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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 3

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 3


By Jennifer Owens

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💜 Camille’s P. O. V💙
“I really don’t feel too good ” I said and sighed.
“why is that ” Vivian asked, not even looking at me.
“don’t know, maybe because I’m worried about Caitlyn “I said and she looked at me then glared and turned away.
“do you like her now ” she asked.
“no, of course not, she’s the reason dad doesn’t give us his attention, she’s the one dad loves most so I don’t like her but I still don’t want her to die ” I explained.
“then let it be” she said and I sighed.
💚 Roland’s P. O. V💛
“I’m sorry Roland ” the doc said and I arched an eyebrow.
“I’m sorry we can’t talk out here but in my office ”
Writer : lolz 😂 how many people did I give heart attack?
That’s the life of a crazy author.
Story continues below 👇
I heaved a sigh of relief and followed him to his office.
” I thought docs are meant to save lives not kill ” I said as I took a seat.
“yeah, of course ” he said.
“well your statement (I’m sorry Roland) earlier nearly gave me an heart attack ” I said truthfully.
“I’m sorry for that ” he said and I nodded.
“so Roland, I won’t say she’s safe now nor will I say she’s gonna die either cause her condition can be critical if taken carelessly ” he said and I arched an eyebrow.
“well she’s safe for now but I assure you that if something like this happens again or she’s exposed to too much cold, then she stands to have rhinovirus ” he said and I took in a long breath then nodded.
” so can I take her home ” I asked.
“no, she needs to be under observation for 8 hours and after that, you are free to take her home ” he said and I nodded.
“can I see her ”
“yeah but she’s still unconscious so do well not to wake her up coz she needs a lot of rest ” he said and I simply nodded.
I paid the bills and went to check on her.
She laid on the bed, sleeping peacefully.
I wonder what kind of mother will be dumb enough to abandon such a beauty.
I pity Caitlyn, I pity her a lot.
Good thing she’s got her father and she’s got me.
I checked my time and I’m ready late for school so I’ll just ditch school.
I mean Caitlyn is worth it.
I sat on the 3 person chair like a couch and slept off.
💛 Camille’s P. O. V💚
Roland’s not in school so I’ve called mom to come pick us.
We sighted her car and went to her.
“how was school girls ” mom asked as we got in the car.
“bad” Vivian and I said at once.
“why bad Vivian ” mom asked.
Actually because Roland wasn’t in school.
Let her blurt it out and see what’s gonna happen.
“Uhm nothing, I was just feeling down ” she said and I chuckled while she glared at me
We pulled into the drive way and got out.
“dad” Vivian and I exclaimed as we saw dad seated on the couch.
We ran to him and hugged him.
“how have you girls been ” he asked smiling.
“fine” I said.
“yeah we missed you ” Vivian pouted making me chuckle.
“OK I don’t see Caitlyn anywhere so where’s she ” dad asked and our smiles vanished.
“dad” we heard Caitlyn’s voice behind us.
“Caitlyn ” dad called and went to her.
He didn’t come to us when we called him but he got up to her.
So annoying.
💙 Caitlyn’s P. O. V💜
“dad ” I called happily as my eyes welled up in tears.
I’ve missed him a lot.
“Caitlyn ” he called and came to me then wrapped his hands around me.
“I missed you” he said and in a whisper.
“I missed you too ” I whispered back as tears rolled down my cheek.
“sweetie what’s wrong, why are you crying, did someone hurt you ” dad asked as he saw the tears.
“actually Mr Vandals, Caitlyn was just discharged from the hospital ” Roland who’s been quiet spoke up.
“hospital ” dad breathed out.
“why? What happened to you dear, tell me ” he said as I looked at Rina and Vivian.
Should I tell dad?
If I don’t tell dad, they’ll continue torturing me in my own house.
And if I tell dad, they might still torture me when dad’s not home.
What should I do?
T. B. C

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