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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 4

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 4


By Jennifer Owens


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“tell me what happened ” dad shook me a little and I blinked back to reality.
“well mom Rina ” I paused and looked at her as she glared at me.
“well she… ”
“yes honey, I came back last night and found Caitlyn ill so I asked Roland to take her to the hospital this morning while I took Vivian and Camille to school ” mom Rina lied and Roland and I looked at her.
“but I fo… ”
“yeah we know and thanks for helping me take her to the hospital ” mom Rina cut Roland out.
“oh Caitlyn, sorry sweetie ” dad said and hugged me while I cried on his shoulders.
“go get some rest dear ” he said and I nodded.
Roland left after I told him to and I went up to my room.
I’m gonna tell dad later and in private.
I wasn’t hungry so I took a shower and and laid on my bed then slept off.
“get up ” I heard and felt someone tapping my arm.
I opened my eyes to see mom Rina and I sat up immediately.
“you wanted to tell your dad about me ” she asked as I looked at the floor.
“just so you know, if you ever try telling on me then I’d make your life a living hell, you know your dad travels a lot so mind your tongue” she said and headed to the door but stopped and turned.
“and if you probably tell on me, your dad can’t do anything coz he loves me ” she remarked and left.
I got up to go lock my door and I saw her going downstairs.
This is the perfect time to talk to dad.
I sneaked into dad’s room.
“dad” I called and tapped him
” Caitlyn” he whispered and sat up.
“dad” I hugged him as I burst out in tears..
“what’s wrong my love ” he’s asked as I sniffed.
“dad… Dad” I said and sniffed.
“tell me ”
“mom.. Mom Rina is… ”
“what’s going on here ” mom Rina asked from the door, cutting me out.
“Caitlyn dear, why are you crying ” she asked as she came closer to me.
“common tell me ” she said wiping my tears.
“it’s nothing ” I said and cleaned my face.
“OK dear, go get some sleep, it’s late and you need to rest ” she said and I stood up to leave.
“no” dad said making me stop and turn.
“Caitlyn is bothered about something and I know it ” dad said, making more tears spill outta my eyes.
“Caitlyn darling ” dad called and walked up to me.
“what’s wrong ” he asked softly.
“no dad, it’s nothing, I just missed you so I got too emotional ” I lied, wiping my tears.
“Caitlyn ” he called louder.
“dad is nothing, trust me I’m fine” I said.
“OK dear, go get some sleep, or do you want me to come make you sleep”he asked and I chuckled softly.
He’s still treating me like a child despite being 18.
“no dad, just get some rest too”
“OK honey ” he said and kissed my forehead and I left to my room.
I just have to find a better day today tell dad.
I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling.
I’m so unfortunate!
First, mom abandoned me and now I’m living like a maid when I’m supposed to be living like a princess.
I took moms photo from the drawer beside my bed and stared at it.
I sighed and dropped it back then laid back on my bed.
If she doesn’t care about me then I don’t care.
I woke up and freshened up.
I dressed up and was about heading out but dad came in holding a tray of food.
“morning dad ” I pecked his cheek gently.
“morning my love, looks like I’m late ” he said and I arched an eyebrow.
“I wanted you to have breakfast in bed ” he said and I chuckled.
“and I can still have it ” I said and jumped on my bed and he chuckled then placed the tray on the bed in front of me.
“hmm delicious ” I complimented as I ate.
“Uhm dad ” I called his attention.
I wanted to tell him everything but I sighted mom Rina at my door, eavesdropping.
“nothing ” I said and chuckled making him chuckle.
“your laughs makes me laugh ” he blurted out and I burst out laughing.
I finished breakfast then dad drove us to school.
“bye ”
“bye dad ” we all said and he drove off.
Vivian and Camille glared at me and left.
“bitches ” I muttered under my breath.
We had classes and the bell finally rang for lunch time.
We all headed to the cafeteria to place our orders.
I took my tray and turned, only to bump into Vivian who I didn’t realise was behind me.
“what the… ” she exclaimed cuz my food spilled on her.
“you bitch ” she cussed, gaining everyone’s attention.
“I’m sorry Vivian ” I apologized only for an hot slap to land on my cheek.
“you unfortunate imbecile ” she yelled .
“you’re the one who’s unfortunate Vivian ” I said and tried walking away but she pulled me back.
“you motherless bitch ” she yelled and everyone gasped.
“motherless ” someone asked from the crowd that stood watching.
“yes motherless, her mom dumped her at birth, she must’ve been badluck” she said as everyone started murmuring.
“look Vivian.. ” I was saying but stopped as an egg landed on me.
“oh gosh, she’s a badluck” a girl said and soon they started throwing things at me.
I stood frozen on my spot as I cried staring at my now dirty clothe.
I was too ashamed to even take a step forward.
T. B. C

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