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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 7

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 7


By Jennifer Owens


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“what did I just hear ” I breathed out and their gaze turned to me.
“Caitlyn honey ” dad called, coming closer to me.
“no don’t ” I yelled making him stop on his track.
“how could you ” I asked as tears strolled down my cheeks.
“Caitlyn I…”
“I’ve been living in lies since I was born, you kept on lying to me everytime I asked about mom, you made me hate her, you told me she dumped me whereas she didn’t, you took me from her, how could you ” I asked in tears.
“I’ve been living like a maid in my own house, treated like trash ” I cried out and dad wore a confused expression.
“yes dad, mom Rina and her daughter never stopped torturing me whenever you traveled, she made me spend a whole night in the rain, she sent me out and I was almost raped “I cried more.
“Rina ” dad called and turned to her.
“how dare you ” dad said between gritted teeth and slapped mom Rina across the face.
“no dad” I said and their attention drifted to me.
“you don’t have to scold her, obviously they’re the only one you’ve got left ” I said amidst tears.
“right from time, I always think it’s you and I, dad you and I against the world but no, it’s just me, it had always been me, just me, me against the world ” I said, sniffing.
“so where’s my mother ” I asked.
“where is she ” I yelled.
“I don’t know ” he blurted out.
“ever since I took you from her, I’ve not heard from her ” he said as tears rushed down my cheeks like never ending rain.
I sniffed and ran to my room.
I closed the door and broke down in tears.
For 18 years, 18 good years, I didn’t bother looking for my mother.
I wiped my tears and got up.
I took my luggage and put in all my clothes.
I took my moms photo and put it inside my luggage then I changed into something simple and more comfortable.
I opened the door and and rolled my bag downstairs.
“Caitlyn ” Camille gasped when she saw me.
“Caitlyn darling, where are you going ” dad asked.
I could see the pains in his eyes.
I know I don’t have to leave but I can’t stay here for another minute
“anywhere ” I answered.
“anywhere but here ” I blurted out.
“Caitlyn but ”
“dad please” I blocked him out.
“I want to leave so don’t even try stopping me ” I said blankly.
“Caitlyn ”
“no dad, I want to leave, I don’t want to wake up and see your face again, none of you, so let me go ” with those said, I walked out through the door heading to a “no destination “.
👉 Roland’s P. O. V👈
I know I messed up big time but I didn’t mean it.
I didn’t mean for it to happen.
I love Vivian, yes!
I’ve always loved Vivian and I still do.
My mistake is not telling Caitlyn on time that I love Vivian even when I know very well that she has feelings for me.
I know I kinda used Caitlyn but I regret it and I’m sorry.
I thought by making it seem it’s Caitlyn I love, Vivian will get a hint that I like simple girls and she’ll get jealous and probably change.
I was gonna tell Caitlyn but everything just went wrong.
Everything is now complicated.
👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V👈
I walked down the road as it started to get dark.
I don’t even know where to go.
I sat at a corner and let the tears I’ve been holding rush out.
“hey ” I heard a deep voice and I looked up to see a man.
Kinda the same age as my dad, maybe older or younger.
“why are you crying my dear ” he asked and I sniffed and wiped my tears.
“are you travelling? Did you miss your flight ” he asked and I chuckled.
“the truth is I don’t even have a place to go ” I said and chuckled sadly to myself.
He kept mute for a while as he stared at me awkwardly.
“then would you do like to work in my house, I’m in need of a maid ” he blurted out and I arched an eye.
“the pay will be good so no worries ” he said and I put a quick thought to it.
I’ll get to earn money and a place to stay.
“OK sir ” I said and he took me to his car.
We boarded it and his chauffeur drove off.
“wow” I breathed out at the mansion in front of us.
“you like it ” the man asked and I smiled.
“it’s beautiful ” I complimented.
“let’s go in ” he said and I followed him in.
“Larry!! ” he called as we stood in the sitting room with my eyes wandering everywhere.
Soon, a guy came climbing down the stairs.
He was brunette, white and HOT!
My mouth hung open as our eyes met.
My saviour!!!
T. B. C

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