(To love or to avenge)




Shannon’s POV
I dropped the tray of supper carefully on the dinning table,Emily helped too..
“Bon appe’tit” Emily said..
I’m very sure she wanna become a ployglot indeed.
“It’s looks delicious” Mrs Bryant commented..
“Thank you” I said,leaving with Emily to dish ours.
“So we are having Dinner without Alex? ” Mr Bryant asked.
“He ought to.. ” ..
Alex walked in looking worried.
“Hi Mom,Dad” He said.
“What’s up with the look?” His parents asked simultaneously.
“My Camera broke” He said coming towards them.
“Don’t tell me that’s why you are sad” Mr Bryant said.
“I know right, I know you’ll get me a new one but I’m afraid I have lost almost all my pictures,the pictures we took at California,Paris, the pictures of Ivy and I, Oh! I’m so stupid for not saving the pictures else where” Alex said while taking a seat and dropping the broken camera on the table.
“Sorry Hunnie” Mrs Bryant consoled.
“I’m surprised, I mean the camera was fine and Ok yesterday and suddenly I noticed it was broken today… I never mishandled it” He said tumoidly.
“It’s alright.. I’ll get you a new camera..I’m certain there would be so many images to shoot with the new camera,so worry less and c’mon let’s have dinner” Mr Bryant concluded.
“Why is the guest room opened? ” Alex asked.
He is never oblivious to his surroundings. This story is written by Wunmi Ijaola.
“Oh, I wanted the full introduction to commence immediately after dinner but looks like we are starting it now”
“Emily, Shannon”
Shannon’s POV
She didn’t have to yell b’cos we heard our names audibly and clearly.We came Asap.
“They will live with us till God knows” Mrs Bryant said..
“Hi” I said to Alex and Emily emulated. “Hi”
“Hi,I’m Alexander” He introduced himself in a friendly manner. I guess he’s cool unlike his witch sister.
“Shannon and Emily” Mr Bryant told him our names before we could.
“Tell me you are glad you’ve got a new friend” He said, I knew he was referring to me.
“Of course” Alex exclaimed.
“And whao such a little beauty” Alex referred to Emily.
“You think I’m beautiful?” Little Emily asked timidly.
“Why not, having a temporary scars didn’t ruin your real look, ignore the scar, you are very beautiful little gal” Alex said.
I noticed Emily couldn’t stop smiling.I’m happy she’s happy. I’ve been the only one convincing her that she’s beautiful but now there is another and another..
“Thank you kuya” She blushed.
“Hey dude, I hope we’ll get along” He said,tapping me on the shoulder.
I smiled and nodded gently…
…And there came Miss Witch..
“Dad,are you really serious about this? why are they still here? ” She pouted.
“B’cos they are staying here for a very long time” Her Dad replied.
“Yeah,a long time. Mind you,your father never said they are slaves or house helps..I’ve spoken with your Dad and we don’t need housemaid/help” Her mom said peering into her eyes..
Meaning Jasmine shouldn’t send us unnecessary errand.
“Mom,Dad if you need anymore children,there are beautiful children at different orphanage homes and not some kind of… ”
“Are you okay? ” Alex interrupted.
“Alex keep mute,stay out of it… Well,i’m not surprised you are used to relating with ugly and wretched people” She said rolling her eyes at me.
“Jasmine” Mr Bryant cautioned.
“Let this be the very last time you would complain about Emily and Shannon.Alex just met them and he already likes them, Why are you so different? You don’t wanna be grounded or do you? ” Her Dad shuned her.
“No” She mumbled.
“Now,let’s eat dinner”
“Hell no” she screamed pushing I and my sister before walking away angrily.
“I’m sorry Shannon, Emily.. You both should go have your dinner before it gets cold” Mr Bryant said.
“Hey Shannon” Alex beck
oned to me while I was the kitchen making breakfast,Pancakes.
Is it just me,I feel like he is clingy..
“Morning Alexander” I said to him.
“Morning Kuya” Emily greeted with her tiny sweet voice.
“Oh I didn’t ask you yesterday,what’s the meaning of Kuya? ” Alex asked.
“Brother” She responded sharply.
He smiled then asked ” And sister? ”
“I don’t know” Emily frowned.
“Anyway it doesn’t matter.Did you sleep well? ”
“Yes!! The bed was wide and big. I was so comfortable” Emily said spreading her hands,describing how big the bed was.. I laughed her hands aren’t long enough to give the exact description.
“No wonder you wouldn’t stop kicking my face” I said and she smiled “I’m sorry kuya”
“Dude”Alex came closer to me..
I was right, He is clingy indeed.
“You’re frying pancakes?” He asked though he could see me doing so.
“Yeah” I replied anyways. “Your sister left without having breakfast..i’m sluggish right?”
“No you are not.. Jasmine barely eat before leaving for school.And you actually don’t need to cook much,it’s just you,Emily and I.. Dad and Mom are already in their work-place” Alex said.
“So you’ve got nowhere to go? ” I asked.
“Really? ”
“You are surprised, aren’t you? ”
I nodded.
“I have no friends,Jasmime won’t let me have one…I want to make friends and so many people wants to be my friends but Jasmine send them away with her rude and annoying attitude” He said with a sad look.
“You mean Miss Witch? ” Emily asked.
Jeez! I thought she was engrossed with using papers to make boats and dropping it in the sink.
“Shut it Emily” I cautioned covering her mouth with my palm but it was late, Alex heard her already.
“Did you just call Jasmine Miss Witch? You can say that again” Alex laughed.
“Sh..she didn’t.Her worst drama is titled ‘Miss Witch’ ” I lied but obviously Alex didn’t fall for it.
“You gave her a perfect name,very perfect!.. It suits her” He said still laughing.
“Is she always like that or because of me? ” Emily asked.
“Always!!!” Alex emphasised.
“I’m lucky, I’ve got new friends now. I have you two” He smiled at us and Emily smiled back too.
“So.. you are a quiet and gentle guy aren’t you? ” Alex asked me.
“Me? ” Still I asked.
He found out so soon.
“Yeah you are friendly but you are not playful like me,all you do is to smile and say few words or you don’t wanna make friends with me? ”
“Of course, I do” I said,smiling cheerfully.
“Kuya is very gentle but he told me he wasn’t when he was little” Emily said.
Geez, She’s says everything to anyone! She barely hide things.. She’s open minded.
“I read that one who is quiet and gentle has something really huge and dangerous in mind to do.. I don’t believe it b’cos you are so friendly to be dangerous. Bet it, you’ve got me and gradually, you’ll be as silly and troublesome as I am” He said hitting my shoulder.
I smiled while dishing the fried pancakes into plates.


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