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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 10

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 10


By Jennifer Owens


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👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V con’t👈
That’s my mother!
I turned just to see her close the cab door.
“mom! “I screamed and ran towards the cab but I wasn’t fast enough coz the cab man drove off.
OMG I need to follow her.
I need a cab.
I paced back and forth waiting for an empty cab to pass by.
Gosh she’s getting far.
Luckily I stopped a cab and asked him to take the same direction.
We went in the same direction for mins till we got to a two junction.
Not knowing which one to take, I took the right.
I can’t believe I lost my mother, I lost track of her.
I couldn’t find her.
I’m now in a cab heading back to the mansion.
I’m so sad that I couldn’t find my mother.
I don’t know if I’ll ever get this kind of opportunity again.
I just hope and pray that God gives me a chance to rectify my mistakes.
I got to the mansion, paid the cab man and headed into the mansion.
“gosh! We were worried sick about you, what happened ” Mr Brown breathed out as soon as I entered.
“Uhm… I.. I just had to do something ” I stuttered, my voice shaking.
I think I’m gonna break down in tears any moment from now if I don’t go to my room.
It’ll be embarrassing to cry in front of that scumbag Larry.
“I’ll be in my room ” I said and turned to leave.
“Caitlyn ” Mr Brown called and I turned to look at him with tears already pricking outta my eyes.
“did anything happen” he asked worriedly and I nodded “no”.
I climbed the stairs and headed to my room not even acknowledging Larry’s present.
I got to my room and collapsed in my bed.
A knock came on my door and I sighed.
The door flew open and Larry came in.
On seeing him, I covered my face with the duvet.
“what do you want ” I asked from under the duvet.
“my avocados ” he blurted out and I immediately removed the duvet when it dawned on me that I dropped the bag of avocado when I was in a haste to follow my mother.
Knowing I don’t have the avocado, I quickly hid under the duvet.
“where’s it ” he asked but I kept mute and said nothing.
The next I knew, he yanked the duvet off of me.
“where’s it ” he asked, looking straight at me.
“I…. I… Uhm” I stuttered.
“where’s it!! ” he yelled and I flinched.
“I sent you out on an errand not to do whatever you said you had to do so where are my avocados ” he said, breaking down the word “avocado “.
“I… Dropped… I mean it dropped ” I stuttered.
“it dropped ” he repeated and I nodded slowly.
“then you owe me ” he said and I arched an eyebrow.
“you’re gonna twerk for me” he blurted out and released it out.
I laughed out till I started tearing up.
“never in your dreams ” I remarked boldly and he smiled wryly.
Wow he looks cute when he smiles like that.
Why haven’t I noticed how cute he was since?
OK why am I even talking about it now?
I closed my eyes and shook off that feeling.
I’m not gonna be a fool again.
I’m not gonna let myself down like I did with Roland.
Never again.
“if you don’t mind, I’ll like to sleep now ” I said and got down from the bed.
I went to the door and opened it wide, giving him the sign to leave.
He scoffed angrily and walked out through the door and I slammed it hard.
I had a quick shower to sober up and I laid on my bed.
My mother is so beautiful, just like me.
I’ll must find her.
I woke up the next day, stretched and yawned then entered the shower.
I came out and dressed in a simple gown.
It’s still very early.
I don’t want that dweeb called Larry to come give me those lame punishments of his.
I went out through my door and headed for the stairs.
Already at the stairs, I saw Larry coming outta his room and our eyes met.
I looked away coz I don’t wanna get lost in those charming eyes of his.
I rushed down the stairs and just when I thought one more step will take me down the last stair case, I slipped and fell. Spraining my ankle in the process making me scream.
“what happened ” Larry asked, rushing down the stairs.
“I hurt my leg ” I pouted as tears already started strolling down my cheeks.
He sighed and carried me in a bridal style and laid me on the couch.
He left and came back with ice.
He placed my leg on his thigh, gently massaging it with the ice while I wince a little.
“you shouldn’t walk with your eyes closed, you’re fond of doing that ” he scolded.
I walk with my eyes closed?
“hey Larry, you shouldn’t talk with your brain unused, you’re fond of acting like you’re brainless ” I said and he flared up.
“who are you to talk me like that ” he asked angrily.
Great! Now he’s angry.
“I’ve got things to do so excuse me ” I said and limped away.
👉 Larry’s P. O. V👈
She’s so stubborn and cute though.
She’s here as a maid but she’s acting like she’s the “madame ”
She’s so pretty and that face, I’m still tryna figure out where I saw her.
I’ve seen her before and I’m sure of it.
I closed my eyes, thinking where I’ve seen her then it struck like lightning.
She was the one I saved from those bad boys.
T. B. C

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