(To love or to avenge)




Shannon’s POV
Whao! Such a huge house.This house reminds me of my parents’ home .It’s already eight years but I still remember them (My parents), I remember everything…
I looked at Emily who engrossingly stared at the beautiful wall-papers,the chairs,the big TV and its accomplices. Poor kid,we had all these things and even more but she didn’t know.
Mr Bryant,the man who brought us walked in with a woman and a big girl who I presumed to be his wife and daughter respectively.
“So everyone” Mr Bryant resumed.
“Where’s Alex? ” He asked.
“He went out to take some photographs” His wife replied.
I held hands with my little sister, assuring her that we are safe.
“What on earth is this?” The big girl screamed.
“Jasmine shut it! “Her mom snapped.
“Meet Shannon and his sister Emily, I found them wandering.He told me he was sent out by his uncle’s wife and he needs help and a roof to lay their heads” Mr Bryant told them.
“Dad, you mean that thing is human? ” Jasmine said pointing at my little sister, Emily who began to cry immediately.
I brought her closer to lean on my knee “It’s okay” I said.
“Seriously, is she human? She looks like a little Alain,so sort of orangutan,more like a zombie.. Ugh! I can’t withstand this, Dad they are not staying here” The girl said brusquely
She’s the real zombie here, she’s scary and wicked.
“Keep quiet Jasmine.Maya you won’t agree to what she says this time around” The woman said to her husband ” Come on darling” She beckoned to my little sister to come embrace her.
Emily wiped her tears, I gave her a go-ahead signal then she went to receive the cheerful embracement from the lovely woman.
“Really? Mom? You hugged a zombie,Ew!” Jasmine said showing an irritated-look.
“She is not a zombie! Jasmine,don’t you have human feelings?” Her mom quarried and she went mute for a while..
“What happened to her? an accident? ” The cheerful woman asked me.
“No ma’am” I replied “Mom died before she was born,she was put in an isolette,it’s like an incubator,it was faulty so it gave her scars,thin skin and streches” I briefly explained.
“Oh,I’m so sorry” She said giving a sympathetic look.
“I’m not a novice, I’ve heard of incubator babies and they are pretty,they are very much okay.. I mean they don’t look like Zombies” Jasmine said.
I gasped, what’s wrong with this girl?
“Jasmine any more words from you and you’d be grounded for a week” Her mom said.
“Really mom? Dad, they are not staying right? ” she turned to her Dad,Mr Bryant who kept quiet throughout..
“Sorry to tell you Jasmine,they are staying.Good thing you wanted an help,i already interrogated him and he told me he …”
I quickly continue his sentence “Yeah, I lived with my aunt and she made me do all chores”
Jasmine gave her small laugh
“It’s never possible! A Zombie’s brother should do the cooking? Our food? Dad,it’s impossible.He and his zombie sister are leaving and that’s final! ” She said and stormed out.
“Don’t worry Maya,I’ll take care of her” Mrs Bryant said.
“Thanks darling I do hope she would change too” Mr Bryant said before leaving,climbing the stairs to his room i think.
* *
Lovely Mrs Bryant showed us our room, a very big room with its bathroom, wardrobe for my sister and I.
We arranged our things quietly, atlas! we’ve found a roof under which we can lay our head.
***It’s been terrible ever since Aunt Girlda,my uncle’s wife drove us out of the house. She said she didn’t want anymore children,she had four already..My uncle won’t blame her, Women and their indisputable troubles..
But I still don’t know why I feel like she killed my mom. Aunt Girlda has always been jealous of my mom. They fought few days before she died over a particular dress mom had loved the most and after Mom died Aunt Girlda own the dress.
Why would she be so heartless to kill my mom b’cos a dress and my dad for no reason?
I can never forget how Mom and Dad died,a serial killer shot dad at his place of work while Mom was stabbed on her back.
I’ve got no proof that Aunt Girlda killed my parents so no one would listen to me…** I’m living a life to find a proof!
“Was my room as big and pretty as this? ” Emily asked driving me back to ‘now’
I had told her how wealthy our parents were and places we have been to and how our house looked like a mansion with the shape of a fish.. Ever since then, she won’t stop asking questions.
“Yeah it was bigger than this,pink and white in colour, you had a queen-size bed with big dolls and teddy bears.Mom knew you were going to be a girl so she made huge girly preparation” I stopped talking when I noticed her eyes were teary.
“I miss Mom even though I haven’t seen her” Emily said. This story is written by Wunmi Ijaola.
“It’s okay Emily. I know up there, she is happy you survived” I said patting her head,avoiding not to cry too.
“Kuya Shannon! ” Emily called. Since she saw a Philippine movie at our Uncle’s place, she would not stop calling me ‘Kuya’
“What’s it? ” I asked.
“You told me the doctor said when I turn eight, I would grow tough skin and the tears and scars all over my body would vanish” She reminded me.
“Yeah,he said so”
“I’m eight kuya” she said.
“I know,trust me Emily, they would soon be all gone. You are worried over what the big girl said right? ” I asked and she nodded sadly in affirmation.
“Believe me when I say she is ugly, she is the real zombie” I said thinking it would make her laugh but it didn’t.
“No she is not a zombie,she is beautiful but I don’t like her” She said sharply… “Miss witch” she added.
I smiled “She may eat you up if she hears you call her that” I told her.
“I don’t like her too, she looks like a Monkey ” I whispered into Emily’s ear and she laughed this time.
“Let’s hurry up, Mrs Bryant can’t wait to have a taste of what I’m gonna cook”I told her.
“I bet she would bite her tongue even harder if I cook the meal myself” Emily said.
“Oh Emily! Are we going to argue over this again? I can cook better than you” I argued pinching her cheeks softly.


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