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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 9

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 9


By Jennifer Owens


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👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V con’t👈
What the actual fuck?
“you must be kidding ” I said with sarcasm.
“do you see my teeth ” he asked.
“look Larry.. ”
“sir ” he corrected and I rolled my eyes.
“I can’t work in just a towel, it’s not in my dictionary nor my culture ” I blurted out and he scoffed.
He stood up and headed to the door with my luggage.
“if you don’t give me back my luggage, I’m gonna report you to your dad ” I threatened.
“OK go on ” he said and stepped aside for me to go.
I stamped my foot on the floor and headed to the door.
“except that he’s not around ” he smirked and I came back to the room
“now beg” he ordered.
“I want to see you beg, now beg or you’re really gonna work in that ” he said sternly.
“OK please ” I said mockingly and he smiled wryly then turned to leave.
“OK sir please give me back my luggage, I beg of you ” I pleaded and he faced me with a smirk
He let go of my luggage making it fall with a thud..
“now don’t over sleep next time and be sure to do all your works” he said and left.
I slammed the door hard and let out a breathe I didn’t realise I was holding.
I scoured through my clothes and finally settled for a black T-shirt and a jean pant.
I packed my hair in ponytail and wore my flip-flops then headed to start work.
I stood in the sitting room, wondering what to do and where to start.
I heard footsteps and I turned to see Larry coming down the stairs.
“is bf ready ” he asked as he descended the last stair case.
“bf ” I asked.
Is this guy drunk or something?
Best friend or boyfriend?
“breakfast dumbass ” he said and I “oh” ed.
“no, not even started ” I blurted out and his facial expression changed.
“then what the fuck have you been doing ” he barked.
“planning on how to shove a lollipop into your butt……. I was contemplating you dweeb ” I blurted out and immediately regretted it coz I just called him a dweeb.
“did you just call me a dweeb ” he asked, doubting his ears I guess.
No it’s my granny, as if there’s someone else here.
“what “he exclaimed.
OK I didn’t expect that to come out loud.
“no I mean I was contemplating on what to start with ” I defended.
“just go prepare bf, I’m hungry ” he said and walked passed me and settled on a couch.
I rolled my eyes and went to the kitchen.
OK, I’m just gonna combine all combinable ingredients and come up with a delicious food.
I clasped my hands together and set to work.
An hour later or so, I transferred my combinations to the dining.
And for breakfast we’ve got savory oatmeal with egg, avocado toast with egg, quinoa and Chia porridge.
I set the ditches for two coz I’m included.
I can’t cook and not eat.
“bf or whatever you call it is ready!! ” I announced and took a seat.
Larry came and took a seat at the other row, two chairs away from me making me scoff.
I served him some chia porridge and I served mine.
He pushed the chia porridge aside and settled for avocado toast with egg.
I took my eateries and started eating.
“yuck! ” I heard him say and I looked up at him.
“you’re such a bad cook ” he criticised.
“the least you can do is puke on your plate and get your lazy but off the chair “I muttered.
“seriously ” he half yelled.
“oh I mean, I’ll try better next time ” I said with a smile.
Try better my butt!!
He shook his head negatively and continued eating.
And I thought he will leave me to finish up the food.
I faced my food and continued eating like “a no man’s business “.
After eating, I cleared the table and did the ditches.
I cleaned the already cleaned house thanks to Larry who made me do it.
And now, you won’t believe it.
He literally sent me on an errand to a grocery shop which is miles away from here.
Luckily he gave me T-fair.
I walked out through the gate, hailed a cab and headed to buy “avocado” yes you heard me, avocado.
We are out of avocado and he says he likes it a lot.
So I have to go get it.
👉 Roland’s P. O. V👈
“what do you mean she left ” I asked Vivian.
“Roland Caitlyn left, she left because she found out that her mom never dumped her, so she left ” Vivian blurted out.
So her mom never dumped her?
That’s a relief.
She left?
Now that is a problem.
Where do I start looking for her.
My lips curved into a smile when it dawned on me that she’s got a phone.
“why are you smiling ” Vivian asked.
“cos she’s got a phone and I can contact her ” I blurted out.
“that’s a smart thought” she complimented.
“except that she forgot her phone in her room ” she blurted and I sighed.
So complicated!
👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V👈
I came outta the grocery shop with lots of avocado.
I don’t even know if they’re complete or not.
Now I just have to hail a cab back home. I mean “mansion “.
I came out strolling along the road and counting the avocado in the bag.
“taxi” I heard a woman shout but I paid no attention.
I sighed when it was 11 avocados instead of 12.
I turned to go back, only to bump into a lady and some avocados fell down.
“dear I’m sorry, I was in a hurry ” she rushed her words as she squatted down and picked the fallen avocados.
“here you go ” she said and looked up to me and I felt something, something unexplainable.
“sorry again ” she said and walked passed me while I stood frozen on my spot, trying to process where I’ve seen her coz her face looks familiar.
OMG! That’s the woman in the photo.
That’s my mother!!
T. B. C

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