.
“Same here” I said.

She rested her head on my shoulder while we sat and wait.
“How’s Mike?” She asked.
“He’s fine, growing more stubborn” I said.
She laughed…
“I’ve missed him,you have to bring him to my house after the camp” She said.
“He’ll be so happy” I said.

Anel only visited our house once, she still has the belief that my parents are responsible for her mum’s death.
Im glad that didn’t stop her from associating with me.

“Everyone get up,start coming into the bus one after the other” Mr Jones shouted.
He was accompanied by some teachers.

“Don’t tell me this man is going with us” Anel sighed angrily.
I laughed…”You have to deal with it”
“Damn!” She swore.

Students started entering the bus.
We both stood up, Anel walked forward while i bent to adjust my trouser.

I heard a bang and quickly looked up.

Anel was on the floor with her box of clothes opened and her clothes scattered across the floor.

I rushed to her and quickly helped her up.

👩‍❤️‍👩 OMG.

👩‍❤️‍👩Are you okay?


👩‍❤️‍👩…..” The students showed their concern.

i stopped them from helping her pack her clothes back into the box.

“Thanks,I’m going to do it” I said and quickly glanced around.

“I knew it!” I almost shouted when i saw Jacq and Karissa laughing as they entered the almost filled bus.
I made to go meet them but Anel held me back.
“They pushed you right?” I asked and she nodded.
“It’s fine” She smiled.

I sighed and started helping her pack her clothes back into the box.
I closed it and handed it to back to her when i was done.
I picked mine on the floor.
“Thanks Dan” She said.
“It’s fine, don’t allow that spoil your mood okay?” I said and dusted some part of her hair.

“Of course,i would have beaten the hell out of them if i wanted to but i just had to let them be,I’m not ready to create a scene” she said.
“That’s the best thing to do” I said.

“Ouch! That bus is filled up already,we’re gonna go with the second one” She said and we started walking to the second bus.
“Anel, Dan” we heard a familiar voice shouted.

We both turned and saw ..


“Vie” Anel screamed happily and rushed to her.
I smiled happily… It looks like she’s also coming for the camp.
She’s dressed up and also carrying a box.

Vie is so pretty and i think she looks less fat in house wears.
I’m glad she came.. that made Anel so happy.

I walked to the two giggling friends.
“Vie vie” I said playfully when i got to them.
“Dan” She smiled and pulled me into a hug.
“I’m glad you’re coming along” I said.
“Me too” Anel grinned.

“Well.. My Mum travelled to London, she’ll be back in the next two weeks,she isn’t aware that I’m here. I dropped a note for Dad” She said.
“They’ll be so pissed at you” Anel said.
“Yeah,they will. I can’t stay home alone for the next ten days, knowing my friends are out there having fun” She said and we laughed.

“What are you guys still doing there. Com’on get into the bus!” Mr Jones shouted.

“Gorilla!” Anel hissed and we all laughed before running to the bus.


💞Anel’s POV💞

I felt taps on my shoulder.
“Sleepy head, we’re there already” I heard Dan said.
“Ahhh” I yawned and opened my eyes.
I rubbed my face with my palm before raising my head Dan’s shoulder.
The bus came to a halt in front of a large mountain road.

“Wow” I exclaimed in smiles.
“I can’t wait to get down” Vie said.
“Me too” Dan said.
“Me three” I said and we chuckled.

The teachers started leading everyone out of the bus.
We all lined up in single file and waited for our own turn to exit the bus.

Fresh breeze hit my face as i stepped out of the bus.
“Yaaaaay!” I said excitedly, glancing around.
There was no house around,just a huge and beautiful mountain, looking like the one i normally see in fairytale.

The ground is filled with clear dry sand.

I quickly brought out my phone and captured few shots.

Finally, everyone was out of the buses.
The students made noise as they chattered and laughed.

Hi students” Mrs Claude said and then i remembered the familiar tattoo i once saw behind her neck.
Something keep telling me she’s not the one.
I trust my instincts.

“Hello Mrs Claude” The students chorused.
They were four other teachers,Mr Jones exclusive.

He isn’t my teacher!

“We’re gonna lead you all to your cabins now ”

Two teachers were at the front, another two are the back,Travis by the side, hitting any students that misbehaves.
Crazy school prefect!

We all marched towards the cabins, crossing a footbridge.
I was amazed by the time we got to the other side.

“OMG” I exclaimed.
The cabins are beautiful,colourful lights shone out from each of them.
This is the first time I’ll be seeing this.

Excitement ran through my veins and i nearly cried.

“Four people are gonna be staying in a cabin, the boys cabin are different from the girl’s,I’m gonna start with the girls first. You’re all have to freshen up,your lunch and dinner will be served,you’re meant to relax today cause adventure is starting tomorrow. The first four people I’m gonna call will will be in cabin A;

Amy Huges.
Emerald toon.
Vera Jameson.
Ariel Webbs

Now,the four of you should go to cabin A,that will be your abode for the next ten days .

She continued calling names,i wish she will not call my name anytime soon,I’m enjoying the view she called Vie already,she’s in cabin F with three other girls. I wish we were in the same cabin though.

Jacqueline Silver

Theresa Cruz

Ashlyn Raine and;

Asanel Yates.


“You all should head to cabin E, that’ll be your abode for the next ten days”

“Make sure you avoid any sort of fight with her okay?” Dan said to me and i nodded.
“I’ll miss you” I said as he pecked my cheeks.
He smiled..
“How about we start our own adventure tonight when everyone is asleep,I’ll be waiting in front of your cabin” He whispered to me and i almost screamed happily.
“Yes! I’m gonna love that” I said.

“Go quickly” He said.
“See you tonight” I whispered before marching behind my cabin mates.

We got to cabin E and we all walked in.

“Amazing” I smiled, glancing round the cabin.
There are four single beds and two dressing table,a dim bulb is hanged in the middle of the room,the walls were painted in wooden color and the floor covered in floorboards.
There was a kerosene lamp sitting beside each bed.

I love this!

I placed my box beside a bed.

“Hi everyone” A girl said.
I turned and stared at her…
She gat green steamy eyes and deep black hair, her face is oval shaped. She looks pretty.
I guess she’s in grade 8 cause I’ve never seen her in my class. “I’m Theresa,nice to meet you all” She said.
“Same here” we chorused.

“What’s your name?” Theresa asked Ashlyn.
“I’m Ashlyn,nice to meet you” Ashlyn said.
I recognise Ashlyn as one of my classmates.

“You?” She pointed to me and smiled.
“Asanel” I said and turned back to my bed.
“You’re so beautiful” She said.
“Thanks” I said and started unpacking.

She turned to Jacq and went on with her introduction.

“Who’s going to freshen up first?” Theresa asked.
“I will” Jacq said and hurried into the bathroom with her toiletry bag.

I’m gonna freshen up last.

I sat on my bed and picked my phone,not interested in theresa and Ashlyn’s talk.
I can’t wait for tonight.


Our lunch was delivered after everyone was done freshening up.

“Aaaargh! I hate beans and franks” I said as i opened my plate.
Jacq hissed loudly and that got me enraged.
“Hiss one more time and i swear down,I’m gonna twist your mouth!” I said angrily.

She faced her lunch,and i dropped the beans and franks.
I saw Ashlyn trying to stifle her laughter.


“Do you care for some biscuits,I’ve got some in my bag” Theresa offered.
“No, thanks” I said.
“Aren’t you hungry?” She asked.
“Of course i am” I said and picked the bottle of water beside my lunch.
I gulped some before laying back on the bed.

Why do they have to serve beans and franks for lunch!
I’m so hungry but i can’t just eat this.
My phone started ringing,i picked it up and glanced at the screen.

‘Claire’ I smiled happily and quickly received the call.


‘Why’s this bitch still awake! Dan is already outside waiting outside’ I thought, glaring hard at Jacq who was busy with her phone.
The rest fell asleep immediately after dinner.

Dinner was rice, veggies and chicken.
i loved it and i finished all of mine.

“Fine!” I smiled when she dropped her phone and laid on her bed which is opposite mine.
She closed her eyes and yawned loudly.

Ew! She looks so ugly when yawning.

💬 Isn’t she asleep yet?” Dan message popped into my phone.

💬She is,but i think i should wait for some minutes.

💬 Okay💗

I waited patiently for 15 more minutes before getting up from the bed, i grabbed my sweatshirt and wore it over my top, threw my phone in the pocket of my shorts.
I slipped into my footwear, looked around once again before sneaking out of the cabin.

I closed the door quietly and smiled widely as i saw Dan.
I hugged him lightly and he motioned me to not to talk.
I nodded and smiled as we both sneaked outside.

“Beautiful” I said staring into the sky.
“I found a very nice lake” He said when we got outside.

It has gotten dark but the moon served as our light.

“Yeah…come with me” He said.


“Omg, the water is so cool” I grinned happily as i dipped my legs into the water.
We were both sitting at the edge of the beautiful lake with our legs dipped into it.

The moonlight made the water sparkle brightly.
Cool breeze blew through our faces and we were both silent for a some moment.

“This is actually one of my best moment” Dan said.
“Me too,I love this” I smiled happily.
“What if you hadn’t come?” He asked.
“I would have regretted it badly” I said and he laughed.

“Can you believe Travis is in the same cabin with me?”
“Huh..Let’s not talk about him,i don’t want any fop ruining our night” I said and we laughed.

We were trying to keep our voice low.
He curved his hand round my neck and pulled me closer to him.

“Dan” I called.
“Huh?” He asked.
“Let’s dip our necklaces in the lake” I said.
“Yes,we should do that” He smiled and unhooked his necklace.
I unhooked mine too.

We dipped our necklaces into the lake and it shone brightly making the whole lake look completely golden.

We gasped.

💞Jacq’s POV💞

I knew it!
She probably forced Dan to be here with her.
I watched them from a distance.

I knew she had something up her sleeves when i caught her monitoring me tonight.

I feel like strangling her right now.

OMG,he just drew her closer to him.
What the hell!
Are they dating now?
What am i gonna do?

Karissa and Travis are dummies,they allowed our major plan failed.
I regret involving them.

‘I’ll go right now to report to Mrs Claude’ I thought angrily and was about turning to leave when i saw them unhooked their necklaces.

Ohh…they have matching necklaces too!
They dipped the necklaces into the lake.
What are they doing?…

My mouth dropped open when i saw the necklaces shone brightly across the lake which got completely golden.

Magical necklaces???

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