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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 11

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 11


By Jennifer Owens


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👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V👈
I sighed as I got to the kitchen not knowing what to do first.
I moved over to the food stuffs and started contemplating on what to prepare for breakfast.
I settled for lasagna.
Mins later I was done so I took the ditches to the dinning only to meet Larry already seated.
I rolled my eyes and set the table.
“seriously ” he said irritated by the food.
“what” I asked.
“of all the wonderful recipes we have, this is what you could come up with ” he asked.
“but.. ” I was saying but kept shut as he was already walking away.
As if I care.
I sat down, served myself and ate.
After eating, I cleared the table and did the ditches then sat on a couch and settled for TV.
Larry would be in his room cause I haven’t seen him after he angrily left the dining.
Half way through the movie I was watching, the door bell rang.
I rolled my eyes and went to get it.
I opened it to see a girl, blonde, grey eyes.
She’s quite a beauty.
She glared and pushed me aside then went in.
“hey who the hell are you ” I yelled at her.
“and who the fuck are you ” she fired back.
We stood quiet, glaring at each other.
“Cindy ” Larry called and we broke the stare.
“love ” she called and went up to Larry who was at the stairs.
My eyes widen a little when they kissed.
And for a moment, I was angry.
But what do I care?
Maybe she’s his girlfriend.
I rolled my eyes and turned to leave but stopped when that Cindy spoke up.
“honey who’s that rude bitch ” she asked and I scoffed.
“bitch you say ” I asked, doubting my own ears.
“yeah you heard me ” she said boldly.
“now take it back ” I ordered angrily.
No one is fit to call me a bitch, especially not from someone like her.
“or else what ” she asked.
I sprung towards her but Larry stood in front of me, blocking her from me.
“just stop it ” he half yelled and I stared at him angrily with folded fist.
I brushed past them and went up to my room.
I collapsed on my bed and released the breath I didn’t realize I was holding.
So he has a girlfriend?
What does it even concern me?
Aiish I feel like it concerns me.
I got up and went out.
I stopped on my track as I heard moans coming from Larry’s room.
I felt my eyes glistening with tears but I blinked it back.
I’m such an idiot.
After what Roland did to me, I promised not to fall victim again but I just let myself get hurt.
Let me just forget about everything and look for my mom so we can live happily together.
I must find my mother.
I went back to my room and dressed up in something simple, took my bag and went out to the place I met my mother.
She might pass by again, I just hope and pray.
👉 Vivian’s P. O. V👈
Ever since Caitlyn left, Roland has been avoiding me.
And I thought he loves me.
Dad on the other hand doesn’t even care about anything anymore.
I sighed and rested my head on my desk not listening to the lectures that was going on.
After doing 2-3 classes, the bell rang for lunch, Camille and I lazily took our butts to the cafeteria.
We ordered our food and sat to eat.
I sighted Roland at the the other row of seats and we stared at each other until he looked away.
I don’t know why he’s hurting me like this.
I really love him, I really do.
We ate and later went back to class for lectures.
We closed for the day and we went home coz Roland left before we could even go to him.
Love hurts a lot, it hurts.
I’m craving for his love.
Now I know how Caitlyn felt, how hurt she was when Roland told her he doesn’t love her?
But the question now is
Does Roland love me or Caitlyn?
What if he was just having mixed feelings coz we were good friends before?
What if it’s Caitlyn he truly loves?
T. B. C

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